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The prisoners of Guantanamo detention facility of US are on hunger strike

protesting against their indefinite detention and being held without charge. This
detention camp is situated in which of the following countries?
1) Afghanistan 2) Cuba
3) Ethiopia 4) Nigeria
5) None of these Ans.) 2
2. Consider the following statements with respect to Statistical Institute of Asia
Pacific (SIAP), one of the most active organs of the UN, and choose the correct
1) India has been elected to the governing council of the 41-member prestigious SIAP
2) The SIAP was established in Tokyo in 1970 by 20 countries in Asia and the Pacific
and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
3) The governing council of SIAP bears a representative designated by the
Government of
Japan and eight representatives nominated by other members.
4) All the above
5) Only 2) and 3) Ans.) 4
3. Name the country whose Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi escaped an assassination
attempt in the capital city of the country recently.
1) Egypt 2) Syria
3) Cambodia 4) Nigeria
5) None of these Ans.) 2
4. The 143rd birth anniversary of the father of Indian Cinema, Dhundiraj Govind
Phalke, was celebrated recently. The one of the most prestigious awards in Indian
cinema, Dadasaheb Phalke Award (for lifetime contribution to cinema), was instituted
by the Government of India in his honor in which of the following years?
1) 1959 2) 1969
3) 1979 4) 1989
5) None of these Ans.) 2
5. Who amongst the following has won the Barcelona Open mens singles title
recently? He clinched the title for a record 7th time.
1) David Ferrer 2) Rafael Nadal
3) Andy Murray 4) Novak Djokovic
5) None of these Ans.) 2
6. Name the rising Indian shuttler who is participating in Malaysia Grand Prix Gold
2013 badminton tournament as the top seed in the women's singles category in
Kuala Lumpur.
1) Rituparna Das 2) Arundhati Pantawane
3) PC Thulasi 4) PV Sindhu
5) None of these Ans.) 4
7. What is the expanded form of ECGC as used in banking/financial sector?

1) Export Creditors Guarantee Corporation of

2) Export Credential Guarantee Corporation of India
3) Export Credit Garnering Corporation of India 4) Export Credit Guarantee
Corporation of India
5) None of these Ans.) 4
8. Who among the following is the author of the recently published book titled Che In
Paona Bazaar?
1) Zoya Hasan 2) Kishalay Bhattacharjee
3) Harish Dhillon 4) Basudeb Pal Majumdar
5) None of these Ans.) 2
9. Following the global trend, the civil aviation ministry has allowed domestic airlines
to unbundle which of the following services and charge separately for them? It will
allow airlines to keep a lower base fare and give passengers the flexibility to pay for
services they need.
1) Check-in baggage 2) Allotment of preferred seats
3) Meals 4) All the above
5) Only 1) and 2) Ans.) 4
10. Name the footballer who has been named the player and young player of the year
by Professional Football Association (PFA) for 2012-13. He has become only the third
person to clinch the double accolade in the same season.
1) Jermain Colin Defoe 2) Gareth Bale
3) Wayne Mark Rooney 4) Aaron Justin
5) None of these Ans.) 2
11. The Director General of World Trade Organistion (WTO), Pascal Lamy, will step
down later this year. But before that, he is busy agreeing all the _____ members of
WTO on an agenda for the ministerial meeting scheduled in Bali.
1) 139 2) 149
3) 159 4) 169
5) None of these Ans.) 3
12. The CERC recently ruled out the allegation of the Association of Power Producers
that state-run NTPC has abused its dominant position while signing power purchase
pacts recently. CERC stands for
1) Central Electricity Regulatory Committee 2) Central Electricity Regulatory
3) Centralised Electricity Redressal Commission 4) Centre for Electricity Regulation
5) None of these Ans.) 2
13. India is building the heaviest and largest parts of the Tokamak, the machine
behind the biggest scientific collaboration on the planet till date. The project called
ITER, includes 34 nations and is aimed at producing cheap clean and safe energy

1) Nuclear fission 2) Nuclear fusion

3) Solar Energy 4) Wind Energy
5) None of these Ans.) 2
14. Queen Beatrix is all set to step down in favour of her eldest son Willem Alexander
soon. Known for her charity work, she held the throne for 33 years in
1) Japan 2) Argentina
3) Netherlands 4) Spain
5) None of these Ans.) 3
15. Harin Raval has resigned from his post following difference with his seniors on
the matter the draft report of the coal block allocation scam. He has resigned as
1) Solicitor General 2) Additional Solicitor General
3) Attorney General 4) Advocate General
5) None of these Ans.) 2
16. The World Bank has lowered the growth forecast of India for the current fiscal
from 7 per cent to ___ percent. The decline in the agriculture sector is being seen as
the reason behind it.
1) 5 2) 5.1
3) 6 4) 6.1
5) None of these Ans.) 4
17. The Golden Girl (Bangaru Talli) scheme has been launched in which of the
following states? It is targeted to protect girl child and ensure her education and is
limited to two children of each BPL family.
1) Karnataka 2) Andhra Pradesh
3) Kerala 4) Tamil Nadu
5) None of these Ans.) 2
18. May 1 is celebrated as the Labour Day. This day is also celebrated as the
formation day of which of the
following states?
1) Rajasthan 2) Assam
3) Madhya Pradesh 4) Gujarat
5) Odisha Ans.) 4
19. The Finance Bill has been passed in Lokh Sabha finally. Which of the following
is/are highlight(s) of this
1) Wealth tax on agricultural land has been ruled
2) The residency norms for investors from
countries such as Mauritius has been eased
3) There is provision for higher duty on Sports
Utility Vehicles 4) All the above
5) Only 1) and 3) Ans.) 4

