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Learn how to build your Virtual Event Implementation Strategy March 21, 2012 ASAE Conference Center,

Learn how to build your Virtual Event Implementation Strategy March 21, 2012 ASAE Conference Center, Washington DC

Virtual events are a critical communication channel for associations and tradeshow/conference organizers. Virtual events require a strategic, integrated approach that combines marketing, sales, education, membership, customer service and IT. Most event organizations have little idea on how to set up a strategic and tactical plan to effectively benefit from this important digital channel.

We propose to help you.

A one-day, face-to-face educational seminar, the EastVirtual Event Workshop will help attendees go from little or no virtual event knowledge to knowing the first steps on how to build a 30-day implementation strategy.

We’ll provide the basics on what every virtual event organizer needs to know (“Virtual Events 101”); plus the information needed to build a solid implementation plan.

We’ll take attendees rapidly from a “10,000-foot” view of virtual events to a “500-foot” one. We‘ll examine the issues surrounding the different business models; help the organizer plan her sales strategy; outline staffing needs; and provide information on the latest technologies. The strategies to engage attendees and deliver effective (and profitable) programming will also be discussed, with a close look into how best to approach pre-event planning and post-event assessment. We’ll also cover exhibit and sponsorship sales plans; audience acquisition techniques; ROI calculations; and how to budget realistically for virtual events.

Attendees will:

§ In a single day, go from “zero to 60” MPH in virtual event know-how, completing the workshop 100% comfortable they can proceed with implementation.

§ Receive 100% actionable content, free of vendor bias and self-promotion.

§ Learn the key factors to making a virtual event a success or failure.

§ Define how to build a budget and revenue/expense model that fits internal resources.

§ Decide on the type of content that will attract an audience.

§ Discover the marketing model and how to integrate it with other marketing channels.

§ Optimize organizational effectiveness by identifying skills and resources that must be developed or outsourced.

§ Analyze the latest technologies and platforms available to host virtual events.


The workshop brings together the nation’s most knowledgeable and influential virtual event and meeting talent—experts on the leading edge of virtual event strategy and implementation—all at a very low investment in time and money. Organizers will walk away with the first steps to building 30- day strategy and implementation plan that could mean the difference between success and failure.


Attendees will include:

§ Executive Directors

§ Content/Conference Managers and Directors

§ Event Marketing Managers and Directors

§ Online Business and Marketing Managers

§ Community Managers

§ Meeting and Event Planners

§ Learning and Training Managers