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Ridge Lines

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The Carquinez Strait Scenic Loop Trail: A New Collaboration

he Ridge Trail Council is hard Bay Trail route, skirts the edges of the
at work on a unique new trail: Carquinez Strait and has community
a 50-mile loop around the connections to Vallejo, Benicia, Mar-
Carquinez Strait. A scenic eight-mile tinez, and Crockett. On the southern
channel bounded by dramatic bluffs, part of the outer and southern loops,
the strait straddles the border between the Ridge Trail follows a high ridge-
Solano and Contra Costa counties line, offering spectacular bird’s eye
and is an ideal setting for a major recre- views and a more natural trail experi-
ational trail. When the new pedestrian ence.
and bike path opens on the Benicia- The Ridge Trail Council has
Martinez Bridge next year, the council focused significant energy over the
will celebrate this new bridge access— last few years on closing gaps in the
a two-mile addition to the Ridge southern route. Since 2006, we have
Trail—by also having closed as many dedicated three important trail seg-
gaps as possible on the proposed ments here: 4.5 miles in Crockett Hills
loop trail. Regional Park, 1.25 miles in the John
The Bay Area Ridge Trail and the Muir National Historic Site (the Mt.
San Francisco Bay Trail—the Bay Wanda segment), and 7.5 miles in the
Area’s two major regional trails—con- Pinole Watershed (half of which is on
verge at the Carquinez Strait and share the loop trail). These new trails, all
alignments across the two bridges (Al providing magnificent views, are key
Zampa and Benicia-Martinez) and on links in the loop trail. A $100,000
the north side of the strait. Because grant from the Richard and Rhoda
of this shared alignment, the two trail Goldman Fund, awarded in March,
organizations are working collabora- is giving us additional momentum to
tively to complete the loop trail. complete the 50-mile loop and will
Thirty-seven miles of the Carquinez help us promote the trail.
Strait Scenic Loop Trail are currently The Carquinez Strait is a remark-
accessible and pass through an amazing able central feature to the loop trail.
range of national, state, and regional The water from California’s Sacra-
parks, as well as watershed lands: the mento and San Joaquin rivers flows
Benicia State Recreation Area, Mar- through the strait as it passes between
tinez Regional Shoreline, Carquinez Suisun Bay and San Pablo Bay.
Strait Regional Shoreline, John Muir Because the strait connects the
National Historic Site, Pinole Water- Central Valley with the bay, its adja-
shed, and Crockett Hills Regional cent lands have many microclimates,
Park. The East Bay Regional Park Dis- with varied landscapes and habitats.
trict alone has 3,500 acres of parkland The navigable channel is used for
on the strait’s southern shore. shipping, and a railroad, built in the
The proposed trail includes three 1870s, traverses its southern shore.


intertwining loops around the strait: The strait was also once a salmon-


an outer strait loop (32 miles), an fishing ground with canneries on its A hiker at the Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline. Photo by John Karachewski,


inner strait loop (26 miles), and a NAPA COUNTY shores. The California and Hawaiian
southern strait loop (27 miles). The SugarHiddenbrooke
Company moved to Crockett in

Hawaii, and today processes more than accessible. The road connects to the
inner loop, which coincides with the 1903 to process raw sugar cane from
Blue Rock 700,000 tons of cane sugar annually. recently opened Pinole Watershed
Springs Park
The loop trail currently has a dozen Trail and is being transferred to the
29 680 gaps, totaling approximately 13 miles. East Bay Regional Park District,
Vallejo The longer gaps, listed below, are key which is working to open it to the
priorities: public in the near future.
780 • Vallejo Bluff (2.1 miles): Located on • Fernandez Ranch (1.4 miles):
Benicia State
Recreation ay the cliffs above the Carquinez Strait, Owned by the Muir Heritage Land
n this gap lies between the Al Zampa Trust, the 700-acre ranch will soon
open to the public. The Ridge Trail

Bridge and an existing trail on the


Al Zampa Bridge Crockett Benicia


in Benicia-
bluff. When complete, the trail will Council has worked with the land

Port Martinez
trust to design and build a segment


Pa Rodeo
Costa Bridge
offer stunning views of the strait, the
of the Ridge Trail, which will con-

Sa a i Martinez
bay, and the Al Zampa Bridge.

t Regional
Crockett Hills
Carquinez Shoreline nect to the recently opened Pinole
Regional Park
680 • Benicia (1.5 miles): This gap is Watershed Trail.
4 Shoreline located on city streets between
John Muir
National downtown Benicia and the Benicia- • Carquinez Scenic Drive (4.3 miles):
Historic Site
4 Martinez Bridge. By closing this gap, This roadway, the Bay Trail route,
we will provide an alternative com- traverses the edge of the high bluffs
Mt. Wanda
mute route for residents in Vallejo, along the south side of the Car-
El Sobrante Ridge
Trail Benicia, and Martinez. quinez Strait between Crockett and
Carquinez Strait Martinez. A two-mile portion of the
Scenic Loop Trail • Benicia-Martinez Bridge (2 miles):
San road was closed in the 1980s after
The old bridge is being retrofitted, landslides made it impassable. The
Wildcat Canyon
Regional Park EBMUD and when opened in late 2009, it Contra Costa County Public Works
80 Planned/ Existing
Carquinez Loop
will carry four lanes of southbound Department, East Bay Regional Park

