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Biographic data
Nurse : Good morning Miss, Iam nurse cicci, I will treat you from this
morning until 2pm. Are you miss ayu right?
Patient : Good morning nurse. Yes Iam
: miss ayu, could you tell me when you
Patient : my birthday is Januari 10 1997
: whats your job?
Patient : my job is bank employees
: good and are you married?
Patient : yes I have 2 children
: where you address?
Patient : I live in kumala
b. Chief complaint or reason
: what is troubling you Miss?
Patient : I have chest pain, my chest can feel like it is being pressed or
squeezed by a heavy object, and pain can radiate from the chest to the jaw,
neck, arms and back.
Nurse : you have been working very hard lately havent you?
Patient : yes, I have. and I feel overwhelming of anxiety and weak
c. History of present illness
Nurse : when your chest pain is started miss?
Patient : I was well until last week, but 2 days ago the pain briefly occurred
while I was read a book and I felt like gasping for breath so my husband
brough me here to hospital.
Nurse : it is your firstly you come to hospital (?)
Patient : I have pernah dirawat dengan diabetes
d. Past history
Nurse : Are you have experiences with childhood illness like chicken pox,
mumps measles, rebella, treptococcus infections and other significance
Patient : yes I have gotten chicken pox, but my mom said its not serious
illness, it is not need to hospitalization
Nurse : are you have an allergic?
Patient : no
e. Family history of illness
Nurse : where is your parent?
Patient : my parent have death because heart disease
Nurse : both of them?
Patient : no, my father got heart disease and I dont know what happen with
my mom she look like so health but 2 years ago she have leave me.

Life style
Nurse : I am sorry, but are you smoker?
Patient : honestly yes, I currently smokes 2 packs of cigarettes/day. I start to
smoke when my mom has death and I cant quit from smoke
Nurse : you look like so kurus are you doing diet?

Patient : yes after I have melahirkan anak kedua I look gendut so I just eat
once per day
g. Social data
Nurse : I dont ever see your child and your husband
Patient : oh yes he early back to home, because my children wanna go to
Nurse : are you have an ethnic affliation?
Patient : yes I am buginese
h. Psychological data
Nurse : so miss ayu, what do you feel right now?
Patient : I feel like I cant do anything if I am sick, I have to get well soon so I
can do my activity I have to care of my children
Nurse : youre mom, so you have to get well soon.
Patient : yah thank you nurse
Nurse : I have you go in side room, if you need anything you can tell your
husband to call me at nurse stations, and I will be back at 12 pm. Bye bye
miss ayu see you later
Patient : see you nurse!