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November 2006

Principal Welcome
Kevin McGuire
If the manner in which this school year has
started off is a reflection of what is ahead, we
are in for an outstanding year of successes. I
begin by thanking the tremendous efforts of
Vice Principals our secretarial, custodial, Vice-Principal, and
Carm D’Elia guidance department for their willingness to
go the extra mile in readying the school for
Sharon Goodland our start-up in August. Because of their
Bob Tatarski commitment to our students, we had a
challenging but tremendous start to our year. Mr. McGuire congratulating Mark Cicero and his proud
parents at Awards Night. Mark received 6 subject awards and
the Governor General's Bronze Medal award for achieving the
Of course the true measure of a successful
highest average (97%) in his final year of high school.
start is measured by the manner in which this
Trustee great student body of St.Joseph responded to
Mark is currently pursuing Sciences at the
University of Western Ontario.
Peter Ferreira the call to show their pride in their
community. Let me tell you a few things about what this student body has already done in less than two months. Our
grade 9 students were welcomed into our community and we are glad to have them. Already they are showing that they
will be a class which will leave their own distinct signature on our legacy. Along with all other classes they raised
close to $24,000 for the Terry Fox run. Our student government is off and running and already has been instrumental
Superintendent in organizing numerous events to raise school spirit, and opportunities for fun for our students and staff. Our school
Liz Kazimowicz celebrated our opening liturgies with Father Norm and it was heart-warming to hear Father comment on the level of
respect our students showed for each other and for our Catholic tradition. Athletic council is once again rising to the
forefront as leaders in our community and was responsible for a successful Jaguar pep rally. Students are heavily
involved in the too many to count after school co-curricular. A walk around this building after 3:00 is a true testament
to the level of involvement by our students. Recently we celebrated the academic achievement of our students from
Parish last year who earned a spot on our Honor Roll. The students were recognized by their peers and received new
St. Joseph medallions as a result of the efforts of our School Council last year. Parents- your children are tremendous gifts to
our community and I applaud your efforts to support, encourage and promote values and character which build
Pastor communities up. This year we are paying close attention to opportunities to promote and foster character education.
Fr. Norm Roberts I believe we need to let our students know when they are showing good character and teach them how to be a person
of good character when they fall short.
Tel: (905) 826-2766
In September we elected a new School Council executive. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Cornell
and the out-going executive for their fine work. As a result of their personal pride in our school and their commitment
to our students, many great things happened for our students. At this time I would like to formally welcome Mr. Tino
Sequeira as Chair for this school year. This man is surrounded by an excellent executive who have a common vision
for our students and our school. At our last meeting we had well over thirty people in attendance and there are
Carpe Diem tremendous plans for the upcoming year. Tino has tremendous passion and energy for all he does. Please support our
School Council and be a part of showing our students we care.

Without the efforts of a vibrant, compassionate, and caring staff, all that is happening here for our students would not
be. I am truly blessed to have a staff that is willing to give up their personal time to create good learning opportunities
for our students. This staff time and again goes well and beyond the call of duty. Their efforts inspire many students
to do what needs to be done to create school pride and spirit. They are excellent role models for your students and I
thank them for their gifts. Keep up the great and valuable work you are doing!

An outstanding start with so much more to follow !!! Well done.

Go Jags!
St. Joseph Secondary School • 5555 Creditview Road, Mississauga, ON L5V 2B9
Tel: (905) 812-1376 • Fax: (905) 812-0812 •
St. Joseph’s 5th Annual Terry Fox Fun Run
Raises Over $23,000!
On Friday September 29th, the St. Joseph community participated in the International Terry Fox Run for
Cancer research. Through efforts by students and staff, St. Joseph achieved an all time record in terms of
funds raised. In total, over $23,000 will be donated to the Terry Fox foundation.

Students were able to demonstrate their incredible talents, at St. Joe’s first annual “Josapalooza”. DJ Fresh
‘G’ (Mr. Gentile), DJ Scratch and bands such as Waste of Day, the Niners, and various solo artists ignited
the stage with their musical flair.

Special thanks go to the local businesses that helped make the event such an overwhelming success:

No Frills
Price Chopper
Tim Hortons (Streetsville)
Mr. Sub
Stranos Culinary Services
Maple Lodge Farms

Notable mention goes to our top ten pledge collectors:

1) Candace Bong $415.00
2) Stephanie Ventura $200.00
3) Stephanie Huynh $183.00
4) LuAnna Catalano $180.00
5) Jade Eason-Long $175.00
6) Nicole Reyes $169.00
7) Celine Moniz $150.00
8) Phil Manzano $149.00
9) Tanya Sharma $130.00
10) Raisa Dragota $125.00

We are looking forward to participating again next year. Way to go St. Joe’s!

Congratulations to Ms. Bural’s ETS-4U class and Ms. Gabriele’s ENG 1D class for raising the most
amount of money for the Terry Fox fundraiser for cancer research. Students were bringing in their lunch
money, bus money and mom’s laundry quarters until the last minute. The competition was fierce, and in
the end both classes had to agree to tie for first place! Each class raised $1256 – that’s $2512 in total. The
winning classes were treated to a tasty Tim Horton’s breakfast. A special thank you goes to the following
students who were top three in each class: Alessandra Varone $106.40, Kseny Vassilieva $100.00 and
Nicole Mccallum $96.89 from M. Bural’s class. Stephanie Huynh $183.00, Celine Moniz $150.00 and
Lyanne Aquiar $85 from Ms. Gabriele’s class.

Miss Bural’s Class Ms Gabriel’s Class

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“Choose Life”
Deuteronomy 30:15-20
Ms. Pereira, Chaplaincy

Our pastoral plan theme was unveiled and developed at our Staff Faith Day in September. This year we will journey in the spirit of “Choose Life”
specifically using the Old Testament Ten Commandments as a reference point for the best way in which this community can be one of unconditional
love. Each month we reflect on one of the Commandments-understanding what it means for this time and in the lives of our youth.

So Many Reasons to Celebrate!

Our opening Eucharistic Liturgies brought together students from each grade level in an atmosphere of intimacy and community. Mass responses
provided by the school board were given to each student and used at our liturgy to encourage full participation. Students in liturgical ministries were
trained and coached by our staff experts-themselves active members of their Parish. Special thanks to Mrs. Morrison and Mr. LeMarche who will lead
our Worship Team this year and continue to introduce the St. Joseph School Song to our community. Ms. Watson and the Art Ministry provide us with
the sacred and artistic environment appropriate for liturgy and for the liturgical season. Fr. Kennedy trains our readers to proclaim the Word of God
with meaning and expression. He also works with our altar servers-both male and female students, many of whom serve in their own Parishes.
Ministers of Hospitality are sourced by the Ambassador Team at the school and our PIP students led the offertory procession for these first school
masses. Zach Mitchell, Mr. McDowell, Mr. Noel, and Mr. Smith assisted with the Sound Team which is so key in a community of our size. And our
list of Eucharistic Ministers continues to grow as more and more teachers hear the call to serve the Blessed Sacrament to our young faithful! We also
never forget the set-up and clean-up work done by our reliable custodial staff and volunteer classes.

