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Shop Instructor Guide

HV Disconnect Switch
20 min
Introduce yourself and tell of your experience working with HV Switches.
Slide 2
Training Objectives
"You will be able to complete the following by the end of this training.

Slides 3 & 4
What is the purpose HV Switch? What are the different categories?
Manually Operated Disconnect
Motorized Operated Disconnect
How to ID the differences control panel pic
Slide 5
Lists the parts but will go into details on the following slides.

Slides 6 - 16
Identified Parts on Manually Gang Operated Switch
Discuss each part and function.

Slides 17 & 18
Discuss operation of opening the switch as lead into videos showing
opening and closing.

Slides 19 - 21
Describe contact resistance testing.
What is it testing?
How is it testing?
Test Set-up
Slide 22
Job Preparation Checklist
This starts the Job Prep section that is included in every training. Ask
participants what preparation is needed before they arrive on site. They
should be able to list most.

Once they have answered with the majority of tasks listed, show the slide
#23 - #25.
Power dB Prep
Have participant turn to page
blank Power dB sheet.

and fill in the name plate information on the

Slide #26 - #30

Review each section on the nameplate. Explain what information is

Ask if they have completed the form. Give them extra time to complete, if
needed. Then show the slide 31 with the correct information filled out on
the Power DB sheet.
If anyone has a question, toss them the basketball and then have them
ask the question. Then have them toss the ball to someone else to try to
answer. If that person cant answer, they can toss to another person or
instructor to answer. Repeat.
If they dont have any questions, ask them a question and toss the ball to
someone to answer. They can toss the ball to someone else if they cant
answer. Sample questions:
1. How do you know if a switch is manually or motorized operated?
2. What is the ductor test measuring?
REVIEW SHOP SAFETY since the next section will be held in the shop.
20 mins

Safety On-site
Ask participant what safety procedures they need to complete before
beginning work. Ask participant to demonstrate or talk you through the
process. Should identify all of the following:
Hold JSA meeting
o identify all potentials risks
o have a plan for any potential safety or hazard incident
Visual inspection
Setting up test/work area
Electrical safe work condition (LO/TO, check for absence of voltage,

Demonstrate or have experienced tech in group demonstrate

Identify parts of switch
Contact penetration
Mechanical operation
Discuss contact replacement from visual inspection
Maintenance Required
Cleaning and inspecting the contacts
Lubricate contact/mechanism
Discuss what the contact resistance (doctor) test measures and how.
Ask one participants look up the NETA standards for the test.
Demonstrate the proper test set up and run the test.

Test set and lead out.

Connect leads (one current/one potential and One current/one
Select settings on test set.
Run test.
Record results.

Have each participant run the test and complete the Power dB sheet with the test
Discuss results and basic trouble shooting.

Typical results should have similar results for all.

Operator error
o Not having lead connected properly
o Not testing all the same (leads in same place)
o Both sides grounded
Check connection if results arent similar