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Poziom rozszerzony TEST 1

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1 Napisz sowa do podanych definicji.

1.1. to copy something illegally: f________
1.2. to cut classes: p___________ ___________
1.3. parts of your sleeves around the wrists: c____________
1.4. without a beard or moustache: c_________ -__________
1.5. the money you borrow from a bank to buy a house: m________________
1.6. things you use for eating or cooking: u___________________
1.7. obligatory: c_________________

1.8. very shocked so that youre unable to move: s_______________

2 Uzupenij zdania odpowiednimi wyrazami.

2.1. After several hours of heated discussion we managed to find _______________ ground.
2.2. Can you name any _______________ features of hers that will help us to recognise her in the crowd?
2.3. Im in two _______________ about which university to choose.
2.4. They took a risk and bought a cheap house in _______________ of renovation.
2.5. At 16, he _______________ an apprenticeship as a mechanic.
2.6. Our opinions on the death _______________and life imprisonment definitely differ.
2.7. Please write where you currently live under the country of _______________ .


EXAM TASK Przeczytaj tekst. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz waciw, aby otrzyma logiczny i gramatycznie
poprawny tekst. Zakrel liter A, B, C albo D.

Before making the final decision, Id been considering taking a gap year
for quite a while. I weighed up all of the pros and cons and was truly
tempted by the perspective of taking some time 3.1. _______. Finally,
I 3.2. ________ the courage and told my parents about my plans.
My parents said that I must have been off my 3.3. ________ to
postpone my university education, but when I explained that a gap
year was actually quite valued by potential employers, they gave their
consent. My agenda for the year included a bit of voluntary work
and lots of travelling, mainly off the 3.4. ___________. Having spent
my entire life in the centre of London, I simple felt the urge to leave the
3.5. ___________ of a capital city. Well, little did I realise that I was in for
the most unforgettable adventure of my life.

A. out of school
B. off the school
C. off school
D. out of the school

A. plucked up
B. mastered
C. gained up
D. earned up

A. mind
B. head
C. brain
D. thought

A. main road
B. set tour
C. beaten track
D. old way

A. hustle and bustle
B. peace and quiet
C. rise and shine
D. mess and noise

Matura 2015. Repetytorium. TestnPractice, Test 1, Rozdziay 13


Macmillan Polska 2014

Poziom rozszerzony TEST 1

EXAM TASK Przetumacz na jzyk angielski podane w nawiasach fragmenty zda, aby otrzyma logiczne
i gramatycznie poprawne zdania. Wymagana jest pena poprawno ortograficzna wpisywanych fragmentw zda.
UWAGA: w kad luk moesz wpisa maksymalnie pi wyrazw.

4.1. (Hazard jest zabroniony) ____________________________________________________ in most of the states.

4.2. I (mam to drczce uczucie) ____________________________________________________ for a while now.
4.3. Why would you buy (takie podupade gospodarstwo) ____________________________________________________ .
4.4. Ive (nigdy nie potkaem bardziej kaprynej) ___________________________________________________ person.
4.5. (Czas koncentracji uwagi wydua si____________________________________________________ with age.

EXAM TASK Przeczytaj tekst. Uzupenij kad luk 5.1. 5.5., przeksztacajc jeden z wyrazw z ramki w taki sposb,
aby powsta spjny i logiczny tekst. Wymagana jest pena poprawno logiczna i gramatyczna wpisywanych wyrazw.
UWAGA: dwa wyrazy zostay podane dodatkowo i nie pasuj do adnej luki.







My grandpa, who is an adorable elderly man in his late sixties, has

recently made up his mind to put his house up for sale and move
into a 5.1. ______________ flat. As you can imagine, none of us was
5.2. ______________ to hear the news. We immediately imagined the
place to be no better than sheltered 5.3. ______________. None of the
relatives understood how he could get rid of his own place and choose
to live with strangers. I mean, you lose all your 5.4. ______________
and the comfort of living on your own. But the worst thing was that we
couldnt actually see the place, as it was only under 5.5. ______________
At that time we started suspecting that grandpa was being tricked!



Matura 2015. Repetytorium. TestnPractice, Test 1, Rozdziay 13


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Macmillan Polska 2014


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