El Cerrito
Other Ridge and
Bay Trail Segments traffic in addition to a new two-way District, and Bay Trail recently com-
Tilden 0 1 2 miles Walnut
bicycle and pedestrian pathway. pleted a detailed engineering study
Park 0 1 2 3 kilometers 24 • Feeder Trail (3.8 miles): This aban- and conceptual design that identi-
doned road, owned by Contra Costa fied the improvements necessary
Berkeley Orinda County, has been a public right-of- to convert the old roadway into a
way for decades but because it is not bicycle and pedestrian trail.
Map by Ben Pease. maintained, the trail is not currently Continued on page 3
the view from here

Dear Friends,
council news Twenty years ago, William Penn Mott Jr. envisioned an uninterrupted
trail on the ridgelines around San Francisco Bay for hikers, cyclists,
and equestrians. And while many great ideas are like dormant seeds
New Grants to Result in Ridge Trail Miles
waiting to germinate, Mott’s dream sprouted, took deep root, and is
Thanks to the public’s consistent support of statewide park- and open-space bearing fruit.
bonds, the State Coastal Conservancy continues to fund the Ridge Trail Council’s
competitive grant program. These grants help our partners leverage local, federal, Thanks to the inspiration of a great idea—and the perspiration and
and other funds and resources to advance the Ridge Trail. The Coastal Conser- persistence of founders, hardworking advocates, strong and support-
vancy recently approved six grants to the following agencies and nonprofits for ive partners, volunteers, and long-time and new members like you, the Ridge Trail dream is
planning, design, and construction projects: being realized. Today, 313 miles of trail are open and we are working steadily to complete all
• Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District: 550 miles, with the enthusiastic support of a new generation.
$225,000 to build the 4.3-mile North Slope Sonoma Ridge Trail and a 0.6-mile
The Carquinez Strait Scenic Loop Trail, featured on the cover, is a small-scale replica of
spur trail. The new trail will dramatically improve public access and enjoyment
the shared regional Ridge Trail and Bay Trail concept because it includes an outer ridgeline
of Sonoma Mountain and will help protect unique, diverse habitats, includ-
trail and an inner trail hugging the shoreline. Stunning stretches of trail are already open,
ing bunch-grass meadows, oak woodlands, bay forests, and redwood groves. It
and piece by piece, we are filling in the gaps. When complete, the 50-mile loop will offer
traverses properties owned by the district, Sonoma County Parks Department,
more than recreation, it will: link the Ridge Trail and Bay Trail for hiking, riding, running,
and California State Parks, and connects to existing Ridge Trail in Jack London
and more; create a connected corridor of open space for people and wildlife; offer an
State Historic Park. The new trail will offer stellar views of Mt. Diablo, Bennett
outstanding setting for learning about natural science, geology, and Native American and
Peak, Red Mountain, and Bald Mountain.
California history; provide a route for non-motorized transportation; and offer all the rich
benefits to mind, body, and spirit that trails bestow.

You can venture out solo or with family and friends any time to explore dedicated Carqui-
nez Loop or Ridge Trail sections. But consider other options, such as one of our signature
annual trail events like Ridge-to-Bridge in Marin (each April) or the Ridge Trail Cruz
(September 20). These are fully supported events so all of the planning, routing, food,
water, and shuttling are taken care of—all you have to do is enjoy the trail and the cama-
raderie of fellow outdoor enthusiasts. Perhaps you are inspired to spend several consecutive
days and nights out on the trail? This year, the East Bay Hills Equestrian Ride &
Through-Hike welcomes hikers for the first time—join for a day or up to five in a row
(late August).

For a less strenuous activity, don’t miss Tour de Fat in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park
on July 19. The event is billed as a “ballyhoo of bikes and beer” and sponsored by New Bel-
gium Brewing Company. Last, but not least, volunteer to help build or maintain a trail, lead
an outing, or contribute other talents. Check our website for details or contact us directly.

Happy trails,
Janet McBride
Executive Director
Hikers on Sonoma Mountain’s north slope. Photo courtesy of the Sonoma County Agricultural Preserva-
tion and Open Space District.

