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“I want to prepare

for a ministry
of hands-on,
The Fund for Theological Education has awarded more than $1.5 million in fellowships community-
and support to the Class of 2009 FTE Fellows — the next generation of leaders for the centered work.”
Aaron D. Ban
church and society.
Ministry Fellow
FTE Undergraduate Fellows (50 college juniors and seniors) receive a $2,000 award
for educational expenses or an experience related to the exploration of ministry.
2009 FTE Undergraduate Fellows: Nina C. Giviyan-Kermani Rachel M. Jones
University of Chicago The College of William & Mary
Robert C. Bruce Episcopal Church Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Cornell University
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Erik K. Grayson Michelle R. Kailey
University of South Carolina Denison University
Brett R. Butler United Methodist Church Non-denominational
Colgate University “Because of what
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Chelsea L. Guenther Celie L. Katovitch I have endured in
Agnes Scott College Gettysburg College
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Unitarian Universalist Association my life, I am able
Ariel R. Carver
Wilson College not only to stand
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Lacey A. Hudspeth Robert S. King but to teach and
Rhodes College Clark Atlanta University
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) United Methodist Church help others.”
Jeremiah I. Chester
Samford University Lichelle L. Beeler
Primitive Baptist Church Daniel R. Jacob Dana J. Kline Congregational
Wittenberg University University of Northern Iowa Fellow
Linnéa K. Clark Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Interdenominational Church
Yale University
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Jonathan M. Johnson Samantha J. Kretz
Chapman University St. Norbert College
Emily Cohen Pentecostal - Independent Roman Catholic Church
Seattle University
Non-denominational Madeline M. Johnson Kory L. LaCroix
Yale University St. John’s University
Megan M. Culbertson Non-denominational Roman Catholic Church
Simpson College “I am open to
United Church of Christ Nicholas A. Johnson Daniel H. Liles
University of Chicago California Lutheran University wherever God
Rebecca A. Falivene American Baptist Church Evangelical Lutheran Church in America might lead me.”
University of Dallas Elizabeth K.
Roman Catholic Church Alison M. Jones Samantha M. Lyon
LaGrange College Concordia College Toland
Muriel D. Gallo-Chasanoff United Methodist Church Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Congregational
Grinnell College & VEV Fellow
Non-denominational Joshua K. Jones Brian A. Mesimer
St. Norbert College University of South Carolina
Roman Catholic Church Southern Baptist Church
“The seminary
impacts students
and students
FTE Undergraduate Fellows, con’t. impact their faith
Breanna J. Nickel Tyler H. Sit Karl F. Brower
Goshen College Boston University
Mennonite Church United Methodist Church Doctoral
Renewal Fellow
Scott D. Parnell Jeffrey R. Skaff
Furman University Hope College
Episcopal Church Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Shannon E. Preston Emily E. Spearman

College of Saint Benedict Hastings College
Episcopal Church United Methodist Church

Paul C. Quast Zayna H. Thompson McCollum

Colorado College Elmhurst College “I enjoy reflecting
Roman Catholic Church United Church of Christ
theologically on
Krysta S. Rexrode Samantha M. Tulin the ways that God
West Virginia Wesleyan College Spelman College speaks and acts
United Methodist Church Non-denominational
through people.”
Kristin E. Riegel Adam D. Wert Stephanie M.
Macalester College Grinnell College Crumpton
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) United Methodist Church
Kayla N. Robinson David M. Westfall Fellow
Anderson University Calvin College
Church of God Anglican Church

Shannon C. Rodenberg Angela M. Wilhite

Oklahoma City University Chapman University
United Methodist Church Christian Church

