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Kevin Fianko Ofori

Professor Caruso
UWRT 1102
June 21st 2016
Kids Wish Network Charity Organization
When I think of the word charity, what immediately comes to mind is that charity is way
of helping people in need. Kids Wish Network Organization was intendedto be an international
charitable organization that would be dedicated to helping young children between the ages of 1
and 18, in terms of medical treatment. However, this is not exactly how the organization
operated. They claimed on their website that they use majority of their money to supply kids with
medical treatments. However, in 2013, they were nominated as the worst charity organization in
the nation, according to the top 3 best charity reviews including The Better Business Bureaus
(BBB), Wise Giving Alliance, Charity Navigator, Charity Watch, and Guide Star rate charities.
They were named the worst charity organization because they did not fulfill everything that they
had promised to fulfill with the money they received.
Kids Wish Network is an organization that has raised over $110 million dollars from
supportive contributors. In every dollar they have raised, only 3 cents have been spent to help the
poor and innocent kids who are in need of medical treatments, instead of the majority that is
claimed on their website. ManyAmericans donate to this organization because they believe that it
is a nonprofit, charity organization but instead Kids Wishhas made millions of money from

donations that people have sacrificed for the sake of the ill children. They make approximately
93 percent from the funds donated. For example, they made 93 percent profit from the $110
million dollars that they raised. Kids Wish Network has spent over $5 million dollars just in the
salary for the founder of the network on his own business inquiries. In 2013, Kids Wish had over
200 members and made thousands of dollars through these members. They make thousands of
dollars each year and this has been the malicious way they have been using the money over 15
Kids Wish charity organization was formed in 1997. Since it was formed, they have been
paying the founder and his employees over $4.8 million in salary money. During research, it was
found that the founder of Kids Wish Network,MarkBreiner, made over $130,000 a year. Not only
did he make $130,000 a year, he joined a previous worker as an accomplice in raising a support
organization called Dream Giveaway. This was supposed to be a giveaway where people have
the opportunity to win both a 1967 Corvette Stingray Coupe and a 2012 Corvette Grand Sport
Stingray Coupe, plus $45,000 to help pay the prize taxes. Many people know Mark as a fraud
because he is known as the founder of the Kids Wish Network. The Dream Giveaway wasn't an
exception. The Times and the Center of Investigation Reporting (CIR) discovered about 6,000
foundations that pay organizations to raise cash for them. The 50 worse charities spent almost $1
billion all these years paying profit fundraisers, rather than directing that money to charitable
works. The Kids Wish Network was among the organizations on the list.
CNN interviewed a specialist who Kids Wish also interviewed concerning the plans that
Kids Wish has for the future. In this interview, the ladystated that they would hire Melissa
Schwartz, an emergency administration specialist in New York City who already worked for the

government after the 2010 BP oil spill. Schwartz also said that Kids Wish hires specialists so
that its staff can concentrate on working with kids, not on raising gifts.As noted by its 2011 IRS
documenting, the organization has 51 workers. Schwartz likewise said that there are contributors
who offer straightforwardly to the organization rather than requesting that 100% of their money
be spent conceding wishes. She refused to answer extra questions concerning Kids Wish's
gathering pledges operations, saying the plan "is centered on what's to come."
In the year 2012, Kids Wish Network had problems with the IRS because they violated
the laws. They waited for more than four years to disclose the money paid to Mr.Breiner, the
founder.The charity blamed the delay on a mistake caused by their accountants. Breinerfailed to
answer any questions concerning fundraising and consulting businesses. He didnt answer
thembecause the questions were concerning how the organization raises funds and how they use
the money raised. Kids Wish Networkreceived over $1.26 million from fundraising for a car
giveaway in 2012. But Breiner said in an email that the charity recently completed an IRS audit
that included a review of its contracts with his companies. These statements were all false from
the Kids Wish Network. Rhonda Erlo, who was an ex coworker for Kids Wish Networksaid I
realized this was more of a money, money, money business than a childrens organization, said
Rhonda Erlo, who worked as a wish coordinator for about a year before leaving in April. She
stated that There are better organizations people can give their money to.The tactics listed
earlier are among many of the tactics that Kids Wish has been using to take money from the
innocent people who have the heart to help the poor and sad kids for their medical conditions.
For over 16 years, Kids Wish has been operating in this way even though many reliable websites
such as CNN and the Center of Investigation Reporting give negative report about the

This organization has been successful for a number of reasons. First, the name Kids Wish
Network gets many people to donate because when people here of it what comes into mind is
giving wishes to kids not only with medical treatments but kids in general. Secondly, on the
website, they only show how you can donate to them but dont explain the percentage of how
much goes to the kids and how much is paid to their staff. This looks just like a scam to deceive
people in the name of sick people and children who are disabled. They chose Kids Wish Network
in order to get people who dont have time to research to donate to them.
There are many organizations who use the name of charity to make themselves
wealthy.There are also many other organizations whose goals are to help people in need. The
only way toknow which organizations are real and which ones are notis by researching the
organizations, making sure you check other websites that review these organizations and asking
what others know about the organization as well. Among many websites that will do the job for
you areThe Better Business Bureaus (BBB), Wise Giving Alliance, Charity Navigator, Charity
Watch, and Guide Star.

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