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Case studies related to Information

Technology (IT) demonstrate the

effective use of information
technology resources. An IT case
study illustrates information
technology related experiences in
both domestic and international
organizations with background
information, project implementation
successes and failures and lessons
An IT case study focuses on
successes with the deployment of
information technology, in addition to
failures as a result of inefficient use
and management of IT resources in
companies. Cases deal with a variety

of issues pertaining to the

management of IT in organizations
around the world..

Information Technology
Information technology is a growing
field that offers relatively secure
positions for those with solid
technical skills and at least a
bachelor's degree in an IT-related
field. From support to engineering,
there are several specializations that
deal with the various facets of
information technology.
Inside Information Technology
The field of information technology
(IT) covers the design, administration
and support of computer and

telecommunications systems. Some of

the positions in this field include
database and network administrators,
computer support specialists,
computer scientists, software
programmers and system analysts.
The majority of career tracks in IT
entail design and operational tasks
related to computer hardware
components, networks and software
Professionals in the IT field work with
businesses and organizations to set
up and support viable computer
networks that will keep systems
efficient and reliable. IT encompasses
all hardware and software used in the
storing, creation and accessing of
information. Examples of technologies
that professionals work with are

firewalls, databases, media storage

devices, networks and the Internet.
Education Information
Aspiring IT professionals typically
need a bachelor's degree in a
technology field, such as computer
science, information systems
management, programming or
networking. Even without a degree,
experience in an entry-level help desk
position could help IT professionals
advance with professional
certification or vocational training.
The fundamentals of a degree
program generally include computer
hardware, programming, networking,
and technical theory. Depending on
the major, students could also learn IT
management, website development,
computer circuitry, systems analysis

and database management. Some

programs also include internship
opportunities. To work as a computer
research scientist, a Ph.D. degree is
often necessary.
Information technology degree
programs are widely offered at many
community colleges, vocational
schools and universities. Certification
preparation programs are also offered
at many of these schools, though
testing for credentials typically takes
place at an approved testing facility.
Look into these articles
fromStudy.com to learn more.
Bachelor's Degree in Computer
Information Technology Major

Bachelor's Degree in Software

Computer Science Ph.D. Program
Additionally, many schools offer IT
programs online, including stand-alone
courses, certificate programs,
undergraduate degree programs and
graduate degree programs. Check out
these articles to learn about what you
can expect from an online degree
program in information technology.
Online Associate Degree in
Information Technology
Online Bachelor of Information
Online Master's Degree in
Information Technology

Online Ph.D. in Information

Systems Management
Almost all hardware and software
manufacturers offer certification
options that allow IT professionals to
demonstrate their proficiency with
particular technologies. There are
also many industry-standard IT
certifications that cover fundamental
and advanced understanding of
general hardware, software and
communications technologies.
Certification isn't required to work in
the field, but is often preferred by
employers. Here is a sampling of some
professional IT certifications:
Microsoft Certified Solutions
Expert Information

Overview of Cisco Certifications

CompTIA's A+ Certifications
Sun Certified Java Programmer
Oracle Certified Associate
Required Skills
Individuals who aspire to enter the IT
field should develop solid logical and
critical-thinking skills. Those who
enter support positions should also
possess the ability to listen,
communicate and maintain a
professional, calm demeanor when
faced with end users and frustrating
problems. Computer, component and
network designers, such as engineers
and scientists, need to be able to
envision the current needs and growth
potential of users or businesses.

Career Options
Software Developers
Software developers create and write
programming code for computer
applications and hardware. This may
include operating systems, business
productivity software, Web
functionality tools, video games and
device drivers. Developers could take
a concept from planning and design
through to its final testing and
Engineers and Administrators
Network engineers are primarily
responsible for the design and
implementation of computer and
telecommunications networks.
Administrators typically support and

maintain existing local area and wide

area networks (LANs and WANs). This
includes both intranet and Internet
communications and server
maintenance. Some degree of ongoing
troubleshooting and system design
adjustment is inherent in a network
administrator position. Administrators
also monitor an organization's
network security and develop
preventive strategies against hackers.
Computer Scientists
Computer scientists innovate, develop
and design new computer hardware
and devices. These professionals may
specialize in one component of
hardware, such as processors,
modems, routers or motherboards.
While computer scientists often work
with a team of internal test users and

