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Operator's manual

Straight line wiper Ocean

The Seematz wiper housing consists of sea water resistant aluminium Almg 3. All other metal parts are made of stainless steel or brass. All colored parts are powder coated. The transporter plate is also made of aluminium. The roller with ball bearings are connected at this plate and made of sea water and temperature resistant plastic. The transporter is controlled via a stainless steel chain and two in series connected 12VDC or 24 VDC motors depending on the input voltage. The motors are mounted in a separate chamber of the wiper case, so there are no passing shafts into the wheelhouse. Standardly the case is fitted with a thermostat controlled 100W heating, park switch and spray nozzles. Next to the motor a overload protection is installed. A red LED indicates if it is on or not. The wiper arm, blade including rubber, 3 m connection cable 5 pol., power supply and control panel with 7 m connection cable belongs also to the schedule of parts supplied.

Function of panel type Ocean: wiper on/off, group( 2 wiper or more) on/off, heating on/off, water/air control, single sweep and a potentiometer with 5 times of interval , low and fast speed.


Wiper and cable installation

The wind screen wiper has to be installed with four fixing bolts ( screws ) and nuts M8, above, at the side or below the window according to the operator's manual - drawings.

Preferably the wiper shall be installed on mounting brackets which can be welded at the ship, so the wiper can be easily mounted or remounted. By installation without brackets you have to install the spray nozzles at the wiper(if system is ordered with water) before you install the wiper at the bridge.

Please keep the distance at the window as indicated in the drawings to avoid contact of blade to the window frame. After mounting the wiper, the 5-core cable has to be passed from outside through a cable gland PG 9 or PG 11 into the wheelhouse.

The cable shall be installed direct to the current power supply ( if the length is sufficient )or be extended via a distribution box to the current power supply. After the installation of the power supply connect the 5-core cable to the terminal block according connection diagram. When mounting two or more wiper, the cable of wiper 1 with core colour blue, red, yellow, brown and black has to be connected to the terminal block 1- 5, core colour blue responding to terminal 1. The second wiper has to be connected to the terminal block 6 - 10, core colour blue responding to terminal 6 and so on.

Connect the cable of the valves for water and air (if they are installed) and the main power cable according to the circuit diagram. The power supply can be delivered with 230 VAC or voltage such as 440 VAC or 24 VDC. Don't switch on the unit yet.

This is important to prevent the plug and socket connection of the cable between panel and power supply to be connected live. Damages at the main control printcard of the power supply might be the result.


Wiper and cable installation

The provided cable SUB-D ( with plug and socket ) has to be installed between panel and main control printcard. If an equipment consists of more then 3 wiper for one printcard, these have to be equipped with 2 or more SUB-D cable.

Connect the SUB-D plug / socket from each cable with the corresponding plug / socket on the printcard of the panel and fix them with the screws.

Install panel ( included in the scope of delivery ) according to the requirement of each customer, please take the measurements from the manual.

Connect the other side of the cable with the corresponding plug - / socket on the main control printcard in the power supply and fix it. The main control printcard is fixed at the inside of the power supply door. Please note the marks at the socket on the panel printcard and main control printcard.

In case of wrong connection, no harm is done to the equipment - it just don't work! In such a case, change the connection, either at the panel or at the main control printcard. The standard cable length is 7 m.

It can be extended by pieces of 5 - 7 m up to a total length of 40m. These cable can be obtained from us or at any computer shop. If you require a cable of 40 - 100 m, please don't hesitate to contact us.

To prevent interference's, we would provide one single shielded cable. One effect can be that the wiper don't stop at the park position when the heating is switched on . Another reason can be a faulty minus-connection between power supply and panel. These failures are possible in fact of using extra long cable.

Switch on the unit and test all functions.

Mounting arm and blade Switch of the power supply by main fuse. Fix the not mounted wiper arm and blade with the crossbow at the transporter (4x M6 x 30). If you have to mount several wiper with different arms and blades, please reefer to the manual and drawings, to connect the right combination. Once the arm is fixed adjust the contact pressure of the blade by pulling the adjustment block at the arm.

To help, you will find the standard reference value at the drawing of the arm in the manual.

If water connection is needed a water pipe must be connected to the wiper underneath (by upside mounting) the case. The assembly is complete. Switch on the power supply and test all functions.

Attention: Maximum water and air pressure is 1.5 bar. Otherwise it is not guaranteed that the parts of the jet conduit will remain leak proof.

