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There is one primary reason why student loan debt has increased to beyond the
$1.1 trillion mark. It is that college tuitions have increased in every state since the
2007-08 academic year. Some state (average) tuition increases over that period are
relatively small (3.1% Maryland, 4.2% Ohio, 4.3% Montana, 5.2% Missouri), yet
Arizona tuition has increased 80.6%, on average almost a doubling. Florida and
Georgia are tied for second place at a 66.5% tuition increase in the same period.

As to why these tuition increases happened in the first place, there is an

approximate correspondence between the tuition increases and the reduction of
state funding (44% on average since 1987) though this is not the only reason. For
example, the state of Arizona reduced overall funding for higher education in that
FY 2008-2014 period by 48.3% the highest percentage of all states. However, not
every states tuition increases has a direct correspondence to budget cuts, so there
are other more complex issues involved. For example:

With student loan debt reaching a mere $1.1 trillion dollars, one would ask why the
cost of college education continues to rise. It has been noted that the cost students
are paying to attend school has increased in all state since 2007-2008 school year.
With increases varying from state to state you will notice anywhere from a 3.1%
tuition increase in Maryland to an 80.6% increase in Arizona? Essentially tuition fees
are rising and state contributions are falling. Though this is not occurring
nationwide, and may not be the only factor in student loan, it is indeed a helping
hand to the issue.

Taking authority:
Ability to discuss a topic with confidence and accuracy. Having a voice that covers
points that can be supported by fact

I think that I am an authoritative writer. I think I have the ability to pull my reader
into what I have to say. Consider the facts and stand points in which I am taking and
build their own conclusion of the information that I present. I am not sure if an

authoritative writer should look to change the minds of their readers or more so
offer a new prospective.
The reading seemed to favor credential and the way the information was presented.
In my opinion your credential arent always relevant. Simplicity and the ability to
develop an idea and navigate through with facts should be what is important.
In reference to our current project I think I am more so reading for facts. I believe I
am doing so at this point in search of my opinion. I felt like entering into this project
with a nonbiased view point would offer me the ability to critically think better. I find
myself questioning the facts for a better understanding. Which intern furthers my
Searra- Rogers academic background will always allow him to analyze in a different
manner that Janet. But, I dont believe that means he holds the authority in the
conversation. Facts are facts.