engineers, they typically have little to

no contact with the end users of the
products they develop.
Other Information Technology Careers
The following links will provide more
information about professions in the
IT industry.
Information Technology Specialist
Network Engineer
Computer Systems Analyst
Database Administrator
Internet Web Developer
Employment Information
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor
Statistics (BLS), occupations in the
field of information technology are
expected to grow faster than average

from 2012-2022 overall. Computer

scientists could see a 15% growth in
employment in that time. They earned
a median salary of $102,190 in 2012,
based on BLS data. Network and
system administrators were projected
to see a 12% increase in jobs, and
earned a median salary of
approximately $72,560 in 2012.
Systems and applications software
developer jobs were expected to grow
22% from 2012-2022. Applications
developers earned a median salary of
$90,060, and the median for those
who programmed systems software
was $99,000.
Technology is an essential part of our
lives today and few can imagine living
without. We achieved a lot with the

help of technology, for example we

have the possibility to travel, keep in
touch with friends on the other side of
the earth and cure many illnesses. It
means more freedom and choices for
people but at the same time we have











Godall asks for a reason: We are the

most intelligent species walking on

earth, how it comes we destroy on
what we depend? What has achieved
so far is irrevocable, but we can still
determine where it goes in the future.
One of

the most important things

everybody has to deal with is to

overcome the short-termism, which

prevails in governments, companies
and individuals. Additionally we know,
that decisions one individual takes are
not necessarily good for the society
as a whole. This doesnt make it
I think it is important to bear in mind
the mutual goal: to keep the planet
with mankind and all its beautiful
animals and plants alive. This implies
to make technology as positive as










technology we create now creates the

future and it should be for the people
and make things easier and not more

complicated. So what kind of society

will we be?
Technology shapes the future and it
can help to make it compatible with
nature. It can help us to develop clean




less emissions and low-energy houses

to save resources. Technology is not
only about technology itself or more




methods and processes; we have to

add the component of art which is
about to make wise choices for the
future of technology. We should not
develop technology because of itself,
but to develop it, because it adds
value to society and simplifies human

life. For this, it needs to be discussed

with experts from many fields and we
have to relate the technology to the
organization and the culture in which





There are no side effects they are

part of the technology.
TED Talks with further interesting



Damian Palin: Mining minerals from
Danny Hillis: Back to the future (of

Harvey Fineberg: Are we ready for

Is todays technology a positive

advancement? Over the past few
years technology has taken over
society. Everyone uses technology,
from children and teenagers to adults
and elders. Technology is vital in
todays world and makes everything
easier, but can cause laziness and
some to abuse it. Some examples are
the computer, television, cell phone,

and videogame systems. Technology

has influenced people and their daily
lives, some better than others.
Technology has made an impact on
retail. Now-a-days people do not need
to leave their houses in order to get
what they want. For example, there is
no more need to go to the mall if one
can order clothes online. There is no
longer any need to get tired from
walking around the malls, instead just
go online and shop!
Education has enhanced in schools.
Learning as well as teaching has
improved and became easier. In every
class room there is a computer but
not only that, there is a smart board.
This helps teachers write on the board

more efficiently and gives a big

screen to learn better from..
Technology has also helped children
with learning by providing computers.
Computers allow access to multiple
programs as well as the internet. The
programs created by Microsoft have
tremendously improved education.
Work can be done a lot faster by using
Microsoft Word. This is a huge help
because it makes papers a lot neater
and gives people who have sloppy
handwriting a nice clean paper to
hand in. Microsoft Word spell-checks
and corrects the work.. PowerPoint
and Excel have improved work. It
provides an easy way to present and
stay organized with charts and
graphs. Computers have made job
searching and getting a job stress-

free. People can go on a companys

website and apply right then and
there. People can as well send
resumes online through email to a
company. This allows quick and easy
replies to getting the job.
Telephones have also improved the
lives of people by making
communication easier. Now people
can keep in touch with others from all
around the world with just the dial of
a button. Cell phones have as well
made this a lot easier by allowing a
call to be made from anywhere around
the house or even at the store. Texting
has developed though cell phones
allowing communication without
talking. However, it causes a lack of
social skills, especially with teens

because everyone has a cell phone.

