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Your Computer Lab Login Account

Initial Password:

Student ID
Date of Birth (DDMMYYYY)


You will be asked to change your password at first login

Password requirements:
o Minimum of 6 characters
o Cannot be the same as any of your previous 5 passwords
o Password will expire every 42 days

Your Student Email

Initial Password:

Student ID
Student ID

Mailbox limit of 20MB

Check your student email regularly for important information
Separate to your my.csu eBox

Your Student Home Folder

You have access to a networked personal folder for quick storage

Accessible from the computer labs as U: drive
200MB of storage


Internet & Printing

Check your current Internet/Print balance via the shortcut on your desktop


900MB ($90) per week

Automatically recharged WEEKLY on Friday morning


160 pages ($16) per month

Automatically recharged MONTHLY on the 1st day of each month

Recharge Vouchers

$5 recharge vouchers can be purchased to top up your credit

Allocate credit to Internet or Print via desktop shortcut
Recharge amounts do not expire once allocated in your account
Recharge vouchers and info sheets are available from reception

Internet Usage

Please be aware that Internet access is logged

Content filtering also applies
Severe consequences apply to students found accessing inappropriate content
Wide range of study-related sites including CSU, webmail are exempt from charge

Computer Lab Usage

Do NOT eat or drink in the labs

Do NOT unplug any cables or computer equipment
Students must adhere to the CSU Computer Access Policy as signed upon enrolment


Wireless Internet

Free high speed WiFi is available to students on campus

Does NOT count towards your weekly Internet quota
Certain content categories are speed limited to ensure performance on the entire
campus network
Speed limited content includes music streaming, social media, download sites
Educational sites are bandwidth prioritised
Connect to CSU Students network and login using your lab login

CSU Systems

You will need to activate your CSU account on first use



Personalised portal to CSU online services and facilities

Access to timetables, exam schedules, enrolments, transcripts
Access your eBox for official University communications
Access and update personal information
Pay and check finance balances

CSU Interact


Online learning environment

Access to subject materials, announcements, forums, wikis
Each subject you are enrolled in has its own subject site

Please contact IT or Student Services if you have any issues with WiFi or lab performance.

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