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1 Quiz Paper
Multi-Choice and Questions Feb 2007

1. Which of the following is the correct statement?

 AC and DC can be used for MMA

 AC and DC can be used for TIG
 AC and DC can be used for SAW
 All of the above

2. A weld of dissimilar material is termed as….

 Compound weld
 Transition weld
 Complex weld
 All of the above

3. What will you do if you find a consumable core wire is having rust on the surface?

 Baking before use

 It is not important
 Rust should be completely removed by wiping with wool before use
 Quarantine for further investigation

4. What is “High Frequency” used for some welding process?

 To reduce arc strike

 To give deep penetration
 For controlled arc
 To control interpass temperature

5. Why “Slope In” technique is used for TIG?

 To reduce spatter
 To reduce tungsten inclusion
 To give arc stability
 All of the above

6. Which of the following is a Rutile electrode?

 6010
 6013
 6018
 6016

7. Arc blow is associated with which of the following processes?

 None of the above

8. What is added to steel for Deoxidation.

 Sulphur
 Phosphorus
 Silicon
 Manganese

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CSWIP 3.1 Quiz Paper
Multi-Choice and Questions Feb 2007

9. Fillet Fracture Test is conducted to….

 Assess the strength

 Assess the root penetration and fusion
 Assess fracture failure
 Assess the toughness

10. Welding procedure qualification is…

 To give welder practice

 To give instruction

11. Which effect does the cyclic loading have on a member?

 Reduce strength
 Reduce Fatigue life
 Reduce toughness
 All of the above

12. Why hard stamping is not allowed on some welding fabrication?

 It is too slow
 It can be safety hazard
 It may be damaging to the material
 All of the above

13. Which NDT method is effective for identifying laminations?

 Radiography Test
 Magnetic Particle Test
 Ultrasonic Test
 Dye Penetrant Test

14. MIG/MAG welding has a tendency to give lack of sidewall fusion when…

 Spray transfer conditions are used

 100% CO2 shielding gas is used
 Pulsed current is used
 Dip Transfer conditions are used

15. During PWHT of a complex fabrication, the heating rate and cooling rate are much higher than specified. This

 Cause excessive oxidation

 Not allow sufficient time to relieve stresses
 Introduce excessive compressive stresses
 Cause Distortion

16. A low heat input welding will have reduced….

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CSWIP 3.1 Quiz Paper
Multi-Choice and Questions Feb 2007

 Toughness
 Strength
 Residual Stress
 Harness

17. As the voltage of X-Ray set increases….

 It increases the penetrating power

 It increases the wave length
 It increases the image quality
 All of the above

Theory Questions Asked in February 2007:

1. Explain your Duties as a Welding Inspector? Give a Mandatory Reference –

Compulsory Question

2. As per BS 639 : 1987 E 44 42 R (13)

a. What gives Strength, Toughness and Position

b. Covering
c. Other characteristics

3. Why Hard Stamping is not used for some welding fabrications?

4. Explain TIG Processes.

5. Give four factors responsible for Hydrogen Cracking.

6. What is the requirement of Welding Procedure Test. Give 5 Essential Variables? Define
Essential Variable.

7. Explain Lamellar Tearing.

Note: The following is not exactly as it came in the exams (especially the multi choice). In
general, there is a lot of twist in the questions asked.

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