20. The World Wide Web is celebrating its 20th year in the service. Who among the
following had invented the
WWW at Cern laboratory 20 years back?
1) Robert Hooke 2) Tim Berners-Lee
3) Zacharias Janssen 4) VA Shiva Ayyadurai
5) None of these Ans.) 2
21. Krishna Poonia will participate in the opening leg of the prestigious Diamond
League Meetings series in
Doha soon. She is an ace Indian player of ________.
1) Badminton 2) Discus Throw
3) Archery 4) Long Jump
5) None of these Ans.) 2
22. The Parliament of Bangladesh has elected who amongst the following as its first
woman and the youngest
speaker till date recently?
1) Dipu Moni 2) Shahara Khatun
3) Begum Motia Chowdhury 4) Shrin Sharmin Chowdhury
5) None of these Ans.) 4
23. The Peshawar High Court in Pakistan imposed a ban on former President Pervez
Musharraf recently. He
has been banned ________from contesting elections.
1) for life 2) for one year
3) for two years 4) for five years
5) None of these Ans.) 1
24. Name the person who has been listed by the Forbes as the first billionaire of
Nepal with a net worth of $1billion recenlty. He is also known as the noodle billionaire for his Wai Wai noodles.
1) Krishna Prasad Bhattarai 2) Upendra Mahato
3) Binod Chaudhary 4) Min Bahadur Gurung
5) None of these Ans.) 3
25. For the most of the last eight quarters, Indias second largest software service
company, Infosys, has been
lagging behind the industry average causing worries for stock markets. Who among
the following is the CEO of the company at the present?
1) K Gopalakrishnan 2) SD Shibulal
3) Srinath Batni 4) Srikantan Moorthy
5) V Balakrishnan Ans.) 2
26. The Chief Economic Advisor at the Finance Ministry, Raghuram Rajan, is pitching
for the early passage of the insurance bill which seeks to increase the foreign direct
investment level to __________from the current 26 per cent.
1) 49 per cent 2) 51 per cent
3) 76 per cent 4) 100 per cent
5) None of these Ans.) 1

27. Which of the following statements is correct? SX 40 is

1) the name of a new mid-size sedan launched by
Maruti Suzuki
2) the name of a new submarine launched
missile developed by DRDO
3) a newly developed nuclear fusion reactor 4) the name of the index of MCX-SX
5) None of these Ans.) 4
28. The finance bill, 2013, proposes CTT on non-agro commodities such as gold,
silver and crude oil among others. Sellers will now have to pay tax at the rate of 0.01
per cent on transactions in these items. What is the expanded form of CTT?
1) Cumulative Transaction Tax 2) Commodity Transaction
3) Conducive Transaction Tax 4) Common Transaction Tax
5) None of these Ans.) 2
29. The US agency for International Development (USAID) has been expelled by the
president Evo Morales in
which of the following countries recently? The agency has been alleged of
undermining the present government.
1) Bolivia 2) Ecuador
3) Paraguay 4) Peru
5) None of these Ans.) 1
30. The Union Cabinet has given its nod to policy guidelines for FM radio phase-III
that will open up 294 cities to private radio services. At present who many cities are
covered by FM radio services?
1) 46 2) 68
3) 86 4) 92
5) None of these Ans.) 3
31. What is the expanded form of WIPO? It is a United Nations body.
1) World Inherent Property Organisation 2) World Intellectual Priority Organisation
3) World Intellectual Property Organisation 4) World Inherent Priority Organisation
5) None of these Ans.) 3
32. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has hinted to lower its lending programme to
developing countries including India as its investments are not yielding adequate
returns. Which of the following countries is the biggest borrower of ADB at present?
1) Pakistan 2) Japan
3) Indonesia 4) India
5) None of these Ans.) 4
33. Which of the following statements is/are correct about the rising tennis player of
India, Somdev Devvarman?
1) The AITA has recommended his name for the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna
award for the year 2013.
2) He had won the singles gold in 2010 Commonwealth Games.