Although television is fun to watch,
there are negative effects. One may
include laziness which eventually
leads to obesity which is why the
United States has increased obesity in
the last decade. Even though kids
have fun laying down watching his or
her favorite television shows or
playing on his new Xbox 360 or
PlayStation 3, it has caused kids to no
longer want to go outside and get
The computer also has a negative
effect on people. It has been the site
of cyber bullying. This is when
someone online bullies another,
whether its on a social network such

as Facebook, aim, twitter, or through

emails. Cyber bullying has been a
cause for many suicides. People say
stupid things to each other even
though they may just be joking but the
person may take it the wrong way and
get upset. Usually it isnt as extreme
and leads to suicide but some cases
do. These crimes have been because
of the new increase in technology.
Online predators have been developed
from the internet. People have been
harassing and threatening others
online. Some have even pretended to
be a friend, but end up being a creepy
pedophile wanting to meet up with an
innocent child on the internet. This
could then lead to sexual abuse or
even death. Some online predators

impersonate others and pretend to

know who he is talking to. Kids dont
know better and should be more
careful. Parents shouldnt allow their
kids to go on certain sites and restrict
them. No one wants to be a victim of
an online predator.
Another bad impact technology has is
identity thief. This is when someone
steals information and used it for his
own benefit without permission. They
either take it from sites that have your
personal information already or they
hack into it. Identity thieves take
information such as social security,
credit card numbers, names and
birthdays. They do the best they can
to pretend to be the victim in order to
make a new credit card with the

victims name. Then they spend all of

the victims money with no cost of
their own on whatever they want and
they do this many time with different
people. They get rich off of people
who are careless and leave personal
information online. Anything online
isnt safe, so dont bother even putting
it on in the first place.
Computer shop business is one of
the most in demand businesses here
in Bulacan. Nowadays, internet cafes
are really in demand because of the
fast changing technology that
the people embraced just like here in

the Philippines. Some have their own

laptops and bring it to coffee shops so
that they could relax and at the same
time prepare their assignments and
paper works. The people today are
very busy and would want to do their
jobs in a beautiful and innovative
environment that could satisfy their
needs and lessen their stress due to
Today, the world revolves very fast
together with the rapid development
and improvement of technology. Some
of todays school, business and
household areas are being controlled
throughthe use of technology that
brought out for the ancient times to

fade away resulting to emerge anew

face of todays generation called the
modern times in which it will prevail
not just today butalso in the future
and for a lifetime. One of todays
generation that could offer is the
Computer because it is probably the
most important product of technology
due to its benefits to humanmankind
in every aspect of their lives. One of
services of computer is the wide use
of internet.Most of all people today
use the internet due to it is very
informative, entertaining and has
acountless benefit for every people.
Through the use of internet, people
always used to go on acomputer shop
or an internet caf to rent a computer

thats why it turned out to make a

ComputeRental System.A Computer
Rental System is a system software
that provides a wide variety of
applications andservices that could
offer to a customer that is primarily
used in doing research and anything
thatthe internet could give. It has
been design to use in an Internet Caf
or a Computer Shop for PCrentals. It
has a process of log in, log out and
extension of time. It also shows the
amount of payment depending on the
duration of time to be computed.
Sometimes, internet caf also offersa
food `services but this system will just
be focus in the actual Comuter Rental

Firstly, I would like to express my

sincere gratitude to my advisor Prof.
_______ for the continuous support of
my Ph.D study and related research,

for his patience, motivation, and

immense knowledge. His guidance
helped me in all the time of research
and writing of this thesis. I could not
have imagined having a better advisor
and mentor for my Ph.D study.

Besides my advisor, I would like to

thank the rest of my thesis
committee: Prof. __________, Prof.
___________, and Dr. ____________, for
their insightful comments and
encouragement, but also for the hard
question which incented me to widen
my research from various

My sincere thanks also goes to Dr.

_________, Dr. ______________, and Dr.
__________, who provided me an
opportunity to join their team as
intern, and who gave access to the
laboratory and research facilities.
Without they precious support it
would not be possible to conduct this

I thank my fellow labmates in for the

stimulating discussions, for the
sleepless nights we were working
together before deadlines, and for all
the fun we have had in the last four
years. Also I thank my friends in the
following institution

