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Choose a, b or c to answer the following questions.

How long was the monster?

a. 2,000 feet
b. 6 feet
c. 200 feet


Who was Dr Pierre Aronnax?

a. Captain of the Abraham Lincoln
b. A well-known scientist
c. The ship's engineer


What did Dr Aronnax do before boarding the Abraham Lincoln!

a. He wrote an article
b. He packed his bags
c. He asked to see his cabin


Who watched the Abraham Lincoln leave?

a. The mysterious creature
b. Dr. Aronnax's assistant, Conseil
c. A lot of people

2. - Read the sentences. Write T for True and F for False in the boxes.
1. The creature didn't travel very quickly. (T)
2. The Abraham Lincoln was a warship. (T)
3. Dr Aronnax gave Conseil an invitation to join the expedition. (T)
4. Dr Aronnax believed that the mysterious creature was a very big sea creature.
5. The Abraham Lincoln sailed towards the Pacific Ocean. (F)
3. - Match the words 1-6 with their meanings a-f

a. crash
b. bags and suitcases
c. very, very large
d. happenings
e. inside part
f. big sea creature

4. - Complete the following sentences using the prepositions in the box.

1. Jenny was born in the summer on 1983.
2. People travel from all to the world to visit the Pyramids of Egypt
3. Mary is not here. She is in London for the weekend.
4. Give this over James, please.
5. John will spend the summer of an expedition to the North Pole
5. - Discuss.
1. What other sea creatures do you know of? I know of no creature in special
2. Have you ever travelled by ship? Where did you go? eh never traveled by boat
3. What kind of magazine articles do you read? science and tegnology
4. Do you believe the people on the Abraham Lincoln will find the monster? The
truth history says it all
6. - Imagine you are the captain of the Abraham Lincoln. Just before you
leave on your expedition, write an invitation to Dr Aronnax asking him to join
you on your search for the narwhal. (60-80 words)
Dr. Aronnax
Dear scientist friend
Today I write this invitation for the purpose of seeing you back with us to go out an
expedition under the sea, looking for a sea monster.
it is not known when we return, if we find other things that only few people know, but
what I can assure esque be an extraordinary and wonderful adventure
I hope to see you soon in the narwhal
Greetings to your family
see you soon

1. - Answer the following questions.
1. What had Captain Farragut decided to do to the sea monster? Wanted to kill
2. Who was Ned Land? the best harpooner on earth
3. Where did the ship sail? the ship sailed from atlantic to the pacific
4. For how long had they been sailing on 5 November? For over four months
5. Where was the Abraham Lincoln when they first saw the sea monster? Dr
aronnax is excitement at tha moment
2.-Match the two halves of the sentences below.
1. Dr Aronnax
2. Captain Farragut
3. Ned Land
4. The crew
5. The sea monster

a. wanted to go back home.

b. was amazed at the size of the creature.
c. appeared on 8 November.
d. was the first person to see the creature
e. believed Dr Aronnax s theory.

3.-Choose a, b or c to complete the sentences.
There was a___________of six sailors on the sailboat.
a. seaman
b. view
c. crew
John's car was badly
a. damaged

in the accident.
b. harpooned

c. sworn

We must do our best to make this project work, don't you

a. agree
b. believe
c. head
Don't talk to me about ghosts. I don't believe they
a. cheer
b. argue
c. exist
4. - Complete the crossword with words from Chapter 2.
1. A very large sea animal WHALE
3. The world, the planet we live on EARTH
5. The top part or area of something
e.g. water

2. The opposite of day NIGHT
4. A person who works on a ship
6. Comeback
7 Look tor TURTLE
8 What you shoot from a gun BULLET

1. If you were in Captain Farragut's place, what would you do to calm the crew?
my crew should be trained to any event that is of at sea
2. How do you think you would feel after four months of travel at sea?
stressed crazy and desperate to see land
3. How do you think the crew felt when they saw how big the creature was?
the crew felt fear and panic when they saw the mosntruo
4. What do you think the creature will do?
very large, could not bear to leave or panic escape the creature
6. - Imagine that you are a crew member on the Abraham Lincoln. Write a
short letter to a friend of yours describing the events that took place on
the last day of the search for the monster. (60-80 words)
Dear friend
I hope you are well, a lot do not you writing uh, does maybe because I'm under the
sea and no messenger for it ....
I am having seen incredible things here at sea spent several problems finally found
the creature

the crew and I were amazed at how big it was, we scared and in panic here
and for months we have not seen land and is a bit sofocane be alone under the
but hey I hope you are well
greetings over there