Our retreat program is up and running successfully! The
Theology department continues to accept the responsibility
for scheduling the gr.10,11 and 12 retreats into their
curriculum time. Thank you Theology!!!! The gr.9 ‘s will
retreat through their homeroom classes and what a
wonderful kick-off we have had to this program this year.
After a year long sabbatical I have returned to ministry to
find out that 95 senior students are committed to leading
their younger peers in a one day faith experience! What
happened while I was away? In the history of running
retreats this is a record number of participants to which we
cannot turn away. We are confident that God has called each
and every one to serve and so all are scheduled into our Gr.9
retreat program to serve as faith witnesses and senior role
models. Our first annual “Retreat Leaders Training Day and
Retreat” held at St. Joseph Parish was a tremendous success.
The quality of leadership that is to be expected from these
seniors says a lot about the teachers they have had over the
years and their faith formation at home. Congratulations
retreat team!

Social Justice/Outreach Initiatives

I am also very impressed with the club initiatives in the school to incorporate our Catholic faith into the after school activities and planning. To be
noted is that three of our leadership groups this year have a Spiritual/Faith representative on the executive committee.

Each month the school takes on a social justice/outreach initiative and once again the Terry Fox Run Committee has outdone itself in raising awareness
about cancer this September. In the month of October, our school focused on the Nicaragua Project, reflecting on missionary work and the praying of
the rosary. We also hosted our first Canadian Food for Children Fundraiser Basketball Tournament. Our students are indeed being taught to be selfless
individuals concerned about the poor in our community and the world.

Special Thanks to Our Community:

Fr. Norm Roberts for the celebration of 7:30 a.m. mass every Thursday in our chapel. All are welcome, please join us.

Mrs. Anna DeLuca-a grandparent in our community for sewing the green prayer center cloths for over 80 classes allowing us to celebrate Ordinary
Time in the Liturgical year.

St. Jude’s Academy of the Arts, Mount Alverno staff and Ana DaCosta-for facilitating our gr.10-12 retreat program which will be ongoing
throughout the year.

Please keep us in your prayers and it’s good to be back!

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On November 7, 2006 the St. Joseph community celebrated academic excellence honouring
students who excelled in the various subject areas in the 2005/06 school year. Thanks to Fr. Norm
Roberts and the St. Joseph Parish community for hosting the event in the church. We are very
proud of the over 200 students who received subject awards! Congratulations to the 473 students
who achieved honour roll status in the 2005-06 school year. Honour Roll medals were presented
to these students at the opening assemblies in September.


Gr. 9 Anum Shaukat Naushin Sholapur Ivan To Services Co-op
Rayan Yousif Nimita Quadors Gr. 12 Shani Cameron Sasha Persad
Gr. 10 Eric Bento Kristen Harner Technology Co-op Business Co-op
Annie Mo Jose Paolo Del Carmen Natalie Lorkovic Danny Innis Tasha Dewan
Gr. 11 Pearce Cacalda Mark Cicero

Gr. 9 Annisha Barnswell George Farjou Justin O’Neill Reine Bou-Younes
Tadesse Fassil Sharon Fraser Raina Gao Daniela Marchetti Amelia Chang
Jenalynne Fabroa Gr. 11 Andrew Ng Mark Cicero Jose Del Solar
Lisa McMartin Bryan Tavares Alyssa Parovel Zuzana Peterkova
Adam Furukawa Ryan Paculaba Michelle David Laura Boyd
Gr. 10 Radvin Bringas Jimaica Flores Melanie Peto (2)
Michael Andama Shenique Latchman Gr. 12 Stephanie Chylinski


Gr. 9 Alexander Tomasiak Fadi Raad Ghazala Harry Ngo Hanna Hakim
Trisha Dookran Mathew Glowacki Gr. 11 Anum Shaukat Kaye Veloso
Katherine Fermo Gr. 10 Diana Bukvic Gr. 12 Zuzana Peterkova
Breanna Shanahan Ibadita Singh Patrick Fioravanti Melanie Peto Lacretia Williams

Gr. 9 Michael Abuawad Victoria Daley Grade 12 Maria Pham
Lisa McMartin Bilal Mohammead Shenique Latchman Jesse Anderson Mark Cicero
Claudia Kasperowicz Sharon Fraser Stephanie Ayala Brian Vo
Radhika Sagar Cynthia Zhang Tracy Carvalho Adam Lee
Gr. 10 Grade 11 Kesavan Sundarahingam Maria Pham


Gr. 9 Jann Ang Rommarie Calungcagin Johanna Marie Robles Gerome Dulalas
Frederick Sarmiento Gr. 11 Stephanie Jarrin (2) Inervis Bello-Cruz Jamie Wright
Adam Furukawa Mamura Chaudry Candice D’Souza ESL Kara Villanueva
Gr. 10 Tracy Carvalho Sharon MacDonald Raisa Dragota
Hina Malik Gr. 12 Aliya Ramjaun Xiao Liu


Gr. 9 Gr. 10 Gr. 11 Gr. 12 Maria Pham

Melissa Gizzo Philip Manzano Angela Trieu Sandra Konefal Mark Cicero
Justine Fifield Kaitlyn Moniz Raina Gao Laura Nguyen

Gr. 9 Gr. 10 Gr. 11 Jason LeBlanc Rahmaa Javed
Cedric Costa James Bejo Daniel Deus Rommarie Clungcagin Mina Abdul-Kareem (2)
Petar Lukezic Abigail Meriel Carmen Lo Gr. 12 Daniel Babic
Kurt Wood Mohanad Abdul Kareem Joseph Gabriel (2) Mark Cicero (2) Cynthrose Segovia

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Gr. 9 Gr. 10 Jenna Manacki Gr. 12 Amelia Chang
Trisha Dookran Adele Chalhoub Stepen Gucciardi Candice D’Souza Christina Krol
Dominic Malasinski Jason Castillo Jeseph Gabiel Colin Hastings (2) Ivan To
Mae Ammouri Ceeja Vaidhyan Agata Zieba Laura Boyd
Katherine Fermo Anum Shaukat Anum Shaukat Mark Cicero
Melissa Gizzo Cynthia Zhang Rosaleen Athaide Natalie Cieniak
Theo Ocampo Gr. 11 Michelle David Melanie Peto

Gr. 9 Ethan Cornell Gr. 10 Gr. 12
Sarah Kumkum Jenalynne Fabroa Michael Andama Evan Cornell


Gr. 9 Alan Fernandes Khristine Coloma Justin Zaluski Daniel Salerno
Radhika Sagar Jiannine Torres Alyssa Parovel Gr. 12 Anum Shaukat
Gr. 10 Nikolas Bon Nimita Quadros Candy Lee Matthew Moshi
Cynthia Zhang Bhavika Sagar Mina Tadros Stephanie Fasulo Jonathan Zormann
Dan Marco Eugenio Peter Walaszek Cassandra Masney Stefanie Petoklep Darrell Gonzales
Cindy Melo Gr. 11 Kevin Veloso Sarah Farne Daniel Babic
Fareeha Ahmad Pearce Cacalda Martin Marasigan Sarah Nacario Lloyd Patawaran


Gr. 9 Michael Kelly Gr. 11 Natassia Flanjak Noellen Bollozos
Rachel Silgardo Nazeen Basrai Katie Hunter Sophia Szagala Laura Boyd
Katarina Culjak Andrew Oraa Kesavan Sundaralingam Gr. 12 Stefanie Petoklep
Lauren Solomon Crystle Laurio Wina Ng Colin Hastings
Andrew Park Rochelle Lobo Vanessa Oude-Reimerink Vanessa Lau
Gr. 10 Olivia Kitala Helga Lie Hana Park


Gr.10 Katie Hunter , Anum Shaukat

Gr. 11 & 12 Marc Desouza, Kyle Garrard, Chris Da Rocha

Trustee Award (Highest Grade 9 average): Adam Furukawa
Joe Hugel Award (Highest Grade 10 average): Richard Hoang
Superintendent’s Award (Highest Grade 11 average) Anum Shaukat
Governor General’s Award (Highest Grade 12 average) Mark Cicero
Literary Book Club Award (Highest mark in the Grade 12 University level English) Mark Cicero and Zuzana Peterkova
Thomas Reilly Award (Excellence in the study of modern languages) Rommarie Calungcagin
Mayor Hazel McCallion Award Shani Cameron
Curry’s Art Award Valerie Oba and Matthew Filipowich
The Mirror Award Candy Lee
Streetsville Musicorp Award Nicole Garito, Andrew Oraa, Wina Ng, Helga Lie,
Caitlin Moller

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The following St. Joseph SS graduates have been awarded Scholarships. We are proud of these students and wish them continued
success in their future endeavours.

