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Master of Business Administration - MBA Semester 3
PM0013-Managing Human Resources in Projects
(Book ID: B1939)
Assignment (60 Marks)
Note: Answers for 10 marks questions should be approximately of 400
words. Each question is followed by evaluation scheme. Each Question
carries 10 marks 6 X 10=60.
Q1. Write short notes on:
Project resources
Need for human resource management
Project manager
Answer. Project Resources:
Project resources are the materials and assets that are required to execute a
project. These can be human resources, funds, machineries, equipment, and
physical facilities. A project plan cannot be put into action if the resources are
allocated and utilized properly. Therefore, a project manager should ensure
sufficient allocation and efficient utilization of project resources.

Q2. What are the major challenges in developing an efficient project

List the major challenges in developing an efficient project team
Briefly explain the 9 major challenges in developing an efficient project team
Answer. Challenges in developing a project team:
1. Type of organisation: The biggest challenge in developing a project team
depends largely on the type of organisation. For example, motivating and
developing a team/member in a functional organisation is very difficult as
resources are borrowed and it takes time for them to adjust in the project

team. Also, their final assessment and growth is assessed by their functional
manager and not by the project

Q3. Write short notes on:

Skills required by a project manager
Delphi technique of estimating manpower requirements of
Importance of leadership in project management
Goal setting theory
Answer. Skills required by a project manager:
Shared vision: An effective project manager should have a common and clear
vision to obtain the project objectives within a stipulated time period.
Integrity: Integrity refers to the characteristic of honesty, reliability, morality
and uprightness. It is established when people act for the right reason,
regardless of results. Project managers, with the

Q4. What measures would you follow to deal with poor performers?
Answer. In a project where multiple people work on different tasks, it may not
possible for everyone to meet or exceed the desired performance standard.
Sometimes, there may be employees whose performance level is below,
average or poor. They may not fulfil the set performance standards, and this
may affect the project and overall performance of an organisation in the

Q5. Explain various types of collective bargaining.

Answer. Collective bargaining is the negotiation process that takes place
between an employer and a group of employees when certain issues arise. The
employees rely on a union member to represent them during the bargaining
process, and the negotiations often relate to regulating such issues as working
conditions, employee safety, training, wages, and layoffs.

Q6. Safety Issues in K.P. Metals

K.P. Metals is a leading automotive part manufacturing organisation
based out of Manesar. It deals in manufacturing of automotive spare
parts and supplies these parts to leading automotive organisations in
India. There is a dedicated HR/IR department that takes care of all
employee issues including safety issues. The number of accidents at

the work-place of K.P. Metals showed a considerable increase in last 3

months. As a result there has been an increase not only in the cost
but also in the legal suits against the organisation and also. This
baffled management. hired a safety consultant to contain the
increasing number of accidents. The safety consultant conducted
organisation wide study of the safety policy, types of past accidents
and also interviewed some of the employees to understand their
perspective on the safety-policy.
After collating the data, the consultant found that the safety policy
was drafted in a standard format and was not in accordance with the
nature of job the employees were doing. The safety policy clearly
mentioned that the wet floor should have a signage board with Wet
floor, Mind your steps clearly mentioned on it. There was no such
signage board in the work floor. The safety policy also clearly
mentioned that no worker should be allowed to enter the workplace
without the helmet even if the worker is not working on the machine.
There were many workers who were working without helmets on
dangerous machines. The safety consultant with help of HR/IR
department, project managers, inputs from the employees drafted a
new customized safety policy and used different inside-marketing
tools to communicate the same across organisation. The new safety
policy categorically mentioned the rewards and punishments for not
abiding by the safety norms. It also made the supervisors responsible
for any non adherence to the safety norms by workers. There was a
subsequent decrease in the number of accidents as soon as the new
safety policy was introduced.
Discussion questions:
1. Read the case and discuss what else could be incorporated in the
safety policy to ensure a safe work environment.
2. What were the flaws in the previous safety policy and how the new
safety policy addressed those flaws?
Answer. National Policy on Safety, Health and Environment at
On 20th February, 2009, the Government of India declared a National Policy on
Safety, Health and Environment at Workplace. The noticeable features of the
National Policy are:
Safe and healthy working environment as an essential human right.
Enhanced well-being of the employees and the society at large by
eradicating work related injuries and diseases.
Continuous reduction in the occurrence of work related injuries and

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