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Objective of Pre-interview questionnaire
The objective of the pre-interview questionnaire is to get an imagination of those
aspects of ones self that are not readily available to ones self for introspection to gain
a deeper understanding of the self and the others. Such an understanding and
awareness of the self is pivotal for a better management of self in its interactions with
the other in the process of life by bringing a positive change in ones attitude towards
one self. A self that is not aware of these unconscious or hidden aspects of ones self is
likely to get jeopardized in those situations which evoke intense anxieties centered at
ones survival and one such situation is the interview process of UPSC. A more healthily
integrated personality would be less anxious and would have more agencies to
reasonably utilize the internal and external resources that are available to it, hence
would be in a better position to lead others in administrative and management roles in
different sectors of growth and development at various levels of hierarchy. Such a self
would be more secure and hence more open and receptive to others. The search for
such a self is at the core of the interview process in UPSC and the development of such
a self is our aim in the personality development and counseling program in Vision IAS.
We would like to suggest to you to be as honest as possible in giving your responses. A
journey embarked with honesty with ones self and with us would take you to your
dream destination.

Pre-Interview Questionnaire (Stage I)

1. Introduce yourself briefly.
2. What do you feel are your strengths as a person? How do they help you in your
3. What aspects of your personality you feel create problems in managing your life?
4. Would you like to change them? If yes then how?
5. What specific difficulties you find in your interactions with others?
6. How do they affect your relationship with others both in personal and
professional life?
Vision IAS


7. What fears you the most and why?

8. What gives you a deep sense of accomplishment and contentment and why?
9. What are the most important things in your life at present and why?
10.What are the present struggles in your life and how are you dealing with them?
11.How do you re-visit or remember your childhood?
12.Your earliest childhood memory.
13.When you are troubled or you sense failure in something what memory of your
life or image comes in your mind the most?
14.The worst incident of your life and how did you experience and cope with it?
15.The best incident of your life and how did you live or experience it?
16.Who all have been your role models and why? (it can be family members,
important relationships and even public figures)
17.Things that stress you out the most.
18.How do you deal with stress?
19.How do you feel and behave in your close relationships?
20.Favorite movies
21.Favorite books
22.Favorite music
23.Why civil services as career option? What Civil services means to you?
24.What is your image of the interview process and expected interview board?
25.How do you feel about the idea of facing the interview? What are your anxieties,
if any, about this process?
26.How would you define success?
27.How do you respond to disagreements?
28.What evokes anger in you and what do you do when you are feeling anger?
29.What things are important for maintaining your self-esteem?
30.How do you see your life in its continuity with your past and your imagination of
your future?
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