Queen Elizabeth II Aiming for the Top Scholarship

Misha Bajwa Sohyun Choi Ankit George Sharon MacDonald Nhat Tran
Leia Bulosan Natalie Cieniak Rahmaa Javed Sasha Persad Olivea Valtas
Shani Cameron Maria Teresa Consulta Jee Hye Kim Xuan Pham Ashley Vella
Christopher Natasha D’Angelo Vanessa Lau Leona Pinto Celine Zoleta
Caulderwood Candice D’Souza Yee Ting Lee Rae Anne Roman Jonathan Zormann
Celia Sze Ngar Chiu Karen Da Silva Eileen Luong Ivan To

The University of Toronto Mississauga Admission Scholarships:

Misha Bajwa Erica Boyes Tasha Dewan Magdalena Marszalek
Reine Bou-Younes Shani Cameron Matthew Filipowich Priyanka Sharma

York University Admission Scholarships

Candice Almeida Natasha D’Angelo Eric DoCouto Bianca Pereira Shantel Singh
Frankie Avila Josua D’Cunha Jessica Filigno Alexandra Posadzki Vaz Marshneil
Laura Boyd Karen DaSilva Lloyd Patawaran Melissa Romeiro Edgardo Yonzon
Alexandra Carter Doreen Dawang

The Fraser-Crawford Scholarship: Rommarie Calungcagin

The Supplementary J.S. McLean Scholarship: Amelia Chang
The Edward S. Roger Sr. Admission Scholarship: Rahmaa Javed
The Walter Scott Guest Memorial Scholarship: Rahmaa Javed

Congratulations to Amelia Chang who won the 2006 Young Writers Short Story Contest.

OPA! Ciao Italia Earn

Greece 2007 Summer Credits In
You asked for a Euro Trip….so here it is!! Join us Easter 2007 as we travel to
Italy - July, 2007
beautiful Greece during the week of April 5th – April 15th. Learn about Greek
culture, literature, history and art. The educational experience can’t be
matched. It’s a unique and authentic opportunity to experience first hand your
classroom curriculum while having the time of your life. You’ve studied the
history, you’ve read the mythology, you’ve seen the drama and art. Now it’s The Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board is offering
your opportunity to witness everything first hand. You will visit historical sites students a unique opportunity for education and travel in Italy, July
2007. Students can earn Ontario credits, taught by qualified
such as the Acropolis, the Parthenon, Theatre at Epidauros, the Palace of
Dufferin-Peel teachers. Courses offered are: English (3U/4U),
Knossos and many more. You’ll enjoy a cruise on the Saronic Gulf where Drama, Italian and World History.
you’ll visit Myconos, Crete, Delphi and Santorini. If you’d like to hear more,
see Mr.Kelleher in room 217. COST: $4300 (plus taxes) includes return airfare, tour
transportation, accommodation and classroom facilities, breakfast
and dinner daily, including lunch when not on excursions and all
study tours as part of the instructional program for the course.
WHEN: July 2007
HOW TO APPLY: Application packages available from Ms.
Bural in rm. 304
INFORMATION SESSION: Dec. 5, 2006 at 7:00pm at the Catholic
Education Centre, 40 Matheson Boulevard West, Mississauga (905)
891-9263 ext. 0
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English Department
“I find the world around me much more interesting than what I can come
up with inside my own head. If you write just what you have
experienced, you’ve only got about a book and a half in you.”
Michael Ondaatje

We can easily write a book and a half on all of the wonderful events that
have been happening in the English Department this year, however space is
limited and therefore we will provide some highlights.

The Grade 10 teachers continue to work diligently in preparing students for

the EQAO Literacy Test that will take place on March 29, 2007. The
Accelerated Reader program also continues to go strong as the Grade 9
and 10 classes participate in it. This program encourages literacy as
students read novels, take tests on their novels and earn points.
Antonella Furiato & Anna Bogatch pose as two witches from
Furthermore, outside the classroom, avid readers in The Literary Club
Shakespeare’s Macbeth
have delved into Alice Sebold’s novel The Lovely Bones.

Our senior classes will have the opportunity to experience Shakespeare live as the grade 12 students embark to the Living Arts Center to watch a
performance of the infamous play Hamlet. Moreover, the media classes will tour City TV and be part of the audience for Much On Demand this

Last September, students had the opportunity to get to know their English teachers better outside the classroom as the teachers outlined their “top ten
favourite” lists on the bulletin board located beside the English office. The items on this list ranged from their favourite all time quote to their favourite
biblical passage. Presently there is a colorful fall display entitled “Fall Into A Good Book”. The department is working in conjunction with The
Learning Centre to keep students informed about the arrival of new books that include Mitch Albom’s For One More Day and Meg Cabot’s Teen Idol.
Students can also check out the essay and poetry contests that they can enter.

Since we are on the topic of contests, congratulations go out to Amelia Chang for winning an award in the 2006 Young Writers Short Story Contest
and congratulations to St. Joe’s for being a runner-up in the 2006 National Short Story Competition for young writers aged 12-18. This prize is
awarded to our school for sending in the third best overall group of entries to the Canadian Poetry Institute.

Ladies and Gentlemen We Have Winner or

Should I Say Two!
Our recent Awards Night highlighted two very dedicated Visual Art students who were both the recipients of the Curry’s Art Award. Matthew
Filipowich and Valerie Oba who graduated last June shared the honours. They both are now at the University of Toronto at Mississauga taking Art
and Art History with studio classes at Sheridan College. These two young people continuously demonstrated their creativity and passion for art
throughout their time in our secondary school art program. They were always ready and willing to help out in any way. A special acknowledgement
goes to Curry’s Art Store for making this award possible.

The Art Gallery of Ontario Award

Many years ago, Gerrard Morrison, the former Department Head of VPA set up a partnership with the Art Gallery of Ontario. This arrangement
includes bringing a class to the gallery every year in turn for their generous donation of a pair of admission tickets and a gift that would accompany
our Art Gallery of Ontario Award. This award is given to a Visual Arts student at the formal Graduation Ceremony in the Spring. The recipient is
selected by the art teachers and must demonstrate excellence in his/her crafts, contribute to art, outside of the class expectations, and is continuing on
in the field of art at the post secondary level. To this end, Mrs. Watson’s Grade 11 and 12 Visual Art students will have the opportunity to go to Art
Gallery of Ontario this December to see the photography of Ansel Adams.

The Club Scene @ St. Joe’s

The Art Club is up and running this year with a great bunch of creative students. So far we have made hand-painted silk screen prints and will begin
to make new designs using the photo emulsion silk screen process. If you are interested in joining us, we meet on Tuesdays in the art room 335.

The Art Ministry runs on Wednesdays in the art room 332, this group of students create beautiful images for faith development at St. Joseph
Secondary School. If you are interested in joining us, please feel free to drop by at our next meeting.