3.)Commissioning and operation of type „Ocean“:

Switch on power supply.

If the switch „Group“ is installed, you have to switch it on. After that you can switch on the wiper of the group you need with the „on“ switch. A panel for 1 wiper don't have a „Group“switch, you can switch on the wiper direct. The green LED shows you which wiper is in operation.

Adjust potentiometer so that the mark of the button is placed on the single triangle for slow speed or on double triangle for fast speed. With the potentiometer you can change the speed while wiper is running. With the same button, the intervall period can be chosen. Figure 5 stands for interval stop of 25 sec. and figure 1 of 5 sec.

When choosing interval all wiper switched on will go to park position, control LED's keep illuminated. Only after the last wiper has reached the park position, the wiper will be start all at the same time.

Each wiper can be switched on / off at any time. After coming to the park position, the LED of the wiper which has been switched off, turns out.

In case you use the„Group“ switch, all wiper can be switched on/ off together. In this case, when the wiper reach the park position, the control LED's of the running wiper will light on. The control LED „group“ turns out after the last running wiper has reached his park position. Wiper are in standby position

Button „single sweep“, all wiper of a group can be switched on for one sweep only. Doesn't matter if the wiper is switched on or off. They will stop at the park position.

The switch ( single sweep ) has to be present about 1 - 2 sec., so that all wiper run well. If you don't press long enough, a wiper might stop in the middle of the window. Pushing the button again the wiper goes to the park position.

Switch „heating“, the build in heating is switched on / off. This is indicated by a green LED. The heating element in the wiper will be regulated by an thermostat, switching it on at about –3°C and off at about +5°C. The LED in the panel doesn't indicate the switching of the thermostat, only the on/off switch of the heating. The heating switch regulates all heating elements of a group. Switch „spray jet or water / air“ is needed for the integrated spray mechanism. It can be also used for a separate unit not supplied by us. If the switch is installed, a solenoid valve or water pump and / or a air valve can be activated by a relay. It depends on the order whether a relay control is connected with an output 230 VAC or potential free. For standard a relay control is connected with output 230 VAC. The solenoid valve for water will be activated as long as you press the switch. When releasing the switch a second valve, controlled by a timer relay will be activated for round about 10 seconds and air will clean the water pipe to prevent it against freezing in winter time. This period can be adjusted at relay from about 2 sec to 60 min Standard on delivery is 10 sec.

An automatic dimming control for the LED's on the panel is integrated. A photo resistor is located clearly on the panel. To control the function of all LED's you can cover the photo resistor with your thumb, all control LED's shall turn darker. By a a manual operated control an additional potentiometer is integrated.


Wiper housing - Cover plate - SEEMATZ special profile - made of aluminium AlMg3. The two side aluminium cover plates are covered with neoprene rubber. In the standard model one of the side covers is provided with a cable gland. On request we deliver without cable gland. In this case the cable comes direct out of the wiper housing.


Two 24 VDC motors IP 56 are encased in the wiper housing. For 24 VDC units we use two 12 VDC motors. The two motors are connected in series. Maximum voltage with 24 VDC motors of the control unit is 48 VDC and with 12 VDC motors 24 VDC. When opening the lateral covers the motors are easy accessible. Models with extra long housing might have one motor in the centre. These have got an additional cover underneath the housing. To accommodate the motor's drive shaft connection from motor housing to wiper housing the motors are installed on a carrier disk. This is fitted with an additional drive shaft bearing and a shaft seal.


The transporter is constructed from aluminium with four plastic rolls incl. 2 stainless steel ball bearings per roll. The plastic we use is specially made for areas in connection with chemicals ( salt water ) at temperature from –30°C to +80°C. A guide handle made of plastic with a brass reversing wheel is installed at the plate to achieve a power train between chain and guide. This power train takes place via a chain lock with pin, the reversing wheel with screws and the plastic handle connected to the guide.

7.)Red LED-light:

Inside of the wiper case you will find a motor protection block with a red LED ( by standard installation). In the moment you switch „on“ the wiper the Led will flash. If the Led is “on” continuous check the transport mechanism because the Led indicates that the motors of the wiper need too much power to operate.


