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7th. Ray of God Freedom.

Life Lesson:-- “To Thine Own Self Be True. “

Through the energy of the 7th. Ray your soul can gain freedom
through the ritual and alchemy of the Violet Flame.

The energy of the 7th. Ray can be mastered as you learn to

master the energy of the SEAT-OF-THE-SOUL CHAKRA correctly:--

--by using your energy wisely , to pursue your divine plan (see
notes further on) and your spiritual goals.

--by regularly and honestly appraising how much of your identity

you have invested in your ego or in your Real Self.

--by being able to tap into and freely express your creativity. (see
notes on 3rd. Ray.)

--by being able to free yourself from old habits by forgiving

yourself and others.

--by letting your soul chakra be the open door for the expression
of Divine Love as God Freedom.

--by letting your soul chakra radiate the All-accomplishing

creativity that will bring new solutions and set people free from
old problems.

--by learning how to be spiritually self-sufficient--to rely on your

own inner direction, based on your connection to the Kingdom of
God that is within you.
Positive Qualities of the 7th. Ray.

--freedom --alchemy

--mercy --intuition

--justice --prophecy

--transcendence --revelation

--transmutation --right mindfulness

--diplomacy --victory


Expressions of the 7th. Ray.

Unbalanced Expressions

--lack of forgiveness --lack of justice

--lack of mercy --lack of tolerance

--lack of tact --cruelty

--disregard for others


Alchemy is the science of turning base metals into gold.

Spiritually, it symbolizes the desire to change or to turn human
beings into spiritual beings, into sons and daughters of God---to
change the human consciousness into the Christ consciousness.
Principles of Alchemy are :--

--to surrender all worldly expectations.

--to see the Oneness of God behind all outer manifestations.

--to realize that all manifestations in the material world are made
from the one substance of God---the Light/Energy of the Mother

--to realize that the Light/Energy which has been used by

humankind to create imperfect images and manifestations, can
be changed into something perfect.

This can be done by:--

--raising yourself up, by transcending , going beyond, the


--by using spiritual techniques to transform imperfect energy

back to God’s pure energy.

Eg. Through the giving of Violet Flame decrees.


Or by giving Aquarian Age rosaries.


To change your personal life, you must first change your sense of
identity. You must release all sense of being a sinner, or a victim
, or a loser.
You must accept your true identity.
In reality , you are a Spiritual being, a son/daughter of God, a co-
creator with God.
To clear your Identity Body from an imperfect sense of identity
and replace it with a sense of your true Self, give the “ Rosary of
God’s Will” found at----
Once your sense of identity begins to change , so will your
thoughts change. Your thoughts will become purer.
You will leave off thinking only of limitation and what you cannot
do. You will realize that imperfections are not permanent and you
will accept that will God all things are possible.

To purify your Mental Body of all imperfect thoughts give “Rosary

of All-Pervading Wisdom” found at--

By following this course of action , you will find that your

approach to life will also change. You will find that you now
focus on the possibilities of life instead of limitations and

As your thought change, your emotions will stabilize. You will

find that you are not so easily influenced by negative emotions ,
such as fear, blame and anger.
Instead, you will find that spiritual energy will now be able to
flow naturally through your Emotional body enabling you to feel
love and joy which is the true driving force behind all life.

To purify your Emotional Body, give “ Rosary of Miracle

Nurturance “ , found at ---

As you purify your identity Body, your Mental Body, and your
Emotional Body , you will find that your outer actions will also
Eventually , this will cause your outer circumstances to change ,
because of the law of Cause and Effect.
“ What a man sows, he shall surely reap. “
This is true Alchemy.
Transmutation (of Karma.)

Karma is a very exact law of life. It is the universal law of Cause

and Effect that applies to everyone. ( see notes on 1st. Ray )

Karma is all the accumulated energy that you have sent out,
whether consciously or unconsciously, in all your lifetimes.

The energy/ Light which God gives you freely each day of your
life, is affected by your own free will choices which qualify the
energy/light either in a positive or negative way.

Every choice you have made , make and will make ,will have a
certain affect which you will be able to see , because it will
return to you , either as good (positive) or bad (negative) karma.

