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Prophetic Message

Christ Cares for Discarded Saints

and Wounded Believers
Have I not said in My Word that My whole body of believers is one in
Me, and they are to be of one mind in their tender care one for
another? Yet I see some up and some down in this war with satan,
with no one willing to pick the wounded back up. I see so many
mouth the excuse: I helped that person(s) before, and there they go
again, theyre flat on their back needing help once more. So it must
be because theyre being irresponsible or lazy, or theres HIDDEN SIN
IN THEIR LIFE. Thats why God doesnt seem to love them, so I
shouldnt love them either.
Beloved, is it not written in My Word that a good man will fall AND GET
BACK UP seven times (Prov.24:16), and many are the afflictions of the
righteous, but I deliver him out of them ALL (Psalms 34:19)? THE
TIME BUT HE KEPT TRYING TO GET BACK UP! And while people might
get compassion fatigue and feel like washing their hands of you if
you dont learn the ABCs of success and STAY on top all the time,
you should be thankful you can ALWAYS count on Me, Myself, and I,
the Father, Son and Holy Ghost to ALWAYS be there for you and infuse
new life into you when the enemy saps your strength and makes you
want to give up.
Humans like quick fixes to problems. You can watch a mediocre movie
in 90 minutes or less. Film producers know a human being can stand
a movie only for so long, because people will need to get up and go to
the kitchen or bathroom. So screen writers will figure out clever ways
to accelerate the action to its climax so the action hero can singlehandedly win the big war in the least possible time, with a neat little
happy ending to leave the audience smiling as they leave the theater
and go on to the next big thrill in their lives.
Satan seldom follows such a script when he attacks individuals.
Sometimes it isnt enough to mouth the right words at him for five or
ten minutes, then tell that person everything is all fixed up and the
problem is solved. The devil is like a pit bull terrier, with his fangs
sunk into a believers hide. Problems keep popping up like unwanted
flies (all symptoms of demonic attack). Once one problem is solved,
something else has to be sorted out. But instead of siding with the

afflicted Christian, believers will agree that for some reason, satan has
the RIGHT to mess up their brother or sisters life because of hidden
sin. Just like some parents of bullying victims start blaming their own
children for BEING bullied when quick, convenient remedies have
failed, Christians will blame the other believer for being under attack
repeatedly. The very fact the mess wasnt PERMANENTLY sorted out in
five minutes of earnest prayer or positive confession is cause for
questioning the faith of the embattled believer. Lazy, carnal Christians
who claim to be used of God in a deliverance ministry get
exasperated with hard cases of demonic attack and think of him/her
as a hopeless reprobate who throws a monkey wrench into the notion
that wars of faith should always INSTANTLY AND EASILY be won once
and for all, with no further flare-ups.
Sometimes the BATTLE is (temporarily) won, but the war keeps coming
back. Why? Because satan somehow suspects that Ive got good
intentions toward that believer and plan on using him/her to do serious
damage to his kingdom. If you arent much of a threat to the kingdom
of darkness, satan will leave you alone and let you go on your merry
way with no problems whatsoever. The very fact this FINITE created
being wastes any of his precious, LIMITED (Rev.12:12) time attacking
a certain individual shows that satan is trying to defeat My plans and
purposes for that one and defend his own dirty kingdom of darkness.
Satan isnt afraid of Christians who limit their ministry to
entertainment and tea parties.
Preachers think theyve got you sized up, just by looking at you
(judging spirituality or lack thereof by outward appearance (see John
7:24). If you dont display the proper stereotypical churchy
mannerisms and facial expressions or blend in with the conservative
wallpaper in the sanctuary, theres bound to be sin in your life.
Condemnatory Christians think theyve got all their bases covered in
deciding whats right and wrong, and what emotions it is appropriate
for a human being to feel in any given situation. Christians will look at
a depressed, oppressed believer with smug judgmentalism and say
theres something wrong with your attitude about this trial, and you
arent rejoicing in it so THERES HIDDEN SIN IN YOUR LIFE! But
unlike 90-minute action films, life rarely happens in neat, predictable
little packages. Satan, destroyer of the human soul, has in these last
days cooked up trials and testings so bizarre, so deeply sordid and
convoluted, that King Solomon himself would have been too baffled to
know how to counsel the tested individual.

