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The unique

united states
Is the United States different from other countries? As we
remember Independence Day and the birth of our country, is there
a case for exceptionalism? Of course, each nation has its own
unique history and values and usually desires to choose its own
destiny, thus the recent departure from the European Union by the
United Kingdom. God determined allotted periods and the
boundaries of their dwelling places that they should seek God,
and nd Him (Acts 17:26, 27).
Most Americans still believe that our nation of pioneers and
immigrants is different from the European roots of most of our
citizens in the rst 200 years of our history. We were populated by
people who refused to stay home and cling to security but chose to
build a new life in the new world. America was established not
primarily to nd wealth but rather liberty. The American dream
originally had much more to do with freedom than material
lifestyles. The Mayower Compact on November 11, 1620 noted
that they sailed through uncharted waters to a land that was
claimed for the glory of God and the Christian faith. Today our
country is again sailing through uncharted waters without the
compass and chart of biblical revelation and moral standards.



In order to make America great again, we must pursue goodness.

Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people
(Proverbs 14:34). As the Frenchman, DeTocqueville, observed
about our young nation many years ago, America is great, because
America is good. He had seen rsthand the impact of George
Washingtons words: It is impossible to govern the world without
God and the Bible.
We are not a Christian nation in the sense that everyone is a
follower of Christ, but we were founded on Christian principles.
Capitalism is not a sign of selshness, but of the freedom of
individuals who seek to build businesses without government
intervention. We have had dark blots on our past, such as slavery
and the treatment of Native Americans; nations are made up of
sinners, but they can be led and transformed by those who sit in
faithfulness, judging and seeking justice, being swift to do
righteousness (Isaiah 16:5). As national policy, America has
rejected imperialism, taking only enough soil abroad to bury our
dead. We have fought for others and stood against tyranny. May we
not forget the God of our salvation, but remember the Rock of our
refuge (Isaiah 17:10).


wefit MOVIE night

July 6, 6:30pm; Ages 5 and
up. Multiple locations for
movies listed below.


July 18-22, 9am-12pm.
Incoming K - 5th grade. $35
fee. Visit fbcn.org to register.

salvage student camp

July 25-29, for both High
School and Middle School.
Register at fbcn.org today.

student camp financial donations
Camp is the most impactful week for our
students. We need to ensure these kids can
participate. Please contact the Student
Ministry at 596-8600 ext 243 to contribute
to this meaningful opportunity.

JuLY Book club

The Reason for God by Timothy Keller July 28 at 6pm in the Commons. Rob and Lori
Kantner will be leading this discussion. Sign
up is required in the Lighthouse Bookstore.

HOme group hosts

If you are interested in
leading or hosting a Home
Group this fall, please
contact John David Edie at

MEet the candidates

This free forum is open to the
public to meet candidates for
the Collier County School
Board on Thursday, July 14 at
7:00pm in the Chapel. Doors
open at 6:30pm.

Voter registration
The primary election is
August 30. If you are not
registered to vote, please
stop by our table in the
Commons on July 9-10
and July 16-17 to register.

OUr condolences
We offer our deepest
sympathies to the families
of Peggy Lawrence and Russ
Kerr who both recently went
to be with the Lord.

wefit MOVIE night LIST

July 6, 6:30pm; Ages 5 and
up. War Room in the
Chapel, Woodlawn in
WC117, Do You Believe in
DC121, Prince of Egypt in

Beach Baptism
Sunday, August 7; please
sign-up at the Connection
Point in the Commons, or
contact Linda at 596-8600

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Bible and Life Groups
Midweek Activities

wednesday dinner


July 6, 4:45pm - 6pm (Fellowship Gym)

$6 each/$25 for the family (buy at door/cafe)
Baked Fish with Wild Rice,
Veggies, Salad, and Dessert

if you need assistance?

July 4 - July 10
Call the Deacon Hotline (800) 732-9573
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