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Import Of Tax Free Car Under MM2H

What you need to know and how we can help you

Tax Incentives
The MM2H participant may import one motorcar (a motorcar includes a saloon car, a multipurpose
vehicle (MPV), a sports utility vehicle (SUV) or a 4-wheel drive vehicle; however it excludes
motorcycles, commercial vehicles such as vans, buses and lorries), which belongs to him from his
country of citizenship or where he last domiciled. He will be exempted from paying import duty,
excise duty and sales tax on the imported motorcar.
Terms And Conditions
1. Application to import a motorcar from the participant's country of citizenship/last domicile
must be done within a period of SIX months from the date the MM2H visa is endorsed on his
passport. The condition for such import is that the MM2H participant or spouse must be the
owner of the motorcar prior to obtaining the MM2H visa. The applicant must own the car for
at least SIX (6) months prior to the visa being endorsed on the passport (not the date of
MM2H approval but the date of passport endorsement), as evidenced in the motorcar
registration document. Company cars are not allowed to be imported.
2. Importation of the motorcar must be for personal use only and not for commercial use.
3. The MM2H participant is eligible for tax/duty exemption for ONE car only.
4. Although the participants have SIX (6) months after passport endorsement to complete the
process, we strongly encourage the participant to start the process immediately after the
passport endorsement as the application process is very long. It involves multiple trips to KL
(we will personally hand the documents over to them) and to many Ministries and offices.
Documents Required
1. Car Registration Card The applicant must own the car at least 6 months before he can
start the paperwork of application of tax-free car import. You cannot buy a car, get your
passport endorsed and start the paperwork immediately. If the car registration card is not in
English, please submit an officially translated copy together with the original registration card
(native language).
2. Vehicle Invoice / Order Form or your old receipt if you can find it. If you are unable to
find, please let us know earlier so as to prepare accordingly.
3. Driver's License From your country of origin or where last domiciled.
4. Car Insurance (latest insurance)
Documentation Process with Two Different Ministries (Finance and MITI)
1. Our first submission of tax-free car application is to the Ministry of Finance, This is to get the
approval on the tax-exemption. The approval will take 7 to 10 working days.
2. Upon approval, our next submission is to the Ministry of International Trade and Industry
(MITI) to get the Approved Permit (AP). The approval will take 7 to 10 working days.
3. The processing times quoted above may vary.
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We will personally visit the Ministries in Putrajaya to submit the application and to collect the
approval letters. On the whole we have to make four (4) trips to Putrajaya to complete the
documentation process. We don't rely on runners or courier services.
Shipment of Car
Once we have the above two (2) approval letters, we shall advise you to proceed with the shipment
of your car. You cannot ship the car out without getting the approvals first. You can ship the car and
clear the customs on your own (we shall pass the two original approval letters for your onward
customs clearance) OR you can engage us to take care on the customs clearance at Penang Port.
Due to the long bureaucratic process, the local freight forwarder must be experienced in handling
this matter. If not, there will be delays and problems. We have a good and experienced freight
forwarder here in Penang who can do it properly. We bought bulk services from them and
negotiated some discounts for our clients.
Normally, our clients asked us to handle the entire process from paperwork to the final registration
of car in Penang. They will ship the car from their home country / country of domicile to the port of
Penang and we will clear the customs for them. If we do it all from application paperwork to vehicle
registration, it will be a continuous process and it will be the least hassled way of our clients.
Moreover, it is also cheaper to let us do the paperwork and customs clearance.
Registration of Car (Malaysian Registration Plate) :
Once the car is cleared at customs, we will take the car to PUSPAKOM for inspection and to Road
Transport Department (JPJ) for vehicle registration.
Charges :
1. Assistance in the completion of tax-free car import paperwork at RM4,000 (Ringgit
Malaysia Four Thousand Only). This covers the entire paperwork required to get the taxfree car import and Malaysian vehicle registration. It does not include the freight and
customs clearance charges and car inspection and registration charges.
2. Customs clearance and Malaysian vehicle registration at RM4,500 (Ringgit Malaysia Four
Thousand Five Hundred Only). This is applicable if the car comes in a 20-foot container.
The charges might vary based on the volume of container as you may include your personal
effects together with your car. Note that, the charge stated above is for the custom clearance
of the car only and it does not include customs clearance of household effects and the taxfree car import paperwork.
3. Full service Assistance in paperwork, customs clearance and registration of car at
RM8,500 (Ringgit Malaysia Eight Thousand Five Hundred Ringgit Only), This is the
combination of both items 1 and 2, as stated above. The conditions stated in items 1 and 2
above apply.
4. Note that these charges do not include any additional (extra) cost if difficulties arise.
Example : repeat inspection at PUSPAKOM due to inspection failure, etc.
5. GST is not included in the. Currently GST imposed is 6%.
Necessary care and diligence will be taken when processing the paperwork and clearing customs and we are not
liable for anything that is beyond our control or knowledge. The applicant is expected to start the paperwork
immediately after passport endorsement so that it will not be delayed.
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Level #1, 48 Pahang Road, 10400 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia Tel : +60 4 229-4826