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Francine Dawn S.


MS 2, MTh 10:30 12:00nn

BS Chemical Engineering- 2
Thai Life Insurance Advertisement: Unsung Hero
Heres to the people who do whats right. Not for the recognition, and not because they
believe it will enrich them financially, but because they know life is better when you pay it
forward. Thats the basis of Unsung Hero, a Thai Life Insurance ad.
At the end of the commercial, the narrator is giving as much as he could to the people as
usual. When he is about to donate to the girl who seeks for education, he found that the girl is
gone. He was shocked and panic. Suddenly, a girl in school uniform screamed out mum in a
joyful tune. She was the girl who was begging for money before. With the narrators help, she
now goes to school and is getting an education. The girl in the school uniform conveyed that
everything the narrator did has paid off. He successfully helped change the girls whole life. That
was the scene that struck me the most. Helping people every day might be difficult and
exhausting, but the satisfaction you get from it is precious.
Based on the video, the narrator presented heroism in a very positive image. He
accidentally spilled water, but he was not mad; instead, he put the withered plant under where the
water is dripping. He showed the people how they should not be cynical even though bad things
happened to them. He suggested that people have a positive mind and think of an alternative for
adversity. Here, we could see the use of pathos in the commercial. In this commercial, the
narrator dedicated himself to help making the society better every day. He helped the lady move
her cart to the street, fed the dog part of his lunch; bought food for the helpless old woman, and
donated most of his salary to a girl for her education. Some people might think it is absurd and
worthless by doing this every single day, since he is not getting anything back. However, the
narrator does know that he will not get any benefits or reward by doing these little things daily,
but what he gets is his emotions. He could feel the happiness by helping the society every day,
and he reached a deeper understanding of life.

After watching the advertisement, I have realized that its purpose is to transmit the idea
of giving. It is portraying that giving is easy to do and you will feel happiness afterwards. The
narrator is an evidence or proof in the appeal. He, as evidence, showed people that you will
become more content after helping people. The narrator does not live a wealthy or materialistic
life, like most of the people in Thailand, but he is satisfied with what he has and becomes more
spiritual after giving himself to the helpless people. This video captures people by awakening
their inner humanity and helping them reconsider their roles and desires in life.
What is your personal story of heroism?
I am writing to explain why my mom deserves the title of my hero. My mom has been an
absolute inspiration since I was a child. She portrays many values I look up to and wish to
encompass as I grow older, such as compassion, devotion, loyalty, kindness and most of all,
humility. Humility can be defined as a modest or low view of one's own importance. I don't think
my mom realizes how important and special she truly is. She is constantly putting others before
herself, as a mom, as a friend, and as a teacher.
One example of her outstanding humility is her career. My mom is an elementary school
teacher. I know that can take incredible patience, love, and devotion. Even though she may not
feel the best or be in the best shape, she still gets up early in the morning, goes to school, and
teaches elementary school children everyday. She not only teaches everyday, yet she dedicates
her extra time after school to lead an after school club, which can often lead to coming home at
late hours. She is constantly giving, inspiring, and encouraging children who will hopefully end
up portraying the same values she holds in her heart. She could be taking time off or even taking
as much free time as she has, to get stronger and recover, yet her humility constantly shines
through and she uses her time to help others instead of herself.
I dont know where I would be today without my mom. She is truly my hero. She has
always been there for me, as my supporter at every contest I joined in. She has always comforted
me when I am sad or lonely. She knows how to find the positive in every negative situation. She
always knows how to pick me up when I am down. My mom is my hero and I know she will
inspire others just like she inspires me. She is truly a light in the darkness.

Advocacy: Breaking Walls of Impunity

My personal advocacy is to fight whatever form of impunity. Our country suffers from a
culture of impunity. Those in power politcians, oligarchs, the elites are not held accountable
when they break the law or commit abuses against your ordinary Juan de la Cruz. This is the
pinnacle of abuse and this is why Im pushing to break the walls of impunity.