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Policies and Procedures Manual

RE/MAX, Whatcom County, Inc.

We at RE/MAX, Whatcom County, Inc. (RE/MAX) believe knowledgeable brokers sharing and
working together is paramount to a successful, high producing sales team. We accept only those brokers
that fit these parameters. This blend of people guarantees the maximum benefits to all brokers.
We believe in and support the mobile broker. Technology has become increasingly important in the
real estate business and we strive to provide the very best communication and Internet marketing tools for
our brokers. This not only increases broker productivity but demonstrates to clients our leadership in the
fast-changing real estate marketplace.

Qualities we expect in our brokers:

Full-time, productive, experienced real estate professionals..

Dedicated to continuing education in the real estate field.
Consistent top sales production.
Experts in marketing.


Office Hours. Office hours are generally Monday-Friday 9:00-5:30. Some offices may be open
Saturday or Sunday. Changes in office hours may be made from time to time, or as needed at a specific
location. We are closed on the following recognized holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day,
Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas.
Support Staff. We recognize quality managing broker and well trained support staff increase a brokers
production and income. We provide efficient, quality support. Support personnel are an integral part of
our business and their help is invaluable. We ask that brokers always treat them as you would expect to
be treated yourself. In the event you do have a problem with a member of the support staff, relate it to the
Managing Broker, Chief Operating Officer or Designated Broker, not the individual staff member.
Chief Operating Officer (COO). The COO oversees the overall operation of the offices including
systems, processes, accounting, and staffing. The COO manages all the broker and managing broker
contracts with RE/MAX.
Designated Broker. The designated broker oversees the managing brokers and is responsible for all
client contracts executed with RE/MAX and all legal issues not resolved by a managing broker.
Branch Brokers. Each branch office has a managing broker that is designated the branch broker. The
branch broker is responsible for the activities and paperwork of all brokers in the branch office.
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Accountant. The office Accountant handles invoicing, accounts payable, accounts receivable,
processing and payment of commission, processing of statistical information, assists in answering phones,
and performs other duties as required.
Office Administrator/ Receptionist. It is the Office Administrator/ Receptionists responsibility to
answer phones, greet clients, maintain listing and sale files, inventory forms and supplies, monitor office
cleanliness, process incoming and outgoing mail, and perform other duties as required.
Handling of Calls. It is imperative that the phones are answered in a professional manner. To this end,
we have engaged state-of-the-art phone equipment, which allows phone operation to expand concurrent
with growth. Phone calls are handled internally during office hours and by voice mail all other times.
Please keep the staff informed by utilizing the Sign In/Out system located at the front desk. Please let
staff know how you would like calls handled while you are away from the office (voice mail, home,
pager, or mobile phone), and an approximate time of return. Keeping the staff informed of how you
would like your calls handled will assist in dealing professionally with your clients and customers.
Business / Sales Meetings. Business meetings are usually held. While these meetings are optional,
attendance is encouraged. Meetings are kept short and designed to provide important information to help
brokers grow their business.
Office Keys. Each Associate will be issued an office key(s) and is responsible for them. If keys are lost,
replacement and re-keying of locks will be at the associates expense.
Office Attire and Office Appearance. Please assist in maintaining a professional atmosphere in this
office. We request that when brokers are in the office you brokers dress in a manner conducive to meeting
the public and presenting a professional image.
Brokers are encouraged to hang plaques, pictures, awards--anything to make you feel more comfortable
in your surroundings. However, we request that you do not hang any unframed posters, or tack up
calendars, announcements, or other items which would detract from a professional image.
Kitchen facilities are provided for the general use of all brokers and staff members. To keep the area neat,
please place cups, dishes, and utensils in the dishwasher after use. The refrigerator is also for general use
and brokers are responsible for any food or beverages placed in the refrigerator.
Closing the Office. If you are the last to leave, please check to be sure lights are turned out, coffee pots
turned off, copy machine and workroom computers turned off, and all common area lights (including
conference rooms) turned off, all doors locked and alarm activated if applicable. If you are alone in the
office after hours, keep doors locked for your safety.
Equipment. Brokers are welcome to use any of the common area computers, copiers and other
equipment at any time. Copy machines are available for the general use of all brokers. Brokers are
issued a code for use of the copy machine. Individual photocopies are treated as a personal expense and
are billed monthly.
Postage meters are provided in some offices. Any postage placed on brokers mail will be billed to their
brokers monthly office bill.

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If you are planning a large mailing, you may want to obtain a bulk mailing permit number. Broker is
responsible for completing postal forms and submitting the mailing to the post office with a check for the
correct amount.
Office Supplies. Brokers are responsible for all supplies for personal use. Brokers must have prior
permission to charge office supplies to the office. Any authorized charges for office supplies will be
billed to the broker under personal expenses on the next monthly office bill.
The Branch Coordinator is responsible for ordering general office supplies. If you notice the office
running low on any supplies please advise the Branch Coordinator.
Non Smoking Offices. Smoking is only permitted outside but not around the front entrance. Smokers
are asked to properly dispose of smoking materials.
Vacations. Before leaving on vacation, broker should complete an Broker Absent Form. Broker should
also make arrangements for a fellow broker to handle calls and serve brokers customers/clients. The
form alerts staff on how to handle your calls and which broker, if any will be covering in your absence.

