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S c h o o l o f H e a lt h a n d R e h a b i l i tat i o n S c i e n c e s

Master of Science in Occupational Therapy

Class of 2017 Profile Admission Entry Term 2015
Demographic information not utilized in admission decision

Admission Statistics
Total Applicants
Total Qualified
Enrolled 36
Enrollment Demographic Statistics
Female 34
Male 2
Mean Age
Age Range
African Amerian
Asian 3
Caucasian 31
Unknown 1
Countries Represented
United States (35)
Russia (1)
States Represented
Illinois (1)
Indiana (31)
Ohio (2)
Nebraska (1)
New Jersey (1)
Degree Granting Institutions
Ball State University (3)
Depauw University (1)
Franciscan University (1)
Franklin College (1)
Illinois State University (1)
Indiana University
Bloomington (9)
Indianapolis (7)
Richmond (1)
Kean University (1)
Purdue University
West Lafayette (6)
University of Indianapolis (1)
University Nebraska (1)
University of Northwestern St. Paul (1)
University Saint Francis (1)
Wright State University (1)

Undergraduate Majors
Biology (3)
Community Health (1)
Exercise Science (7)
General Studies (2)
Health Sciences (3)
History (1)
Human Development (1)
Kinesiology (2)
Math (1)
Movement/Sports Science (2)
Psychology (9)
Public Health (1)
Recreational Therapy (1)
Vocal Performance (1)
Youth, Adult, Family Svcs (1)
Academic Profile
Cumulative Range
Mean Cumulative GPA
Prerequisite Range
Mean Prerequisite GPA


2015/2016 estimated cost tuition only

24 months (74 graduate credit hours)

$37,951.64 in-state resident

$72,495.00 non-resident
Note: tuition rates subject to change
Questions? Contact us at 317.274.4702 or


The Indiana University Master of Science in Occupational Therapy

Program is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for
Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE).
PO Box 31220
4720 Montgomery Lane
Bethesda, MD 20824-1220
e-mail: accred@aota.org

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

S c h o o l o f H e a lt h a n d R e h a b i l i tat i o n S c i e n c e s

Master of Science in Occupational Therapy

Purpose of the degree
To provide entry-level occupational therapy education for individuals who (after program completion and fieldwork) will be
eligible to sit for certification as an occupational therapist by the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy
Length of program
24 months (74 graduate credit hours) of professional course work and field work presented in a full-time day format, starting
in June each year.
Prerequisite coursework requirements:

Human Anatomy with lab*

Abnormal Psychology

Human Physiology with lab*

Life Span/Human Development Psychology^

Statistics* (must include inferential)

Introductory Psychology

Introductory Sociology or Introductory Anthropology

Medical Terminology (minimum 1 credit hour)

* courses must be completed not more than 7 years prior to application deadline.
^ Course must include entire lifespan of human development from conception to death (infant to old age); multiple courses may
be required.
ALL prerequisite courses must be a minimum of 3 credit hours (with the exception of Medical Terminology, which is a minimum
1 credit hour). Coursework must be completed with a grade of C or higher. All science courses must be at a level for science
majors and include a lab. Online courses are accepted except for science courses with labs.

Admission Requirements
OTCAS application (www.otcas.org) accepted July 17th to October 1st, and must be in Complete status by October 1st.
IUPUI Graduate Application also required, accepted July 17th through October 1st.
Baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution, in any major, required by June 15th prior to start of program.
No more than one (1) prerequisite remaining for completion by deadline of October 1st; must be completed by May 31st
of the entrance year. Beginning with the 2016 application cycle, the outstanding prerequisite cannot be Human
Anatomy with lab, Human Physiology with lab, or Statistics.
Minimum Cumulative GPA of 3.2. GPAs will be calculated by OTCAS. All undergraduate and graduate course work is
included in cumulative grade point average calculations.
Minimum Prerequisite GPA of 3.2. GPAs will be calculated by OTCAS.
Observation of OT practice. A minimum of 12 hours among three (3) different settings (hospital, school system, home
health, clinic, etc.) is required. Must be supervised by an OTR or COTA using the IU observation form.
International applicants, or applicants with foreign transcripts, must meet additional requirements as determined by the
IUPUI Office of International Affairs, http://iapply.iupui.edu/.
Admission Interview- First Saturday of December.
Detailed application instructions and information can be found on the IU MS in OT website:
http://shrs.iupui.edu/admissions/apply/ms-occupational-therapy/index.html. Please review all requirements before
submitting application.
Applicants are extended an offer of admission based on an evaluation of their cumulative and prerequisite GPA and
interview. The top 36 applicants will be offered a place in the Program.
Credit Retake Hours
Students are approved to retake up to 15 hours of prerequisite courses, and the higher grade will be used to calculate the
prerequisite GPA. Cumulative GPA will include each course completed according to the institutional repeat policy where the
course(s) were repeated.
Advanced Placement (AP) Credit/Dual Credit
High School Advance Placement (AP) credit appearing on official college transcripts is accepted if score is 3 or higher. If the
AP credit is for a prerequisite course, the course is omitted from the prerequisite GPA. For dual credit courses, the course title
must appear on an official college transcript with letter grade.
Program information
For complete program information or admission and application instructions, go to: http://shrs.iupui.edu/admissions/apply/
Profession Information
For information regarding the profession of occupational therapy and the American Occupational Therapy Association, please
visit www.aota.org.

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis