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In terms of business and service industry, it is obvious that the quality of

a certain product or service deals with the notion of the level or degree to
which the product or service is required to meet the customers expectation.
According to Wickens (1995), the quality regarding the business and service
provision can be explained as the characteristics of a product or service that
relates to its ability of satisfying outwardly indicated or implied needs. In other
words, the quality in a product or service depends on the level of satisfaction
and need of the customers on how willing to pay for it. The critical task of a
company that wants to be successful in its business is to set a strategic plan to
manage the quality which is also specifically called Total Quality Management










measuring quality management at the Beach House Hotel (3.1)

Theoretically, there is a variety of methods to measure the quality
management. It is not challenging to ascertain if the products or services are in
the best quality or not.
First, a company can rely on its customer satisfaction as a primary
standard to measure the quality management. By assessing and strictly
following the customers feedback and requirements, a company can take
those results as basic information to evaluate its own quality management on
whether its sold products or delivered services meet the customers
requirements or not. It is utterly important to take the customers into
consideration and give them priorities. Customers are the key factors to
success of any organization for they can substantially improve the quality of
the service delivered by an organization by leaving a constructive comment or
feedback. The Beach House Hotel in a family-owned business who greatly
craves for reputation to boost up its operation and expand into other lucrative
services, so that the hotel needs the positive supports and comments from the
customers to increasingly develop its service and be appealing to more
potential customers in the long run. With the poor service taken from the
customers feedback, the Beach House Hotel is urgently in need of customer
complaints handling department which can responsively answer all kinds of
requirements and feedback from the customers to initially make them feel










implement necessary practices to resolve the problems.

Second, a useful tool to precisely evaluate the quality management of a
company is organizational performance. If the company successively gains its
profit periods after periods, it is also gaining more values of the quality of the
products and services. The quantitative data give undeniable evidence of the
organizational performance of the company, which also means the practice of
TQM is kept on the right track. Applied in the case of our hotel, the business
needs to recheck all documents and data on financial states, annual revenue
and other organizational performance records to make evaluation for the
quality management. The standard for evaluating the quality management can
be decided by the owner of the business but for a professionally operated
company, benchmarking practice of high-status standards should be used. For
Example, ISO 9000 is a family of international standards designed to help
company especially small ones like our family business to certify that they
meet the needs of customers and stakeholders.
The evaluation of benchmarking with a critical self-assessment
of the Beach House Hotels current state of health (4.1)
The quality practice must develop as the initial phase by the
Management board. The quality enhancement team must take actions to
analyze and propose solutions to innovate the performance of all departments
of the company. Besides, quality must also be measured in a continuous basis
to diminish any possible errors while operating and counteractive actions must
be taken immediately for better future performance.
Perceiving the importance of self-assessment to the success of the
company, simultaneously deeply understand its state of health, the Beach
House Hotel has proposed strategies to figure out whether the business
operates sound or not. Following by the measurements mentioned, the hotel
has gradually applied these practices and initially witness several optimistic
First, the hotel has educated its employees of all departments on the
importance of customers to the business and hence the appropriate attitude to
any feedback or comments from the customers. The employees have to

politely respond to any comment or requirements of the customers even harsh

complaints with the aim of initially make them feel their comments valued and
then the employee can report to responsible ones for proper resolution in the
soonest time. Moreover, the hotel have penalty for employees who violates the
rules if having inappropriate behaviors to customers or irresponsibility which
led to customers dissatisfaction.
Second, following the benchmarking standard, the hotel has applied ISO
9000 standards to evaluate its operations. Accordingly, the recognized
mistakes can be removed through daily quality checking then the responsible
team will critically identify the particular policies to help improve the quality.
Employees will be trained on the quality standards and added extra mission of
making report on a daily basis on what have done with the working day and
cross-evaluate in a department for a fair assessment of the employees
performance. At the end of a quarter, the hotel holds a meeting to release
reports on business financial states, performance appraisal of the hotel as well
as prominent individuals who contributes to success for bonus and incentives
to motivate them for better performance in the future.