Monthly Statements. Office bills showing all amount owing by broker will be provided on or around the
25th of each month and are due and payable upon receipt. If payment is not received on or before the 5 th,
and previous arrangements have not been made, then broker is assessed late payment charges as provided
in brokers Independent Contractor Agreement..
Personal Expenses. Personal expenses are charges for items and services used by the individual
Associate. Some examples of personal expenses are: postage, long-distance telephone charges and
photocopies. Any expense, which is self-generated, is a personal expense and will also appear on
brokers monthly statement.
MLS and Realtor Dues. Broker must be a member of the Board of Realtors. Realtor dues are payable in
January and are billed directly by Realtors to broker.
License Renewal. Washington Real Estate Licenses are renewable every 2 years. Brokers are billed
directly by the Department of Licensing and broker responsible for payment. Broker cannot perform
licensed activity if the license has not been renewed.


Advertising. Brokers advertising costs are the responsibility and expense of the broker. In the interest
of the RE/MAX image, all materials and statements, which are meant for public consumption should
RE/MAX, Whatcom County, Inc. Policy and Procedures Manual. Update 6.10.2011 All rights reserved
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conform to RE/MAX quality standards as outlined in the RE/MAX Trademark and Graphic Standards
manual. Display advertising must include the name of the company as licensed, the equal housing
opportunity symbol and the phrase Each office independently owned and operated.
Real Estate License Law requires advertizing to be as follows:
Advertising must use color, contrast, size, or audibility to ensure the firms name is readily noticeable and
understood. The recipient of the advertising must be able to clearly distinguish the licensed firm name
from the name of the individual, team, or brand.

