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Kendo Equipment Manual


Cover p.1
Index p.2
Personal Notes p.3
Introduction p.4
Construction of Shinai p.5
Disassembly of Shinai p.8
Maintenance of Shinai p.9
Making a shinai out of used parts p.10
Fixing the shinai tip p.11
Tying the shinai handle p.12
Tying the nakayui p.15
The Kendogi p.17
How to wear kendogi p.19
How to fold kendogi p.20
The hakama p.21
How to wear hakama p.22
How to fold hakama p.23
How to wash hakama? p.24
The tare p.25
How to wear tare p.26
The do p.27
How to wear do p.28
How to keep your do p.33
The men p.34
How to put on tenugui p.36
How the men should fit p.39
How to keep your men p.41
The kote p.42
How to put on kote, how to keep kote p.43
The equipment bag p.47
Glossary p.49
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