Such a tried, tested Christian feels like a soldier being sent to fight a
weird new kind of battle hes never been trained to know how to fight.
hardly ever truly rejoice together, and its almost unheard-of for them
to suffer together as being members of one body. Its every man for
himself. Its just like the situation where a poor woman is tempted to
lose her faith in Me because the landlord is throwing her out on the
street and she has nothing left to eat. Then some rich woman in
church cuts her down for grousing at the Lord. More than likely,
those who criticize you for feeling down in a trial have NEVER ONCE
had to walk one inch in your shoes, so theyve got no room to talk and
they know it!
So many of My dearest children have been through the fire and the
flood. Not only that, theyve been through satans nuclear reactor.
Being melted and molded in such a terrible crucible of pain leaves
many Christians feeling like hardened war veterans who are lucky to
have survived. Such people hate sin and the devil with a vengeance.
This is reflected in their prayers and in their devotions. While some
Christians are tolerant of evildoers (and evil itself) because theyve
always had it comparatively easy and suffered little or no serious
persecution or affliction in their own daily lives, embattled believers
will read the Psalms of David which appeal to Me for judgment and
justice to weaken the grip of the enemy on their lives. They do this
not out of meanness or malice, but for SURVIVAL!
Speaking of David, he was the sidelined eighth brother of a
quarrelsome, divided, highly competitive, status-seeking family. When
My prophet Samuel called on Jesses family to anoint one of his sons to
be king, it never once occurred to Jesse to summon David as a
possible candidate, and Samuel had to specifically request his
presence at the powwow.
Jesse and his tall, brawny sons saw David through biased human eyes
instead of seeing David as I saw him. I looked not on Davids
relatively short stature and slender build, but on his heart, and I saw a
mighty man of God after My own heart. A seasoned warrior whod
already killed a lion and a bear in defense of his flock, under the
anointing of My Spirit. A poet and a songwriter whose songs of praise
inspire many to this day. These special skills werent considered very
masculine by Davids overbearing, power-hungry brothers. Jesse and
his family were absolutely flabbergasted when Samuel poured the

anointing oil on young Davids head. They wondered if the old man had
lost his marbles, passing up the golden opportunity to choose from the
seven big, muscular sons Jesse had paraded before him.
The eyes of the flesh are highly impressed by a powerful persona that
knows how to order others around with authority. Unless youre
walking in the Spirit, youre apt to look down on fellow believers who
dont look like a Barbie Doll or an Arnold Schwarzenneggar who have
truckloads of cash in the bank, a fancy car, a mortgage on a big home,
and their very own designer family of crewcut, conservatively dressed
kids following them into the church.
Yet even if the wife is expected to produce a baby every year to
demonstrate her belief in family values, she has to remember that
glamor is far more important to the modern church than inner beauty,
and the ONLY criteria for being accepted in church. So every woman,
every wife and mother, must stay skinny as a toothpick to gain status
and approval in the congregation. Thin is in, and the Wall Street dressfor-success look will get a man in the ministry much faster than jeans
and a sweater. Just so long as a man LOOKS AND SOUNDS like a
cross between a church organ and a funeral director, hell gain
automatic respect in church.
Some Christian women are fragrant flowers who grace My table with
their refinement and beauty. Others are warriors in the Spirit with
dirty fingernails who know what life down in the valley is like. Some
Christian men are almost effeminate, the churchified airs they put on
to try to make everybody think theyre holier than everybody else.
Instead of loudly rebuking sin in the church and the community,
theyre so gentle toward the wicked in their prayers and reflections
that sinners and backsliders think theres no hell to be afraid of going
to. These men always speak with a velvety soft voice, as if theyre
afraid to scare the devil away. A very few Christian men ACT like men
who realize theres a war going on and this isnt a tea party youre in.
Christians who dont affect the soft, gentle voice and sanctimonious
mannerisms of a spiritual giant are thought to be carnal backsliders
unworthy of love and fellowship.
What about My own attitude toward the devil and his crowd? Am I
always kind and sweet toward the unrepentant? A quick reading of
Matthew 23 will cure you of the notion that I put on religious airs
around everyone and sang sinners to sleep. The REAL Jesus wouldnt
have felt very welcome in sanctimonious assemblies where sky pilot
body language, subdued facial expression and a well-modulated tone