Leads go to the Listing Broker. All leads generated by brokers marketing, including sign calls,
Internet and other advertising go to that broker.
Broker to Broker Referrals. All referral agreements should be established in advance, in writing and be
signed by the brokers and an authorized signatory of the offices as technically the referral agreements are
between the companies. Referral fees are negotiable. The typical fee among RE/MAX brokers is about
25%. Broker is responsible for tracking and ensuring any referral fees due broker are received by
RE/MAX. On all referrals its good to establish a follow-up schedule.
To send an outgoing referral, complete and send a RE/MAX Referral Form using Web Roster to the
receiving broker. Brokers receive referrals in the same manner. When a referral comes into the office not
to a specific broker, the referral is distributed based on the needs of the client. The office will make an
effort to see that referral leads are distributed equitably to all brokers who wish to receive them.
All referral fees should be paid at closing through escrow. Make sure to note any referral commission(s)
on the Transaction Cover Sheet and on the MLS Form provided for commission disbursement purposes.
Information should include the amount of the referral commission, the name and address of the
participating broker and Brokers company.
Floor Calls and Walk-Ins Leads. During regular office hours, a receptionist will be responsible for
answering the phone and directing the calls to the appropriate broker. During any other time, the office
will be on the night voicemail.
This Firm utilizes a rotating floor schedule so that each person who so desires has the opportunity for
floor time for periods of a day. Floor time is not required. If you agree that you want floor time, every
effort should be made to meet the scheduled time. Associates must be in the office to take their scheduled
floor duty. If Associates are not going to be able to make their assigned floor duty it is their responsibility
to find another agent to cover it. Please inform the front desk of the alternates name. If you are unable to
find an alternate, let the front desk know as soon as possible so they may try to find one for you.
New agents in the intern program are required to wait 60 days from their start date before they will be
allowed to sign up for floor duty. This 60 day waiting period will allow new Broker Associates to
familiarize themselves with our Firm policies and procedures. Floor duty is a privilege! If a Broker
Associate takes floor duty they must take the good with the bad. So renter calls, agents calling for
directions or assistance or taking a call for someone else in the office must be included in the type of calls
you receive.
Handling Internet Leads. The office receives Internet leads. Upon receiving the lead, if we determine
the request was generated by a particular brokers listing we will forward the request to that broker.
However, many requests come in with references to multiple listings within our office and often
references to listings of other brokers. In this case, the lead will go to the next broker in the rotation.
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Its important to respond to these leads promptly because potential clients often send e-mail requests to
multiple brokers. The broker who responds most quickly usually captures the prospect. Only brokers
committed to following up on Internet leads should be in rotation to receive them. Brokers will
automatically be placed in the rotation unless the broker notifies staff they do not wish to receive Internet
leads. If contact is not made timely then RE/MAX reserves the right to re-assign the lead.
Paperless Office Files. RE/MAX maintains electronic transaction files using Paperless Pipeline. All
contract documents are required to be uploaded to Paperless Pipeline within the Washington Department
of Licensing statutory window for turning in mutually accepted contracts. These includes, but is not
limited to; buyer broker agreements, option to purchase agreements, lease agreements, listing agreements,
and purchase and sale agreements. All relevant documents including broker notes and correspondence
should be uploaded so contract files are complete. This is essential, especially in the event of any legal
action, audit by the Department of Licensing or future requests from clients for documents related to their
transactions. It also means brokers no longer need to keep a working file because all documents are
accessible via the Internet.
Listings. Brokers are responsible for preparing an accurate and factual listing agreement. Brokers should
include in the listing agreement only information that is known to be true. Be factual and limit opinions.
The office should be notified immediately when you acquire a new listing. If there is a sign on the
property and the listing agreement is signed after office hours, the office should be notified and receive
the listing paperwork the next day.
The Sales Associate has the responsibility of getting the listing paperwork with a completed Transaction
Form to staff timely. New listings are to be turned into the New Listings and Sales tray; see staff for
To avoid MLS penalties, listings must be entered into MLS by the end of the next business day following
the date the listing was taken. Please be sure to fill in all blanks and provide phone numbers, directions,
instructions for photos and any special instructions. If staff inputs the listing data into the MLS database,
the broker is still responsible for proofreading the listing information for completeness and accuracy.
Keys to Listings. Any keys for properties are the responsibility of the listing broker. If broker needs to
check out the key to anyone, leave it in an envelope at the front desk with his or her name on it. Never
put the address of the property or the owners name on the key tag. In the event a key is lost, it is the
brokers responsibility to immediately notify the owner and if necessary, re-key the property brokers
expense. Keys are a personal expense of the Associate.
Purchase and Sale Agreements. When a contract is firm, broker must complete and attach a
Transaction Cover Sheet and submit the paperwork to Paperless Pipeline. If there is earnest money, it is
the brokers responsibility to assure timely deposit of the funds and provide a receipt for the office file.
If a referral is involved, the Referral section of the Transaction Cover Sheet must be completed and the
referral should be reflected on the NWMLS Form 40 and include a complete broker name, office name
and address of the party receiving the referral. All referral fees to other brokers must be paid from
All office contract files have a closing checklist assigned in Paperless Pipeline. It is the obligation of the
broker to see that all appropriate documentation is provided for the office file. If a broker feels that a
specific item should not be required, it will be up to the brokers branch manager as to whether to waive
RE/MAX, Whatcom County, Inc. Policy and Procedures Manual. Update 6.10.2011 All rights reserved
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the required document. Commissions are processed only after the office file is deemed complete by
brokers branch manager, managing broker or the designated broker.
If a transaction is terminated or rescinded, it is the Sales Associates responsibility to submit the notice or
signed rescission agreement to the office and to escrow so escrow can process the proper disbursement of
the earnest money. If there is a disputed regarding earnest money, broker should consult with the branch
manager, or designated broker on how to proceed. Housing Act prohibits discrimination in housing
because of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familiar status, and handicap (disability). All display
ads, including flyers, must have the Equal Housing Opportunity logo, and The Company logo.
Commissions. Commissions are processed as soon as practical (usually within 1 day) following the
receipt of the funds by the RE/MAX accounting department, the final HUD closing statement and all
other required documentation necessary to consider the file complete. Commission will be less all
deductions pursuant to brokers Independent Contractor Agreement. Please be patient at the end of the
month as volume is large, the Office Administrator will process the closings as they come in and will try
to get your commission check to you as soon as possible .
If brokers agree to take their commissions in something other than cash, broker may jeopardize a cooperating companys commission. Brokers cannot negotiate away a cooperating brokers commission.
The cooperating firm must agree in writing to any reduction in the commission offered as the Selling
Office Commission (SOC) in the MLS unless an MLS rule specifies otherwise.
At no time is a broker permitted to pay a commission directly to another broker. All commissions earned
must go through the RE/MAX account. Any deviation from this procedure is a violation of Washington
State real estate licensing law.
Anti-trust Compliance.
1. The commission rates of our firm are based upon the cost of the services we provide, the value of these
services to our clients and competitive market conditions. Our commission rates are not determined by
agreement with, or recommendation or suggestion from, any person not a party to a listing agreement
with our firm.
2. Salespersons affiliated with this firm shall not participate in any discussion with any person affiliated
with or employed by any other real estate firm concerning the commission rates charged by this firm, or
any other real estate firm in our community.
3. When soliciting a listing, or negotiating a listing agreement, no salesperson affiliated with this firm
shall make any reference to a prevailing commission level in the community, the going rate, or any
other words or phrases that suggest that commission rates are uniform or standard within our marketing
4. The amount of cooperative compensation, or selling office commission (SOC), offered by this firm
to cooperating brokers is determined by the level of service we can expect a cooperating office to
perform, and the amount of compensation necessary to induce or compel any other real estate firm in our
marketing area to raise or lower the commission they charge to their client. The SOC shall be identified
on all listing contracts prior to execution by Seller.
5. When soliciting or negotiating a listing agreement, no salesperson, affiliated with this office shall
disparage the business practices of any other real estate firm, nor suggest that this office, or any other
RE/MAX, Whatcom County, Inc. Policy and Procedures Manual. Update 6.10.2011 All rights reserved
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office, will not cooperate with any other real estate firm. Listing presentations shall focus exclusively
upon the level of service and professionalism provided by this office, the results we have achieved for
other clients, and the value the client can expect to receive for the fees we charge. Potential clients should
be invited, and encouraged, to compare the value of our services to those of any other real estate firm in
our marketing area. Likewise, any salesperson that is invited by a potential client to compare our services
with those of any other real estate firm should do so by emphasizing the nature and quality of the services
we provide.
6. Whenever a salesperson is unsure about the proper way to respond to the concerns of an actual or
potential client or customer, or whenever a salesperson has been present during an unauthorized
discussion of fees or commission, he should contact the broker of management immediately. If necessary,
management will consult the firms attorney.
Home inspector referrals. Each licensed designated broker will establish a written office policy that
includes a procedure for referring home inspectors to buyers or sellers. The policy will address the
consumers right to freely pick a home inspector of the buyers or sellers choice and prevent any
collusion between the home inspector and a real estate licensee.
If a licensee refers a home inspector to a buyer or seller with whom they have or have had a relationship
including, but not limited to, a business or familial relationship, then full disclosure of the relations must
be provided in writing prior to the buyer or seller using the services of the home inspector.
The term "familial" means a family relationship. If agent is related to the inspector in any way, that
relationship must be disclosed.
The term "business relationship" means that agent has done business with the inspector previously, even
if unrelated to inspection services. For example, agent may have hired inspector to perform an inspection
for agent, agent may have sold property to or for the inspector or agent and inspector may have had
some other, unrelated, business dealings between them. The mere fact that agent has referred the
inspector to others in the past, or has included the inspector on a list of recommended inspectors, does
not constitute a "business relationship" requiring disclosure.
Below are the policies of RE/MAX Whatcom County, Inc.:
Always provide to the client the The Law Of Real Estate Agency Pamphlet
If residential structure was built prior to 1978 or the year built is unknown, agent must provide to the
client the Lead Base Paint disclosure booklet, Protect your family from lead in your home.
Include the Inspection Addendum form (35) from NWMLS
IF recommending home inspectors to your buyer, it is our policy to recommend a minimum of (3) three
Licensed Home Inspectors to each and every buyer.