1. - Put the sentences in the correct order. Write the numbers 1-7 in the

( 5 ) The lights from the monster disappeared and it shot two jets of
water at the Abraham Lincoln.
( 4 ) When Dr Aronnax moved up to the surface, all he could see were the
lights of the Abraham Lincoln in the distance.
( 3 ) Ned Land was furious because the monster kept escaping.
( 1 ) Ned threw his harpoon at the creature and it made a loud ringing
( 6 ) He went deep into the water but he somehow managed to get back
to the surface.
( 7 ) When night came they were still hunting the creature.
( 2 ) Dr Aronnax was thrown overboard by the force of the water.

2.- Choose the correct answer.

1. Conseil jumped into the sea / the rail after Dr Aronnax.
2. Ned landed on the creature / the hatch when he fell into the sea.
3. Dr Aronnax was very relieved / furious when Conseil came to his rescue.
4. The creature was made of steej" / skin.
5. A man /Eight men took the three friends inside their ship.
3. - Complete the following sentences using the prepositions in the box.






1. I would like it if you came out my wedding.

2. He drove at great speed through the centre of the town.
3. Tim will travel to his village in car.
4. Jenny got up of her car and went into the bank.
5. I prefer swimming by the sea than a swimming pool.
6. She went to the stairs from the ground floor to the second floor.
4. - Find the opposites of the following words in Chapter 3:

1. soft _____________________________hard
(page 10)
2. appear ___________________________disappear
(page 10)
3. sad ______________________________cheerful
(page 10)
4. asked ____________________________answer
(page 10)
5. dry ______________________________ drippy (page 10)
6. light (adj.) _________________________ dark (page 10)
7. stop _____________________________ below (page 10)
8. light (n.) __________________________ darked (page 10)
Follow-up activities
1. How do you think Dr Aronnax felt when he saw the ship sailing away from him?
He wondered if it was a creature but to see his eyes sparkled as he
2. What do you think of Conseil's reaction?
I think I act in a bold way and fast
3. What do you think it is like inside the monster?
to enter into the creature realized that it was a submarine
4. What do you think will happen to the three friends?
the capture to continue an investigation
6.-Captain Farragut told the newspapers all about their battle with the
creature and the disappearance of the three men. Write a short newspaper
PROFESSOR. (60-80 words)
news impossible
farragut captain disappeared
the journey of the farragut captain had set out in search of one, when partio giant
sea creature did not know who had spent months, years looking for the
creature across the Atlantic sea with his crew
spend time and did not return until it was never really the giant creature and
show that if there was.
until now his whereabouts is not known. reporting to you J.C.

1.-Choose a, b or c to complete the following sentences.
1. When the men were taken on to the Nautilus
a. they ate first, then slept.
b. they slept first, then ate.
c. they changed their clothes first, then ate.
2. Captain Nemo asked them
a. if they would like to go on land. b. why they wanted to be his guests.
c. why they had attacked his ship.
3. When they dined with Captain Nemo,
a. they had meat.
b. Ned disliked the food.
c. they ate only seafood.
4. In the library of the Nautilus,
a. there were six thousand books.
b. there were seven thousand books.
c. there were twelve thousand books.
2. - Match the two halves to make sentences
1. The masked men took
Dr. Aronnax and his friends
2. Captain Nemo spoke politely
3. Ned really enjoyed
4. Everything they were served
5. The walls of the rooms were

a. the food that they were served.

b. decorated with painting by great artists.
c. to the men but seemed angry.
d. to a large room and locked them in.
e. was delicious.

3. - Complete the sentences using the words in the box.
surprise board pale pleased delicious
The food at the party was delicious and everybody enjoyed it.
John was very pleased with his exam results.
There were 120 people on board when the plane crashed.
I don't think Susan is very well. She looks very pale
It was a big surprise for Beth to see Tina again after all these years.