of voice are important to be accepted by others. Jesus would have

been ostracized for acting too harsh and critical toward the hypocritical
religious leaders that were robbing the people.
It is written that once I arise to judgment on behalf of My people, that
will be their deliverance from wicked evildoers (Psalms 76:9). My
judgment on the wicked always results in rest and peace for My own
people. Some Christians confine their personal ministry to singing
sweet choruses and speaking gentle, inoffensive words of love, and
thats the ONLY way the life of Christ within them is ever allowed to
manifest itself. But sometimes prayer must be aggressive, and voices
must cry out against wickedness and oppression in the church and in
the world. The warfare must BE warfare (2 Cor.10:4; Eph.6:13-19).
But Christians who do such a ministry often find themselves
misunderstood, neglected, forgotten-about and all alone.
The prisoners chain Paul wore wasnt an appropriate fashion
accessory. Instead of overlooking it in love, many believers were so
embarrassed to be around jailbird Paul that they fled from him,
despite all the endless hours of loving ministry Paul had done on behalf
of an ungrateful, carnal church (1 Cor.4:13; 2 Tim.1:15-18). Although
thousands of saints personally benefited from Pauls widespread
ministry, Paul prayed My blessing on ONE man who dared to buck the
trend and minister to the practical needs of one of My dearest
servants who wasnt considered cool, and didnt fit in with the apostate
churchs pretty picture of PROSPERITY.
Instead of reasoning that Paul had gotten himself into his own jam and
wasnt worth worrying about, faithful Onesiphorous DILIGENTLY looked
for Paul till he found him and then took care of him so that his ministry
could go on. Onesiphorous went to great trouble and expense to travel
far and wide to find Paul. Instead of passing the buck, Onesiphorous
even laid his own personal reputation on the line to be associated with
this great man of God who found himself on the wrong side of Roman
law because of persecution.
At one point only faithful Luke remained with Paul and stuck with him
through thick and thin (2 Tim.4:11). Everybody else went their own
ways and barely communicated with him anymore. Talk about lowmaintenance fellowship in the Lord! I need more Lukes who reach
out to minister and pray on a faithful, consistent basis, on behalf of
their brothers and sisters who have been abandoned in the world and
are struggling to keep their faith from sinking like a lead stone.

Yet what do I see today but Christians NEGLECTING one another in

this age of electronic marvels when it costs NOTHING to send a quick
e-mail to encourage your brother or sister in the Lord, and you cant
plead poverty and the high cost of sending a letter? How many church
meetings go on week in and week out, where the widow woman with
the wart on her nose gets ignored as if she were an unwanted,
unneeded appendage who doesnt fit in with the Young Marrieds,
Young Singles, or even Older Couples?
Speaking of e-mail, I have provided every possible technological
advantage to modern believers in first-world nations.
The vast
majority of first-world believers are literate or can read at least a little.
A great many of these have access to free internet in their local library
or elsewhere.
Christians can download edifying sermons from
doctrinally sound preachers of the past, and from the few modern
preachers who are still retaining sound doctrine (Tit.2:1). They can
listen to CDs of scripture. They can compare the crazy goings-on of
todays so-called revivals with the solid foundational truths taught by
the early apostles. Increased literacy and access to holy writings has
done little to prevent or even slow the rate of the dumbing down of
religion practiced in the church. Theres a big difference between a
simple faith in Christ and the sloppy neglect of my Word going on
today. Millions dont reach out in the love of Jesus because their
understanding is darkened by neglect of His written teachings.
When a Christian takes the time to evaluate the present-day heresies
against solid, sensible doctrines founded on a sound division of My
Word (2 Tim.2: 15), their eyes can be opened to see the lying vanity
of a modern churchianity which has gone haywire.
Its core
philosophy? All that matters is self-gratification and feeling good on
the inside. The underfed, misled saint fans the flames of unrestrained
emotion which leads to bizarre manifestations and calls it worship. As
he focuses only on himself and how good his yelling, arm-waving and
jumping makes him feel, the needs of others in the assembly go
unmet (James 1:27). So long as the lord (a lying spirit) does
positive stroking to give the worshipper a drug-free high, thats all
the religion that person seems to need. About the only people that
selfish, ego-gratifying worshipper cares about are those who are
prestigious or spiritual (prosperous) enough to enhance their public
image by associating with them.