__________________________ . In particular,
I am grateful to Dr. Chen Fan for
enlightening me the first glance of

Last but not the least, I would like to

thank my family: my parents and to my
brothers and sister for supporting me
spiritually throughout writing this
thesis and my my life in general.
Since the coming of the new
millennium, the computer technology
has boost up. Almost everything now
is being run or assisted by a computer.
There is no wonder why everyone
wants to learn or gain knowledge in

using computers. Computers became

a necessity to our everyday lives, but
since not everyone has enough money
to buy one, business-minded people
have made it easier for those who can
not afford it by putting up computer
shops. These computer shops are
often located to accessible places,
trying to address their biggest market
- the students. Students often come to
computer shops for various reasons.
Some go to the computer shops to
research for their assignments and
lecture, while some go to the
computer shop just to play games.
Either way, visiting or coming to
computer shops has an effect on their
classroom performance.
This research study is being proposed

to evaluate the relationship between

the location of the computer shops
and the classroom performance of the
4th year students of Cavite National
High School. The evaluation for this
study will be based on the factors that
influenced the students to choose the
location of the computer shops that
they visit such as distance from the
school/accessibility, awareness of the
City Ordinance, services being offered
by the shop, rate per hour/promos,
ambiance of the shop. The analysis of
the classroom performance of the
students will be correlated to the
above variables. This will help
determine if there is an existing
relationship or nonrelationship
between such variables as location of
the computer shops and classroom

performance of the students.

This study hopes to further
authenticate existing theories and
generalizations on the subject.
Statement of the Problem
This research study aims to identify
the effect of the location of the
computer shops to the classroom
performance of the Cavite National
High School, S.Y 2012-2013.
Statement of the Sub-Problem
1. Find out the factors that influence
the student to choose the location of
the computer shops that they visit in
terms of:

a. Distance from the school/

b. Awareness if the City Ordinance
c. Services being offered by the ship
d. Rate per hour/ promos
e. Ambiance of the shop
2. What are the ratings o the 4th year
students of Cavite National High
School with regards to their
classroom performance?
3. What is the effect of the location of
computer shops to the classroom
performance of the 4th year students?

Statement of Hypothesis
There is no significant effect between
the location of computer shops and
the classroom performance of the 4th
year students of Cavite National High
School, S.Y 2012-2012.
Significance of the Study
Having knowledge if the location of
the computer shops have significant
relationship to the classroom
performance of the students can help
the city officials and school
administrators create more suitable
and effective ordinance for the
welfare of the students. It can also
serve as a way for the teachers to

understand their students more with

regards to the students behavior
inside the classroom.
With stricter rules and more
understanding teachers, the students
are expected to be more concentrated
to their studies which consequently
result to better grades and academic
ratings that can serve as an
instrument for them to have a better
This study can also be performed to
study if there is a relationship
between the classroom performance
of the students and their other
hobbies such as watching television,
playing sports and participating to

Design and implement a computerbased system for the Automobile

Accessories and spear parts in shop
centre. It helps the company improve
sales there by creating more
customers. It will also help the
company to store the required
information and to retrieve the
information when needed. The system
will be using one of the software
development methodologies and a
literature survey along with a market
study also will also be performed to
discuss the subject area.
This system will give the facilities to
make the work easy for the users. The
Database will be created by SQL
(oracle) and the front-end
implemented by Oracle Apex .
The current situation

Nowadays a lot of people like to

decorate their cars in order to make it
attractive. So, they spend a lot of
money for that. On other hand this
kind of business is not so easy to
implement in its real life. Manual
calculation of transaction processes
and competition in this field are the
main reason.
Bradford Centre is an UK Company
established . It is specializes in selling
and buying car accessories, auto
tuning parts and auto spare parts. It
requires selecting suppliers,
observing supplier performance and
keeping track of order progress.
All the operations are done manually
in the office as use. So, the
computerized system will help to do
sells, buying, checking, retrieval of

information, storing the data, making

bills and producing reports will be
done faster and efficiently.
The new system will save money and
time. Also, it will improve customer
satisfaction with faster services.
Instead of using manual system that is
slow, which lose time in the
transaction processing.
Automobile Accessories System will
be developed on system based
application software.
The proposed new system
The aim of the project is to develop a
user-friendly system for Bradford
Centre for inventory management,
order processing and billing for car

Creating a suitable database to
store the information of customers,
suppliers, car parts, etc.
Creating a user-friendly interface to
attract the staff.
Produce suitable reports of bills
and orders for the staff.
To improve the service satisfaction
by providing the items on time.
To find any information about the
items at any point of time very
To maintain the details of all the
suppliers for the company.
Manage the current way of
gathering information and update it

with the database system to

provide an easy way that satisfies
the user requirements.
The project serves the staff in
following ways. The sales and order
entry. To know customer's, material's
and supplier's details. The system
serves staff to search about the
availability of items. Accounts
receivable and payable. The project
produces different type of reports and
bills. The project makes some
function like the adding new items in
the warehouse, reduction of the items
from it and counting the profit and
Users of the system

