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What are the opportunities for General Electric considering the new
technological developments?
. One big opportunity for General Electric is pipeline risk management.
General Electric started developing a pipeline-management software
which can operate with a single interface for accessing, managing and
integrating critical data for the safe management of pipelines. Thus, it
was created a risk assessment tool to monitor aging infrastructure, which
helps the companies in different ways, for instance: improving asset
productivity, creating a real-time picture of the status of an entire
operation, stemming the costly loss of tacit knowledge from an aging
workforce, building an Industrial Internet platform that meets customers
needs and predicting breakdowns and assess the machines overall
It is known that in oil and gas industry, a single day off can affect the
company with almost $ 25 million. In this case, for General Electric is a big
opportunity to develop the technological part and to improve the
productivity of the new software. In this case, for General Electric will be a
big market opportunity, and the companies will not lose any time and
Developing the technology, even if the average recovery rate of the oil
will be changed with one percentage point, the worlds output will
increase by 80 billion barrels, the equivalent of three years of global
General Electric saw an opportunity in creating and developing a new
and credible cloud-based platform, something that until then nobody
could set up.
Almost 50% of the oil and gas workforce will be retired by 2025.
Therefore, for General Electric represents a big opportunity to replace the
aging workforce with their technology. One reason that the aging
workforce should be replaced with technology is represented by the fact
that is more efficient, the cost is reduced and the rate of errors will
decrease. Furthermore, through technology, all the knowledge and data
will remain in the system.
Because of the fact that General Electric is put at the table as a true
partner at the heart of the discussion, now, GE has the opportunity to
meet new customers.

2. Where is General Electric vulnerable? What are the threats that GE

must beware?
A threat for general Electric is that companies are not willing to share
data that could unlock new levels of collaboration across the entire supply
chain. Moreover, they do not realize that they can learn from each other
and drive efficiencies back into the entire industry.
Even if the technology is available to replace the aging workforce, the
companies are not open to this idea due to lack of confidence. This
industry is extremely slow to adopt new technology. The engineers are not
willing to trust the data. In addition, they will not allow the software to
make changes on its own, for instance: changing pump speeds.
People are not familiar with the Industrial Internet system.
If General Electric does not inspire the customers, the companies will not
promote the platform. In this case, the customers will not trust the
platform and will not use it.
The process of selling is more complex, which is a big threat for GE.