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Eurika Jessa Castillon


Nov. 28, 2011

A Filipino by Heart

Psychology had always been a fascinating subject to me as it covers a wide range of interesting
topics that deals with the human behavior and mind processes. That's why on the day of the forum, I was
really looking forward to a fun and interactive learning actvity. However, the moment I knew that the forum
would be about "Sikolohiyang Filipino", I lost interest. It's not because the topic was boring but rather it's
because the topic is something I already knew.
I've taken up Psychology 10 as a GE course before so the forum became sort of a "review" about the
Filipino values such as the "Kapwa", "Hiya", Utang na loob", "Bahala na" and many more that are uniquely
Pinoy. I appreciate the fact that the speaker was able to explain this topic in great depths through giving
various examples- some are even based on her personal experiences. More over, what I've appreciated
more was the speaker's devotion and love for the Filipinos. I was greatly surprised that a person who's not a
Filipino by blood is capable of caring and protecting the Filipino culture and traditions like it was her own. She
was deeply concerned with the preservation of our culture that she even mentioned her fear of losing it one
day, saying that we Filipinos might enter the so-called "plastic culture"-plastic beads, fastfood and etc.- if we
allow too much foreign infiltration that we may neglect and forget what is truly ours.
The speaker stressed some points that gave me a realization on some matters, one is that our
culture and values are truly worthed to be praised and acknowledge. As Filipinos, we must be the first to
appreciate and nourish it but sad to say, this is easier said than done. As what we could observe nowadays,
between our own Filipino-made products and those which are foreign, the latter is much patronized than the
previous one. This is just a glaring fact that we are already aware of, but the problem with us is that we
simply disregard it. I just wished that we could somehow erase this thinking and change for the better. As I
see it, we are a third world country because of our third world mentality.
In that afternoon, I was truly amazed by the speaker that I even asked my self, "Between us, who is
the real Filipino?". Surprisingly, I wasn't the ony one who questioned my nationality, later I found out that my
classmates did too. Truth of the matter is, that certain event did not only made me appreciate the Filipino
psychology but more important is that it made me realize what a true Filipino is. Being a person born in the
Philippines with Filipino parents is not the only measurement of what a true Filipino is, it is actually far
beyond than that, for me the real measurement can be based on what we do as a real Filipino by heart.
Furthermore, we should stop being Filipinos by name and start acting as Filipinos by heart.`