complaints procedures and user and non-user surveys and how they
can be applied to improve quality (3.2)
In the discussion on the benefit of user and non-user surveys in
determining customer needs, it is fairly clear to see that users are the existing
customers who need to be introduced brand-new products and services to
maintain their interest and satisfaction to the brand. By executing user
surveys, the company can identify their needs and expectations from which
investigate the existing trend in the market to direct the marketing campaign.
Non-users are also customers but due to their unaffordability or disinterest in
the product or service, they do not buy. In the Beach House Hotel, what the
employees are learning to cope ip with a professional attitude is customers
complaints. Generally, complaints are supposed to be negative responses from
the customers. However, to a company which has recently applied the model of
quality management and always care about the service quality of the hotel, the
management team recognize complaints as a chance to identify their hotels

malfunctions in service or operation to manage to improve. The Beach House

Hotel seems to know their lack in operation when not setting up customer
service as an official department specializing in dealing with complaints as well
as advice from customers to better satisfy their needs. The records of
complaints collected will be used as information for deploying quality
management practices.
Before any complaints are given, the hotel needs to step ahead with
survey with relevant question to investigate the satisfaction level of the
customers as well as their expectation towards the hotels service quality. In
detail, existing customers or users will give the hotel exact comments and
feedback on the states of the hotel including the quality of service and
operation from which the management team can improve the weaknesses. In
contrast, to non-users who did not choose to user the hotels service, the Beach
House Hotel can make survey to ask them the reason and from these precious
opinions, the hotel will make some modifications to attract them.

From your evaluation propose new ways to modify existing

systems to improve service quality within the Beach House Hotel
business (3.4 & 4.3) D3 will be awarded for credible and innovative
ways of solving complaints problems.
The hotels employees take responsible for the performance, since the
quality of the service is accredited to them. From the primary planning to post
sales services phase, the employees are the one who maintain the quality of
the service. The surveys can be conducted through the employees because
they keep in touch directly to the customers. The content of the survey mainly
covers quality system of the company. The records and data collected are also
filled consistent with the quality standards. Additionally, the staff planning also
should be improved for effective employment of quality system. Finally yet
importantly, the practice of training for the new employees depending on their
positions and capabilities should be taken into consideration for better staff
quality, so that the possible errors can be shrunk and the quality system will be
efficiently upgraded.

To complaints from the customers, the resolution to better handle is an

innovated customer service department with competent employees with
professional attitudes and concern for the customers. They are willing to spend
more time to listen to the customers opinions as a friend and talk to them with
intimate manner. The complaints need to be treated as constructive comments
for the improvements of the hotel and processed through a standard system to
be resolved as soon as possible.
List a range of methods of consultation to encourage participation in a
quality scheme by underrepresented groups.

In addition, discuss individual

stages of staff consultation process for effective implementation. (3.3 & 4.3)
A number of methods can be put into enforcement for encouraging
participation in a quality scheme by underrepresented groups. First, it is the
most popular form surveys to easily approach the group. The form is
designed to collect the instant responses from under-represented groups as
well as to recognize the nature of them. Under-represented groups should be
exhilarated to join the survey to speak out their expectations, requirements
and possible issues. Second, thanks to technology, we can approach our
targeted group via a number of channels such as telephone, electronic mails,
teleconference, etc. and collect their responses and opinions on chosen issues.
A business will be highly appreciated from creating quality system
management. A suitable TQM regarding achieving the goals in organization. It
offers a series of methods, tools and techniques used to improve the quality of
the service, especially to such working environment in hotels. It is a process
beginning with identification of customer requirements and ending up meeting
their satisfaction. Several new methods which can be added to improve the
service quality such as professional management system to meet the
customers expectations,

practices of improving process control, low cost

materials, facilitating training courses of a wide range for all the employees in
such problems business manners, ethics and communications.


In this report, the importance of TQM system has been presented in a

logical orders to make the business owner understand the core insight of the
issues as well as encourage them to make enhancements to their business

In addition, TQM is a management approach focusing on quality

which can be attained through customer satisfaction and benefits of the


Wickens, P., 1995. The ascendant organisation: combining commitment
and control for long-term, sustainable business success. St. Martin's Press.