Both shafts are fitted with a chain wheel ( stainless steel) and woodruff key for the power train and a special screw with plastic washer to avoid „run – off“. Both chain wheels are connected via a stainless steel ( V2A ) chain 3/8“ x 7/32“ that constitutes a stable mechanical connection. Besides the special chain lock with pin a standard chain lock from stainless steel belongs to the chain unit. This additional lock simplifies the assembly of the chain and avoids opening or removing the chain lock with pin from the reversing wheel during assembly works.

9.)Wiper arm and blade:

The arm consists of two stainless steel round bars of 10 mm diameter with a joint from brass and a shaft joint from stainless steel. To mount it, the joint has to be fixed to the crossbar or to the transporter according drawing 425-000-ZN-01. The support of the angle spring is connected with the joint by same screws. Located on the wiper arm there is an adjusting block which adjust the pressure of the spring. At the end of the arm, the wiper blade has to be installed. The screw found there has to be tightened so much, that a movement round the axis is possible for the blade. The blade consists of an aluminium frame connected with a reception profile for the rubber. A rubber with a reception slot has been used to facilitate the changing. In order to prevent a displacing of the rubber, blade ends are closed with a plastic stopper.

10.)Electrical parts wiper :

2 DC motors 24 VDC


2 DC motors 12 VDC

supply Park switch indicating led Heating thermostat 5°C Connection cable 1,0 mm² Plug ( electrical connection ) housing Socket ( electrical connection ) housing

connected in series for VAC-

connected in series for VDC-

inductive with

24 VDC - 100 VA with

length 3m,5 x

7 pin IP 66 in motor

7 pin IP 66 in motor

11.)Electrical parts power supply type „Ocean“ :

Control unit application Transformer 370 VAC voltage,










Relay printcard Main control printcard supply unit

with case IP 24, size and fitting on


220-230-240 AC or other

refer to spare parts

1 x 24 VDC for control heating and park

-pump-solenoid valve if for

1 x 34 VAC, 1 x

2 x rectifier 35A per

with 24 VDC relay fitting on application at door of power


fan at door of power supply unit

Terminals additional and air )

each 5 terminals per wiper terminals for voltage input ( also outlet for water

Connection cable SUB-D cable with plug and socket 25 pin for connection power supply to panel, length of cable on application

Integrated panel

version always on application or according to


12.)Technical data wiper :

End position outside left Power consumption of motors standard

Power consumption of motors at higher load ( due to icing or failure

- seen from the

90 VA to max 200 VA

of the wiper ) VA Operation temperature + 60°C Protective system housing Speed min:

of the wiper ) VA Operation temperature + 60°C Protective system housing Speed min:
of the wiper ) VA Operation temperature + 60°C Protective system housing Speed min:
of the wiper ) VA Operation temperature + 60°C Protective system housing Speed min:


-30°C -

IP 56 for motor and

25m/min, max: 40m/min at

continuous run


at single run and interval


Interval time shortest time, position 5 longest time

direct from 25 sec to 2 sec, position 1

Wiper arm

standard arm length 450 mm, special length on


Wiper blade

standard blade length 450 mm, special length on

application Weight wiper housing 14,5 Kg

15,5 Kg

16,5 Kg

Kg more

S425 = housing 540 mm length,

S525 = housing 640 mm length,

S625 = housing 740 mm length,

each additional 100 mm = +1

13.)Technical data power supply type „Ocean“ :

Connecting voltage standard Protective system panel

220V-230V-240 VAC 50-60 Hz

IP 20 for wheelhouse

IP 24 for control unit

Weight Wiper control unit 15 Kg, otherwise Kg per wiper Weight panel wiper


for 1 wiper 10 Kg, for 2 wiper on application, as reference value 6

reference value 0,4 Kg per

A tool kit for maintenance work can be found behind side cover of

wiper number 01!

First check has to be done 6 month after first sea trail!

Check the roller at the transporter and also the chain tension. If this check will not be done, it is possible that the transporter will destroy the park switch because of too much clearance and no guarantee can be granted!

For this slacken the spring of the arm. Remove side cover (425- 003-1+SNR) and wiper cover plate. In case the roller are worn because of running time the two lower roller can be adjusted by loosen their M 6 nuts and push them down. While tightening the nut again you can fix it with an 13 mm wrench at the back side of the transporter to prevent moving of the roller.