Christians are taught to idolize the concept of intact families going

together to church, hand in hand, and only these people fit into the
modern church culture. Christians have taken this concept of family
to such idolatrous extremes that they almost think that if youre a
woman (or man) who cant drag their spouse into some church
building, theres something wrong with you and you arent worth
fellowshipping with! No wonder thousands of ex-believers have given
up on Me and are joining cults to find the friendship denied them by
the cold, carnal image-obsessed church! No wonder millions turn to
alternative soul therapies to find the peace and affirmation they cant
find in a traditional church. Others find a middle ground where they
give up on (most) other believers but dont give up on the Lord Jesus
Who saved them. They still maintain a personal relationship with Me
because I abide faithful and dont let them down.
Many unloved believers quit church to try to save whats left of their
faith in Me, because church people are so unfriendly, uncaring, and
unapproachable when storms hit their lives.


Some believers get far more fellowship and love from their pet dog or
cat than they do from other Christians. What lovely pet animal will
reward your tender care with a snarling rebuke for imaginary SIN IN

What faithful dog will gossip about you and criticize the way you look
or the way you speak? When was the last time your adorable dog
scratched you off its list because its not cool to hang out with you
anymore? No cat ever scratched its owner worse than some Christians
scratch at each other! No pet bird ever pecked at its owner worse than
a Christian pecks away at another believer who isnt exactly like
himself down to the most insignificant detail! No dog ever bit its
owner on the inside the way Christians criticize and cut each other
down, and in general, make a meal out of each other (Gal.5:15).
When Elijah was alone in his own wilderness, I used RAVENS (an
unclean animal, or type of the unbeliever), not doves, to provide food
for this discouraged prophet (I Kings 17:6). I often use those outside
the church and unbelievers to minister to My forgotten-about saints
when they are in need of help of any kind. Lives have been saved and
needs met even through such faithful unbelievers, who sometimes
are far more eager to obey Me than My own children! When Jesus was

rebuking self-righteous Jews, He pointed out that Elijah was sent not
to fellow-Israelites, but to a Gentile woman (Luke 4:25; I Kings 17:816). Elijah was sustained by a woman outside his own faith (verse 9).
Why didnt I just let some fellow Israelite take care of Elijah?
(Rom.10:19) . This heathen Gentile widow woman manifested far
more faith in the God of Israel than all the backslidden Israelites put
together when she FED ELIJAH FIRST before baking the last of her
meal for herself and her son. As a result of her FAITH IN ACTION, I
performed a miracle to keep all three of them fed and alive until the
famine finally ended. BTW, this Biblical story has been twisted and
misapplied to prywhat elseMONEY! out of poor, struggling, starving
churchgoers by making them far too ashamed to withhold their bread
money from the greedy preacher, so they too drop out of the dead
church just to survive.
After years of being cold-shouldered in church, many Christians will
join secular clubs, take yoga classes, even go out to bars to talk to
people. Where there is no healing, care or concern in the church, a
sick Christian who cant put up with their pain anymore will resort to
unscriptural methods to heal their body or soul. It isnt that they dont
love Me anymore, its that theyve stopped trying to draw water from a
dry, polluted, lifeless well. They know that the Great Apostasy has
taken over the cold, dead church and there is no longer any balm in
Gilead (Jer.8:22). In order to survive spiritually, these neglected
believers have had to say Enough is enough. I get the message. I
dont stay where Im not needed or wanted. Ill look elsewhere for
Me, Myself, and I, we three, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, have had
to take up the slack and care for isolated believers who are forgotten
about by babyish Christians who refuse to grow up and love other
believers who arent mirror images of themselves. I, the Head of the
Church, have, in these recent years, had to do virtually ALL the caring
and sharing which ought to have been done by believers who once fell
in love with Me and then decided not to share My love with their own
brothers and sisters. When that brother or sister kept coming back to
church week after week, month after month, year after lonely year,
hoping theyd finally be able to break the ice and get someone to
chat with them or sit next to them in church and it never did happen,
patience finally had to come to an end because life is way too short to