The users of system are employees in

the company and owner of company.
Transaction Processing Systems (TPS)
record daily routine transactions such
as sales orders from customers. TPS
are vital for the organization, as they
gather all the input necessary for
other types of systems. TPS provide
the basic input to the company's
database. A failure in the TPS often
means disaster for the organization.
This project Automobile Accessories
System is to develop a database
backend and an interface for the use,
this transaction processing system.
The functionality of this project will
be as follows:
Make sales order for the

Searching for the availability of

Show the catalogue of items and
Company (suppliers' contact and
registration details) in the
The user advantages are:
The user can know the available
items immediately.
The user can know the price and
other details.
The transaction of order will finish
Project also does many other
supporting functions like receiving the
order, searching for availability of

items and registering the details of

items in the database. Also, add new
items, update the existing items and
checking the items in the stock.
There are many activities that be is
identified as project tasks. These
tasks need methodologies, which help
to complete analysis to the conclusion
of the project.
A development methodology
comprises a model of how the
development will proceed, and
includes design, testing, and
completion, as well as a manner, or
method, of verifying that the process
in proceeding as it should (1). The
software production process may
follow different methods of software

development (2). There are many

methods such as the follows:
The project will be done using the
waterfall model methodology for many
reasons, which will be shown as
follow. This model has sequential
move from one phase to another, the
implication being that systems
cascade from one level to the next in
smooth progression and it follows
seven phases of development.
The reasons of choosing waterfall
Is easy to explain to the user.
Have well-defined phases/stages
and activities.

Ensures that the information

required is obtained as and when it
needs to be used.
Easy and helpful for planning and
schedule the project.
At each stage, easy to detects
errors/misunderstandings early.
Ensures that the system meets
user needs.
Minimizes the cost of rectifying
Creates an environment that allows
correction through feedback.
Unless the prototyping model which is
expensive and the analyst may
compromise on the quality of the
system in order to gets the prototype
working quickly. And spiral has lack of

explicitly process guidance in

determining objectives, constraints
and alternatives. Also, there is a lack
of risk assessment expertise.
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essay and would like it removed from
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II. Background of the Study:
School is where students develop
skills that help them interpret and
adapt to a changing world. This is the

place where they are developed and

save from vices. Unfortunately, due to
the inclusion of technology, students
particularly minors, are addicted to
the computer games that cause to the
cutting classes and worst drop out.
Almost everywhere you can see
internet Cafe that allow rent
computers to anyone. Computer
Gaming is one of the main attraction
in computer shops that cause
addiction to the users or players. This
was known as Computer Addiction.
Due to the increasing number of
minors that are skipping in the class,
the government make an action to
solved this problem. The Manila City
Council passed an ordinance that will
prevent the minors in entering to the
computer shops with in 8am to 5pm,

weekdays. The ordinance was created

by Executive order no. 14 and City
Ordinance no. 8168 on 2007 by Former
Manila Mayor Alfredo S. Lim. This is
intensified the drive against computer
shops that allow accessing the
students during class hours. This
authorizes the parents and teachers
to inspect computer shops and
internet cafe, if they allow minors
inside the shop. But only officers of
accredited parents and teacher
association are assigned to inspect
and monitor the shop. They have the
authority to take pictures and get the
names of the minors, the owner of the
shop and the names of the parents.
The reports are then goes to the
mayor and upon approval of the mayor
the licence of the shop to operate will

be revoked. On the other hand, the

identities of the minors are keep safe,
for confidential purpose. This
ordinance also ordered every
computer shop to attach No to
Pornography and Gambling sign to
every computer and that there should
be no cubicle or no enclosed
separating each computer. There
should also be sign on the door stating
that Minors and Students are not
allowed to enter during Class hours.
The implementation of the ordinance
aims to give managements of internet
shops some rules that will save the
youth from computer game addiction
that could affect their social wellbeing, morality and most especially
their education. This ordinance is

within the jurisdiction of the City of

Manila only. This is a great steps for
the decreasing of the number of drop
outs and skipping of classes of the
minors and student.Here also stated
in the ordinance that there is a
penalty in breaking the rules.
Especially in the selected barangay in
Sampaloc manila were number of
elementary schools are established.
This research is conducted for the
purpose of identifying the effect of
this ordinance in promoting the
education of the minor students and
to avoid the to the computer addiction
that will affect their Studies. For
academic purpose the research focus
on the locality of selected barangay in
Sampaloc manila.

