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Factors affecting the development of the tourism industry

In many countries, developed and developing steadily, the tourism industry, with its huge tion
material base, providing employment of millions of people and interacting with almost all sectors
of the economy. Today, tourism
on gross income is the second largest in the world after oil and the largest in the world - to
provide jobs.
The main causes of the rapid development of tourism in the second half of the XX century. and
in the current period:
Political. On the main part of the world attended the peaceful relations, and the world - a
necessary condition for the development of tourism.
Economic. Income growth in developed countries allows them to spend money on travel. Similar
processes are taking place in developing countries.
Social. Increased psychological stress on working with the intensification of the labor process,
as well as to all people because of urbanization and technological progress. In developed
countries, increasing the average length of vacation and holiday periods, increases the average
human lifespan. All of this makes it possible to meet the increasing demand for leisure travel.
Dissemination of culture and education. Raising the cultural level is always generates interest
and increases the knowledge of their region and country, as well as other nations
and civilizations.
Advances in the development of transport. Increased possibility of short trips over long
distances. Improved standards of service in transport, which is becoming more comfortable for
passengers and tourists.
Developing media. Due to its characteristics of tourism development is highly dependent on the
capacity of tourist information about places of recreation and travel. The development of the
print media, radio, television, computer systems, has dramatically expanded offer in tourism, as
well as enhance the operational issues of the organization of travel solutions. In addition, ad
technology, improved on the basis of marketing, also have a positive impact on the development
of tourism.
Now experts are five groups of factors that influence the formation of tourist needs, and hence
on the success of the tourist center and tourist business:
1. Natural factors - natural resources that are available to tourists (location destinations,
climate, flora, fauna, proximity to water, comfortable and attractive, beautiful natural sites, etc.).
2. Socio-economic factors - the development of space
recreation (language, economic and cultural level of the country).
3. The material base of the tourism industry - the main building ground to meet the needs of
tourists in terms of amenities and aesthetic perception (hotels, catering, leisure, sports and spa
facilities, and so on). Important are the level of comfort, architectural object facilities, its
compliance culture, the architecture or nature, national characteristics, and type of tourism
(recreation, sports, business trip, etc.).
4. Infrastructure destinations - surface and underground works required to meet the needs of
the tourism industry (communications, roads, lighting, beaches, parking, gardens and farms,
5. Tourist offer (resources hospitality) - the cultural richness of the tourist center. Hospitality,
tourism is of great importance. Contribute to the success of tourism: art, literature, music,
theater, available at the tourist center. Resources can serve as a hospitality folk festivals, the

National Gallery of Art, festivals and much more capable to interest, attract tourists, including a
tour, informative, sports, entertainment, spa, recreational offers.