beat a dead horse. Know what? It wasnt just THEIR patience which
finally ended when they quit going to church (an icy tomb), it was
MY patience that finally ended when their foot walked out the church
door for the very last time.
After all the hoopla and emotional lovefest of the 70s Jesus
Revolution, all the dancing and rejoicing, prayers and prophecies,
conventions, singing, heavenly praise and anointings, all that glory
finally fizzled out as day-to-day life set in and eroded away the shine
from the bright penny of Christian joy. Saints who used to be alive in
My love and who couldnt wait to embrace the soul of other saints,
they got caught in the daily grind of making a living and CONFORMING
TO the expectations of spouses, close friends and others who wanted
them to tone it down and act more mature. So I cried the day the
love died. I saw which way the wind was blowing, and it sure wasnt
the Wind of My Spirit.
Speaking of spouses, many carry the submission-to-authority doctrine
to such extremes that one marriage partner (usually the wife,
sometimes the husband) will stifle the love of Christ within out of fear
of offending their loved one. So theyll have a ready-made excuse to
turn a blind eye to the needs of others Some saints who used to be
full to bursting with the love of Jesus and let it shine forth in glory, will
be FORBIDDEN by their spouse to befriend the friendless anymore on
grounds that they should grow up and stand on their own two feet,
or the greatest copout of all: Let the LORD take care of them so those
people will learn to trust ONLY in Him, and develop their faith.
In some cases, a hard-hearted, control-freak husband wants his wife
ALL TO HIMSELF, and so long as she cooks and cleans FOR HIM
ALONE, dolls herself up and keeps him excited, thats all the ministry
he permits her to do. A lot of selfish husbands want ALL their wifes
time and attention strictly for themselves. So the talents and abilities
and gifts within the wife are not actively encouraged to flourish outside
the home to bless others.
In I Samuel 25 Abigail didnt just shut up and submit when David
needed food for himself and his hungry men so much he was almost
ready to kill to get it after being insulted by her mean husband. It was
a life-and-death emergency situation, so Abigail had to go behind her
husbands back to give food aid to hungry, homeless David and his
men. Preserving life must always take priority over blind obedience to
an uncharitable, domineering mate who tries to usurp Christs own
place of authority.

On Internet blogs countless Christians lament the fact theyve gone to

X number of churches for X number of years and still feel frozen out,
even after years of pitching in with church chores and volunteering for
every job under the sun. No, they didnt forget their deodorant. They
didnt forget to brush their hair or neatly groom themselves. They
didnt leave their pleasant smile at home. THEY JUST DONT FIT IN
THE BIG BEG-A CHURCH MEGA-MACHINE! So much of the time, such
believers are told to continue to put up with that negative treatment
till the cows come home. They are told to love their sarcastic, coldhearted brethren just as they are and expect absolutely nothing from
them, despite the fact Paul repeatedly taught that Christians have
need of each other the same way the members of your physical body
need one another to survive. Snubbed Christians are sweetly advised
to just keep on loving and praying for them, BUT DONT QUIT GOING
Bible, youll find out that My own patience with the ungrateful,
idolatrous Nation of Israel wore out time and again. Do I expect
infinite patience from you when there are boundaries to My own
patience with a bad situation?
Dont waste your time complaining to those frozen icebergs who make
sure you sit alone at every church potluck. Their ears are heavy so
that they cannot hear, and their eyes are WILLFULLY blind so that they
will not see.
Matt.15:14: LET THEM ALONE: they be blind leaders of the blind. And
if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.
DELIBERATE ostracism (shunning) is a PUNISHMENT tactic reserved
ONLY for those guilty of serious, scandalous sin (see I Cor.5). Ive seen
people shunned and isolated for such petty issues as: Voting Democrat
instead of Republican; Refusing to spank a tiny child for accidentally
spilling milk at a church potluck; Disciplining children some way OTHER
than spanking, although spanking is commanded ONLY in Proverbs, a
book written under Law, not Grace, and is NEVER ONCE mentoned in
Christs gospels or by any apostle in the epistles to the churches.
Other infractions people get shunned for: Wearing a beard and
mustache; Wearing a tattoo and refusing to have it removed; parents
letting their sons hair grow over his ears instead of forcing him to get
a crewcut; Wearing a long dress instead of a street-length skirt that
slides up over the knees and has to be jerked down repeatedly, for the