RE/MAX, Whatcom County, Inc. Policy and Procedures Manual. Update 6.10.2011 All rights reserved
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The Buyer should ALWAYS order the home inspection, verifying the Home Inspector fits their
parameters. It is Washington State Law that the buyer be able to choose their own inspector freely.
The Agent must disclose in writing to buyers any business or familial (see above definition relationship
that the agent has had with the Home Inspector.
Regulation Z. All Associates shall comply with Regulation Z when advertising specific financing
options. When advertising down payment, interest rate, loan term, or monthly payment, the ad must
contain the total down payment, annual percentage rate, numbers years in the loan, and what the monthly
payment includes (PITI, PIT, PI, I only).
Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA). All Associates shall comply with RESPA guidelines.
When doing joint advertising with an affiliate, the Associate and the affiliate shall have a written
agreement between themselves stating that payment of all advertising will be proportionate with the
advertising space taken by each party.
Telemarketing. No telemarketing calls are to be made to residential homes before 8:00am or after 9:00
pm. Callers must provide their name and state they are with RE/MAX , Whatcom County, Inc. Any
person requesting that RE/MAX , Whatcom County, Inc. not call their residence again must be
submitted to the Broker so their name can be added to our Do not call list. Before telemarketing, you
must first review the Do not call list to be certain you do not call persons wishing to not be called. No
calls can be made to residences using automatic telephone dialing systems, artificial devices or prerecorded voices.
Signage. All yard signs, open house signs, directional markers and riders, and non-traditional signs will
be at the Associates sole expense and prominently display The Company name and logo.
No property management is permitted, except management of the broker associates property that is
personally owned by them.
Be sure to include a statement in your leases of your personally owned properties that the, Property is
personally owned by _________________ (agents name) and is not part of __________________
(agents name) real estate business with RE/MAX Whatcom County, Inc.


This policy applies to use of RE/MAX computer systems and network facilities, including without
limitation, RE/MAX computer hardware, operating systems, data and application software and other
systems which may be accessed such as Local Area Networks (LANS), the Internet, E-mail, and on-line
information services, collectively referred to as the RE/MAX Computer Facilities (RCF).
Each employee or broker with access to the RCF may have access to assist with their job related
performance. Access to the RCF imposes certain responsibilities and is granted subject to compliance
with all RE/MAX policies and any applicable laws and regulations. Acceptable use of the RCF must be
RE/MAX, Whatcom County, Inc. Policy and Procedures Manual. Update 6.10.2011 All rights reserved
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ethical and honest, with due respect for intellectual property rights, systems security, and personal
privacy, and must be free of intimidation, harassment, or unwanted annoyance.