• Solano Transportation Authority: $55,000 to develop a coordinated plan for Jose’s Berryessa neighborhood, will allow dedication of three miles of Ridge Trail
a Ridge Trail alignment in the State Route 12/Jamison Canyon/I-80/I-680 cor- (by connecting to existing trail to the east) as early as this fall. The Penitencia
ridor, which straddles Napa and Solano counties, extends about 3.7 miles, and Creek Trail also offers a non-motorized transportation alternative to access nearby
includes several key Ridge Trail gaps. The study will also produce preliminary schools, parks, and a light-rail station.
cost estimates, a funding plan, and an implementation strategy.
• San Francisco Public Utilities Commission: $185,000 for environmental stud- Volunteers Repair Damaged Trail
ies, construction-ready designs, and cost estimates for a 4.8-mile trail in the This winter we had some unfortunate damage to our two-year-old Napa Solano
Upper Crystal Springs Watershed (paralleling Skyline Boulevard) in San Mateo Trail. Cattle from an adjacent grazing area pushed through an opening in the
County. When constructed, the trail will offer unrestricted public access to the fence, and in the wet weather, they trampled the trail, causing severe erosion. In
north and will connect to Skylawn’s planned two-mile trail and then to ten addition, severe winter storms knocked down several trees across the trail and
additional miles along the Fifield-Cahill and Sweeney ridges. To the south, the on one of the bridges. We had to
trail will connect to 11.5 more miles of existing Ridge Trail, through Purisima close the trail but with the help of
Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve and on to Wunderlich County Park. dedicated volunteers and a group
Altogether, we can look forward to 28 continuous Ridge Trail miles between from the California Conservation
Sweeney Ridge and Wunderlich County Park.   Corps, we repaired all the damage in
• Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy: $385,000 to build a new 1.4-mile April and the trail is now open and
multiuse trail on Dias Ridge in Marin between Highway 1 at Muir Beach and returned to its original condition.
the Mount Tamalpais State Park boundary. The trail is part of a larger restora- To start, a group of highly moti-
tion and trail-improvement program to decommission eroded trails and restore vated volunteers helped clear out all
critical habitat. It will connect up with the Miwok Trail and, ultimately, to the downed trees on the trail and at
numerous popular trails including the Coastal and Dipsea trails. This project the lower bridge site. They reworked
will also close a bicycle gap that has existed since the Ridge Trail began, and the drainages, cleaned the chaparral
provide a glorious, new multiuse route with sweeping views of Muir Beach, the Trees collapsed over the trail during the winter section on the south side of the trail,
Pacific Ocean, and the Farrallones. storms. Photo by Michael Irvine. fixed and adjusted both self-closing
• Muir Heritage Land Trust: $150,000 to build a 1.4-mile Fernandez Ranch gates, and pulled thistle.
Ridge Trail and a staging area. The trail will connect to another two miles of Ten days later, trail builder Jim Jacobsen brought in his Sweco, ATV, and York
new trail in Fernandez Ranch (including a 0.5-mile trail with universal access) rake to help Trail Steward John Aranson with the repairs. Jim used the Sweco (a
and to the southwest, it will connect directly to the East Bay Municipal Util- trail building machine) and John ran the York rake up and down the trail to fill
ity District’s Pinole Watershed Ridge Trail, opened last year. The result will be potholes. This work created a smooth tread, allowing the water to drain off the
a 10-mile continu- trail. They also reworked the swales and drainages.
ous stretch between The next day, fourteen corps members helped clear off and put finishing
Fernandez Ranch touches on the trail. The crew also weed-whipped and removed all the thistle and
and the park district’s nettles on the south side of the trail.
Sobrante Ridge Trail,
Thanks to all the volunteers who worked so hard to reopen the trail! We could
as well as a vital link
not have done it without you.
completed in the Car-
quinez Strait Scenic Farewell to Development Director Karen Kidwell
Loop Trail. Previous We bid adieu, thank you, and best wishes to depart-
Coastal Conservancy ing Development Director Karen Kidwell. Karen came on
grants helped fund four years ago as the council’s first full-time development
acquisition of the director. She brought a high degree of professionalism,
ranch, and trail plan- enthusiasm, creativity, and a strong personal commitment
ning and design. to the council as she helped nurture our development pro-
• City of San Jose: Fernandez Ranch. Photo by Stephen Joseph.
gram. Karen helped strengthen and expand our trail events,
$150,000 to construct as well as our outreach, communication, and volunteer
a 0.3-mile levee trail that will be part of the popular Penitencia Creek Trail. efforts. We wish Karen all the best in her new role as execu-
Construction of this trail between North King Road and Mabury Road, in San tive director of the San Francisco Parks Trust.

B AY AREA RIDGE TRAIL COUNCIL A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 7

With support from our members and funders, last year we moved closer to our
goal of a 550-mile ridgetop trail around the bay. We ended 2007 with 313 miles of
dedicated Ridge Trail. Following are highlights from last year:

Trail Dedications
In 2007, we dedicated 8.8 miles of Ridge Trail in Contra Costa County and two
miles of connector trail in Solano County:

Mount Wanda: In April, we dedicated a 1.3-mile segment of the Ridge Trail in

the John Muir National Historic Site. The scenic trail, open to hikers, bikers, and
equestrians, starts at Franklin Road and Alhambra Avenue in Martinez and heads
up to Mt. Wanda through oak woodland and grassland. The summit of Mt. Wanda
offers sweeping view of Mt. Diablo, the Carquinez Strait, Franklin Ridge, and Bri-
ones Regional Park. This trail connects to the north with the California Riding
and Hiking Trail, a dedicated Ridge Trail segment.

