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Grade Choir Lesson Plan

Ohio Music Academic Content Standards

1CE Examine contemporary music styles and describe the distinctive characteristics in a
repertoire of exemplary works
5PR Read, write and perform rhythmic (including dotted rhythms) and melodic patterns
in a variety of meters.

Lesson: Projecting the Voice through Breathing properly and Choice of Register.

Lesson Overview: Students will be warming up their voices, reading notes on the
board, reviewing the notes in the songs we have been singing, and working on
projecting those notes healthily and properly.

Lesson Rationale: Without the students ability to gain confidence and project his or
her voice, the audience will not be able to fully enjoy the performance of the choir. It
is imperative that healthy vocal technique is taught and that students can be heard
from the risers.

Materials: Projector, Website The Practice Room, Straws, sheet music, risers.


1) Students will come in the room and grab their music before going to the
2) Students will participate in humming exercises in order to massage the vocal
3) Students will echo solfege syllables as demonstrated by the teacher.
4) Students will work on diction using the warmup: Two Tigers Tango
5) Students will practice proper breathing techniques by using a straw that is
passed out by the teacher.
6) Students will sight read a new line of music on the board.
7) Students will review notes and rhythms, and work on projecting their voices
in Didnt my Lord.
8) Students will review notes and rhythms, and work on projecting their voices
in Coming Home.
9) Students will sing Photograph as a reward as time permits if they have
earned it by their hard work.

Assessment: Are students breathing so that the abdomen and rib cage expand? (This
will be observed during rehearsal by the teacher)

Do students understand how to assign solfege when sight reading notes on the
board? (I will be calling on students to check understanding.)

Does each student feel comfortable singing their own independent musical line.
(This will be observed during rehearsal by the teacher and will be used in the
planning stages for the next rehearsal.)