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Senator Jeremy Miller

Senator Roger Reinert

135 State Office Building

St. Paul, MN 5155 | (651) 296-5649

3101 Minnesota Senate Building

St. Paul, MN 55155 | (651) 296-4188

June 24, 2016

Governor Mark Dayton
116 Veterans Services Building
20 W 12th Street
St. Paul, MN 55155
Representative Kurt Daudt
Speaker of the House
Room 463, State Office Bldg.
St. Paul, Minnesota 55155

Senator Thomas Bakk

Senate Majority Leader
Room 3113, MN Senate Bldg.
St. Paul, Minnesota 55155

Representative Paul Thissen

House Minority Leader
Room 267, State Office Bldg.
St. Paul, Minnesota 55155

Senator David Hann

Senate Minority Leader
Room 147, State Office Bldg.
St. Paul, Minnesota 55155

Dear Governor Dayton and Legislative Leaders:

Since the Legislature adjourned on May 23rd a good deal of discussion about a potential
special session has taken place, but very little progress has been made. We believe in order
for a successful special session to take place, Democrats and Republicans must be willing to
compromise. In an effort to work towards that compromise, as well as a sense of urgency,
we offer this proposal for discussion.
Given that the supplemental budget bill has already been signed into law, and bipartisan
compromises were reached on the tax relief package and bonding bill at the end of session,
we propose beginning with those original agreements and adding the following items.

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Make the corrections outlined in Governor Daytons June 1st letter to the Omnibus Tax Bill
which was passed by the legislature with strong bipartisan support during regular session.
These corrections include an inadvertent drafting error regarding charitable gaming taxes,
and reinstatement of the Minnesota State High School Leagues tax exemption status. To the
best of our knowledge, there is agreement from all sides to make these changes.
While there are projects in the districts we represent that didnt make the bonding bill
legislative leaders agreed to in the final hours of regular session, we realize that in order to
garner the three-fifths super majority needed in each chamber to pass a bonding bill, any
additional projects will need to have a strong state-wide significance. After reviewing the
Governors June 1st letter, there are two projects in particular from his list of priorities that
we would recommend.
First, in recognition of the University of Minnesotas critical role in our designation as a top
state for healthcare education, access, and outcomes, we support including the University of
Minnesota Health Sciences Education Facility in a final bonding bill.
Second, in order to avoid unnecessary additional costs to taxpayers that would occur if the
Minnesota Security Hospital Upgrade is not fully funded this year, we also support
including their full request in the bonding bill.
This proposal finds further compromise while still closely resembling the original
agreements that legislative leaders spent significant time developing prior to adjournment of
the regular session.
As co-chairs of the bipartisan Purple Caucus, we believe in being Minnesotans first and our
other labels second. We believe in working together in a responsible manner toward common
goals. Finally, we believe Minnesotans want to see results. It is our hope that you will join us
in this mission and find the common ground necessary for a special session. The time is now.


Senator Jeremy R. Miller

Senator Roger J. Reinert