IV. Theoretical Framework:

This study has described a Grounded
approach to the design of programs
to strengthen hybrid justice systems
that is attuned to local needs and
opportunities. Five key steps were
proposed: (I)understand the historical
and contemporary political and policy
context of formal and customary
justice systems; (ii) analyze the
strengths and weaknesses of formal
and customary legal systems; (iii)
identify entry points for strengthening
hybrid justice systems based on an
analytical framework of institutional
change; (iv) realistically assess...
As todays number one requirement in

every kind of employment or school

effort, computers are very useful and
very efficient to do such things that
manual or man-power cannot do.
Number one reason is of course time.
Time is very essential in every mans
way of doing things to be able to meet
a certain goal. The people today are
very busy and would want to do their
jobs in a beautiful and innovative
environment that could satisfy their
needs and lessen their stress due to
busy schedule. Having such computer
shops as this can make this happen.
EMIR computer shop is very unique
and can make researching and other
computer purposes worth the fun as
Review of Related Literature

If you are starting a small computer

shop, you need to understand an
important reality you cant build your
business on short-term services and
one-shot deals if you want to stay
profitable. You need to focus on ways
to attract the attention of those
prospects that will be interested in
long-term services if you really want
to build a profitable, sustainable
business. By creating computer shops
with long-term services, costs and
expenses of it must be sufficient and
must create a reliable foundation
between the equipments and
resources used.
Conceptual or Theoretical Framework

Many that start small computer

businesses get it all wrong. They think
they need to emulate huge companies
that provide services to tens of
thousands, or even millions of
customers and clients per year in
order to stay in business. These
misguided retail start-ups focus on
quantity of customers rather than
quality clients, and find themselves
with incredibly price-sensitive shortterm customers and very low profit
margins. As a result, these
shortsighted newbies struggle to
make ends meet and eventually go out
of business. Now if you want to
succeed as an owner of a small
computer shop, make sure you focus
on long-term relationships with clients
that will pay you high rates for on-

going services and appreciate your

level of expertise by providing them
unique services and equipments.
Statement of the Problem/ Objectives
Tight competition is the main problem
for building business such as a
computer shop. As we all know that
computer shop is very practical and in
demand in making people lives easier
when it comes to doing their technical
or school work. To withstand this
business from other computer shop,
exclusive services must be put into
operation. Various ideas and
application from different resources
and technical need must be in this
computer shop. Also the main
objective of this study is to earn

profits at less investment.

The proponent dreams of making
profit and staying long in the business.
For operating and establishing EMIR
computer shop are to earn profit at
less investments, satisfy our
customers providing best quality
service at effective price, providing
the service at low cost, providing the
best quality at affordable price, and
know a fair return on the capital
invested by the owner.
Significance of the Study
The study focuses on how to be
distinctive from other computer shops

and how to be able to capture the

peoples need on using the service of
a computer shop. Not only that, the
computer shop must also center in the
costs and expenses as well, on how
The fulfillment of this case study of
ours could not be finish without the
help from the following person, who at
the outmost willingly share their
knowledge and being so patient
answering the questions being asked
about their business.
To all of you we would like to express
our bountiful of gratitude for helping

us made this. Most especially to our

Almighty God who is always and never
fade m
Mr. Renato Galicia, the owner of the
raiven internet cafe, for allowing us to
be there and get some information
about your shop. Sir Ronnie Tejero
who was the one actively and
truthfully explaining everything that
was asked to him. Youve been a big
help to our group and that may God
bless and give you more blessings for
being such a kind person. To all the
workers for your patience.
Also to our guardians who without
further hesitation able to support us in

our studies.
As a student there are times we think
like giving up, in some hardships we
encountered but as we dont know
these are the one helping us, building
our personality for the future. Though
we cant realize right now but Im sure
what we have at this time are just a
tiny like bubbles problem. But as we
grow old its already a waves. Thats
why we should not give up because
everything that was given to us by
God theres always a purpose.
To our dear teacher Mr. JONATHAN
, thank you for this activity in that we