After this check the roller once a year. For a quiet running and to reduce wear and tear of the chain, it is

advisable to adjust it from the time to time. The chain will change it's length. The frequency of the adjustment depends on the total length

of the chain, wiper and running period. Therefore, we can't

recommend a precise control interval but would advise to do so when scratching noises are heard. This happens when the chain touches the lower wiper housing. Remove side cover (425-003-1 +SNR, that without cable gland). Drill the 3 drain plugs, seated above the motor, at the cover out and slacken the screws of the motor with a 4 mm Allan key. Inside the wiper you will see a brass angle with an M 6 nut in the middle. By turning the M 6 screw, you move the motor and change the chain tension. Be careful do not tighten it too strong. After this adjustment tighten the motor

screws and close the wiper.

15.) Service:

In order to change the roller take off the wiper cover plate and side cover, slacken the spring of the arm and unscrew the 4 nuts connecting the rolls with the transporter. Now it is possible to remove the roller. Some times it is easier to remove the M 6 screw, the plastic handle is connected with the transporter and take out the complete transporter with arm. Install new roller. You can tighten the two roller which have no oblong hole. If you have removed the hole transporter install it and connect the plastic handle. Adjust the two roller in the oblong holes ( see maintenance). Adjust the tension of the spring and close the cover.

If the plastic handle is worn, you will have to remove the M 6

screw, the plastic handle is connected with the transporter and pull the complete transporter aside. Loosen the M 6 stud screw at the brass reversing wheel of the plastic handle and take it away. Install

a new handle in reverse order.

To change the chain disconnect transporter and plastic handle. Disconnect handle and chain lock with pin. Open the standard chain lock. Pull out chain. Mount the chain in reverse order. This is necessary if the chain can't be adjusted by the chain tensioner system anymore. To change a motor, open chain at standard chain lock. Then unscrew the screw of the chain wheel (425-018-1) and pull off the chain wheel upwards from the motor shaft. When you have removed the 3 motor screws the motor can be taken out. The connection cable have to be unsoldered. Attention do not exchange them because the motors run in series. An exchange would cause damage at the motor direct and will destroy it. Mount the motor in reverse order.

The integrated park switch ( inductive ) (425-021-1) can be checked by switching on the wiper, go outside and open the side cover with cable gland at the wiper. The red diode at the rear of the park switch illuminates when the transporter moves over the switch or remains on it. If the red diode do not illuminate, switch „off“ the

wiper and try to put a metallic piece on the switch. Now the diode should be illuminate if the park switch is not faulty. If the park switch

is O.K. you have to do an adjustment at the system. First try to

adjust the transporter as described at „maintenance“. If this is not possible (weather too bad, no catwalk etc.) at this moment adjust

the space ( 17 mm wrench) between park switch and the green stop block of the transporter , standard will be 1 mm (max. 2 mm). At next occasion it is necessary to adjust the transporter and the park switch again.

To change a switch, disconnect the wiper at his plug to have no voltage at the system, otherwise you will destroy the 0,5 A fuse at the relay printcard. Remove the switch and cut his cable. Install a new one and connect it identical to the old one.

Be careful the clearance of the transporter will be getting bigger in his live time, so check the clearance from time to time, latest once a year. If the clearance becomes too big the transporter can destroy the park switch.

16.) Trouble shooting type „Ocean“:

If a wiper does not stop, you will have no interval function at this group anymore. Check the function of the park switch as described in „service - park switch“, if the red diode of the park switch is working normal you only have to adjust the park switch, distance is too big ( max 2 mm ). This will be normal because of the clearance at the transporter after a running period. If you cannot reach the wiper (weather too bad, no catwalk etc.) you can use the corresponding service switch (little red or black micro switch ) of this wiper at the main control printcard. Switch it into „serv“ position. A simulation of the park position is the result. After that all wiper besides the faulty one will function normal. Due to the simulation, the faulty wiper stops at any point. In order to have the complete equipment work normal, you will have to check the faulty wiper outside. After having solved the problem do not forget to switch the service switch to the „on“ position again.

If a wiper does not start, check all the fuses at the relay card and at the clamp. The second clamp of each wiper in the power supply is a fuse clamp. You will find a red diode on top of it. If this diode is lightning the 5 A fuse inside is broken and have to be replaced. Check wiper outside because fuse will only break when the motors are running too slow.

By new installation check the cable and the cable code at the power supply and at all connection boxes. Color code are in the manual.

Subject to technical alternations to ensure continuous improvement and enlargement of the equipment described. This technical specification will remain valid until considerable changes force us to publish a new edition. Attention: Do not use a bigger fuse (6,3A) for the motor otherwise guarantee will be invalid!!!