The first 51% of your negative karma you have made in your
interactions with other people, and possibly with animals, or
larger groups of people , such as an organization or even a
The karma you have made with others will return to you
according to certain cycles. The karma from the past must cycle
through the 4 levels of the material universe (Identity, Mental,
Emotional ,Physical ) before it manifests as a physical event.

Therefore, you can avoid experiencing physical consequences if

you neutralize the karma at the identity, mental or emotional
(use Violet Flame decrees or Aquarian Age Rosaries )

The remaining 49% of your karma is what you have made with
yourself by :--

--putting yourself down.

--limiting yourself.

--not being all that you can be.

--not fulfilling the highest potential for your divine plan.

Karma is meant to be your teacher , to teach you the right way to

use God’s energy.

You can balance or transmute your karma by:--

--enduring it.

--serving others, serving all life.

--using Violet flame decrees or rosaries.


The 7th. Ray corresponds to Right Mindfulness, one of the points

of the Eight-fold Path of the Buddha.

Being mindful means that you are aware of something, that you
take something into account.

You can know that you are being mindful in a right, spiritual
sense, when :--

--your motive and your goal is freedom for yourself and others.

--you have united your free will to God’s will.

--you give to others their freedom under God’s law.

Depriving others of their freedom---their freedom to be, to create

and to do what they want is going against the Law of free Will.
God has given each one the gift of free will and no one on Earth
or in heaven can violate or go against the law without incurring
negative consequences.
When you seek to give others their freedom you must be willing
to give all desire to control and manipulate them.

Life on Earth is ruled by spiritual laws as well as physical laws.

Once you understand these laws and apply them to your life, you
will realize that there is no injustice anywhere in this world.
(See notes on 1st. Ray for details of the Law of Love; the Law of
Free Will; the Law of Cause and Effect.)

Each one has been given free will. You are free to create your
own life experience using the power of your thoughts, words,
feelings and actions. But you will have to experience the
consequences of whatever you have chosen to create.

No one will get away with anything that they do, even though to
outer appearances , it may seem that they do.
According to the cycles of returning karma, each one will reap
what they have sown.


Your mind has a natural ability known as intuition which is your

ability to know when something is valid even though you may
have nothing solid to go on.
You just know that you know.

The aspect of your mind that enables you to accept ideas

without proof is the Christ mind.

Intuition is process whereby your higher mind communicates

insights and understandings to your conscious mind.

To use your intuition successfully , you need to apply three


--Your outer mind must first be saturated with the idea you are
trying to understand. You do this by studying the idea, by filling
your mind with the question until there is no room for the answer
to enter.

--When you feel you have reached saturation point, you must then
let go of the idea completely. Allow your outer mind to become
The answer is already in your higher mind and by becoming still ,
you allow the answer to surface in your conscious awareness.
Relax your mind by going for a walk, riding a bile, going for a
swim or by doing something practical.

--keep a part of your attention focused within and listen for the

Sometimes the answer will come at a later time, while you are
not consciously thinking about it, or it may come through your
The answer can also come to you when you come across a book
that contains the information you need. Or you may meet
someone who can give you the answer you seek. You just need
to be alert .


All the time you are holding unforgiveness , revenge, hatred,

anger or resentment in your heart---you will never be free.

Being judgmental, critical or condemning of others may make

you feel better or more superior than others but it will create
negative karma for yourself which will cause you pain, suffering,
limitations and restrictions.

But being merciful, showing mercy to others means that you set
life free from judgment. And in so doing, you set yourself free---for
what you do to others, you do to yourself---for all life is One.
Extending mercy to others will in turn mean that you will receive
mercy when you need it.

You can cultivate a merciful heart by :--

--forgiving others, no matter what they say or do.

--seeing that all life is One .

When you injure another part of life , you are in fact hurting

--bearing insults patiently.

--showing compassion towards others. (they may not understand

how the laws of God work.)

--not judging others.

--focusing on the good qualities and deeds of others instead of

their faults.

--helping others to improve and grow spiritually.


--Forgiveness means “ to set free “.

The forgiveness of sins means that you are not punished for your
wrong doings, but you are given another opportunity to “ go and
sin no more.”
You are given another chance to learn and grow spiritually.

But you will need to rise above the consciousness , the

awareness, that caused you to sin in the first place.

And you will also have to balance the energy that you have
You must balance the wrongs you have done to all parts of life in
all your lifetimes.