Proper Use of the RE/MAX Computer Facilities. The following policies apply to use of the RCF:

Access to the RCF is provided for bona fide real estate related business purposes. While personal
use of the RCF is not completely prohibited, such use should be limited so computer and network
resources are available to those requiring them for business purposes and to avoid distractions or
disruption of normal work activities. By using the RCF for personal purposes, users are waiving
any claims of privacy. Personal messages, documents or other information will be treated no
differently from work-related messages, documents or information.

Users must comply with all RE/MAX security access procedures, including use of assigned user
IDs and properly licensed software. A User ID may not be shared or used by anyone other than
by the person to whom it was assigned. Users may not retrieve or review any information
transmitted or stored in the RCF when the user has no business purpose for having access to such
communications or information.

Viewing, accessing, printing, displaying, uploading, downloading, storing, creating, transmitting

or otherwise manipulating information that is offensive, defamatory, harassing, pornographic,
sexually explicit or otherwise inconsistent with RE/MAX's policies is prohibited. This
prohibition includes but is not limited to sexual, racial, derogatory or other offensive or unlawful
remarks, jokes, slurs and obscenities.

Use of the RCF in violation of any law or regulation is prohibited. This includes, but is not
limited to transmitting copyrighted material, threatening or obscene material, or material
protected by trade secret. All communications and information accessible via the network should
be assumed to be private property or proprietary information. All licenses and use restrictions
must be followed.

Privacy should be observed when using the RCF. Information about customers, members,
vendors, employees and others should be treated and handled appropriately, including not sharing
or "posting" such information without explicit permission.

Use for non-RE/MAX sponsored advertisement, solicitation, fund-raising, political lobbying,

gambling, pyramid schemes, chain letters, personal profit, illegal activities or for personal,
political, or religious causes is prohibited.

Use of the RCF is subject to all other RE/MAX policies.

Unauthorized attempts to access, harm or destroy (hack) the RCF is prohibited.

Any e-mail or other communications sent or received via the RCF must be appropriate for the
workplace. Users are expected to act in a responsible and professional manner. This includes,
but is not limited to the following:

Be polite. Do not communicate abusive messages or derogatory comments about coworkers, clients or competitors.

Use appropriate language. Do not swear, use vulgarities or any other inappropriate

RE/MAX, Whatcom County, Inc. Policy and Procedures Manual. Update 6.10.2011 All rights reserved
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Remember that e-mail is a relatively permanent form of communication. Do not transmit

anything in an e-mail message that you would not be comfortable writing in a letter or
memorandum. Deletion of an e-mail message does not eliminate backup copies of the
message that are automatically stored electronically.

Regardless of available encryption methods or other security, it should be assumed that the Internet, LAN
and e-mail are not adequately equipped to protect data that is considered highly sensitive, confidential, or
personal. Please see Maintaining Security of Confidential Information for additional information
regarding policies on maintaining the security of sensitive data.
If a user wishes to make hardware changes, install software or make any other changes to the RCF, the
user must get approval from RE/MAX who shall consider the following in making such a decision: (a)
use of appropriate "virus" screening, (b) proof of proper licensing if necessary for use thereof, and (c)
proper encryption and other security procedures are used to protect the overall integrity of the RCF.
RE/MAX reserves the right to access or monitor (with or without notice) any use of the RCF to resolve
network or communications problems, prevent system misuse, ensure compliance with software licensing
policies for use of third-party use, ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requests, and enforcing
RE/MAX policy. RE/MAX will never purposely disclose any data stored on the RCF to third parites
unless legally required to do so, or with permission from the owner of the data.
Violating the Policy. Any failure to adhere to the foregoing may result in disciplinary action, including
revocation of access privileges or termination.


Confidential Information as part of Transactions. The Law of Real Estate Agency defines
confidential information as information from or concerning a principal of a licensee that:
was acquired by the licensee during the course of an agency relationship with the principal;
the principal reasonably expects to be kept confidential;
the principal has not disclosed or authorized to be disclosed to third parties;
would, if disclosed, operate to the detriment of the principal; and
the principal personally would not be obligated to disclose to the other party.
Brokers shall at all times maintain the confidentiality of information as defined above.