Pinole Watershed: On East Bay Municipal Utility District land, we opened 7.5
miles of new trail to the public (hikers and equestrians) for the first time. The Hikers head toward Mt. Wanda on the new Ridge Trail segment. Photo by Elizabeth Byers.
views of the East Bay hills, Mt. Diablo, the Carquinez Strait, and San Francisco
Bay are spectacular. The new Ridge Trail is on the first EBMUD property to open Hanns Memorial Park: We dedicated a two-mile connector trail in Solano
for public use in more than 20 years, and the trail’s eastern half is a key link in the County that links Hanns Memorial Park to the Vallejo Benicia Buffer Trail. The
50-mile Carquinez Loop. Volunteers helped build the trail, plant trees, and install trail offers a safe and scenic off-road route for Vallejo residents to access the Ridge
fences. The trail also includes a new staging area. Trail, and to hike or bike all the way to the Carquinez Strait.

Trails Built, Awaiting Dedication

Coyote Creek Trail: The Santa Clara County Parks Department completed one
mile of trail on the Coyote Creek Parkway in San Jose’s 354-acre Hellyer County
Park, closing a gap in the Ridge Trail. The path follows the creek for 15 miles to
Anderson Lake County Park. Trail construction was funded in part by a Ridge
Trail–Coastal Conservancy grant; the trail is now open to the public.

Penitencia Creek Trail: The Santa

Clara County Parks Department also
completed construction of .4 miles of
trail in Penitencia Creek Park, located
in San Jose. Trail construction was
funded in part by a Ridge Trail–Coastal
Conservancy grant. This section will be
part of three contiguous miles that will
be dedicated as Ridge Trail in October.
Continued on next page Construction on the Penitencia Creek Trail.
Hikers on the Pinole Watershed Ridge Trail. Photo by Elizabeth Byers.
Photo by Bern Smith.

Thanks to Our Board Members Continued from page 1

We thank two of our departing board members, John Harrington and
The Ridge Trail Council is leveraging the Goldman grant, as well as support
Kristi Davis, for their years of hard work.
from the Coastal Conservancy, to focus attention on this unique trail and to expe-
John Harrington had been a member of the board since 1999, and served as dite its development over the next year and a half. In April, the council hosted
treasurer between 2000 and 2006. He brought a steady, calm demeanor to the a “preview” outing with a special group of donors to explore some of the planned
board, and helped bring the Ridge Trail’s bookkeeping in-house and set up a trail segments, and we will continue to host events focused on the Carquinez Loop
401(k) retirement plan for employees. and environs. With the support of our members, partners, and funders, we will be
Kristi Davis joined the board in 2005 and served as chair of able to celebrate a new loop trail in the near future.
the Development Committee. She brought positive energy to By planning for most of the loop trail to be completed in conjunction with
the organization, and spent many hours working on the annual the opening of the Benicia-Martinez Bridge, the Ridge Trail Council will have
Tour de Fat event, volunteering and recruiting volunteers. Kristi an excellent opportunity to bring media and public attention to the trail. The
has worked for years in the field of social service, advocacy, and 50-mile Carquinez Loop will be an outstanding addition to the Bay Area’s unpar-
public policy. alleled trail system. Stay tuned!
Runners Take on the Ridge Trail –Elizabeth Byers
Orinda Roadrunners, a 34-year-old club, is a dedicated group that runs six
days a week. Every year these East Bay runners take on a goal, for example, one
year they ran every street in Orinda, Lafayette, and Moraga over the course of a Dedicated Segments on the Carquinez Loop
year. This year, the club’s ambitious goal is to run or hike the 313 miles of dedi-
• Al Zampa Memorial Bridge: 1.5 miles
cated Ridge Trail in six- to nine-mile segments. Hikers are invited to join them.
• Benicia-Vallejo Waterfront: 7 miles
This goal was initiated by Orinda Roadrunner John Fazel, a former Ridge Trail
• Martinez City Streets to Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline: 2 miles
Council board member. He has competed in runs as grueling as the 100-mile
• Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline to John Muir National Historic Site:
Western States Endurance Race between Squaw Valley and Auburn, which climbs
4.25 miles
18,000 vertical feet.
• Pinole Watershed: 3.5 miles
The roadrunners are
• Crockett Hills Regional Park: 4.5 miles
also coffee lovers and
• Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline (Bay Trail): 5.8 miles
typically meet at cof-
fee shops for a cup or Carquinez Loop Partners
two after their run. For • San Francisco Bay Trail
more information on • California Coastal Conservancy
the Orinda Roadrunners • National Park Service
and how to join them • California Department of Transportation
on a hike or run on the • California State Parks
Ridge Trail, visit www. • East Bay Municipal Utility District • East Bay Regional Park District
or call the hotline at • Muir Heritage Land Trust
925-937-2046. • Counties of Contra Costa and Solano
• Cities of Benicia, Martinez, and Vallejo
• John Swett Unified School District
Orinda Roadrunners on the trail. Photo by Karen Sturges.

ba y ar e a r i d g e tra i l c o u n c i l A n n u a

Land Preservation and Public Access Sonoma County: A trail plan has been completed for the North Slope of
Sonoma Mountain; now the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and
Santa Clara County: We worked with the Santa Clara County Parks Department Open Space District can begin construction of a staging area and 4.3 miles of
to secure a floating easement that will provide five miles of Ridge Trail on Castro Ridge Trail.
Valley Ranch in Santa Clara County. The trail easement was agreed to as part of a
subdivision approval. This year we will identify preferred trail alignments and pos-
sible connector points on the ranch.