The Anime Club is off to a great start. Our leaders, Jaesel Manzana, Michael Andama and Melissa Nicolas provide stimulating sessions, teaching
drawing skills and techniques, featuring Anime films and DDR (Dance, Dance Revolution) competitions. If you would like to join us,
we meet on Thursdays in the art room 335.

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A Quiet Voice Student Success Credit
Speaks of a Recovery Program
Giant Attempt As a new initiative for the 2005/2006 school year, the role of the Student Success Teacher (SST) was
relatively undefined. At the time, the only explicit directive from the Ministry level was “ . . . to
at Genocide
By: Liz Ionadi
improve high school learner outcomes, increase graduation rates, decrease dropout rates, [and] meet
the government’s commitment to a good outcome for every student . . . ”. No small order by any
measure, but we are gradually bringing definition to these concepts here at St. Joe’s. The first
On October 12th, St. Joseph’s Secondary initiative of the SST position was to focus on a Credit Recovery program which allows students an
school students of Mr. Beresford’s grade 11 opportunity to ‘recover’ a credit for a course that they failed with a mark between 40-49%. Upon
World Religion class attended the Holocaust successful completion of the Independent Study Project (ISP), the student will receive a mark of
Museum in Toronto. We were fortunate 51% (comparable to the 10% assigned to most CATs). Many students give up their lunch time to
enough to have a holocaust survivor named complete their ISP while others are timetabled into a specific period. It usually takes an average of
Bronka speak to us about her experience. four to five weeks to complete one ISP, and many students will complete more than one Credit
Words cannot describe what was going on in Recovery in a semester. To earn their credit back, a student’s assessed ISP must reach an
my mind as Bronka spoke. The room was dark achievement level above the 2.5 percentile on the assignment-specific Rubric. It remains our
and the lights were dimmed. My daily contention that a successful Credit Recovery student who receives 51% for the completion of a
thoughts of worry and stress did not even cross credible task, benefits more academically than a failing student who has their mark gratuitously
my mind. I listened to the low emotional voice bumped to 50% and then moved into the next level/course.
of a woman who had gone through so much
terror. Bronka was about our age when she Some statistics:
went through the horror of the holocaust. We For the 2005-2006 school year:
were all touched by Bronka’s story: Number of students involved 67
Number of students who left the program 13
“When Bronka was talking, I felt as if I was Reasons for leaving program:
on the journey with her”-Greg David • Dropped out of the program 6 students
• Withdrawn because of non-attendance 3 students
“You are not any better then a person that is • Left the school 2 students
different from you. People shouldn’t • Incomplete ISP = no credit earned 1 student
stereotype people by their religion, like • Student said he lost his assignment 1 student
parents should pressure you into marrying
people with the same religion.”-Alyssa V. Number of credits recovered in the school year = 54
“As teenagers in this decade, we believe that For the 2006-2007:
violence can solve situations, but as watching Number of students involved in Credit Recovery as of October 30, 2006 – 66
the movie I see and think, what if this was
happening to us? What would this world Other projects:
come to?”-Lisa Anitas Each semester the SST goes into all of the Career’s classrooms to deliver two workshops to students;
one is on ‘The Dangers of Dropping Out’ and the other is about examining ‘Personality Profiles’.
“I believe that a way we can ensure that this
never happens again is to do what Bronka The SST is developing some resources for the school’s website. Check out the site now for some
said, which was to be careful for who we vote good information on scholarship application called, ‘Why not consider applying for a
for, make sure that we really know what they Scholarship?’ Watch the site for future resources.
are about.”-Adrian Clarke
Where do we go from here:
“We were welcomed with open arms as we We are currently examining the concept of Credit Rescue, a process that will help a student rescue
were about to enter a place of tears and the credit before it becomes a failure. We are also working on the St. Joe’s Transition Initiative
sorrow”-Andrew Vierra with other staff members to address the needs of ‘at risk’ grade 9 students.
“Her story was very grounding. It made me
realize how easy my life is and how fortunate
I am”-Ashley Mile

“Many people survived the holocaust, but in

Congratulations To Our
reality, there wasn’t a lot because even though
there were many survivors, there are so many
Musicorp Award Winners!
more that died (that scares me)”-Vince Hanes Every year the Streetsville Musicorp generously awards one music student in every grade a fifty
dollar gift certificate and special plaque in recognition of their musical achievements and
“Just what Bronka had to say was worth more
commitment to the music program. We are proud to announce the award winners of 2005-2006:
then what we paid to go. It was truly a trip
and speech I will never forget.”-Marco Salerno Grade 9: Nicole Garito
Grade 10: Andrew Oraa
Bronka’s talk demonstrated the importance of
Grade 11: Helga Lie, Wina Ng
learning about the Holocaust. We should all
be aware of how discrimination Grade 12: Caitlin Moller
and prejudice can harm people’s We would also like to congratulate Matt Sirota, who was awarded the Janine Galbraith Music
lives. Bursary last spring, valued at $250 for all his musical achievements both in and out of school.
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Guidance and Career Education
Ontario Colleges Information
Applying to college can be an anxious time for students and parents. Students at St. Joseph have received and continue to receive information through:
• Presentations by a variety of colleges at the school
• The College Information Fair at Exhibition Place held on October 17th, 2006.
• The Ontario College Guide distributed in September.
• The College Application Workshop held on October 26th.
Please Note: The Ontario College application deadline is February 1, 2007. Students are encouraged to apply by the end of December, 2006.
Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC)
Students looking at attending University have been given opportunities to research programs and universities through:
• Distribution of INFO: The Comprehensive Guide to Ontario Universities for Secondary Schools
• The Ontario Universities’ Fair -Toronto Convention Centre – Sept. 29th – Oct. 1st, 2006.
• University liaison visits -September – November 2006. Students are encouraged to attend
three sessions as they attempt to choose post-secondary destinations.
• Grade Twelve students are required to attend the University Application Workshop on
Thursday November 23rd, 2006 during their lunch period.
Please Note: The OUAC application submission deadline is January 10th, 2007. Students
are, however, strongly urged to complete the process by December 31st, 2006.
Considering applying to an American university or college in your future?
On Novemberb 13 - 5th Annual United States Colleges and Universities Tour rolled into St. Joe’s
for students to gather information on applying to American universities. For further information
check out the following websites:;;;;;
Second Annual Apprenticeship Fair - November 22nd, 2006
Students will be given an opportunity to research a number of trades on their lunch period in the
Learning Centre.
Have you got your 40 hours of Community Service?
• Postings for volunteer opportunities are displayed on the bulletin board outside of the lecture
hall and in the Jobs binder in the Guidance and Career Education Office.
• Documentation to verify completed community service hours are to be submitted to the
Guidance Office for recording in December and in March/April 2007. Certificates indicating
completion will be given.
Ambassador Program 2006-07
Through the Ambassador Homeroom Mentor program our Ambassadors liaise with our Junior
students and work with them to help them improve on study skills as well as helping them to
become involved in the school community. In November the Ambassadors will be visiting the
elementary schools to mentor those students on life in high school.
Take Our Kids to Work
Many thanks to the parents in our school community who supported the nationwide Take Our
Kids to Work initiative on November 1, 2006. This unique job shadowing opportunity gave our
grade nine students the chance to observe first hand the world of work. Students reported back
that it was a very positive experience and said that they learned a great deal about the workplace
that they observed on that day.
St. Joseph Secondary School Second Annual Health and Well-Being Fair
Stress, depression, addiction, grief and conflict, to name only a few – these issues and many
more were covered in our annual fair. As students and staff perused 25 Mississauga community
agencies and services, they were able to obtain information pamphlets and get educated through
the hands-on interactive displays. Canadian Cancer Society, Mood Disorders, Bereaved
Families and M.A.D.D. were some of the great services that took part in this day.

