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European Middle Ages


The Middle Ages began by bringing order out of chaos, why then
did they end in chaos?
Key questions:
• How did medieval rulers overcome internal divisions and external threats, and work to create
larger and more stable territories?
• How did the Christian church enhance its power and create new institutions and religious
• What were the motives, course, and consequences of the Crusades?
• What was life like for the common people of medieval Europe, and how were the lives of
nobles and townspeople different?
• What were the new cultural institutions and forms developed in medieval Europe?
• Why has the late Middle Ages been seen as a time of calamity and crisis?

• Explain how feudalism established order and manors established self-sufficient communities
• Describe the relationships and obligations of the feudal system
• Describe the difference between the lives of monks, common people, nobles, and townspeople
• Analyze the role of the church throughout the Middle Ages
• Evaluate the impact of technological advancements in the Middle Ages
• Analyze the role of women and knights in the Middle Ages
• Explain the cause and effects of the crusades
• Examine the ways Europe changed throughout the Middle Ages

Textbook Sections (Chapter: Section)

Chapter 13
Germanic Kingdoms Unite Under Charlemagne 13:1 (Pgs. 317-321)
Feudalism in Europe 13:2 (Pgs. 322-326)
The Age of Chivalry 13:3 (Pgs. 327-331)
The Church Wields Power 13:4 (Pgs. 332-335)

Chapter 14
Church Reform and the Crusades 14:1 (Pgs. 341-347)
Trade, Towns, and Financial Revolution 14:2 (Pgs. 348-351)
England and France develop 14:3 (Pgs. 352-355)
A Century of Turmoil 14:4 (Pgs. 356-361)
What was the significance of the pope declaring Charlemagne emperor?
Why were peasants willing to become serfs on manors? Why did manors seek to be self-sufficient?
How well did feudalism establish order in Europe in the Middle Ages?
How influential was the Roman Catholic Church in medieval Europe?
What were the most significant outcomes of the crusades?
How did technological advancements challenge the feudal system and change the character of
European culture?
How did events in Europe contribute to the decline of feudalism and the rise of democratic thought?

Intro lesson

Roman Empire used a very centralized government to control all parts of their domain. However, Europe
completely changed with no central authority and this created a power vacuum for new forces, leaders, and
institutions to step in and take over.