Trail Planning
Working with our partners, we completed alignment studies, and design and con-
struction plans for more than 35 miles of Ridge Trail. The following highlights
some of these planning efforts:

Alameda County: The East Bay Regional Park District completed and adopted
a land use plan for
Vargas Plateau,
which includes rec-
ommendations for
the Ridge Trail. The
park district plans to
construct the staging
area and open the
park to the public in
the near future.

Marin County: Equestrians are regulars on the Ridge Trail and support it through the annual East Bay Ride.
The National Park Photo by Pat Aho.
Service prepared Hikers preview the new park at Vargas Plateau.
an environmental Multiuse Trail Access
assessment for the proposed realignment of 1.4 miles of Ridge Trail on Dias Ridge.
Construction of the new trail will take place soon. About 85 percent of the dedicated Ridge Trail is open to all three main user
groups: hikers, bicyclists, and equestrians. Virtually all dedicated trail is open to
Napa County: A feasibility study was completed for a staging area and three-mile hikers. Although bicyclists and equestrians do not have full access to the trail, our
trail at Milliken Reservoir, located on a 2,198-acre property owned by the City of vision is a shared multiuse path for all user groups. In 2007, the council revisited
Napa. Due to funding constraints, the property has been closed to the public for our approach to “user gaps” and adopted a new strategy of creating shared priorities.
many years.

San Mateo County: The Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District completed
a draft management plan for La Honda Creek Open Space Preserve, which Ridge Trail Grants
includes plans for five miles of fully multiuse Ridge Trail. The plan will receive
Working closely with the State Coastal Conservancy, we continued our competi-
public review this summer.
tive Partner Grant Program, which provides funding to acquire easements, and
design and build priority Ridge Trail. The program also helps fund the specific
planning, coordination, and technical support by the Ridge Trail staff, as well as
mapping, legal work, and a number of smaller technical studies.

The conservancy approved two new partner grants in fall 2007: $50,460 to help
build a half-mile of the Penitencia Creek Trail in San Jose, and $60,000 for trail
planning at Milliken Reservoir in Napa County.

The council invited new project proposals in fall 2007, with up to $1 million
available. We received ten full applications for planning and construction projects
in eight counties. Under this program, grant requests undergo extensive review
to ensure that they advance the Ridge Trail mission as much as possible and meet
public access, connectivity, multi-use, leveraging, and environmental objectives.
See “New Grants to Result in Ridge Trail Miles” (page 2) for information about
recently approved grants.

Volunteer Program
In February 2007, we hired Joel Gart-
A scenic road on the Milliken Reservoir property. Photo by John Woodbury.
land, long-time Ridge Trail board
member, to be our volunteer coordi-
Santa Clara County: The Santa Clara County Open Space Authority completed nator. Thanks to Joel’s focus on our
a staging-area plan that would also allow opening a six-mile Milpitas Berryessa volunteer program, more than 500
Ridge Trail segment near Alum Rock Park. The authority is now working to volunteers led outings or participated
secure permits. in trail workdays last year, working
2,300 hours.
Solano County: We completed a route study for the Vallejo Bluff Trail, which
will be part of the Bay Trail, the Ridge Trail, and the Carquinez Strait Scenic On National Trails Day in June, hun-
Loop Trail. This dreds of volunteers worked on the
trail segment is Ridge Trail throughout the Bay Area.
a critical link to Crews repaired trails used by two of
Al Zampa Bridge. our signature events, Ridge-to-Bridge
Also in Solano in Marin County and the Ridge Trail
County, the Solano Cruz on the Santa Clara/San Mateo Volunteers help build the Pinole Watershed
Land Trust pre- county border. Volunteers worked on Ridge Trail on National Trails Day. Photo by
pared a draft plan many other trail projects: at Annadel Amber Hoffman.
for Vallejo Swett State Park and Hood Mt. Regional
Ranch, determined Park in Sonoma County; at Sky Ranch above Martinez; on Sweeney Ridge just
the Ridge Trail south of San Francisco; and in the Pinole Watershed, where we dedicated 7.5
alignment, and the miles of Ridge Trail in November. In San Francisco, the only county where the
council endorsed a Ridge Trail is complete (for hikers and bikers), we led hikers along the entire
construction grant route through San Francisco, from the Daly City BART station to the Golden
request. The location of the future Vallejo Bluff Trail. Photo courtesy of LandPeople. Gate Bridge.

a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 7

Ridge Trail Events Financial Statement

More than 1,100 people participated in our trail outings and events last year:
Ridge-to-Bridge: More than 150 people joined us for the eleventh annual
Ridge-to-Bridge in April, hiking 30, 21, or 13 miles on the Ridge Trail and end- State Park Bonds $287,553
ing at the Golden Gate Bridge. The April event raised more than $6,000 for the Membership 180,760
Ridge Trail project.
Individuals 141,409
Trail Construction Grants & Contracts 45,707
Foundations/Corporations 39,831
Events 37,452
Earthshare/Workplace Giving 17,180
Total $749,892


Trail Planning, Coordination, $456,657
and Construction
Member Services 101,581
Administration 80,211
Fundraising 75,064
Trail Outreach 57,609
and Communications
The Ridge-to-Bridge route offers spectacular views. Photo by Alison Stone.
Total $771,122

Tour de Fat: The annual Tour de Fat “Ballyhoo of Bikes and Beer” in Golden
Gate Park, held in July, attracted thousands. New Belgium Brewing donated the
entire proceeds of the event, more than $10,000, to the Ridge Trail Council and
the San Francisco Bike Coalition. More than 100 Ridge Trail volunteers helped
out at the event.