4. - Complete the phrases using the verbs in the box.

wake lock set sit put fall
1.________________PUT the table for dinner
2.________________FALL asleep
3.________________WAKE up early
4.________________SET on some clothes
5.________________SIT down
6.________________LOCK the door
Follow-up activities
1. What kind of food do you think the men ate on the Nautilus?
the crew of nauthilus ate seafood sea
2. What is an underwater ship?
underwater expeditions, discoveries in addition to find sunken ships
3. Where did Captain Nemo get all his treasures from?
of the deep sea in sunken ships
4. Why doesn't Captain Nemo let the men go free? Is he right to do so?
I did not have any reason to keep them locked in a room against their will if
the final wanted his help dr. Aronnax
6.-Imagine that you are Conseil and that you are keeping a diary. Write a
paragraph describing your first day on the Nautilus. (60-80 words)
Dear Diary
My first day in the nauthilus was not very nice, I am currently locked in a cabin by orders of
captain nemo, eh not able to control motion sickness here under the sea to 20000 leagues.
after a while the captain I invite my colleagues and me to accompany him on the table and
clarify some ideas of research .... so soon was an unpleasant welcome

1. - Answer the following questions.
1. Why was Captain Nemo especially polite to Dr Aronnax?
2. What were the underwater suits made of?
3. How far below the surface of the ocean is the forest of the Island of Crespo?
4. What frightened Dr Aronnax in the underwater forest?
5. What swam above the men just outside the Nautilus?
2. - Read the sentences. Write T for True or F for False in the boxes.
1. The Nautilus was travelling in the Pacific.
2. The Nautilus went through a forest.
3. The underwater suits were supplied with oxygen.
4. The sea spider was a friendly creature.
5. Sharks have excellent eyesight.
3.-Choose a, b or c to complete the sentences.
1. I have been_________to Mary's birthday party at the weekend.
a. grateful
b. invited
c. received
2. The teacher was_______by how quickly the child learnt to read.
a. ready
b. horrified
c. amazed
3. Mr Simmons has many different kinds of_______ in his garden
a. fairyland
b. roots
c. plants
4. The horror film was so frightening that the children were
for the whole two hours.
a. pushing
b. admiring
c. screaming
5. The_______from Moscow to Paris by car is a very long one.
a. journey
b. sight
c. depth
4. - Complete the crossword with words from Chapter 5.

1. To do as you are told

1. An insect with eight thin long legs
2. The largest ocean
6. A large area covered by trees
8. Matching jacket and trousers
2. Shoes that cover the foot and the ankle
5. Going onto land from the sea
7. Well-known
9. Midday meal

Follow-up activities
1. Would you like to visit a place like the forest of Crespo?
2. Have you ever travelled by sea? Did you like it?
3. What are the dangers someone might face at sea?
4. Have you ever seen a shark? What other dangerous sea creatures do you know
6.-Imagine you are Dr Aronnax. Write a diary entry describing your
underwater adventure in the forest of the Island of Crespo. (60-80 words)

1. - Put the sentences in the correct order. Write the numbers 1-7 in the

) While they were eating, a stone fell and almost hit Dr Aronnax.
) All of them were grateful they escaped from the savages.
) Dr Aronnax, Conseil and Ned went to visit a beautiful island in the Timor Sea.
) They ran as quickly as they could back to their boat.
) The three of them spent the day hunting birds and collecting vegetables.
) The men looked around and saw a group of wild men running towards them.
) In the evening, Ned prepared a delicious meal for the three of them.

2.-Complete the summary of Chapter 6 using one word in each blank.

The Nautilus was travelling (1)__________Indonesia when it (2) ___________a
reef in the Timor Sea. The captain said that the (3) ________would help them in
four days. The men visited a (n) (4)______nearby,
_________, but some (6) ____________attacked them and they returned to the
Their trip continued and everything was alright, until one day the
(7)_____________asked Dr Aronnax to (8)____________one of the men in his
crew. The (9)____________day the man died and Nemo and his men
(10)__________him in an underwater (11)__________in the Coral Kingdom.
3.- Choose the correct answer.
1. The children were very happy about the excursion / stone to the seaside.
2. The police caught the man who suffered / escaped from prison yesterday.
3. My grandfather was gathered/ wounded in a battle.
4. The pilot managed to land the plane especially/safely.
5. The baby was sleeping with a peaceful / juicysmile on her face.
4. - Choose a, b or c to complete the sentences.
1. Sue bought a beautiful bracelet made of__.
a. pigeon
b. coral
c. reef
2. The teacher gave the student___to leave the room.
a. permission
b. safely
c. damage

3. He was very___i_ when his dog died.

a. magnificent
b. ironic
c. sad
4. The men took their guns and left for a two-day_in the forest.
a. hunt
b. submarine
c. arrow
5. They discovered an ancient___in their back yard.
a. shape
b. museum
c. cemetery
Follow-up activities
5.- Discuss.
1.Why do you think the Nautilus wasn't damaged by the reef?
2.What do you believe the savages would have done to the men if they had caught
3.What do you think Captain Nemo means by saying "you can't find a place in the
world without savages"?
4.Do you think Captain Nemo likes people? Why/Why not?
6.-Imagine you are Ned Land. Write a diary entry narrating your adventure on
the island with the savages, your escape and Captain Nemo's reaction to it
all. (60-80 words)