edification of conservative brethren in the Lord; Wearing loud

colors instead of soft tones; Wearing a black leather jacket instead of
a suit and tie; Being anti-war; Refusing to join the Ladies Diet-forJesus Club; Being a welfare recipient; Being a non-tither because you
sincerely dont believe its applicable to the church under grace; Being
divorced through no fault of your own; Being an unmarried parent,
even though youve repented of all known sin; Getting caught with a
wine cooler, even though Jesus turned water into wine, not Welchs
Grape Juice; Sleeping later than 8 a.m., even if youre a night shift
worker; Having your personal Quiet Time at Six p.m. instead of Six
a.m. Refusing to join in the Big Church Fast because you just found out
its an Old Testament Jewish custom NOWHERE commanded as a
binding religious observance even under the Law of Moses, except for
their Day of Atonement.

Other shunnable high crimes and misdemeanors: Reading some Bible

version other than KJV, because everyone knows Christ and His
apostles spoke ONLY in Shakespearean English; Playing hillbilly fiddle
music or easy listening instead of listening ONLY to Bach and
Beethoven; Refusing to join the 24-hour Prayer Chain because youve
got three children under five and need all the rest you can get;
Disagreeing with the notion that Biblical Submission is the same as
unquestioning, slavish obedience to men in authority who impose
thousands of extra laws on you, while still insisting Christ freed you
from the Law and youre under grace.

I have seen the frustrated tears of people who feel left out and
irrelevant in their congregations. I, Who judge righteously, will see to
it that those who DELIBERATELY participated in the shunning of
innocent Christians will get the same silent treatment back. I will
leave them lonely and desolate, unloved and forgotten about. No one
will contact them to see how they are. They will sit in their houses all
by themselves, for even their children will forsake their PHONY faith
once theyve grown up and can decide for themselves. What you sow,
you reap (Gal.6:7). I am a fair Paymaster. Whoever robs one of My
righteous children of their good reputation by exposing that one to
shame and rejection through refusing to associate with them, Ill see
to it that the hypocrites who do it are treated the same way to test
them to see if THEY could bear it more graciously for days, weeks,
months, years, and decades (Isa.5:23).
You acquire the flavor of whatever you marinate your life in. If those
sourpusses are making you act (or feel) sour towards Me, GET OUT
AND STAY OUT! Your spiritual survival depends on it! You cant
minister effectively to others (or to Me) unless you put a high premium
on preserving your own inner peace. The Life of the REAL Jesus is
definitely NOT found in such an icebox church!

Even the most devoted Christian husband or wife would get fed up
with the silent treatment after X number of years.
Such an
emotionally abused mate would walk out that door, at least for a time,

to keep their sanity and access the situation from a distance instead of
staying in the middle of the mess where they cant think clearly what
they should do.
Why do so many grow cold toward Me and toward their own brethren
for whom I died? Instead of remaining sensitive to the sweet spirit of
the love of Christ within, Christians who once brimmed over with My
joy in their youth began to focus on prosperity as they established
homes of their own and sought ways to finance their family life. They
turned church into a big social club with EXCLUSIVE just-like-me
cliques. And in the process, the REAL Jesus of the Bible got frozen
dead and dried up from the roots and fit only for the fire. I no longer
demand that Christians show up at meetings to let their light shine
before those eager to snuff it out. Far better to be alone with Me in
the wilderness than to go somewhere to take a spiritual whipping that
I must spend time healing you from.
Im fed up with the pride, arrogance, deadness and snobbery in those
religious cans called churches. Let every single saint who feels lonely
and outcast or forgotten about remain true to Me, and remember
every loving thing I ever did to care for them and sustain them in this
worlds wilderness. Let them rest confident that I Myself will supply
ALL their needs, even the need for basic fellowship. EVEN IF I MUST
DO IT ALL ALONE (Rev. 3:20). We three: Me, Myself and I. When
satan needles you for being alone, say Jesus and me, we make a
MAJORITY, and NOBODY can take that from me. So take that, devil!
For the most part, Christians no longer take seriously the need to pray
one for another (James 5:16). Instead, its PULL YOURSELF UP BY
YOUR OWN BOOTSTRAPS. I never did teach such a demonic doctrine
in either testament. Even valiant David had mighty men who watched
his back as he fought (2 Sam.21:15-17). David, so renowned for his
many victories over the enemy, grew so faint in one battle he almost
got killed. But a comrade-in-arms saved him. David, the great warriorking whod killed the giant Goliath, was even told to let others take
over more of the fighting. David was NOT told that since hed grown
more mature and was a big boy now, he ought to be able to stand all
alone and whip the enemy all by himself. Yet this is what countless
Christians tell one another: Grow up and stand on your own two feet!