Kelsey A. Schmidt Laura K. Wilson

Regis University Grinnell College
Roman Catholic Church United Methodist Church “I want to use
my degree
Kellie M. Sharpe Crystal M. Zook
University of South Carolina Goshen College to teach and
Southern Baptist Church Mennonite Church inspire.”
Brett J. Esaki
Elizabeth G. Singleton
Augustana College North American
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Doctoral Fellow
“The influence of
theology and my
passion for the
New Testament
FTE Congregational Fellows (40 entering Master of Divinity students) receive a $2,000 to $5,000
have motivated
award to match, dollar for dollar, support from their congregations for tuition and expenses. my interest
2009 FTE Congregational Fellows: Benjamin C. Hilding Madison R. McClendon in theological
Luther Seminary University of Chicago Divinity School scholarship and
Christine C. Anderson Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Cooperative Baptist Church
Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago teaching.”
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Sarah S. Howell Wesley R. Menke Bridgett A. Green
Duke Divinity School Claremont School of Theology Doctoral Fellow
Lichelle L. Beeler United Methodist Church Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Memphis Theological Seminary
Non-denominational Staci J. Imes Michael K. Miller
Pacific School of Religion Duke Divinity School
Michael S. L. Chase Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Free Methodist Church
Regent College
Episcopal Church Kimberly K. Jenne Stephen W. Miller
Candler School of Theology Concordia Theological Seminary “I hope my path
Katherine M. Chatelaine United Methodist Church (St. Louis) of ministry will
Princeton Theological Seminary Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod) nourish people
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Sheryl H. E. Johnson in a way that
Emmanuel College, University of Toronto Jason P. Myers
Kelly M. Colwell United Church of Canada Candler School of Theology will inform a life
Iliff School of Theology Baptist dedicated to social
United Church of Christ Christin W. Johnson justice and peace.”
Columbia Theological Seminary Audrey L. O’Brien
Joe Ella Darby Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Virginia Theological Seminary Emily Cohen
Columbia Theological Seminary Episcopal Church Undergraduate
National Baptist Church Jonathan M. Kanary Fellow
Nashotah House Alexander A. Peterson
Jenny S. Faber Episcopal Church Yale University Divinity School
Eden Theological Seminary Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
United Church of Christ Alexander T. Kirk
Regent College Rebecca R. Raney
Leslie C. Fuller Evangelical Free Church of America Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School
Columbia Theological Seminary of Theology
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Kyle G. Kyzer Eastern Orthodox Church “My desire to
Columbia Theological Seminary
Otis Gaddis, III Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Seth A. Raymond share education
Yale University Divinity School Duke Divinity School for empowerment
Episcopal Church Emerson B. Luke Episcopal Church has led to my
Fuller Theological Seminary
Elizabeth G. Greaves Non-denominational Jonathan M. Rogers involvement
Columbia Theological Seminary Harvard Divinity School in community
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Timothy G. Maybee Unitarian Univeralist Association education projects.”
Luther Seminary
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Sarah W. Rohde Lerone A. Martin
Lindsey M. Hall
Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago Dissertation
United Methodist Church Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Fellow
“I realized my call
to ministry through
my experience
FTE Congregational Fellows, con’t. teaching students.”
Laura Johnston
Anthony J. Sandusky Nathan C. Sutton Tracy J. Wells
Vanderbilt University Divinity School Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago University of the South School of Theology Ministry Fellow
Missionary Baptist Church Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Episcopal Church

Nicholas L. Stoddard Matthew S. Swehla

Eastern Mennonite Seminary Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School
Mennonite Church of Theology
Greek Orthodox Church
Drew J. Strait
University of Chicago Divinity School Elizabeth K. Toland
Mennonite Church Columbia Theological Seminary
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

