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College Of Science And Technology


Chemical Engineering


Chemical Engineering

Course Title:

Corrosion of Metals And Alloys

Course Code:

CHE 431

Course Lecturer:

Dr. Ayoola Ayodeji, Mr. Oguniyi Ajibola


Mondays, 10am -12noon


Chemical Engineering Building, Room C34

Brief Overview of the Course:

The course, CHE 431, addresses the major cause of corrosion of metals and
alloys, effects of corrosion, preventive and corrective measures to corrosion
problems of metals and alloys. All these are being looked at from the
engineering point of view.
Course Objectives/Goals:
The principal aim of the course is to create a life-long impression of the
possibility of having a world full of metals and alloys with less or no
Methods of Lecture Delivery/Teaching Aids:
It is going to be a practical class, through students active participation.
Examples will be drawn from the current and relevant issues in the society.
Students will have access to both the soft copy and the hard copy [in print]
of the lecture note. And with the use of Laptop and projector, pictures and
items that illustrate certain facts will be made available in class. The
teaching aids include Laptop and projector.

Course Outlines:
Week 1: Introduction:
Week 2: Meaning, Effects and Causes of Corrosion
Week 3: Principles of Corrosion
Week 4: Forms of Corrosion
Week 5: Corrosion Testing
Week 6: Selection of Materials
Week 7: Mid Semester Test And Solution
Week 8: Corrosion Prevention
Week 9:

Corrosion in Chemical Industries

Week 10: Corrosion in Petroleum Industries

Week 11: Corrosion in Automobile Industries
Week 12: Revision
Week 13: Examination
Tutorial questions will be given to students. Solution to the
tutorial questions will be provided as well.
Structure of the Programme/ Method of Grading:

Mid-semester test = 10 marks,

Assignment = 10marks and

Tutorial Questions = 10marks.

All these make up the Continuous Assessment of 30marks. Examination is 70

Ground Rules And Regulations:
No student will be allowed into the class ten minutes after the
commencement of the lecture, students causing distraction or disturbance

will be sent out of the lecture room. Only students that are physically present
for each lecture will sign the attendance sheet.

Topics for Term Papers/Assignments/Students Activities:

Practical and relevant questions will be given to students as term papers,
assignments and tutorials.

Alignment With Covenant University Vision/ Goals:

One important goal of Covenant University is to raise generational leaders
through mental productivities, my conducts and mode of teaching will be
tailored in this pattern. And emphasis will be laid on the enforcement of this
goal among the students.
Contemporary Issues/Industry Relevance:
As mentioned earlier, contemporary issues like Factors Responsible for Niger
Delta Crisis and Recent Preventive Maintenance on The Third Mainland
Bridge will be considered.
Recommended Reading/Text:
Corrosion Control by Samuel A. BradfordGerald Kiely (2003).
A Textbook of Engineering Chemistry by S.S. Dara (2006). S. Chand
And Company Limited.
Corrosion: Understanding The Basics (Second Edition) by J.R. Davis

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