Thats what Christians who request a little prayer support are often
told. They dont (allegedly) even need to be prayed for anymore like a
new believer does. All they need to do is rant and rave Christian
catchphrases at satan and hell run like a scared rat and never bother
them ever again.
But even the great apostle Paul repeatedly
requested other Christians prayers (I Thes. 5: 25; Col.4:3; Eph.6:19).
Paul even said that something hed planned to do depended on the
prayers of others (Philemon 22). Paul planned to go someplace to
bless others but satan hindered him (I Thes.2:18). Usually, it isnt
satan (directly) hindering believers from loving one another these
days. Its plain old human cussedness, prejudice, class divisions and
other carnal criteria. Christians dont care one bit that I paid a terrible
price to redeem that individual whos being frozen out of the

Peter, leader of the first-century church, was delivered by the prayers

of the saints (Acts 12:5). Prayer was made WITHOUT CEASING by the
church of God for him. I heard their prayers and gave Peter a mighty
miracle of deliverance from satanic bondage even when some didnt
seriously expect literal answers to those prayers (verse 15). Unlike
typical modern Christians, those people didnt glance at their watch
and say, well, weve stormed the gates of hell for thirty minutes, now
its time to break for lunch. Now its all up to Peter.
Peters ordeal, the rest of the church SUPPORTED him!

Heb.13:3: Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them;

AND THEM WHICH SUFFER ADVERSITY, as being yourselves also in the
But todays church is a sink-or-swim social club, not a body of many
members who have tender care one for another, as I commanded.
Rejoice, and others will be jealous of whatever blessing youre
rejoicing about. Cry, and you cry alone. I see a lot of elderly and
middle-aged believers running around in spiritual diapers, unwilling to
grow to the fullness of the stature of Christ in this area of Christian
compassion and love. Its just not the cool thing to do. Its heavenly,
not worldly.

I have reached the point where I have given up on Christians needing

to depend on one another. You can do your part, and you must. But
you cant do someone elses part. Even if a building is packed with
5,000 people, it doesnt automatically spell fellowship. I say this with
regret and heavy-heartedness, because it is not My first choice on how
to get things done. But let every lonely, outcast soul who needs
prayer support and cant find it among living believers ask Me to
appoint prayer warriors in heaven to offer up prayers on their behalf.
Departed saints are just as much a part of the Body of Christ as living
saints are. They have lost their corrupt sin nature, their carnal imageconsciousness, their vanity and their pride. They have entered into