Security of Personally Identifiable Information. It is the responsibility of each Broker to maintain

the security of all client/customer personal data hereinafter referred to as Personally Identifiable
Information (PII). PII means any combination of the client/customers name, social security number,
drivers license number, passport number or financial account, credit card or debit card numbers, which
would be sufficient to permit identity theft.
Broker will not disclose or use PII for any purpose other than that for which the PII was provided.
Broker will not allow access to any PII under Brokers control to anyone not specifically authorized to
have access to the information. Brokers who maintain PII at a home office shall be bound by all the
same security rules as if the PII was maintained in the office.
Maintaining Security of PII. All physical sources containing PII shall be secured. This includes but is
not limited to all paper documents and files, CDs, flash drives, backup tapes, and computers. All physical
RE/MAX, Whatcom County, Inc. Policy and Procedures Manual. Update 6.10.2011 All rights reserved
Page 10

sources when not in use will be stored in an office or file cabinet that is lockable and the office or file
cabinet will be kept locked at all times during non-business hours. All PII meant to be maintained in the
office will remain in and not be removed from the office.
Files containing PII should never be left unattended on any desk. All computer screens on which personal
data is displayed shall be positioned to not be viewable by anyone other than the person using the screen.
This includes placement so the screen cannot be viewable though any interior or exterior window.
Broker may not access or open any file (whether physical or electronic) containing PII maintained by any
other Broker or employee of RE/MAX without the express permission of the Broker or employee overseeing the file and only for the business purpose for which the PII is required. Broker will not discuss PII
with anyone except on a need to know basis in the normal course of business.
All computers containing PII will have access control either using a login name and password, electronic
key, finger print reader or other biometric security. Broker will not share security control with anyone
who is not an employee or Broker with RE/MAX. All computers containing PII should be turned off at
the end of the business day.
PII may never be kept on or transferred to any removable or portable hard drive, flash drive, cell phone or
any other mobile storage medium. If any laptop computer contains PII, Associate will secure the laptop at
all times. The laptop may never be left in an unattended vehicle or unsecured area where theft may occur.
This applies to both inside and outside the office.
Transmission of PII. Personally identifying information may never be faxed to a recipient not
authorized to receive it. All faxed transmissions of PII require a fax cover sheet and no PII may be
included on the cover page.
If PII is sent via email, it may never be in the body of the email but only in an attached, separate,
encrypted file and sent to only intended recipients who require the information for legitimate business
When emailing real estate purchase and sales agreements, or other real estate transaction related
documents as unsecured attachment(s), PII must never be included. This includes items such as copies of
earnest money checks. If copies of checks or other documents that contain PII must be included, and the
email is not encrypted, all identifying account information should be redacted.
PII verbally transmitted over the phone should be given only to persons specifically authorized to have
the information. Broker should never leave PII on voice mail
Contract Documents. All listing agreement files, purchase and sale agreement files and closed
transaction files contain confidential information. All Sales Associates and Staff will at all times maintain
the confidentiality of the information contained in these files.
Access to Files. All listing agreement files, purchase and sale agreement files and closed transaction files
may be accessed ONLY BY: 1) Brokers who are party to the Listing or Transaction; 2) A staff member;
or 3) the branch broker or designated broker. If a broker requires non-confidential information from a
file to which they do not have access, the broker must request the information from a broker who does
have access to the file, a staff member, or the branch broker or managing broker.

RE/MAX, Whatcom County, Inc. Policy and Procedures Manual. Update 6.10.2011 All rights reserved
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Delivery of Agreements from Co-op Brokers. When a cooperating broker delivers confidential
documents to the office, staff should place the documents in an envelope, place recipients name on the
outside and mark the envelope Confidential, then placed in the brokers in box.
Delivery of Agreements to Co-op Brokers. Confidential documents hand delivered to a cooperating
office and not given directly to the cooperating Broker should be delivered in a sealed envelope with the
cooperating Brokers name and the word Confidential on the outside of the envelope.
Delivery of Documents using E-mail Transmission. NWMLS allows for delivery of real estate
purchase and sale agreement documents via email if broker complies with specific NWMLS rules. In
conjunction with these rules the firm must have a Firm Authorized E-mail Address for use on NWMLS
Form 22D. RE/MAXs Firm Authorized E-mail Address is: documentdelivery@nwhomes.net.
Notwithstanding the ability to use email for delivery of documents, it is brokers responsibility to be able
to prove timely delivery of documents if necessary. Emails sent to this email box will not be monitored
nor forwarded, printed, or otherwise processed.
Facsimile Transmissions (faxes)
Outgoing Faxes. All outgoing facsimile transmissions shall include a cover page which includes the
following confidentiality notice:
The information contained in this facsimile message is confidential and intended for the sole use of the
individual named hereon. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use,
dissemination, copying or distribution of this communication is prohibited. If you have received this
communication in error, or if problems occur with transmission, please call (XXX) XXX-XXXX fill-in
local voice number.
Incoming Faxes. All faxes received by the office fax machine are considered confidential. The staff is
responsible for distribution of faxes to the appropriate recipient. Faxes will be placed by a Staff Member
in the Associates in box.
Proper Disposal of Confidential Data. When no longer needed, the Broker is responsible for properly
disposing of all PII in Brokers possession. All hard copy PII should be placed in the locking bin located
in the office or destroyed by completely burning or if shredded, by using a Department of Defense
approved cross-shredder.
What to do in the Event of a Data Breach. Broker should immediately report any data breach or
suspected data breach to their Managing Broker or supervisor who will instruct Broker on how to
Violating the Policy. Any breach of client confidentiality or failure to properly handle, secure, or destroy
PII may be grounds for termination.