1.-Choose a, b or c to complete the following sentences.
1. Professor Aronnax was very happy they were in the Red Sea because
a. he wanted to study its marine life.
b. he thought they would sail around Africa from there.
c. he thought it would be a good chance for them to escape.
2. The Nautilus entered the Mediterranean
a. through an underground channel.
b. through the boiling waters of Santorini.
c. through an underwater river.
3. In the Greek islands
a. the Nautilus rescued a shipwrecked man.
b. the Nautilus did a lot of fishing.
c. the Nautilus sailed through very hot water.
4. Dr Aronnax realised that Captain Nemo
a. robbed ships at sea.
b. sank ships to take their treasure. t
c. helped poor people with his riches.
2.-Complete the summary of Chapter 7 using one word in each blank.
The Nautilus sailed from the (1)________Sea to the Mediterranean through a(n)
(2)___________channel. Then it sailed to the (3) _____________islands and went
to Santorini, which is near an active (4)_______. Ned thought that it was a good
chance for them to (5) ____________, but the water was too hot and they couldn't.
From there, the Nautilus went to the (6) __________coast.
(7) _________ saw the crew collect treasure from a (8) _________ship. After a talk
with Captain Nemo, Aronnax (9) ___________that the captain didn't hate all men,
but he tried to help (10) ___________ people when he could.
3. - Complete the sentences below with the words in the box.
coast anxious trip volcano study wrong
1. Jenny was so___________the night before the test that she couldn't sleep.
2. Ian is going to____________French this winter.

3. I thought that tomatoes are vegetables, but I was ___________. They're fruit.
4. We will go on a school___________to the seaside next week.
5. Madagascar is an island near the South West ____________of Africa.
6. Vesuvius is a famous Italian___________
Find words in Chapter 7 which mean the same as:
1. surely _________________________________
2. feeling happy and enthusiastic _____________
3. with great power or force __________________
4. the opposite of wrong ____________________
5. rescue ________________________________
6. a large strong box _______________________
7. a large amount of money __________________
Follow-up activities
1. What do you know about the places mentioned in Chapter 7?
2. Do you know of any famous volcanoes?
3. What kinds of sports can people do at sea? Have you tried any of them?
4. How do you think Captain Nemo uses the treasures he collects from the sea?
What do you think of that?
6.-Imagine that you are Ned Land. Write a letter to Dr Aronnax, which you are
going to give him secretly, explaining your plan to escape the Nautilus. (6080 words)

1. - Read the following statements. In each box write T if the sentence is True
and F if it is False.
1. The Nautilus left the Atlantic and entered the Mediterranean.
2. Nemo invited Dr Aronnax and his friends on an excursion.
3. Captain Nemo took Dr Aronnax to Atlantis.
4. The red light Dr Aronnax saw, came from an ancient city.
5. Some whaling boats chased the Nautilus.
2. - Put the sentences in the correct order. Write the numbers 1-7 in the

) They were the eyes of giant lobsters and crabs.

) Captain Nemo invited Dr Aronnax to go on an excursionwith him.
) Captain Nemo said that it was the ancient city of Atlantis.
) The men eventually came to the ruins of a great city.
) When they left the ship, the water was very dark.
) On the way, Dr Aronnax saw thousands of bright lights.
) Dr Aronnax was amazed by the magnificent sight.

3.-Choose a, b or c to complete the following sentences.
1. We visited the______of an ancient temple last week.
a. cities
b. ruins
c. castles
2. Everest is the highest_____in the world.
a. roof
b. cave
c. mountain
3. Sheila______her hand at Ben, but he didn't see her.
a. waved
b. reached
c. rose
4. The children set out to______the forest.
a. climb
b. return
c. explore
5. In this factory, they burn______to produce electricity.
a. crab
b. coal
c. submarine
4.-Complete the crossword using words from Chapter 8.
1. The extreme South and the extreme North points of the Earth
2. Morning meal
3. Very, very old
5. Opportunity

4. What comes out of a volcano?
6. Wonderful
7. Frozen water
8. Something that you cannot forget
9. What usually covers the beach and the bottom of the sea
10.Opposite of alive

