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The war brought a variety of adverse effects to humans and usually frequent use of
increasingly sophisticated weapons equipment. This has raised concerns that continuing in
the world community. Various efforts have been undertaken by the party responsible for
ensuring that the events of this war not extend claimed thousands of lives of innocent people.
However, the effort is like "pouring water into vain" because this is not a positive impact on
society. There are a variety of effects experienced by the countries involved in the war. Such
as the destruction of property in the community, at the expense of human lives and invited to
severe emotional disturbance.
Among the main effects that can be observed is the destruction of property of the local
community due to the cruelty of the invasion forces. Among public property is destroyed
buildings, schools, roads, railways, airports, ports, and so on. The goal of the war was to see
the local people suffer and live in poverty without basic facilities. War will lead to innocent
civilians lost their homes were destroyed by a bomb explosion during the war. Thus, war is a
matter of suffering for those who never experienced it myself.
The effects of this war has caused the loss of human lives. Many people will die as a result of
the war. Disease epidemics will spread because the environment is dirty and polluted. The
absence of hospital facilities will also worsen the situation. After the Gulf War, Iraq had a
problem of loss of life due to lack of medicine. This will lead to increased mortality rates,
particularly among babies and children. Various diseases will spread and result in injury,
disability and death of a human being.
As we know, the war continued to be invited to severe emotional disturbance among the
public, especially to children growing adolescents. Children who grew up in a chaotic
situation will suffer severe emotional distress if not treated accordingly. This is because, since
childhood they have seen the atrocities committed by the occupying forces against members
of their families as the missiles were fired, shot by bombs and so on. Most children who are
still alive is not like a normal child to another because some of them are impaired physically
and mentally. These events had a profound impact on their lives and remain in memory
In conclusion, the war is a negative impact, especially in terms of national development and
social harmony in the community at large. Human development should focus on improving
the quality of life rather than toward the creation of weapons simply could harm yourself.

Awareness of the impact of war must be created so that people love peace. To prevent the
occurrence of continuous war, all parties must cooperate and work together regardless of
rank, class or race to preserve the harmony of the country. Every war is happening, not only
claimed thousands of innocent lives, but the country's development in terms of economy and
politics are also affected. Therefore, as a caring society we should be united and consensus to
keep the country from being threatened by irresponsible parties, the saying goes, "round
water as sewers, because the whole human solidarity".

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