Social Science Trip to Fort George

On Monday October 23, 2006, 25 students of American History braved the cold weather and stepped
back in time to the year 1812. They toured the historic Fort George and Niagara-on-the-Lake and learned
about the importance of the Niagara region in our history with the United States. For a few brief hours,
our St. Joe’s students were witnesses to both early 19th century British colonial living and the courage
of our armed forces during the War of 1812.They then ended the day with a tranquil stroll through the
town and engaged in a Scavenger Hunt and a ‘top secret’ assignment that explored the strategic
significance of this important site during and after the War of 1812. What a great day it was!!
Page 9
St. Joseph S. S. Music Department presents:
Music of the Holidays: A Christmas Concert
The Varsity Concert and Marching Band, Jaguar Jazz Band,
Music Ministry Choir, and all instrumental and guitar classes.

Thursday, December 7, 2006.

7:30 pm
Tickets: $5.00

All profit benefits our trip to New York City.

Thank you for supporting school spirit and talent!

Moderns Science Department

Department - November days may seem dull and chilly…but if you’re in the St. Joseph’s Science Department,
you’d never know it was cold outside! Our science students are red hot this year, and they are busy
Bonjour! Hola! like squirrels gathering chestnuts for the long winter ahead. Our Grade 9 students will be going on
their annual trip to the Ontario Science Center on December 8; there, they will spend the day
getting up close and personal with interactive science displays on genetics, electricity, space and
The St. Joseph’s Moderns Department has
chemistry. They will be joined by a group of Grade 12 Biology students, who will also be visiting
been hard at work ensuring that this will be the
the Science Center to see how living things grow and develop; and the AP Biology class will be
best year yet for our students!
using their talents to make the smallest of God’s creatures, bacteria, glow with their own internal
energy! Yet this amazing feat is topped by the Grade 9 static electricity labs, as students experience
Students in our French and Spanish classes a hair-raising encounter with miniature lightning bolts thrown from the Van der Graaf machine.
have been given the opportunity to
demonstrate their Faith through leading the Some of our Grade 10 science students are doing their best to keep warm as they study outdoor
school in prayer during the morning ecosystems in subzero temperatures; but if you’re one of the lucky ones, you can stay indoors and
announcements. During the week of October design and race your own car in the physics lab. You have to wonder; have any of those cars have
16-20, various students led the student body in rear-window defrost or heated seats? We’ll need them on the South Parking Lot, where students
honouring our Mother Mary through Rosary are racing against the clock to get the greatest speed in their acceleration labs. Ladies and
prayer. Each student recited the Hail Mary in Gentlemen, start those Scooters!
a different language over the P.A. This
initiative not only demonstrated St. Joe’s The Grade 11 science students are involved in a dizzying array of activities. Biology students are
auditioning for their own CSI, investigating an unknown murder mystery….but they will never find
cultural diversity, but also built a sense of pride
out the identity of the mystery man who left the final clue! Physics students, meanwhile, are
in our entire student body.
huffing and puffing as they calculate their own “Human Power” labs, and are preparing for their
own reality show as they compete to become the next “St. Joseph’s Idol”. As part of the “Waves
Special thanks go out to the following students and Sound” unit, they will design their own musical instruments from scratch, and then form their
who stepped up to the challenge: Natalia own bands to play them.
Montoya (Spanish), Lorien Liang
(Portuguese), Jasmine Emam-Hosseini Our Grade 12 Physics students are already hard at work investigating everything from nuclear
(Polish), Jillian Baquiran (Tagalog) and reactors to space ships; their results will be on display in January. But the Grade 12 Chemistry
Nicole Garito (Spanish). class is already ahead of them, making polymers…long elastic molecules you can wind into
synthetic fabrics. Anybody need a new pair of nylons? On sale this week, in the Science Labs!
The following students have volunteered and And do we have a deal for you…free perfume with every order! The Grade 12 chemists are making
will be leading the prayers in December: esters, one of the main ingredients in commercial perfumes. It smells sweet in Science this
George Farjou (French), Marianna Phung month…just don’t tell Versace or J. Lo what we’re up to!
(Vietnamese), Daniela Simas-Medeiros
(Portuguese), Sonya Terek and Stephanie
Stalic (Ukranian) and Justine Del Rosario

We are looking forward to having more

volunteers step up for second semester. If you
are interested, come see us in the
Moderns Department Room

Page 10
Library News Addition By
Amazing resources for Ontario Students! Subtraction
Many changes in the mathematics department
The Ontario Ministry of Education is currently funding access to online resources in both English
has been the rule of thumb over the last few
and French:
years. This has remained a constant for this year.
New curriculum has been implemented at the
Encyclopedie Hachette Multimedia (in French)
grade 11 level with the most significant changes coming to the college and university/college
User name: duffpeel courses. The new curriculum is meant to aid
Password: duff7878 students in being successful in a mathematics
classroom while better preparing them for the
Grolier Online Encyclopedia different post secondary paths that may be taken. Our greatest struggle has been with resources.
Complete and submit the enrollment form – you will receive your own username and password Our previous textbooks only partially cover the
almost immediately. newly implemented curriculum and this means
teachers may be giving more in class work on
Career Cruising overhead transparencies or worksheets.
Username: joseph The final draft of the new grade 12 curriculum
Password: jaguars may not be available until the new calendar
year. This may cause some trepidation when
In addition, starting in January 2007, the Ontario government will be providing a “core suite of digital students are asked to commence selecting their
courses for the new school year without all the
products. The resources contained in these databases will provide access to information that is needed
info present. As soon as decisions are made at
everyday by individual Ontarians and students of all ages. The resources and materials go well beyond
the provincial government level, results will be
what is available on the Internet offering full text of newspapers, magazines and books. Access to these
passed on to your son or daughter. It appears
databases will be available from wherever people are in Ontario; at home, work, or school. The variety
some Calculus will be retained in the
of information to be found in the databases will satisfy the youngest school child, the researcher in a curriculum but may only be required for those
University lab, in fact any citizen of Ontario.” More information, including a link to a preview, can be students considering engineering programs as a
found in the press release at Access post secondary path. We cannot state for
information will be provided to students through this newsletter, through the library page on the school certain that this will be the case as the post
web site and in a later edition of this newsletter. secondary institutes decide independently what
their prerequisites will be for each program.
And there is more:
The school also funds access for our student to SIRS, which provides full text articles on selected EQAO Results
topics for students, and to Ebsco, primarily a periodical database: EQAO results from last year have been given to your child through their homeroom teacher.
Customer number: XA1377H We are pleased once again to announce that our
Password 21941 results show that mathematics comprehension
and knowledge is alive and well with our junior students. At the academic level, approximately
User ID joseph 72% of all students attained a level 3 or 4 on
last year’s test, (level 3 representing meeting
Password jaguars
the Ministry of Education’s recommended level
of proficiency) and at the applied level,
With all these incredible resources, our students can reach beyond Google to get viable and reliable
approximately 36% of students attained a level
3 or 4 standard, (17% higher than the previous
year!!). These fine results are possible because
New Dell Computers of the dedication students are showing and the
tireless work of the teachers at the grade 9
We are thrilled that our long-awaited replacement computers have arrived, giving students quicker level. The EQAO test for first semester will be
access to a wide range of applications. To encourage responsibility and respect to this valuable administered the 3rd week of January. Sample
equipment, we require students to sign-up at the front desk, and provide their student ID card, questions can be found for preparation on the
before using the new computers. EQAO website. We hope to maintain the high
standards that we have set over the past few

