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I, Smti Sharmista Das, daughter of Late Rishikesh Dutta, resident of

Narsing Road, Shibam Apartment Ground, Ambicapatty, P.S.- Silchar, Cachar,
Assam, aged about 31 yrs, by religion Hindu and by profession housewife,
solemnly affirm and state as follows :-
1. That I was married at the age of 24 yrs to Mr. Rananjay Das alias Rupam
Das, S/o Sri Rupendra Mohan Das alias Ratul Das, resident of C/o Sri
Sumit Endow, Moulavi Road, Ambicapatty, P.S. - Silchar, Cachar, Assam,
on 22/01/2003 under the Special Marriage Act, 1954.
2. That after the marriage my husband and in-laws started demanding dowry
and occasionally they abused and beat me subjecting me to physical and
mental cruelty for dowry.
3. That my husband brought me to Agartala in Tripura and then Noida in
Uttar Pradesh where I stayed with him from November 2007 to September
2008 and September 2008 to September 2009 respectively.
4. That my husband left me with our two daughters alone at his place in
Noida on 03/09/2009 and there has been no communication from, and
information of, him till date.
5. That there is information that my husband has married another girl and
has been living with her in Shillong, Meghalaya.
6. That my in-laws brought me back in their house in Silchar, Assam and
started harassing me for dowry.
7. That the cruel conduct of my in-laws towards me gradually intensified and
became unbearable for me. Then they drove me away from their house on
15/9/2009 and asked me to come back with money from my mother.
When I was leaving the house they snatched away my jewellery and cloths
from me.
8. That for fear of my health and life I took shelter with my mother on
15/09/2009 at the address mentioned above and I have been residing there
with my two daughters since then.
9. That I filed a complaint in the Court of the Chief Judicial Magistrate,
Silchar, Cachar on 03/11/2009 stating all the facts about the cruel conduct
meted out to me by my husband and in-laws.
10. That the complaint was registered in the Silchar Sadar police station as FIR
No. 2126 dtd. 3/11/2009 U/S 498A of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 against
my husband Rananjay Das, my father in-law Rupendra Mohan Das alias
Ratul Das, my mother in-law Mitra Das and husband of my sister-in-law
Joydeep Roy Choudhury.
11. That Mr. S. K. Chauhan, officer-in-charge of Silchar Sadar Police Station,
forced my mother Sima Dutta to pay him Rs. 5000.00 (five thousand) only
on 3/11/2009 as remuneration for investigating the case. I witnessed that
the payment was made.
12. That my mother was again forced to pay Rs. 900.00 (nine hundred) only to
a lady constable later that day which she asked as remuneration for
guarding the lady accused Mitra Das for the night.
13. That the police arrested all the accused except my husband on 3/11/2009.
14. That the police filed charge sheet in connection with the case in the Court
of Chief Judicial Magistrate, Cachar of 9/11/2009 without investigating the
case properly.
15. That the officer-in-charge of Silchar police station demanded another sum
of Rs. 1200.00 (Twelve hundred) only in connection with this case which
my mother had to pay on 12/11/2009. Subsequently I came to know that
police bought chairs for the visitors to the officer-in-charge in the police
station with that money.
16. That police showed in the charge sheet that the accused number one Mr.
Ranajay Das alias Rupam Das as an absconder. But police did not exercised
due diligence and wilfully neglected his arrest, I believe.
17. That I filed another case against Sri Ranajay Das, Sri Rupendra Das, Smti
Mitra Das, Smti Rupashri Das and Sri Joydeep Roy Choudhury on 10-03-
2010 for recovering my cloths, jewellery and other wedding gifts which I
brought to the house of my in -laws.
18. That the police registered the case as Silchar Police Station Case No. 509/10
U/S 379 and 406, IPC.
19. That S. I. Narayan Tamuli was made the investigating officer of the case.
20. That on an application filed by me, the Additional District Magistrate
issued a search warrant U/S 94 of the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 on
16/03/2010 in connection with my jewellery and other items stated above.
21. That S. I. Narayan Tamuli was also entrusted with the execution of the
search warrant by the officer-in-charge of the Silchar police station.
22. That office-in-charge S. K. Chouhan charged us Rs. 3000.00 (Three
thousand) only in connection with both the cases mentioned above and
Smti Mithu Sen was forced to pay the money of the same amount to him
before me on 17/03/2010. She made the payment at the police station for
23. That S. I. Narayan Tamuli took another sum of Rs. 20,000.00 (twenty
thousand) only from Mithu Sen before me in the premises of the police
satiation later that day.
24. That S. I. Narayan Tamuli visited the house of Shri Rupendra Mohan Das
at Moulavi Road, Ambicapatty, Silchar accompanied by me as directed in
the search warrant. He did not recover the items listed in the search
warrant which I have shown there. Instead, he bullied me and took few
insignificant items as the accused were pleased to allow him. He never
visited the other address mentioned in the search warrant.
25. That when I along with Mithu Sen and Aleya Islam Laskar visited the
police station at 12 noon on 20/03/2010 to know about the progress of the
investigation relating to my complaints, S. I. Narayan Tamuli demanded
Rs. 50,000.00 (fifty thousand) only from us.
26. That the officer-in-charge S. K. Chauhan abused and threatened us with
dire consequences and forcibly kept us in detention for about two hours in
order to force us to pay the said amount.
27. That I made the statements above with sole intention to meet the ends of
I, Sharmista Das, do hereby verify that the statements made in Para 1 to 26,
both inclusive, true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I solemnly affirm
and state that I made these statements in full knowledge, consciousness and
sound mind. No material facts have been concealed and only truth and nothing
but truth has been stated.

Identified by me,


Sworn before me

Notary Public, Silchar.