You need to :--

--receive God’s forgiveness.

--be strong enough so that you do not keep on repeating the

same mistakes.

--be loving towards others so that you offer them the same
forgiveness that you expect and accept from God.


The purpose for planet Earth is to help your soul achieve its
permanent freedom as a spiritual being.

To achieve this freedom you must learn certain lessons which

cannot be learned by the intellect alone.

Your lessons must be fully internalised.

Often you need to go through a difficult experience so that

through that experience you can learn the lessons that you came
here to learn and fully integrate them into your being.

Once you have learned the specific lesson presented to you in a

particular situation, there will no longer be any need for you to
face it again.

So, realize that life is an opportunity for you to learn your lessons
and fully integrate them into your being.

There are two aspects of freedom:--

--Political and economic freedom which means that people are
not oppressed and are free to pursue the spiritual path.

--Spiritual freedom which is a freedom of the mind so that you

can know truth and reality.

Freedom of the mind comes when you attain Christ discernment

and attain the Christ mind .
This allows you to discern the difference between what is real
and what is not real and what is of God and what is not of God.

Keys to freedom :--

--realize that you are not a separate being who exists


--realize that you are connected to your true Self--your I Am

Presence, and all power , all energy, comes into your lower
being here on Earth, from this Spiritual Self.

--realize that you can find true freedom only in the Kingdom of
God within you.

--follow your inner direction.

--give up all human expectations and be non-attached to people,

the things of this world, and to the reactions of others.

--totally and unconditionally forgive all life.

--know the truth that will set you free.

You cannot have freedom of choice until you become aware of
why you make certain decisions and what the consequences of
those decisions will be.

--realize that the physical universe is the cosmic mirror that

sends back to you whatever you send out.
--know the laws of God and how they work.
Eg. See notes on 1st. Ray (Law of Love; Law of Free Will; Law of
Cause and Effect.)

Free your mind from the illusion of being separated , of thinking

that you can gain something for the ego that will satisfy ( the ego
is never satisfied .)
Then you can begin to project into the cosmic mirror the images
and ideas that will raise up others and not just your separate
self---so that you will be doing something of benefit to

As you seek to raise the All-- the cosmic mirror will reflect back
to you exactly what you are now sending out.
This may take some time because all karma, both bad and good
returns according to certain cycles.

Be at peace and express Who You Really Are so that everything

you do in the material universe is an expression of your Spiritual

True freedom can be found only in oneness with your Higher

being and oneness with your fellow beings and oneness with your


Self-sufficiency can only grow in an atmosphere of freedom.

The entire purpose of the world of form is the growth in self-

awareness which leads to the self-sufficiency of God-awareness.

You become self-sufficient by following the inner, spiritual path;

by becoming whole; by realizing you are a complete being who
needs nothing from outside your Self --your I Am Presence.
When you accept that you are whole and you know that you need
nothing from other people, you will be able to give to others
without expecting a certain reaction in return.
You will therefore give selflessly.

By attaining this wholeness, you break the cycle of action and



Prophecy is not given in order to create fear or to make you feel

that God is punishing you.

Human beings need to realize that they have created their own
situation, both individually and collectively.

If you misuse God’s energy, you will produce certain


You will reap what you have sown.

Therefore, prophecy is a warning---that if you continue in your

present misuse of God’s energy , you will experience those

The true goal of prophecy is:--

--to make people realize they have created a spiral that is self-
destructive. And unless they are prepared to change their way of
thinking and their outer actions, that destructive spiral may lead
to their own destruction.

--to make people accept their folly and be willing to turn their
lives around and raise up their thinking, their consciousness.
If people heed the warning, then a prophecy can be partially or
completely mitigated.

Prophecy is therefore not a certainty , only a probability.

The only way to know whether a specific prophecy applies to you

and what kind of action you might take because of the prophecy -
-is though personal revelation.

Right Action.

How do you know if your actions are right--are balanced ?

Right Action :--

--will focus on the action itself and not be concerned about the
results or reaction to the action.

--will be based on pure love ---of expressing Who You Are --in
service to the All.

--is sharing your light and witnessing to your truth, while being
non-attached to the outcome of your actions.

--is based on Christ discernment.