East Bay Hills Ride: In the fall, 56 riders participated in the sixth annual eques- 2007 TOTAL INCOME: $749,892
trian ride, which raised $7,500 for the Bay Area Ridge Trail. Organized by the
Tilden-Wildcat Horsemen’s Association and co-sponsored by the Metropolitan
Horsemen’s Association, the five-day ride covered 50 miles on, and connecting to, Earthshare/
the Ridge Trail. Workplace Giving Foundations/Corporations
2.3% 5.3%
Ridge Trail Cruz: In Octo- Events
ber, more than 120 Ridge Trail 5.0%
supporters—hikers, bicyclists,
and equestrians—joined us for
this annual event. The Cruz
takes place on the Ridge Trail State Park Bonds
in the Santa Cruz Mountains’ 38.3%
Sanborn Skyline County Park, Individuals
Castle Rock State Park, and 18.9%
Midpeninsula Regional Open
Space District preserves. We
raised more than $4,000 from
Bikers at the Ridge Trail Cruz. Photo by Karen Kidwell. Membership
the event.
Annual Lunch: Ridge Trail supporters attended our year-end lunch and auction
Trail Construction
in October, held at Hidden Villa in Los Altos Hills. At the event, we honored two Grants & Contracts
exceptional Bay Area Ridge Trail volunteers—Jean Rusmore, author of the Ridge 6.1%
Trail guidebook, and Dinesh Desai, who hiked the entire Ridge Trail route in
1999. Many people participated in morning outings. With the silent auction, we
raised more than $7,500 from the event.

2007 TOTAL EXPENSES: $771,122


Member Services
Trail Planning,
Coordination, Fundraising
and Construction 9.7%

Trail Outreach and


Ridge Trail Council staff in the Marin Headlands. From left to right: Martha Benioff, Dee Swanhuyser,
Janet McBride, Bern Smith, Joel Gartland, and Karen Kidwell. Not pictured: John Aranson.

B AY AREA RIDGE TRAIL COUNCIL A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 7

Mary Morris and Robert Edward Goodstein and Sheri Scott Huette John Michels Wesley Sawyer Bradford N. Wells
Thanks to all our 2007 donors! Baylor Francesca Eastman Nolan and Darcy Hughes Edith and Harmon Michel- Phil Schimmel James and Janet Wenninger
Jo Beardsley Philip Hanley and Linda Ruthanne Allen-Hunt and son James and Erica Schleicher Andy Werback
Supporters of our Paul Newhagen and Antje Martha and Hans Luemers Steve and Jane Beck Eastman John Hunt David Miller Johann M. Schleier Smith Roy West
work to build the McNaughton-Newhagen Gregory Luth Charles and Jenny Beeler Edith T. and Jonathan E. Anthony Iantosca Kirk Pessner and Russ George Schlesinger Rachel Westlake
Ridge Trail: Ross and Jess Millikan Gordie MacDermott Richard Beleson B. Eddy Marilee Irwin Miller Diane Schmidt Juliette Wheeler
Mark Mumm Evan C. Marwell Eugene Belogorsky, M.D. Nancy Elliot, DVM Shirley Iverson Liz Miller W. Schneider Jo Bell Whitlatch
The California Coastal
Brian O’Neill Rajesh Mashruwala Cort Benningfield Mr. and Mrs. William Wendy S. Jacks Thomas E. Miller Walter Schnitzius Jon Cox and Catherine
Conservancy, and the voters
Leanne Palmer Jim McBride Robert and Mari Benson H. Ellis Carol Jacobs David Milner Paul and Patty Schoch Wiehe
of California whose support
Barbara and David Rice Suzanne McCluney Stephen Bent Judith Dean and Ben Holly Jacobs Colette Minnock Patricia Schonberg Russell Wiitala
makes our park bond fund-
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ing possible.
Kathryn Riddell McDowell Zoe Berna The Endurance Fund Charles and Ellen James David and Mary Ann Jo and Albert Schreck Willey
Earth Share of California Toni and Arthur Rock Austin McInerny William Bernell Thomas Engelsing, M.D. Forrest and Eileen Jang Moffitt Jean Schulz Joann Williams
and its members who Bernard Ross Nancy McKown Jack Bertges Christian and Jacqueline Janet Jezek John and Margaret Mooney Patricia Scofield Kraig and Susan Williams
support us through their Dr. and Mrs. Philip Schild Christopher McLain Anthony Leuin and Jean Erdman John M. Bryan Family Fund Joshua Moore Donna Scott Ann Williamson
workshare giving programs. Michael and Mary Schuh Kathryn Kendrick McNeil Bertrand Chuck Erickson Kenneth and Evelyn Linda Moran Jim M. Scott Nicholas Willson
Andrew Sessler Ralph Mihan Diane Beu David Eskelson Johnson Marc Morris and Victoria Jane Scribner Barbara Lanier and John
$5,000 and more: Paul and Kathleen Siden- Chuck Miller Sandra and Bruce Beyaert Judith C. Etheridge Robert E. Johnson Thomas Karen and Ross Scroggs Wilson
Bay Area Barns & Trails blad David Miller Susan Bianucci Lynn Ewing Jean Johnston Mary Ellen White and Jack Donna R. Seabrooks Fenn J. Wilson
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Dinesh and Joy Desai Steven Springsteel Clayton Mitchell Jerry and Celeste Binnings Allen and Susan Falk colm L. Jones Deann Mosbey John Semion Marilyn Winningham
Donald B. and Carole P. John Sutter Guy Morley Richard Beal and Andrea Robbie and Anthony Susan F. Jue David and Deborah Mosu- Gerald and Susan Serventi Osa and Greg Wolff
Tanklage Foundation Rowland Tabor Pauli and Sandy Muir Biren Fanning Jeffry and Debra Kalmon nich Haim Shafir Dawna Wolfson
Patricia and Ted Eliot Charles and Andrea Naomi Nakashima, M.D. Franklin Blackford Albert and Sheila Faris Bob Kane Cathy Moyer Connie and Kevin Sha- Stephen and Theresa Woo
New Belgium Brewing Thurber Michael and Bonnie Linda Bochte Duane Kromm and Marilyn Elizabeth Kaplan Robert Mueller nahan Wilma Wool
Company Valero Benicia Refinery O’Halloran William Boeckmann J. Farley Mitchell Kapor Carol A. Munch Lawrence Shapiro Mary E. Woolpert
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Katz Family Foundation Cynthia Anthony Susie Livingstone and Russ tine Brischer Fitzpatrick Jim and Barbara Kautz thons ard Shustek Anonymous (3)
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Grasseschi LaJune Bush Stephen and Jeanne Schapp Marlene Burrow Renata Gasperi Marion Kramer, M.D. Craig Olson Sofaer Clif Bar
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Elizabeth Cziraki Janet and Richard Hart $100 - $249: Michael and Diane Culbert Terry Kessler and Francine J. C. Manning Sandford Purviance Richard Thomas Joseph Pereira and Casa de
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Corenne McKinley Maria and Helmut Lippert Elizabeth Hudson Karri and Pete Michell Joseph Saveri


