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Jamea Al Kauthar-An Islamic College

for Girls
Jamea Al Kauthar is an independent Islamic college for girls aiming to bring
Muslim girls over the age of 11 under a single roof where they will be imparted
education in a safe, secure, happy and Islamic environment. Founded in the year
1996, the college welcomes students to gain academic excellence in a spiritually
enriching and mentally and physically nurturing atmosphere. Situated in
Lancaster, Jamea Al Kauthar happens to be in one of the most scenic buildings,
the Royal Albert Castle of United Kingdom. Accommodation for the female
students is provided in the same building while the madrasah and the school are
located in other 2 buildings. The sprawling college campus spreads over 20.5
acres of land in a soothing and tranquil atmosphere.
Jamea Al Kauthar began with only 60 students during its initial years which has
now developed into one of the most sought after educational institutions for
Muslim girls with 450 enlisted students. All these students are provided
accommodation in the campus as well. The college offers courses on traditional
sciences along with secondary education. Students who are interested in
furthering their education are also supported by Jamea Al Kauthar. Students are
also welcome to take the 2 year abridged course of Alimiyyah program in English
language. According to the Principal of Jamea Al Kauthar, students here are
encouraged to become role models for their communities as confident, educated
and capable human beings.
The Objectives of Jamea Al Kauthar:
Jamea Al Kauthar as a responsible center for educational excellence encourages
students to become the best human being they can be. The objectives of the
college are:

Providing relevant opportunities to the girls to acquire an intensive

understanding of Deen.
Developing and love and faith in Allah and his Prophet Sallallahu alayhi
Inculcating moral and religious values; tolerance of other religions.
Producing confident individuals who have an understanding of their minds
and are free thinking individuals but also with the flexibility to listen to
Encouraging students to believe in team work and helping others by being
sensitive to their needs.
Develop the students into morally good human beings who can recognize
right from wrong.
Instill respect for the rule of law in students who will abide by the law and
become responsible citizens.
Jamea Al Kauthar placed great importance on providing a superlative
environment which is conducive to learning while catering to a vast student
population consisting of culturally and ethnically diverse group from around the
world. The extensive pastoral system administered in the campus ensures that
students are treated as significant individuals. The college uses state of the art
facilities to provide an unmatched experience to the students. At present Jamea
Al Kauthar has students from Kenya, Norway, France, USA, Germany, Canada,
Panama, Spain, Mauritius and Reunion. Over the last 12 years 473 students have
graduated from the college as Islamic scholars and more than 104 students have
graduated in the Sanatayn course. Admission takes place only in the month of