Finally, ‘Addition by Subtraction’ refers to the

personnel of the mathematics department. Ms.
Asturi began her maternity leave in October and
was expecting her first child this month. As her
replacement, Ms. Pasquariello has been added
to the math team. As well, Ms. Vrhovsek will be
expecting the newest addition to
her family within the next month
and we wish her luck as well.
Page 11
Latin Club
Ms. Bural, Ms. Macri, Mrs. Palmieri
Latin Club has been very busy this fall preparing
Canoe Club
for the upcoming Talent Show. Students who “If a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?”
join Latin Club learn about Latin culture and
dance. They visit Plaza Flamingo and enjoy Of course it does! We were there! This fall, 14
dance lessons from professional instructors at students and 4 staff braved the vast spectrum of
Love to Dance Studio. This year, students in
elements that Algonquin Park had to offer on a 4
Latin Club will have the opportunity to learn
day/3 night canoeing expedition.
about Latin cuisine as they organize monthly
Latin Feasts. We’d like to extend a warm
There were many lessons learned on our 4 day trip: Packing canoe packs equally- that 100 pound pack
welcome to all students who joined Latin Club.
does not go over well with some; putting away your GORP- or risk fattening up that dastardly
chipmunk; gathering enough dry firewood- its nice to be warm at night; hanging the food pack – to keep
the bears at bay; and re-hanging the food pack in the dark- because you forgot to put your GORP away.

The students and teachers alike were awed by the plethora of stars, the Milky Way and the passing
satellites lighting up the night skies. This setting made for the perfect atmosphere for story telling
around a blazing bonfire. The days were filled with breathtaking beauty as the sound of our paddles
melded together with the fall colours making our experience complete. Not to be outdone by the
elements, our band of canoeists persevered by demonstrating a “No Fear” attitude.

Student Council Ms. Brum, Ms. Locicero, Mr. Noel and Mr. Robitaille would like to congratulate the following
students for leaving their comforts of home to adapt to the great outdoors:
This year, the St. Joseph Student Council is off
to a great start. We have been working very Kirsten Fill, Michelle Valtas, Sophia Szagala, Katie Hunter, Amanda Scolieri, Julia Clauser,
hard to make this year the best one yet for our Katherine Mazur, Ricky Fioravanti, Louis Demers, Steven Gomes, Daniel Scarcelli, Chris
entire student body! Corozzola, Patrick D’Arcy, and Tim Ho.

In September, your Student Council helped to

organize the Terry Fox Run and donated money
and prizes for the organization. The top three
prizes that were donated were an iPod Nano,
digital camera and portable DVD player. We
also donated various gift certificates to round
out the top ten. The prizes and cash donation
were also made from our September civvies
funds so we couldn’t have done it without you!
Stay tuned to Student Council News for the
charities that we will donate to each month.

Our first Spirit Week took place during the

week of October 23-27. We organized various
activities for the students of St. Joe’s to enjoy.
We had Tricks for Treats, Karaoke, cookie-
grams and pumpkin carving. A great time was
had by all! Stay tuned for information and
events for Sprit Week 2 (Dec. 18-22) including
our annual Talent Show.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, please see

your homeroom rep. or one of the members of
your Student Council: Rachel Vizcarra (Prime
Minister), Phil Manzano (Deputy Prime
Minister), Hany Ibrahim (Minister of Finance),
Crystle Laurio (Minister of Social Functions),
Patrick Chiu (Minister of Social Issues), Literary Club: A New Beginning
Marianna Phung (Minister of Faith), Mr. J. Lepage & Mrs. Dellamea
Mohammed Javed (Minister of School Safety),
Candice Bong (Minister of Records), Andrew Thirty impassioned , imaginative and distinguished students have begun reading The Lovely Bones
Ng (Grade 12 Senator), Erika Capati (Grade 11 by Alice Sebold the first novel to be discussed this year. In the halls of St. Joseph Secondary these
Senator), Megan Sequeira (Grade 10 Senator) students are easily recognizable because of their looks of dismay, heartbreak and melancholy on
and Nikki Hanson (Grade 9 Senator). their faces as they read about a young girl watching her family deal with her murder from heaven.
Along with the heartache, the students express looks of delight and mirth as they follow the
Have a great year, St. Joe’s!!! triumphant struggle of their young heroine, Susie, as she deals with this tragedy. All the hope,
humour, suspense, tragedy and joy of the novel was shared with each other on Thursday Nov. 2nd
Page 12
Nicargua Project
The Nicaragua Project would like to thank St. Joseph community for raising funds in order to donate a van to the office of the Pueblo Indigena de
Mozonte in the northern Nicaragua this past June. The van will be used as a bus to transport members of this indigenous organization to remote regions
of the country to help impoverished communities. Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere second only to Haiti. It is for
this reason that we continue to support the efforts of NGO’s such as Casa Canadiense, a Canadian aid group based in Managua. The Nicaragua Project
is currently working to raise money and awareness for a mission to Esteli, Nicaragua by students and staff from this school. Please continue to support
the efforts of this worthwhile cause.

The driving crew and welcoming

committee surrounding the “Enterprise”.
Handing over the (glowing) keys to the 82 As you can see the ‘boys from the north’ Outside the office of the
year old mayor and one of her colleagues. are all fashionably turned out. indigenous peoples.

The Nicaragua Project’s annual Awake-a-thon fundraiser was a huge success raising over $4000.00! Many thanks to the bleary-eyed staff and students
who participated in the overnight event held Friday Oct 27 in the main floor of the school. Activities include a talent show, a plastic bag fashion show,
yoga, a video games room, sports in the gym, a pie-eating contest, movies and of course, the Fear Factor competition. Everyone had fun while raising
much needed funds for our school mission to Nicaragua in June.

Page 13
Introducing The A New Deca Year
LadyJags at St. Joe’s
This program has been initiated this year to
inspire and empower the female students at The 2006-2007 School Year marks the second
St. Joseph Secondary. The Lady Jags year of St. Joseph DECA. We have many exciting
Mentorship and Leadership Program is
plans for this year including the upcoming
a group of young women dedicated to self
improvement, goal setting, and education. DPCDSB Regional Competition at Father
The focus of this club is to get the young Michael Goetz in November and the Peel
women of this school community to take a Competition at the Mississauga Convention
proactive approach to their futures, and Centre in December.
give them the basic skills that they will
need to achieve their post-secondary goals.
We are actively fundraising for our charitable causes and to cover registration costs. One method
The leadership aspect of our program
stresses the importance of confidence, high we are using is Value Coupon Books, redeemable at hundreds of businesses in Ontario. We also re-
self-esteem, and cooperative skills, while opened the Sheridan College “Hot Spot Café” where we sell coffee, tea, and snacks to Sheridan
our mentorship program encourages the students. There will be many more opportunities for everyone to support our team this year!
girls to lead by example through selfless
acts of kindness. Our first initiative of the Lastly, we present to you the DECA Executive Team for 2006-2007:
year was our Car Wash. Our Mentors and
Members worked well together to raise President – JP Del Carmen
$150.00. Thank you to all of the parents, VP of Finance – Stephanie Wong
teachers and students who supported our VP of Operations – Martin Marasigan
fundraiser. Half of our proceeds will be VP of Communications/PR – Jaren Fabroa/ Stephen Marchment
donated to Vita Manor. Listen up for VP of Marketing – Shagun Randhawa
more Lady Jags Events!
VP of Competitive Events – Gavin Correa & Ayesha Abbasi
Administrative Assistant – Veronica Sales

We look forward to an exciting year and we will make sure that St.
Joe’s rocks the competition!