Outings & Upkeep

s u mm e r - fall 2 0 0 8

Ridge Trail

hikes , bikes , rides , and w ork parties

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided for riders,

hikers, and campers, and hay, carrots and water for the
San Mateo County Kenwood
horses. Fun evening entertainment, including a trip
Time: 10:00 AM Sebastopol SONOMA Yountville INFORMATION KeY
N A PA to the Chabot Space Observatory, a harp concert, a
Distance: 2 to 10 miles Completed
Ridg e Trail slide show, and an equestrian-drill-team performance
Guided hikes, and bike and equestrian rides, are Seg ments
Sonoma is included. This ride/hike will help raise funds for the
scheduled every week in the SF-Peninsula Watershed Napa Proposed
Trail Corridor Bay Area Ridge Trail and for equestrian improvements
on the Bay Area Ridge Trail. Outings require well-
Petaluma on East Bay trails. The Bay Area Barns and Trails
conditioned walkers, experienced mountain bikers, 0 5 10 MI
Trust will match the first $5,000 raised. The cost is
and accomplished equestrians with conditioned SOLANO 0 5 10 15 KM
$60/day, with a discount for five days at $325. This
horses. Outings are limited to 20 people and fill up
fee includes camping, food, and horse provisions. An
quickly. Vallejo N optional program allows riders to solicit pledges. The
Contact: Call 650-652-3203 or sign up online at Novato
cost for hikers is $50/day or five days at $225 (this
MARIN includes all gear being hauled to camps). If you can’t
2. tour de fat ride or hike, join us by volunteering!
San Francisco Pinole Contact: Morris Older, 925-254-8943 or ebhillsride@
San Rafael
Saturday, July 19 3
Concord Hikers should sign up at www.ridgetrail.
Time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Richmond org. More information is at (click on
The sixth annual Tour de Fat Ballyhoo of Bikes and Walnut
Creek events).
Beer takes place at Speedway Meadow in Golden Berkeley CONTRA C O S TA
Gate Park. Sponsored by New Belgium Brewing, the Sausalito 4. RIDGE TRAIL CRUZ
fundraiser benefits the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council Oakland Santa Clara County
and the San Francisco Bike Coalition. Check our
Saturday, September 20
website at for more details. Join us for our third annual medium- and long-
distance hike/bike/run in Santa Clara and San Mateo

counties, modeled after our Ridge-to-Bridge event in


Hayward Marin County. Hikers meet at Skyline Ridge Open

San Bruno
Space Preserve and are shuttled south to Sanborn-
is c

Skyline County Park. Mountain bikers start at the


San same locations. Please contact us if you would like to



SAN Fremont
MATEO Contact: Joel Gartland at 415-561-2595 or

Half Moon Bay Redwood



Los Altos
San Jose

San Jose Saturday, October 18


In conjunction with the Santa Clara County Parks



Department, we will dedicate three miles of Ridge


East Bay Hills Los

Trail in Penitencia Creek Park, located in San Jose.
August 27 – September 1 4 Check our website for details,
During Labor Day week, ride or hike with members of
the Tilden-Wildcat Horsemen’s Association and the 6. REI WORKDAY AROUND THE BAY
Metropolitan Horsemen’s Association in the East Bay Morgan
Saturday, November 15
Hills. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the