Follow-up activities.
1. Have you heard of Atlantis before?
2. Do you believe that Atlantis existed? Why? / Why not?
3. Would you like to go on an excursion like the one Captain Nemo took Dr Aronnax
4. Do you think the three friends will ever escape the Nautilus?
6.-Imagine that you are Dr Aronnax. Write in your diary about your excursion
to Atlantis. (60-80 words)

1.-Choose a, b or c to answer the following questions.
1. At the South Pole,
a.some walruses and seals caused the Nautilus trouble.
b.an iceberg that turned over trapped the Nautilus.
c.a giant squid stopped the Nautilus.
2. They eventually freed the Nautilus
a.by taking turns digging it out of the ice.
b.by using the ship itself to break the ice.
c.after they had run out of oxygen.
3. Ned Land felt that
a. they would be prisoners on the Nautilus for ever.
b.they would have a chance to escape near the Bahamas.
c. they should try to escape near the South Pole.
4. Dr Aronnax wanted to escape from the Nautilus
a.to visit the West Indies.
b. to study the habits of giant squid.
c. to write a book.
5. The giant squid
a.stopped the Nautilus
b.looked like a bird
c. weighed fifty pounds.
2. - Complete the following sentences using the words in the box.
noise beak iceberg continent expedition accident
1. The Titanic sank after hitting a(n)___________.
2. Mary is going to join a(n)___________to Mount Everest.
3. Australia along with New Zealand and the Pacific Islands are a(n) ___________
4. Young children make a lot of__________when they are playing.
5. John broke his arm in a car__________.
6. The seabird held a small fish in its_________.
3.-Find words in Chapter 9 which mean the same as:

1. arrived at a place you were going to___________

2. not easy ________________________________
3. worryingly _______________________________
4. an element which is necessary for life ____________
5. near to _________________________________
6. food cooked over a fire _____________________
7. a heavy tool for cutting e.g. trees _____________
Follow-up activities
1. Would you like to visit the South Pole? Why? / Why not?
2. Why do you think Captain Nemo left a flag at the South Pole?
3. What would have happened if the Nautilus had run out of oxygen? How
important is oxygen for life?
4. Do you like seafood? What kind of food do you prefer to eat?
5.-Imagine that you are Captain Nemo. Write in your diary about losing a
member of your crew to the giant squid and how this makes you feel. (60-80

1. - Answer the following questions.
1. Why did Captain Nemo not speak to anyone for days?
2. When Dr Aronnax asked Captain Nemo to free them, what did Nemo answer?
3. What did the Nautilus do to the warship that attacked it?
What did Dr Aronnax see Captain Nemo looking at in his room?
4. Where did Dr Aronnax find himself after the maelstrom?
2.-Complete the following sentences with the names in the box.
The Nautilus Dr Aronnax Captain Nemo Ned Land
1.____________and______________watched the American coast coming closer
from the platform of____________________.
2.____________told the others that their best chance to escape was when they
were near the American coast.
3.____________thought that______________might have changed his mind about
them leaving.
4.____________told______________that they could never leave .
5. A large warship came close and started shooting at _________________
6. ___________________sank the warship with all her crew on board. 60
3. - Match the words 1-8 with their definitions a-h.
1. demand
2. hopeless
3. hurricane
4. cannon
5. sink
6. silent
7. puzzled
8. faint

a. totally quiet, without sound

b. a large, heavy gun
c. go down below the surface of water
d. pass out, lose consciousness
e. unable to understand
f. without any hope left
g. a violent storm with very strong winds
h. ask for something firmly

4.-Choose a, b or c to complete the sentences below.

1. Joe was so____about failing the test he did not want to go out with his friends.
a. loud
b. senseless
c. upset
2. The submarine_____below the surface to avoid the storm.
a. escaped
b. dived
c. pushed
3. Many buildings were____in the explosion.
a. shocked
b. destroyed
c. tossed
4. Jenny is having a___of herself painted by a very famous artist.
a. portrait
b. platform
c. body
5. It was a_____that no one was killed in the accident.
a. whirlpool
b. miracle
c. hut
Follow-up activities
1. Why do you believe Captain Nemo won't let the men leave the Nautilus?
2. Why did the warship shoot at the Nautilus?
3. Do you believe that Captain Nemo is a bad man? Why?/Why not?
4. Did the men make the right decision to try to escape in the middle of a
hurricane? What would you have done in their place?
6. Imagine you are a journalist. Write a short article for your newspaper,
telling the amazing story of the three men, under the heading: 20,000

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Student's Book
by Jules Verne adapted by H.Q. Mitchell

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