FTE Ministry Fellows (20 second-year Master of Divinity students) are awarded $10,000 for educational “I had never
expenses and to fund a self-designed summer project to enrich their formation as ministerial leaders. really considered
becoming a pastor,
2009 FTE Ministry Fellows: Andrew S. Hudson Christina A. Repoley
Princeton Theological Seminary Candler School of Theology but in many ways
Carolyn B. Albert Church of God (Cleveland, TN) Society of Friends (Quakers) it seemed like a
Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago natural fit.”
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Laura L. Johnston Shakira L. Sanchez-Collins
Jesuit School of Theology Yale University Michael S. L.
Timothy C. Baer Roman Catholic Church African Methodist Episcopal Church Chase
Virginia Theological Seminary Congregational
Episcopal Church Joshua A. Kouri Ali C. Sevilla
Perkins School of Theology Vanderbilt University Divinity School Fellow
K. Alda Balthrop-Lewis United Methodist Church Episcopal Church
University of Chicago Divinity School
Roman Catholic Church Margaret A. Mitsuyasu Kristopher R. Walhof
Princeton Theological Seminary Regent College
Aaron D. Ban Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Christian Reformed Church
Eden Theological Seminary
United Church of Christ Hannah R. Peck Justin G. West
Yale University Divinity School Fuller Theological Seminary
Tiauna Y. Boyd United Methodist Church African Methodist Episcopal Church “My interest is
Chicago Theological Seminary interpreting the
United Church of Christ Anders W. Peterson Julia Sierra Wilkinson Bible to address
Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary Harvard Divinity School
Charlene D. Brown Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Episcopal Church issues relevant
Duke Divinity School to contemporary
American Baptist Church Jennifer A. Quigley social context.”
Boston University School of Theology
Charles Micah Christian United Methodist Church Naw San Dee KD
Boston University School of Theology North American
Christian and Missionary Alliance Doctoral Fellow
“It is my desire
to see the church
respond faithfully,
FTE Volunteers Exploring Vocation Fellows (10 recent college graduates who are participants in and I am excited
faith-based volunteer service organizations) are awarded $2,500 to pursue a Master of Divinity degree. to do my part in
helping that to
2009 FTE Volunteers Exploring Matthew L. Wright
become a reality.”
Vocation Fellows: Virginia Theological Seminary
Episcopal Service Corps Margaret A.
Elizabeth M. Campbell Episcopal Church Mitsuyasu
Vanderbilt University Divinity School Ministry Fellow
Episcopal Service Corps Tyler J. Zoanni
Episcopal Church Harvard Divinity School
Lutheran Volunteer Corps
Rebecca M. Guhin Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
University of Notre Dame
Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Roman Catholic Church
“My goal as a
Rebekah L. Houff
Bethany Theological Seminary teacher is to help
Brethren Volunteer Service students understand
Church of the Brethren the past and help
Staci J. Imes them become
Pacific School of Religion knowledgeable about
PC (U.S.A.) Young Adult Volunteers current issues.”
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Robert L. Green, Jr.
Joseph M. Kolar Dissertation Fellow
University of Notre Dame
Lasallian Volunteers
Roman Catholic Church
Leah E. Lyman
Candler School of Theology
UCC Young Adult Service Communities
United Church of Christ
“I look forward to
Sudie E. Niesen
Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary seminary because I
PC (U.S.A.) Young Adult Volunteers believe there is so
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) much more to my
Elizabeth K. Toland calling than I have
Columbia Theological Seminary yet discerned.”
PC (U.S.A.) Young Adult Volunteers Audrey L. O’Brien
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
“Community is
at the heart of my
experience as a
Christian, and it is
FTE Doctoral Fellows (10 African-American doctoral students) receive a stipend of up to $18,000, my foundation for
renewable for a second year. In addition, 14 Doctoral Fellows receive renewal grants. exploring pastoral
2009 FTE Doctoral Fellows: Elana P. Jefferson Melva L. Sampson ministry.”
Emory University Emory University Ali C. Sevilla
Charlotte Y. Augustine Persons, Community and Religious Practical Theology
Practices Baptist Church Ministry Fellow
Claremont Graduate University
Ethics Baptist
Baptist Marlene Q. Underwood
Jason O. Jeffries Drew University
Bridgett A. Green Rice University Hebrew Bible
Vanderbilt University Religious Studies/African American United Church of Christ
New Testament and Early Christianity Religious Studies
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) National Baptist Church Alexis S. Wells