Only when you know God’s laws and the consequences of going
against them, can you make a free choice between following or
disobeying the law.

--will always raise yourself and all life and is a life-enhancing use
of your creative powers.

--will always be in harmony with God’s laws , so you have an

absolute standard for defining constructive and non-constructive

--springs from unconditional love.

You can only control your actions by first controlling your re-

In all your actions , always focus on being rather than on the

actual doing.
Who you are as you are doing is more important than the action

Your Divine Plan.

Your divine plan is a blueprint for this lifetime that you made
before you were born.
You made this plan with the help of your Christ self--your higher
being --and your spiritual teachers.

You made this plan while having a broader perspective than you
have right now.
Now you see everything from inside the narrow mental box of
your current lifetime.

Your divine plan involves:--

--discovering your true God-given identity.

--expressing that identity in this world.

--building upon this foundation by deciding who you are and what
you want to be. This must come from within.

--making and sustaining a direct, conscious contact with your

Christ self, which begins with increased intuition.

--learning your lessons and growing spiritually.

--sharing your truth.

--balancing your karma.

--sharing your light, so that others can see that it is possible for
everyone to rise higher in consciousness.

--being willing to serve as an instrument for the awakening of

others to the spiritual path.

--bringing forth your unique gift to the world or to a specific group

pf people.

--experiencing certain aspects of life on Earth.

--bringing balance , meaning oneness of purpose--between the

higher and lower parts of your being.

--freeing yourself from your ego and the forces of this world.

Your divine plan may include your wanting to walk the path of
personal Christhood in order to demonstrate it for others.

Everything in your life revolves around your free will, so your

divine plan is not made in order to tell you what to do.
It is only by making your own decisions that you truly grow. The
entire purpose of your divine plan is to get you into situations
that will help you make the best possible choices.
You need to make choices that empower you , that help you
overcome all sense of limitation, so that you are free to express
your infinite potential in this finite world.

You can easily learn to recognize when you are in a situation that
does not allow you to follow your divine plan. You will know
because you will sense tension and attachment.

In the beginning of your spiritual walk, you will only see parts of
your divine plan. But as you follow your intuition you will prove
yourself worthy to grasp more and more details. Eventually you
will have a very clear picture of your personal plan.

Some details of your plan are not forever set in stone.

They could not all be planned in advance and you will need to
decide as your plan unfolds.
This is because of the free will---your own free will and the free
will of others.

You will not be able to fulfil your divine plan until you have
resolved your own psychology.
Until you have healed all parts of your being, from all past
wounds and hurts and you are able to respond to all situations
with love , you will not be able to let your light shine. And the
ultimate aspect of your divine plan is that you are to Be the sun
in this material world and let your light shine here.


“I can fulfil all aspects of my divine plan.”

“ Every aspect of my life is now in perfect alignment with my

divine plan. “

“The positive aspect of my divine plan is to bring my unique gift

to this world. “

“ The negative aspect of my divine plan is to balance my karma.”

Master the 7th Ray. Through balance.

You can master the 7th. Ray by balancing it with the qualities of
the other 6 rays---willpower, wisdom, love, purity, vision, and

Use your free will , your willpower and determination to follow

the inner, spiritual path which will lead you to become spiritually

Your free will gives you the ability to make choices.

So you do not have to follow a spiritual path or religion because
you were born into it or because you parents do.
You can take back your responsibility for your own life and you
can choose.

Use your intuition and when you study a spiritual teaching or

become involved with a spiritual organization, see if what you
see and hear, resonates with your own inner being.

Be open-minded. Keep your heart and mind open and only accept
something if it resonates with your own inner self.

Once you have found a spiritual path to follow, then do so--not

out of fear--but out of love --love for God and your own Spiritual
Self--your I Am Presence.

Realize that freedom does not mean that you are free to do
exactly what you want without regard to the consequences.

The Law of Cause and Effect states that you will reap what you
have sown.

The physical universe has been designed to act as a giant mirror

which will reflect back to you whatever you send out through
your thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

This is so that you can see the connection between the causes
(ie. Your thoughts, feelings, words and actions ) and the effects--
the circumstances and situations you have created in the
physical world.
And if you do not like what you have created thus far, you can
change them by changing the causes --your thoughts, feelings,
words and actions.