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9 min kw (12hp) at 13,000 U /

or .. the analysis of the Van Veen Mytos cylinder

The basis of this performance increase with the Kreidler RS cylinders were used replacement part
number and RMC 15.43.99 / RMC-S cylinder with a part number to find the name of 15.73.85 and A3
( on the right in the direction of the lower cylinder rib). These
cylinders deliver about 6.25 HP or 2.9 HP, and provided an ideal
base to improve performance, since it has been difficult not to be
altered machined main flow channels.

The following engine components are in the van Veen gendern engine:
Inlet duct extends
Expanded outlet
Support channels added
Pistons (forged pistons)
Crankshaft *
Coupling *
The starting point of all measurements that follow the top cylinder (cylinder head) is his!
In this proceeding, that the cylinder is measured from the cylinder base to the cylinder head has a
height of 68.00 mm. Any exceptions must be converted to all information. For "long" measure, such as
68.10 mm have to be added to the following specifications are 0.10 mm, subtract with "shorter" please
cylinder accordingly.

Change channels (General)

In the section model of the RS Cylinder can be
seen the beautiful channel guides. In the
process of channels, ensure that the channel
wall at the inlet channel Zylinderfuseitig is
not too thin. As the tool was used Schrubfeile
certainly, the ball mill, and after the channel
shape was changed to smooth out a finishing
file to the channel interior surfaces. In order to
work particularly well, chalk can be used
commercially available, so that smeared the
area to be treated. This is achieved, the better
the chip "runs" from the smooth file and you
can see where there are still bumps in the area.
For all "curves in the duct emery cloth with
different nabnehmenden grit is used.

Outlet channel change (analysis)

The outlet channel has been worked exactly to 1/10 mm according to the dimensions below. The upper
edge of the exhaust port was placed so 21.50 mm from the cylinder upper edge, the lower edge of the
outlet slot 42.80 mm away. The width of the outlet was 29.00 mm (cylinder rounding taken into
account). The outlet channel was a funnel shape in the outlet flange on the outlet flange and had a cross
section of diameter 28.00 mm. All channel interior surfaces were smoothed with 800 emery cloth.

All channel edges in the cylinder surface were chamfered carefully, and so saw the completed outlet
channel after the processing of:

The inlet duct (analysis)

At the inlet channel has been taken with equal care. Here, too, was following the channel surface is
smoothed but not polished! It is through the slightly rough surface mixture is vortexed well, thus
ensuring a better combustion.

The inlet top edge was measured extended to 51.00 mm, measured from the cylinder upper edge, the
bottom inlet to 66.00 mm from the upper edge of cylinder. It is
formed in the cylinder derMndungsbereich as can be seen from
Fig.1. The Ansaugstutzenflansch you vergerte to 28.00 mm *
19.00 mm. (See Figure 2) where the inlet channel formed slightly
funnel-shaped from the cylinder bore. In Fig.3, the inlet channel
and the additional overflow channels (supporting channel) are
considered. Even when the intake channel transitions were almost
to the runway at.

The Zusatzberstomkanle support channel (analysis)

The additional channels were made as the
Abwickl UNG milled seen. It is important that
the channels emerges at an angle of
approximately 60 in the direction of outlet
channel to support the flushing effective. The
exact dimensions for the
Zusatzberstomkanle can be seen in the
mantle processing. Here is also a blue line on
the career of the piston ring joint marks.
On the cross section "12 hp" the enlarged
channels and the new support channel can be
seen. The support channel has a width of 9.00
mm and max. 4.00 mm deep machined into the
cylinder. To the gas stream of the main current
channels optimally

to support, an angle of 60 is very important. In order to determine the exact angle, you could made a
cardboard or paper template and have used this as an auxiliary tool. The distance from the inlet channel
is 3.00 mm. It is also necessary to ensure that the piston ring gap (blue) is located on the ridge between
the two support channels, this could also later in the operation of the rebound piston ring is not!

The processing (analysis)

The "blue" line in the development showing the path of the piston ring gap.

The forged pistons

Forged pistons, in our case, asymmetrical forged pistons are single ring pistons are forged from a
special aluminum-silicon extruded alloy (AlSi 18 CuNi 25 CuNi or AlSi) and are very hardened. They
have a higher strength as the series piston (195 - 360 N / mm 2).
On "our van Veen" forged pistons now two 6mm holes were drilled and quadratic been filed, the
corresponding operating with the support channels and the piston skirt on the inlet side was reduced by
1.5 mm (asymmetric piston).

The dimension B is the width of the cylinder web between the shaped support channels. The dimension
A is the distance of the holes for piston ring seat, here 1mm. The piston ring gap must be exactly
centered between the two new wells and boreholes were drilled at an angle of about 10 degrees (see
picture above). For more information ( sh. Piston)

Carburetor, intake, exhaust system

The performance improvement was possible only in conjunction with the following components:
Carburetor Bing 84/28/110
Spark plugs Bosch W275 T1 (W3AC)
1.2 mm BTDC ignition timing
Sh intake. Fig.4
Exhaust system

Bing 84/28/110
Main Jet
Needle / needle
Pilot jet
Air screw

choice of 75 ...
46-290-661 / 2
1 turn open

The resonance exhaust silencer with part (analysis)

Find out more

That was a lot of material, and you have surely seen, the engine tuning a lot of work was and is and
takes a lot of time.
Manufacturer of forged pistons and exhaust systems are resonant to the Association. The barrel should
be coated as new after processing. This, therefore, that the Nikasil coating into the channel runs Source:
Mahle). As a result, the piston ring at the overflow of the channel edge, a better leader.
In the lower connecting rod bearings of the crankshaft should be replaced with
"Silver Cage" by one.
The gudgeon pin was conically rotates and increases the coupling to a steel friction