RE/MAX values the workplace and asks employees to respect the rights of their co-workers and others
with whom they come into contact while representing RE/MAX. It is our intent to provide a work
environment free from all verbal, physical and visual forms of harassment or discrimination, committed
by supervisors, employees or co-workers, male or female whether due to sex, sexual orientation, race,
religion, disability or any other reason.
RE/MAX, Whatcom County, Inc. Policy and Procedures Manual. Update 6.10.2011 All rights reserved
Page 12

With regard to sexual harassment, examples or the conduct we prohibit include:

Vulgar or sexual comments, jokes, stories and innuendoes.

Graphic or suggestive comments about other peoples body or manner of dress.
Gossip or questions about other peoples sexual conduct or orientation.
Vulgarity, leering, inappropriate touching and obscene or suggestive gestures.
Display in the work place of sexually suggestive photographs, cartoons or graffiti.
Subtle or unsubtle pressure for sexual activity, including unwelcome sexual advances.
Solicitation or coercion of sexual activity, dates or the like by the implied or express promise
of rewards, preferential treatment, or express threat of punishment.
Unwelcome physical contact or inappropriate touching.
Intimidating, hostile, derogatory, contemptuous, or otherwise offensive remarks that are
directed at a person because of that persons gender, whether or not the remarks themselves
are sexual in nature, where the remarks cause discomfort or humiliation and interfere with the
performance of the persons duties.
Retaliation against an employee or associate for refusing sexual or social overtures, for
complaining about sexual harassment, or for cooperating with the investigation of a
False allegations of harassment will result in disciplinary actions.

Harassment, particularly sexual harassment, can be difficult to define; misconceptions are common.
Harassment is defined by what is offensive to the normal person and is considered to be harassment if it
causes a hostile work environment. For this reason, we strongly urge you to use our harassment reporting
policy without worrying about whether the conduct to be harassment, report it. This policy is intended to
assist RE/MAX in addressing not only illegal harassment, but also any conduct that is offensive and

Reporting Harassment or Discrimination

If at any time you believe you are being subjected to harassment or discrimination, or if you become
aware of such conduct being directed at someone else, you should promptly notify the branch broker. All
reported incidents would be investigated under the following guidelines:

You may speak to the branch broker to make the complaint unless directed to someone else in
RE/MAX. In addition, the compliant must be documented in writing.
All complaints will be received in a professional, non-judgmental manner without comment
on the validity of the complaint.
Response by the person the complaint is against will be made in writing.
Possible witnesses will be interviewed and they may respond, in writing, stating the facts, as
they report them.
All complaints will be kept confidential to the fullest extent possible and will be disclosed
only as necessary to allow us to investigate and respond to the complaint. Parties to the

RE/MAX, Whatcom County, Inc. Policy and Procedures Manual. Update 6.10.2011 All rights reserved
Page 13

complaint will be required to keep the complaint confidential and not talk to anyone except
the about the complaint. If the parties to the complaint fail to regard our request for
confidentiality, disciplinary action may result, up to and including termination. Any special
concerns about the confidentiality will be addressed at the time they are reported.
The complaint will be investigated and reviewed. Disciplinary action, if any, will be issued
in writing to the parties to the complaint.
Anyone who is found to have violated the Harassment Policy is subject to corrective action
which may include any of the following: warning, suspension, transfer, recommended
counseling or discharge. If the harassment is repeated, progressive disciplinary action will
result. Any proven incident of assault, including assault of a sexual nature, may result in a
report to authorities to be investigated. Any proven instance of assault will result in
immediate discharge. Corrective action in other cases will depend on the gravity of the
offense and may include immediate discharge in appropriate circumstances.
Retaliation against parties to a complaint will not be tolerated and must be reported in
writing. Complaints or retaliation will be investigated. Corrective action which may include
any of the following: warning, suspension, transfer, recommended counseling or discharge
will be taken against anyone who has retaliated against an employee or broker who complains
about harassment.

Incidents of harassment, discrimination or other inappropriate behavior should be reported as soon as

possible. Please join us in our efforts to make this office a safe place to work for all brokers and


RE/MAX believes in the importance of open exchange and learning. Interactive or social media is a new
and rapidly growing business medium for collaboration, discussion and networking. We support the
responsible use of this technology and offer the following guidelines for those who participate or
comment on social media sites.

The term social media can mean different things to different people. Generally speaking, it is an umbrella
term used to describe the second generation of web-based tools (Web 2.0) that rely heavily on
interactivity and user-generated content. This includes tools such as web logs (blogs), wikis, discussion
threads, online forums, and social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, among many
others. The principles and guidelines contained in this policy should be applied to all online activities.
While participating in social media, it is important that you understand and follow all existing policies
which apply that are not specific to social media. In addition:
Brokers must respect proprietary and confidential information. Such information cannot be
Brokers should not comment on rumors, either to deny or affirm them.
If you have questions whether it is appropriate to share certain information, please discuss this
with your branch broker or designated broker.
Transparency. RE/MAX respects the free speech rights of its brokers and employees, and has no interest
RE/MAX, Whatcom County, Inc. Policy and Procedures Manual. Update 6.10.2011 All rights reserved
Page 14

in forcing brokers or employees to conform to specific, company-approved beliefs, views or positions.