have the opportunity to know more

the insights of an internet caf. To
each and every one of us for the
Internet caf its a place where we
can access an internet. The fee for
using a computer is usually charged
as a time-based rate. Most of the
computer shop like raiven is collecting
Internet cafs are located worldwide,
and many people use them when
traveling to access webmail we all
know that computer is the best high

technology which everybody is using,

and that is why internet caf was
develop. We all know that computer
help a great impact to us especially
those in business.
And instant messaging services to
keep in touch most people are using
this technology in order to know more
and enjoyed some of the programs.
Here in Philippines we can found
internet cafs in the street, side walk,
or even in the restaurant and coffee
shops. Those in the streets are rented
computers while those in the
restaurant theyre with family and
friends. Apart from travelers, in many

developing countries Internet cafs

are the primary form of Internet
access for citizens as a shared-access
model is more affordable than
personal ownership of equipment
and/or software.
1. 1. One Day Internet Cafe Skills
Development Program ICT Module
2. 2. What is an Internet Cafe? The
high-tech equivalent of the coffee
house. However, instead of playing
chess or having heated political
discussions, you browse the
Internet and discuss the latest
technology. CDs, DVDs, games and
other "cyber stuff" are
also generally available.

3. 3. History of Internet Cafes in

the Philippines <ul><li>Internet
Cafes Started out in the late 1990's
as LAN Shops a center in which
computers are networked in order
to play LAN Games.
4. 4. Internet connection then was
dial up and relatively expensive
therefor only a few shops offered
internet service.
5. 5. The bulk of their service back
then was gaming and typing
services for students. </li></ul>
6. 6. The introduction of a fast
internet service
7. 7. Kinds of Internet Cafes
8. 10. Internet Kiosk New Variation
In the Philippines it is called as
Hulog Piso Internet Cafe
9. 11. Internet Cafe of the Future

10. 12. Equipments Used in Internet

11. 14. Parts of a Computer System
Computer Hardware Computer
Software Peopleware
12. 15. Parts of a Computer
Hardware System
13. 17. Motherboard
14. 18. Processor RAm
15. 19. Video Card Hard Drive
16. 20. Power Supply Sata
Connectors Ribbon Connectors
17. 21. Question Is it advisable to
buy second hand computers to be
used in an internet cafe?
18. 22. Answer: Definitely a NONO
Moore's Law The Number of
Transistors in every Chip will
Double every 24 months

19. 23. Meaning: It would be far

more expensive for you to maintain
an old computer system than a new
one. You might be saving money in
acquisition cost but in the long run
it you would suffer in terms of your
maintenance cost. New Computers
are much more powerful and much
more cheaper to maintain than old
computer units.
20. 24. What is best system for an
internet cafe?
21. 25. Answer: It Depends on three
things: 1. The Target Market that
you want to reach 2. Your Business
Model 3. The kind of Internet Cafe
that you are going to establish
22. 26. If you are planning to cater
to an internet only market it does
not require a very complicate

computer system. Nettop ng Bayan

2.0 will have the following: * Intel
Atom Processor * 80GB Hardisk *
1GB Memory * Keyboard and
Mouse * LCD Monitor
23. 27. If you are going to cater to a
gaming market then you would
need the following: 1. A fast
processor min Dual Core
Processors or Core 2 Duo Extreeme
Intel I Series. 2. At least 2 G of
RAM 3. At least 1 G Video Card 4. A
large hard disk space to store your
online and lan games. 5. A steady
supply of keyboards and mouse
24. 28. Or
25. 30. Computer network Server C
26. 31. Additional Equipments

27. 32. Yahoo Nielsen Internet

Usage Philippines Services Offered
in Internet Cafes
28. 33. Regulations in Internet Cafe
Operations The Internet Cafe
Industry despite being the primary
access point of the community to
the internet is still considered to
be a backyard industry thus: Who is
in Charge of the internet cafe
29. 34. Since the primary notion of
people is that an internet cafe is a
gaming center and most of its
stakeholders are actually engaged
in the gaming model thus The LGUs
classifies the internet cafes as an
entertainment and recreation
center along with the billard halls,
karaoke bars and other center for

vices This classification provides

some problems:
30. 35. Distance Requirements
31. 36. Student Restrictions
Students are not allowed to enter
internet cafes during school hours
unless there is a written
permission from the teacher that
their presensce is related to their
school work
32. 37. Restrictions on access to
pornography and other violent
materials online Internet Cafes are
often accused as the primary
access points of pornography and
places were pedophiles converge
33. 38. Internet cafes are required
to use licensed software in their