White Pine
Book Club Nothing But Net!
We are pleased to announce the books for the By Abigail Kitane
2007 White Pine Book Club. These books will
be made available in our library. Students who St. Joes scored a slam dunk on the weekend of October 20-21st when it raised more than $1,000
would like to join the White Pine Book Club or during a charity basketball tournament. The money, along with the several dozens of non-
read along with the club members are asked to
perishable food items raised will go to Mississauga-based Canadian Food for Children. It’s an
give their names to the library staff or attend the
monthly meetings. Membership is free. organization that provides food and clothing for 3rd World countries, run by Dr. Simone. Dr.
Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every Simone is a generous man who has put all of his time, money and effort into helping those in need.
month in the library from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Many people are unaware of Dr. Simone’s organization and its efforts to raise money and food for
Every member will get a copy of the following the starving, malnourished children of the world. “We admire that young people are reaching out
books. Each book will be discussed at a beyond themselves to the needs of the poor in developing countries. Every dollar raised by the
scheduled meeting. students will provide 40 meals”, says Organization’s volunteers. The tournament was hosted by
• After by Francis Chalifour. Tundra Books. members of our Future Business Leadership Association (FBLA), which consists of students from
• The Bonemender by Holly Bennett. Orca all grades. It was the first charity basketball tournament that our school has hosted. FBLA will be
Book Publishers.
continuing to fundraise throughout the
• Four Steps to Death by John Wilson.
Kids Can Press. school year.
• How to be a Hero on Earth 5 by Rob
Payne. Penguin Canada. Girls’ basketball teams from schools across
• me and the Blondes by Teresa Toten. the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School
Penguin Canada. Board, including St. Francis Xavier, St.
• The Penelopiad. by Margaret Atwood.
Aloysius Gonzaga and John Cabot, took
Knopf Canada.
• Shattered by Eric Walters . Viking/Penguin. part in the charity tournament. Donations
• The Sundog Season by John Geddes. were being accepted at the participating
Turnstone Press. schools. Canadian Food for Children is the
• Three Songs for Courage by Maxine only Catholic organization in Canada
Trottier. Tundra Books. shipping necessities to places such as
• Wild Orchid by Beverley
Brenna Africa, Philippines, Brazil, Peru and Sudan.
Page 14
Each week we celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of outstanding young people in our
ATHLETICS school community, either through their athletic or extra-curricular involvement. The following
students were acknowledged as Jaguars of the Week for the first part of the 2006-07 school year:
Senior boys football, junior boys football,
girls flag football, tennis, golf, cross country
Oliver Kathalay – Junior Boys Football Team
running, bantam, junior and senior boys
Mushtaba Habibzi – Junior boys Volleyball Team
volleyball, and senior and junior girls Sean Burke – Golf Team
basketball. From the first day of school back Mike Bartlett – Senior Boys Football Team
in September, St. Joe’s has been a hub of Katie Hunter – Girls Flag Football Team
activity in the gym, on the field, the courts, Whitney Brown – Junior Girls Basketball Team
parks and golf courses. With over 500 Gaelen Sydney – Bantam Boys Volleyball Team
students participating in various sports Robert Spina – Bantam Boys Volleyball Team
throughout the school year, and three new Katherine Furlan – Senior Girls Basketball Team
championship banners hanging proudly in Melisha Tracey – Senior Girls Basketball Team
our gym, the dedicated athletes and coaches Harry Ngo – Senior Boys Football Team
Shannon Murray – Junior Girls Basketball Team
at St. Joe’s have shown that their blood truly
Tiffany Cameron – Junior Girls Basketball Team
does run purple and proud! As our fall sports
Brendan Hall – Cross Country Running Team
teams enter into playoffs in the next few Edel Nazareno – Junior Tennis Team
weeks, we congratulate them on their fine
exhibition of dedication and Christian spirit. C0-CURRICULAR JAGUARS OF THE WEEK
St. Joe’s - you know!!!! Daniel Scarcelli-Casioli – DJ for Jagapolooza Concert
Andrea Haines – Volleyball Tournament Volunteer
Alyssa Parovel – Volleyball Tournament Volunteer
A Great Start PIP Students – assisting with the Offertory Procession
Seyma Saarikok – writer for Jag Force Quest Curriculum
5-0 Volunteers for the Annual St. Joes Sr Boys Volleyball Tournament
Eric Seguin – key organizer of our Awake-a-thon
Future Business Leaders Association – fundraising
Lady Jags – fundraising and mentorship
Aliya Ramjaun – Athletic Council
Kruti Parekh – Athletic Council

Cross Country Running Team

This year there was a large turnout of students
who joined The Cross Country Running Team,
making this season an outstanding one! The
team trained extremely hard this year in
preparation for various competitions. The team
The Junior Girls Basketball Team is on a roll. members demonstrated both enthusiasm and
The lady jags have started the season with a 5- determination throughout the season. Through
0 winning record and are gaining strength as sweat, tears, rain, and the cold, they continued to
they push for a Tier 1 playoff birth. The girls show their commitment to the team and
have been playing solid basketball and represented St. Joseph Secondary School exceptionally well. This year, the team participated in
demonstrated their skills at the Dr. Simone’s various competitions, including: The River Run Invitational, The Joe Sax Invitational, The
Cardinal Carter Invitational, The Heart Lake Invitational and ROPSSAA. On behalf of the
Canadian Food for Children Basketball
coaches: Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Theriault and Ms. Dei-Rocini, we would like to thank all the runners
tournament. The team advanced to the
for their hard work and commitment. GO JAGS!
Championship final but fell short. The team is
led by co-captains; Tiffany Cameron and
Shannon Murray. Team members include;
Mae Ammouri, Alicia Ashmeade, Amanda
Ashmeade, Leslie Atienza-Umali, Whitney
Brown, Danielle Casullo, Valerie Bubicki,
Lylline Gamet, Jayraldyn Laurio, Daniella
Marasovic, Monique Nowak, Natalie
Stoberman. Coaching Staff: Mr. Da Costa,
Ms. Peterson and Mrs. Campbell.
Page 15
Junior Bantam Boys Senior Boys
Boys Volleyball This fall our Bantam Boys Volleyball Team has
had a fun and exciting season! Their recourd is
Volleyball Team
This year the Junior Boys Volleyball Team has 4 wins and 2 losses, with our next couple of
played strongly compiling a 5 and 3 regular games we hope to secure a playoff spot! The
season record as well as being finalists in the team has participated in 3 tournaments thus far,
Unionville and Streetsville tournaments. All one being a junior tournemant - missing the
11 boys have played well and they are looking playoff spot by only 1 point! Your Jags consist
forward to the playoffs which will start soon.
Congratulations to all the boys and best of luck
the rest of the season. Members of this year’s
team are:

The senior boys volleyball team have had a very

busy fall competing in 5 tournaments, hosting
their own 24 team tournament and competing in
of Justin Nguyen, Robert Spina, Andres a 10 game league schedule. The team has been
Jacob, D.J. Mercuri, Paolo Marasigan, Matt very competitive advancing to the quarter finals
Marchese, Ryan Sarmago, Kevin Policarpio, of all the tournaments they have played in.
Robin De Los Santos, Yoshan Manamperi, Although plagued with injuries the team has
Marko Busic, Sunil Bhatta, Ahmed Michael Le, Patrick Mercado, and led by persevered posting an 8 and 1 record and
Bukkari, Derrick Dawang, Mathew Captins, Gaelen Sydney and Dylan Dantas, finishing first in their division. The team looks
Glowacki, Hason Khan, as well as Coaches Chapados and Moser! A forward to being healthy and making a charge in
Mushtaba,Habibzi, Justin Miranda, great big congratulations goes out to Robert the playoffs. The goal for this team is to secure
Jonathan Nguyen, Kael Schuck, Nicholas Spina and Gaelen Sydney for being their second straight trip to the Quad A
Scarcelli (Coaches: G Phillips, G. Hunt) recognized as Jaguars of the week in provincial championships. The senior team is
September. Playoffs begin the second week of led by Mohammed Habibzi, Prabh Singh,
November, good luck boys! and Raman Judge. These veterans have shown
their dedication and commitment to the team
time and again and are a huge part of the team’s
success over the past two seasons. First year
players Travis Bond and Greg Chandler have
also had a positive impact on the team’s success.
Look out playoffs, here we come!