3) He had won gold in both singles and doubles in the Guangzhou Asian Games in
2010. 4) All the above
5) Only 1) and 3) Ans.) 4
34. World Press Freedom Day observed on which of the following dates?
1) April 29 2) April 30
3) May 3 4) May 5
5) None of these Ans.) 3
35. The 92nd birth anniversary of Satyajit Ray, the legendary artist counted among
the great masters of world cinema, was celebrated on May 2. Which of the following
is not a film made by him?
1) Pather Panchali 2) Teesri Kasam
3) Apur Sansar 4) Shatranj Ke Khilari
5) All are Satyajit Rays films Ans.) 2
36. Sticking to its cautious stance, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has cut the repo
rate by just 0.25 per cent in
its recent policy review. Now the effective repo rate has become
1) 7.75 per cent 2) 7.50 per cent
3) 7.25 per cent 4) 7 per cent
5) None of these Ans.) 3
37. Name the Indian who has won Whitley Award recently, an international nature
conservation prize dubbed as Green Oscar.
1) Aparajita Datta 2) Anil Agarwal Madhay
3) Maneka Gandhi 4) Medha Patkar
5) None of these Ans.) 1
38. Which of the following is the highest award given for the lifetime achievement in
sports in India?
1) Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 2) Dhyan Chand Award
3) Dronacharya Award 4) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad (MAKA) Award
5) None of these Ans.) 2
39. Who among the following has been voted the new president of the Asian Football
Confederation (AFC)
1) Hafez Al Medlej 2) Yusuf Al Sarkel
3) Worawai Makudi 4) Sheikh Salman bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa
5) None of these Ans.) 4
40. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) has finally approved
Swedish furniture retailer IKEAs proposal to start single brand retail venture in India.
IKEA has proposed to invest______ in India in single brand retail venture.
1) Rs 10,500 crore 2) Rs 8,500 crore
3) Rs 6,500 crore 4) Rs 5,500 crore
5) None of these Ans.) 1

41. Who among the following is the current Director-General of the World Intellectual
Property Organisation (WIPO), a Unite Nations body? He was in Indian recently to
attend the 7th Global Congress on Combating Counterfeiting and Piracy.
1) Kamil Idris 2) Francis Gurry
3) Pascal Lamy 4) Takehiko Nakao
5) None of these Ans.) 2
42. RBI in its monetary policy for 2013-14 had reduced the repo (short-term lending)
rate by 0.25 percent and pegged the economic growth rate for the current fiscal at
1) 5.7 percent 2) 6.1 percent
3) 6.7 percent 4) 7.1 percent
5) None of these Ans.) 1
43. Consider the following statements with respect to National Urban Health Mission
(NUHM) and indentify the
correct statement(s):
1) The Rs 22,507-crore mission has got the Cabinet nod recently.
2) The government has introduced this scheme to provide healthcare to the urban
poor on the lines of its flagship National Rural Health Mission.
3) The Mission will be implemented through a PPP model at all the levels and
includes setting up one primary health centre for every 50,000- 60,000 people
4) All the above
5) Only 1) and 3)
Ans.) 4
44. The Finance Minister P Chidambaram cautioned Rajan Katoch recently not to hurt
legitimate investments while probing money laundering cases. Rajan Katoch is the
Director of which of the following institutions at present?
1) Sebi 2) Enforcement Directorate (ED)
3) Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) 4) Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO)
5) None of these
Ans.) 2
45. The 15-member Indian cricket squad has been picked up for the ICC Champions
Trophy to be held in _____in coming June.
1) South Africa 2) New Zealand
3) England 4) Australia
5) None of these
Ans.) 3
46. What is the current ranking of India among 179 countries in the 2013 World Press
Freedom Index released by the Reporters Without Borders recently?
1) 173th 2) 160th
3) 154th 4) 140th
5) None of these
Ans.) 4
47. Who among the following heads the Cabinet Committee on Investment (CCI) in
1) The Prime Minister 2) The Finance Minister
3) The Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission 4) The Governor of RBI
5) None of these Ans.) 1

48. The young woman scientist, Jenita Mary Nongkynrih, hails from which of the
following states? She has been selected for this year's ISRO Young Scientist Award
for her urban information system project in the North East.
1) Mizoram 2) Manipur
3) Meghalaya 4) Arunachal Pradesh
5) None of these Ans.) 3
49. The 46th Annual Meeting of the ADB Board of Governors was held in which of the
following Indian cities recently?
1) Mumbai 2) Bangalore
3) Chennai 4) Noida
5) None of these
Ans.) 4
50. The rising Indian shuttler, PV Sindhu, has entered into her maiden Grand Prix
Gold final in Kuala Lumpur. She defeated who amongst the following in the semifinals?
1) Juan Gu 2) Sapsiree Tearattanachai
3) Wang Yihan 4) LI Xuerui 5) None of these Ans.) 2