Each of the nine REI stores around the Bay Area will
Bay Area Ridge Trail, this year’s ride will be held in participate in a Bay Area Ridge Trail workday. The
The proposed trail corridor represents a conceptual plan to connect
conjunction with a five-day hike covering 45 miles of the remaining parks and public open spaces within the Bay Area Ridg e public is welcome to join REI staff and members. To
Trail corridor. This conceptual map conveys no rig hts to the public to
the Ridge Trail from Castro Valley to Martinez (10 to enter private property without the owner’s permission.
date, we have seven projects planned in different
15 miles a day). Riders can cover up to 100 miles, or Prepared by CartoGraphics, S.F. Revised 11/05 by Bobbi Sloan Design locations. To learn more about the workday, visit our
Santa Cruz
14 to 18 miles each day in small groups. website at

Ridge-to-Bridge 2008
Our twelfth annual Ridge-to-Bridge, held on April 26, was a great success and
sold out to council members (160 hikers and 20 bikers) before opening to the
general public. Hikers could start at Samuel P. Taylor State Park, Bolinas Ridge,
or Pantoll, and all ended at the Golden Gate Bridge after hiking 13, 21, or 30
miles. Thirty-five people took on the challenge of the 30-mile route! This year,
Ridge-to-Bridge also offered a route for mountain-bikers. Many participants
had sponsors and raised money for the Ridge Trail. Through registration fees
and pledges to hikers and riders, we raised more than $6,500. Thanks to our 35
volunteers, and REI, Access4Bikes, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Clif Bar, Backroads,
Mountain Play, and Wilderness Trail Bikes for supporting the event.

Bikers climb the Bolinas Ridge in this

year's Ridge-to-Bridge. Photo by
Tom Boss.

Ridge-to-Bridge hikers above Stinson Beach. Photo by Pat Koren.

Bay Area Ridge Trail Council NON-PROFIT ORG.
1007 General Kennedy Avenue, Suite 3
San Francisco, California 94129



bay area ridge trail council

(415) 561-2595 (phone)
(415) 561-2599 (fax)

Staff Board of Directors

Janet McBride Bill Long Glenn Kirby
Executive Director Chair Melinda Linder
John Aranson Mary Burns Andrea Manion
Trail Steward Vice Chair
Jane Mark
Michael Kelley
Martha Benioff Secretary Austin McInerny
Office Manager Ralph Mihan
Phil Arnold
Joel Gartland Treasurer Josh Moore
Volunteer Coordinator Thomas Beck Frank Morris
Bern Smith Rachel Blatt Mohammed Nuru
South & East Bay Trail Barry Christian Morris Older
Director Karen Collins Brian O’Neill
Dee Swanhuyser Gary Cook Brian Smith
North Bay Trail Director Jed Cyr Sandy Sommer
Mark Evanoff Ray Sullivan
Ridge Lines Mike Flaugher Jim Townsend A hiker at the Ridge-to-Bridge event.
Elizabeth Byers Jim Foran Barbara Weitz Photo by Piers Newbery. Printed on rec ycled paper.
Editor Mark Frederick
Lisa Krieshok Steve Kinsey
I N S I D E : 2 0 0 7 A n n u a l R e p o r t

B ay A rea R idge T rail C ouncil


Ridge-to-Bridge hikers. Photo by Piers Newbery. An equestrian at the Pinole Watershed Ridge Trail dedication. Cutting the
ribbon at the dedication (left). Photos by Elizabeth Byers.

New Ridge Trail Guidebook Available

Be sure to pick up the latest edition of the Bay Area Ridge Trail guide-
book, just recently published by Wilderness Press. Jean Rusmore authored Subscribe to Our E-Newsletter…
this third edition, Bay Area Ridge Trail: Visit Our Website
The Official Guide for Hikers, Mountain
Bikers, and Equestrians, updated from Our monthly e-newsletter
2002. The book includes descriptions, is the best way to learn
maps, and photographs of 58 Ridge about our latest outings
Trail segments around the bay. Each and activities. To get on
trail description includes informa- the mailing list, sign up
tion on amenities such as restrooms on our website (www.
and water, driving directions, and by clicking
accessibility logistics. The book “Contact Us.” Also, check
sells for $16.95 and is available at our website frequently—
most bookstores. Members at the new outings and trail
$125-and-above level will receive workdays are posted on a
the book as a membership benefit. weekly basis!
We hope the guidebook gets you
out on the trail to explore places
you’ve never been!

r i d g e l i n e s • s u m m e r - f a l l 2 0 0 8