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Malnutrition caused by diseases

Acquired immune deciency syndrome (AIDS) is a
disease caused by a retrovirus.

- make a childs immune system become too weak to fight

off many infections.

When gastrointestinal tract interact with HIV, it can affect

ones nutritional status as diarrhea and vomiting

HIV, immune system and nutrition status are complex

and closely linked to each other (Duggal, Chugh &
Duggal, 2012).

- HIV infection can cause a malnutrition, while poor diet

can speed up HIV infection process

difficulty for children to take in food because oral thrush


HIV/AIDS contribute to malnutrition by alterations in

metabolic activities and infection in which by altering
the metabolism of energy, carbohydrates, fats,
proteins, vitamins, and minerals (Garcia-Prats,
McMeans, Ferry & Klish, 2003).

- HIV patients usually have reduced appetite- because of

reduced oral intake and gastrointestinal tract infection-

2. Diarrhea
Shigella bacteria common become source of diarrhea
-They can readily transferred by direct person-toperson contact or through contamination of
inanimate objects, such as a cup (Keusch et al.,

3. Measles
Caused by a virus of paramyxovirus family, Morbillivirus
which transmit from person-to-person via airborne
- coughing and sneezing can easily spread the virus

Synergistic relationship malnutrition and infection.

Infection can cause a child to become
malnourished while malnutrition can make a child
more vulnerable to infection