34. 39. Documentation and Business

Registration Register your business
name Get your Barangay Clearance
Get your Business Permit Register
at the BIR
35. 40. Requirements DTI
Registration o Make sure that your
business is on Metro Manila (i.e.
Manila, Pasay City, Taguig, Pateros,
Muntilupa City, Paranaque City, Las
Pinas City, Pasig City, Quezon City,
Marikina City, Mandaluyong City,
San Juan, Caloocan City, Malabon,
Navotas, Valenzuea City),
otherwise, proceed to the DTI
Provincial Office where your
business is located. o Applicant
must be a Filipino Citizen of
majority age (18 years old and
over). o Accomplish the application

form in duplicate. Type or print

completely and clearly, all
information required in the form. o
Only the owner of the business is
authorized to sign all forms. A
representative may sign for and in
behalf of the owner provided a
Special Power of Attorney
authorizing the representative is
submitted. o Submit the following
together with the application form
to the proper DTI Office where the
business is located. Photocopy of
proof of citizenship such as: - Birth
certificate, PRC ID, voters ID,
passport for NATURAL BORN
Filipinos whose names are
suggestive of an alien nationality
(e.g. Chua, Taylor, etc.). Present
original copy for comparison.

36. 41. FEES: Basic Application fee

(New/Renewal) - Php 300.00
Documentary Stamps - Php 15.00
Surcharge (For renewal of BN
beyond 90 days after expiration) Php 100.00 Bulk Sales - P55.00
37. 42. After securing your DTI
registration which usually takes
around a week or 2 if your business
name does not have any conflict in
their records go to your barangay
hall to get your barangay permit.
Fees for the barangay permit would
depend on your respective
barangays. After securing your
barangay permit then proceed to
your city or municipal hall to get
your business license.
Requirements for the Business
License 1. DTI Registration 2.

Barangay Clearance 3. In most

cases you are asked to undertake a
Deed of Undertaking
38. 43. After securing your business
permit go to BIR to get your
business TIN there are 3 things
that you need to do: 1. Register
your business establishment and
all its branch offices, if any. You do
this at the BIR Revenue District
Office (RDO) in the place where
your business is located. Once you
obtain your Certificate of
Registration, you must display it in
a conspicuous place within your
business establishment. 2. Register
your books of accounts. You
accomplish this at the same RDO.
3. Request for permit to print and
issue receipts and invoices. You

must thereafter post a notice in

your business premises stating that
your establishment issues receipts,
and that if no receipt is issued by
the cashier, then the customer
must ask for one.
39. 44. Documents to bring: - 2x2
colored picture with white
background - Mayors or Business
Permit - DTI Business Name
Registration Certificate - Tax
Identification Number (TIN) Card Sketch of Business Location Owners Birth Certificate - Owners
Marriage Certificate - Birth
Certificate of owners dependents
(21 yrs & below) Forms: - BIR Form
1901 (Application for Registration)
BIR Form 1925 for the TIN Card. If

owner has TIN, no need to apply for

40. 45. BIR Payments: Montly = 3%
of your monthly gross sales
Quarterly = 3% of your quarterly
gross sales less the previous
months payment
41. 46. Software Licensing
Software: A set of instructions for a
42. 47. There are two kinds of
software: system software
application software.
43. 48. Two Kinds of Software
License Proprietary software Copy
Right Software Free and Open
Source Software Copy Left
44. 49. What are the different
software used in internet cafes

that needs licences? 1. Microsoft

OS 2. Anti Virus 3. Application
software like Office, Photoshop and
LAN GAMES 4. Any software that
requires a product key
45. 50. Software Licensing for
Microsoft OS Original Equipment
Manufacturer - OEM
46. 51. Full Product Package
47. 52. Software Licensing Process
Microsoft 1. When buying a new
computer system already include
the cost of buying a OEM software
since it is the cheapest way of
obtaining a microsoft software
license 2. Keep your reciepts and
your COA in a safe place. Never put
your COA in your computer units 3.
Accomplish the Internet Cafe

Rental Rights Agreement and send

it to Microsoft Philippines
48. 53. Do you have what it takes to
be an internet cafe owner?
Business Knowledge IT Knowledge
Risk Taker Innovative Willing to
Work Long Hours Attention to
Details Don't Fall Apart