the Presence of the God of heaven, and upon them His glory shines
continually. They are constantly immersed in love, peace and joy in
the Holy Ghost. There isnt a single speck of meanness in any
heavenly saint. You are not to offer up prayers to them or seek their
counsel. But just knowing I have appointed believers in heaven to
pray for you should offer some comfort to you in your journey down
Most importantly, you must never forget that One Who
intercedes for you to give you victory over the devil, the accuser of the
brethren (Heb.7:25).
Remember how I had to divorce Israel for her treachery and
unfaithfulness, idolatry and lack of love and repentance (Jer.3:8).
Some Christians turn their back on ME when they quit church and look
for fellowship elsewhere. But thats all wrong. IM not the one whos
treated you shabbily, whispered about you behind your back, and
made sure you had a whole pew to yourself in a packed church
service after service after service. Dont hang around that negativity
any longer. Beyond a certain point your patience will NEVER, EVER
soften the calloused hearts who have singled you out for abuse. I give
people space to repent (Rev.2:21). But that length of time is not
endless. Even I finally run out of patience and write certain souls off as
hopeless once their hearts have hardened in sin and stubbornness like
concrete. There are boundaries to My patience with the bad treatment
youve been getting in church. You are one spirit with Me (I Cor.6:17).
I never stay where Im not wanted, and neither should you. I see the
hardheartedness of church cliques. Such people RESENT the fact that
it is Jesus Christ Who sets people in His Body, not them. You could go
to hell for all they care!
Despite the fact I do NOT expect My people to be far more patient and
loving than I am, people who have suffered isolation and rejection in
various assemblies for decades draw fire from holier-than-thou judges
once they finally wake up to REALITY and leave for the very last time.
When that happens, its their tithes and offerings and free work that
is missed, not them! Theyre rebuked for being super-sensitive,
touchy, judgmental, unloving, self-centered, unforgiving, and
bitter (a very popular buzzword among Christian control freaks these
days). Such comments usually spew out of the mouths of Christians
who have an army of adoring friends (and keep them, so long as they
stay prosperous enough to associate with). For the most part, theres
never even ONE word of rebuke for Christians who abuse. The entire
burden of having to show Christian love by continuing to put up with
bad treatment ALWAYS falls on the victim.

You can scrub every toilet on the premises, donate delicious baked
goods to bake sales and volunteer for nursery duty till the cows come
home and
youll still be snubbed. Face it.
AND PUT IN PRACTICE. You can spend every waking hour for the rest
of your life going to meetings without encountering Christ, because
people dont want the REAL Jesus there, only some canned religious
Christ theyve cooked up in the darkness of their own bigoted souls.
That church where youve gone for fifty years and are still being
ignored and unloved isnt building you up in My love (Eph.4:16). Its
tearing you down emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Its not a
fountain of refreshing. Its a drain of defeat. You find yourself having
to make excuses for other Christians to unbelieving (or barely
believing) relatives and other people who innocently ask you if you
ever visit with any of the church Christians outside church. It makes
you feel bad to think about their coldness and deadness whenever you
try to convince unbelievers that Christ makes people come alive for the
first time in their lives. But there comes a point where you realize
youre beating a dead horse. The Inner Circle elite who control the
cliques want no part of the precious outflow of the life of Christ in you.
So youre wasting our precious time in a whitewashed tomb full of
dead mens bones (Matt.23:27). DONT MAKE THEIR PROBLEM YOUR
Dont give those swellheads the satisfaction of seeing you suffer in
THEIR religious club another moment. STAY HOME and CALMLY seek
My face about what step(s) to take next. GO NOWHERE ELSE UNLESS
AND UNTIL I LEAD YOU TO DO SO! Some people try on churches like
a pair of shoes, and they end up with spiritual corns and calluses.

The moment of truth comes when you finally realize Now is the time
when endless forbearance with frostiness must end. MY patience
within you has run out, not just your own. Even if youre already in
church and you suddenly realize that forty years of patience is long
enough as you listen to yet another hypocrite pray yet another phony,
INSINCERE public prayer about reaching out to lost souls with the love
of Jesus, dont wait a minute longer. Make a stand right then and
there. With every head bowed and every eye closed, STAND UP! Then
throw your hymnbook on your lonely pew seat, square your shoulders
like a dignified child of God and JUST WALK OUT! Thats the equivalent
of dusting their dirt from off the bottom of your sandals. Dont bring
that negativity you picked up there back into your own home, because
I would have it to remain a sanctuary of My peace (I Cor.7:15).
Even if youve had (at least for a while) to wash your hands of cold,
dead, uncaring believers, dont ever forget Me, or lose your love for
Me. Love those misguided souls and pray for them, even if there is
now a temporary distance between you, and never forget that you
ALWAYS AND FOREVERMORE have a Friend Who sticks closer than a
brother (Prov.18:24). Always remember you have a Good Shepherd
Who holds you close to His heart while others frolic and play and forget
their duties to their own Redeemer Who paid such a terrible price to
show His love toward them.

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