Emory University “Based on my
Darrius D. Hills Richard W. Newton, Jr. American Religious Cultures
Claremont Graduate University Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) understanding of
Rice University
Religious Studies/African American New Testament and engagement
Religious Studies United Methodist Church Gerald L. Williams, Jr. with the academy,
United Methodist Church Harvard University
Systematic Theology/Philosophy of Religion the path of the
United Methodist Church scholar is not only
a career, it is a
2009 FTE Doctoral Renewal Fellows: Christopher E. Harrison Sarah F. Poole
Graduate Theological Union Emory University Elana P. Jefferson
Lisa M. Bowens Ethics Practical Theology Doctoral Fellow
Princeton Theological Seminary Independent Baptist Church Non-denominational
New Testament
Pentecostal - Independent Jay-Paul M. Hinds Carolyn E. Roberts
Emory University Harvard University
Karl F. Brower Practical Theology/ Psychology of Relgion Religion, Gender and Culture
Catholic University of America Pentecostal - Independent Roman Catholic Church
Biblical Studies
Baptist Erica E. Kierulf Shively T. J. Smith
Union Theological Seminary and PSCE Emory University “The church
Arthur F. Carter, Jr. Theology and Ethics New Testament Studies and Early Christian must engage this
Vanderbilt University United Church of Christ Origins
New Testament and Early Church National Baptist Convention, USA multifaceted culture
National Baptist Convention, USA Gerone H. Lockhart and work tirelessly
Boston University School of Theology Lisa L. Thompson to promote changes
Jonathan L. Chism Practical Theology Vanderbilt University
Rice University United Methodist Church Homiletics/Liturgics that allow for the
African American Religious Studies National Baptist Church empowerment of all
Church of God in Christ Duane T. Loynes, Sr. people.”
Marquette University Jaime L. Waters
Theology Johns Hopkins University Leslie C. Fuller
American Baptist Church Near Eastern Studies/Hebrew Bible Congregational
Roman Catholic Church Fellow
“Without the FTE
fellowship, I would
not be able to
enroll in a doctoral
FTE North American Doctoral Fellows (12 African-American, Asian-American,
program this fall.
Native American or Hispanic doctoral students) receive a stipend of up to $10,000. I am extremely
2009 FTE North American Doctoral Jennifer S. Leath Manuel M. Villalobos grateful.”
Fellows: Yale University Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary Marlene Q.
Ethics Bible and Culture
Manuel A. Cruz African Methodist Episcopal Church Roman Catholic Church Underwood
University of Chicago Divinity School Doctoral Fellow
Philosophy of Religion AnneMarie Mingo Anne C. Walker
Roman Catholic Church Emory University Claremont School of Theology
Ethics and Society Practical Theology/Religious Education
Brett J. Esaki African Methodist Episcopal Church United Methodist Church
University of California, Santa Barbara
Japanese American Religions Christophe D. Ringer Sameer S. Yadav
Non-denominational Vanderbilt University Duke Divinity School “What motivates
Ethics and Society Theology and Ethics me is the
Alisha L. Jones United Church of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
opportunity a
University of Chicago
Religion/Ethnomusicology Justine Smith pastor receives
Non-denominational Harvard University to relate God’s
New Testament
United Methodist Church saving, hopeful
Naw San Dee KD
Brite Divinity School of Texas Christian and liberating
University Shanell T. Smith message to the
Biblical Studies Drew University
New Testament diverse lives
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) people lead.”
Justin G. West
FTE Dissertation Fellows (nine African-American doctoral students at the final stage of Ministry Fellow
their dissertations) receive a stipend of up to $18,000.
2009 FTE Dissertation Fellows: Marcus L. Harvey Lerone A. Martin
Emory University Emory University
Malinda Elizabeth Berry Theological Studies African American Cultures
Union Theological Seminary (NYC) African Methodist Episcopal Church Church of God “I have faith that
Systematic Theology I am following
Mennonite Church USA Tamura A. Lomax Paula L. McGee
Vanderbilt University Claremont Graduate University where God is
Stephanie M. Crumpton Black Religion/Culture Studies Theology, Ethics and Culture taking me and that
Columbia Theological Seminary Progressive National Baptist National Baptist Church
this path will lead
Pastoral Care and Counseling
United Church of Christ Eboni K. Marshall Audrey D. Thompson me closer to Him.”
Union Theological Seminary (NYC) Princeton Theological Seminary Robert C. Bruce
Robert L. Green, Jr. Christian Social Ethics Homiletics
National Baptist Church American Baptist Church Undergraduate
University of California, Santa Barbara
Religious Studies Fellow
Roman Catholic Church