Page 16
As summer came to an end and teachers began to come back to school, the Senior Boys Football team was already back to work. Though the 2006
season started off under the crackling summer sun it will not end until the bitter breeze of Jack Frost is clearly upon us.
This championship squad of athletes got off to a rather slow start, losing the first 2 games to lesser opponents. The Jags bounced back and went on a
3 game winning streak demolishing teams by at least 30 points and securing a place in the playoffs.
The offence, led by Natey Adjai (QB) ripped through all opponents with devastating speed and precise accuracy. The O-Line led by Francis Jun
offered fantastic protection both in the back field and down field. Paul Canzano and Dain DeFlorimonte proved they could not be stopped as they
rushed for a total of 15 touchdowns.

The defense, led by Mike Bartlett (Linebacker) has had an outstanding year allowing the least amount of points in the league, and proving that we are
the hardest hitting team around. The D-Line led by Paul Spudulis (Tackle) and Harry Ngo (D-End) combined for 6 sacks, 10 forced fumbles and a

All and all, the formation of a dynasty has been created. These athletes are some of the best in the province and we are lucky to have them wear the
purple and white.

Junior Football

Our Junior Football team showed great improvement this year and quickly became known around the league for hard hitting and tough play. Team
members showed tremendous effort and dedication all season long, missing the playoffs by only a single touchdown, and represented St. Joseph’s
with pride.”

Page 17
Varsity Girl’s
Flag Football
The Varsity Girl’s Flag Football team began the season with only 6
returning players in the starting line-up. New players worked hard
to learn the plays through the many practices before and after
school. The defense has become a solid unit and adapts to the many
different offensive plays by other teams as evidenced by the number
of interceptions they have to their credit. They are determined and
“ready for some football”. The offense has worked on expanding
their play selection to show off a versatile and quick line.
Unfortunately, early season lack of experience and injuries later on
have hampered their results. Their enthusiasm and drive have not
suffered and we look forward to ending the season on a positive

Jaguar Spirit
Comes Alive On
and Off The
Tennis Courts
Congratulations to the Senior and Junior
Tennis Teams for their good sportsmanship
and dedication. The respective teams
performed well at the regional tournaments
and displayed a positive and team-oriented
attitude. Honourable mention to Voytek
Wrobel of the Senior team and Edel
Nazareno and Jamie Iantorno of the Junior
team who came close to advancing to the
R.O.P.S.S.A.A. Finals.Way to go team and
we’re looking forward to next season!

Page 18
“Canada has committed troops to assist in the rebuilding of Afghanistan, but that task will take some time and there
are many different objectives that must be met before that can occur. We are located in the south of Afghanistan,
in Kandahar province. We have been to all the towns and districts that you have heard of in the news. Canada’s
commitment has (to my knowledge) three different mandates in this country. The first is to train the Afghan
National Police, which is being carried out mostly by the RCMP and other police organizations. The ANP is
plagued by corruption and patronage, but the new recruits are being trained professionally and will soon be able
to maintain order and not be so desperate that bribes are the only way they can get by. The second is reconstruction,
which is being carried out by the Canadian Provincial Reconstruction Team. The PRT assists civilians, meets with
elders and helps rebuild, whether the loss is from the events which are occurring now or as a result of neglect for quite some time. The
last, and the largest effort (of which I am part) is the Battle Group, whose job is to defeat the Taliban. It is at times a very difficult task,
as we operate away from the safety of our main base, and the relative safety of Kandahar.” (Excerpt from a letter written to the St.
Joseph community by Ryan Kenny, a teacher who is presently serving in Afghanistan)

The school band playing TAPS and

background images of Canada's role in
the wars of this century, Mr. Carraro
welcomes the participants to the Bianca Schmutz explains the origins of Andrew Leite reads
assembly. Rememberance Day. “Letter from a Soldier”

Melisha Tracy reads a letter from Wreath bearers and audience Mr. Kelleher's Drama Club
Mr. Kenny to St. Joe's listening attentively illiustrates the Losses of War

Wreaths with pictures of Canadian Students and Staff who

soldiers who died in combat. "Last Post" made it all possible.
Page 19
Summary of Student Activity Fee
September 2005 - June 2006
Registration Fees Collected 104,545.00
Less NSF/Refunds, (6,375.00)
Net Collected 98,170.00

Awards 4,648.00
Retreats 41,000.00
Student Agendas 12,583.00
Student Assistance 3,550.00
Yearbook, , 38,008.00
Total Expenses 99,789.00
(Deficit) (1,619.00)

*Please note that Athletics & all other Clubs are not funded through Registration Fees. They are subsidized via
student generated funds (cafeteria commissions).

1. Mid-term report cards were distributed with this newsletter.
2. 2005-2006 Gr. 9 EQAO Math Results were distributed to Grade 10 Students.
3. Parent Teacher Interview Night is Thursday, November 23, 2006. We encourage
you to please have your child make appointments with their teachers.
4. Period 3 attendance reported on the Report Card will be shown as double the
actual number of absences.

Teacher Future Dates:

Performance Mass is celebrated every Thursday morning

Appraisals – 7:30 – school chapel

Parent Surveys Nov. 23

Nov. 30
Parent Teacher Interviews
Dec. 1 – Pre-Advent Liturgies
The Ontario government recently passed Dec 5 Grade 9 Information Night
legislation establishing performance appraisal 7:00 pm
standards and processes for boards to use in the
evaluation of teachers throughout the province. In Dec. 7 Advent Concert 7:00 pm
accordance with the time lines dictated by the Dec. 11-22 Grad Photos
Ministry of Education, as of September 2003, the Dec. 23– Jan. 7 Christmas Break
Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board
Jan. 17 School Council 7:00 pm
implemented a new performance appraisal policy
(Learning Centre)
to meet the requirements of the new legislation.
* Jan. 23-29 First Semester Examinations
Parental and student input must also be taken into Jan. 30 Semester Turnaround Day
account in the performance appraisal of the *Jan. 31 P.A. Day Provincial Education
teacher. A survey is included in this newsletter. Priorities (Reg. 304)
Parents are asked to comment on their satisfaction
Feb. 1 Exam Feedback Day
with the communication between parent and the
teacher about their child’s learning and progress. Feb. 2 First Day of Second Semester
The Survey may be returned to the school office. Feb. 9 First Semester Reports
Please make additional copies if you would like to *Feb. 16 P.A. Day Provincial Education
comment on more than one teacher. At your Priorities (Reg. 304)
request your name will be removed from the
survey before it is shared with the teacher but no
unsigned surveys will be accepted. * As per revisions from the Board Calendar