But it is important to remember that you may be seen by others as representing official RE/MAX views
when you participate in social media.
If you comment or blog about any aspect of the RE/MAXs business or any aspect of your position and
job duties at the company, you must clearly identify yourself as a broker or employee of the company in
your postings, and include a disclaimer that the views you present are your own and not those of
RE/MAX. Only those individuals officially designated by the company have the authorization to speak
on behalf of the company to these audiences.
Copyright, Fair Use Laws. Do not post copyrighted material owned by others, including RE/MAXs
own copyrights and brands. It is not enough to credit the author of copyrighted content; permission should
be obtained for use of the material. If you are reproducing commentary or blogs internally, youll need to
provide a copy of that permission. It is good blogging practice to link to others work, data or
information whenever possible.
Appropriate Use. While some companies forbid any access to social media sites during work hours and
using work computers, RE/MAX believes these sites and tools can be a valuable means of sharing
information, collaborating on work problems, and increasing broker engagement and satisfaction.
However, RE/MAX also expects that brokers will use sound judgment and common sense when accessing
or participating in social media. There is a difference between taking a few minutes during the day to
update a personal profile on a social networking site, and using work time to maintain a personal blog
related to a hobby or outside interest while allowing work performance to suffer.
Violating the Policy. This policy applies to all brokers. Brokers who violate the Corporate Social Media
Policy may be subject to corrective measures up to and including termination.

Independent Contractor Agreement. Brokers with RE/MAX are independent contractors. Therefore, it
is important for brokers to read and understand the terms and conditions of the Independent Contractor
Agreement (ICA).
Insurance Coverage. RE/MAX provides Errors & Omissions (E & O) insurance, the cost of which is
included as a transaction charge against commissions earned. Said fee is identified in the ICA agreement.
It is brokers obligation to secure automobile liability and general liability insurance with the limits
outlined in brokers ICA and provide copy of same to designated broker.
Upon Leaving the Office. In the event the brokers association with the office terminates, the
Independent Contractor Agreement will control the commission splits on any pending transactions.
The circumstances surrounding termination will dictate the disposition of listings. Listings are the
property of RE/MAX. However, we recommend that when a broker leaves the company in good
RE/MAX, Whatcom County, Inc. Policy and Procedures Manual. Update 6.10.2011 All rights reserved
Page 15

standing, the listings will be released by RE/MAX provided the seller wants the broker to continue
representing them.
RE/MAX may not release listing if the broker leaves RE/MAX and has fees outstanding. If the seller
wishes the listing remain with RE/MAX, it may be reassigned by RE/MAX to another Associate. Any
unpaid bills associated with the listing will be the responsibility of the broker.
When a broker leaves the office in good standing, calls and mail will be forwarded to them at their new
office for 30 days. The support staff will forward calls using the following verbiage, Broker A is no
longer with this office; he/she can be reached at . (number given to support staff to forward calls).
After 30 days mail will be returned to sender and calls will be handled by the support staff using the
following verbiage, Agent A is no longer with this office is there someone else here that can assist you?
Complaints and Lawsuits. While they are not foreseen, lawsuits sometimes do occur. In the event that
a broker believes that there is the possibility of future legal action, the broker is served with a complaint,
or a suit has been filed against the broker, it is imperative that the broker immediately notify the branch
broker or designated broker.
Not a Contract. This policy, as with all RE/MAX policies, should in no way be construed as a contract
of employment. Policies and procedures are set forth as a guideline and for information purposes only,
and will not interfere with an Independent Contractor Agreement or employees at will status.
Washington State Dept of Licensing-Real Estate Division. In all respects, brokers are expected to
understand and comply with all the laws regulating their real estate licensure. It is the individual brokers
responsibility to keep up to date with licensing changes. To that end, broker should review the rules from
time to time, which can be found online at: http://www.dol.wa.gov/business/realestate/lawsrules.html
Policy Changes. Should it become necessary to vary from any portion of these Policies, the Associate
shall contact the Broker for clarification and ruling. The decision of the Broker in every case is final and
is not subject to further negotiation. Each Associate shall take it upon his or her self to become
thoroughly familiar with The Companys Policies & Procedures. Should questions arise concerning what
should or should not be done, immediately contact management.
The Company has the authority and reserves the right to change and/or modify any office policy for any
reason as the need arises with or without notice to Associates.

I have completely read and understand the provisions of the Policy & Procedures Manual and
acknowledge that a copy and any amendments there to can be found on our Whatcom Agents site at:
http://www.whatcomagents.com/ under the documents section.





RE/MAX, Whatcom County, Inc. Policy and Procedures Manual. Update 6.10.2011 All rights reserved
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