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My name is Alessandra Gagliano. I was born in Menfi a

small village in Sicily and I am passionate about art, video
and graphics. I like to create with quality, and I like to
collaborate with those who share the same passion.
I deal with graphics, motion graphics, video editing,
post production, and art direction.

NickName: VirtualEmptyMind
Age: 29 years old
Language: Italian // English
E-Mail: virtualemptymind@gmail.com
Web Site: virtualemptymind.com


Adobe Programs:

Hobbies and Interests:

Experience and Love:

Graphic Designer

Motion Graphic Designer

Web Coordinator

Video Designer

Art Direction

My Speciality:
+ Art Direction
+ Advertising
+ Infographic
+ Animation

Video Editing

+ Logo-LogoTypes
+ Typography
+ Photography
+ Photo-Retouch

+ Gif
+ Digital Art
+ Illustration
+ Web Graphic

+ Motion Graphic
+ Post Production
+ Video Editing
+ Video Effects

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My name is Alessandra.
Im 29 years old, and was born on 03/11/1986.
Im a Digital and Virtual Designer.



email: virtualemptymind@gmail.com
site: www.virtualemptymind.com
mobile: +44 3204407967 IT // +44 07857442769 UK
skype: virtualemptymind


- ITALIAN (Native Speaker)

- ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE (Premiere, After Effects,

Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, and more.)

- ENGLISH (Writing, Speaking, Listening) Basic User

// European english level: Level A2

- FINAL CUT (Final cut, Final Cut Express)

- OTHERS (3d Studio Max, XSI, Motion, Color, Red Giant,
Soundtrack, Shake, Microsoft Office, Keynote and more.)



- Experience with visual communication, image coordinate, brochure and logo design.
- Experience with commercial video, fashion film, motion graphic, video art and viral video.
- Experience of web design and a basic knowledge of Wordpress, HTML and CSS.
- Keeping abreast of relevant techniques in design software, media & photography.
- Willingness and ability to work independently and as part of a team.
- Excellent graphical skills, creative flair, attention to detail and good colour sense.
- Good coordination and administration of people, projects and events.
- Good communication, problem solving and organizational skills.
- Competences in the artistic field (drawings, photography, images communications, colour reading, graphics,
video management and more).
- Innovative, good at thinking, able to tailor designs to meet the needs of the customer.
- Always ready to learn and to improve.
Reading, drawing, painting, cooking, swimming, yoga, natural environment, handicraft, photography,
design, typography, music, cinema, art, travel and friends.


from 2000 to 2005 - State Institute of Art - G. Bonachia, Sciacca- Italy
Type of course: Pictorial decoration. Knowledge and use of colors, materials and painting techniques: tempera, fresco,
murals, mosaics, graffiti, glass, oil, lacquer, watercolors.
Acquisition of: a valid method of work, essential knowledge of the artistic discipline, a personal production, awareness, technique and operational autonomy, while avoiding a boost to the gratuitous invention.
1.Degree of arts
2.Diploma of applied art (Final Grade: 100/100)
from 2005 to 2008 - European Institute of Design - IED, Rome - Italy
Type of course: Digital & Virtual design. Knowledge of 2D and 3D world, multimedia, video design, interface design for
web, online and offline authoring, modeling and tridimensional animation, video editing, post production, to create
different level works and for different project contexts combining different elements and knowledge on various platforms, interaction design providing project and technological expertise.
Master Degree of Digital & Virtual Design (Final Grade: 100/100 cum laude)
Imparare Navigando digt.2 Learn on web - Training programs University of Architecture of Agrigento - Environment
Know the environment - Know The City - ECDL - Britsh Council Level A1 - The juridical and economic system of the European Union University of Padova - Making Communication- Days out of the ordinary Social integration project - Color
for a smile Realization of decorative panels to be included in the hospital pediatric ward of Sciacca // Animathon Cartoon
shorts, 1 st prize Paestum - Pepsi Twist draws the can 2007 - Pepsi Twist draws the can 2007 - Be Original Fonzies 2008
- Young Illustrator Awards 2009/2012/2013 Celeste Prize // and more.



Employer: My Self
Occupation: handicraft, painter, graphic designer, art director, motionographer, video editor and more.


Dates: from 07/2015 to real time

Employer: Juanita Lab Sas- Digital Video Agency - Ref. Alejandro Lightowler Stahlberg - Milan, Italy
Occupation: Art Director - Motionographer - Video Editor - Graphic Designer.
Main activities and responsibilities:
- Art Direction, video editing, motion graphics, post-production for Vodafone, Monini, Tolino IBS, Leroy Merlin.
- Branded the company Juanita Lab with logo and image coordinate. Created videos, graphics and web site.


Dates: from 04/2013 to 07/2015

Employer: Bin Jip srl Digital Video Agency (Group of: Casta Diva Group)- Ref. Alejandro Lightowler Stahlberg &
Fabrizio De Giuseppe - Milan, Italy - www.bin-jip.it - and many collaboration with Egg Events (Other group of:
Casta Diva Group) www.egg.it
Occupation: Art Director - Motionographer - Video Editor - Graphic Designer.
Main activities and responsibilities:
- Art Direction Video for Leroy Merlin, Pelikan, Seven, MSC Costa Crociere and more.
- Video Editing, motion graphics, post Production for Events (Volkswagen, Invesco, Vodafone, Furla,
Sephora) Commercial - Fashion Film (Tolino IBS, Clearblue, Fabio Mauri, Etro, Furla, Armani and more.)
- Assistant Director for Armani.
- Graphics for Pupa Milano Make Up and more.


Dates: Adiconsum from 03/2011 to 12/2012 & Ecc-net from 01/2012 to 12/2012
Employer: Adiconsum Association for Protection of Consumers and Enviroment, promoted by CISL
Ref. Pietro Giordano & Ecc-net Ref. Federico Vicari www.adiconsum.it & www.ecc-net.it
Occupation: Motionographer - ADV - Video Editor - Graphic Designer - Web Coordinator.
Main activities and responsibilities:
- Responsable of graphics design (Adiconsum, Microsoft, Confida, Cisl, Ebitec, Ecc-net and more.), creator of image
coordinate, logos, ADV.
- Editor video, motionographer (TV Adiconsum, Ecc-net).
- Web coordinator, social coordinator (facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, flickr, vimeo, youtube and more).
Projects: Ambientiamoci, WINforRES, Difendi il tuo Avatar, ECCC, ENFORCE, EDUFIN, Safer Internet Tour, EASTIII


Employer: My Self
Occupation: handicraft, painter (on the stove: shirts, pillows, tablecloths, and more materials), graphic designer
(books, logos and more), art director, motionographer, video editor and more.


Dates: from 03/2009 to 07/2009

Employer: Mbanga Studio - Ref. Harald Pizzinini, Pietro Ciccotti - www.mbangastudio.com
Type of buisness: Animation studio, motion graphics, post-production
Occupation: Motionographer - Video Editor - Graphic Designer
Main activities and responsibilities: graphic designer, motion graphic, post-production for Assicity video project
and more.


Dates: from 01/2009 to 02/2009

Employer: Gruppo FMA Roma - Ref. Antonio Buscio - www.gruppofma.it
Type of buisness: Promo, Events, Field
Occupation: Graphic Designer - Video Editor - Motionographer - Intership
Main activities and responsibilities: graphic designer for Bmw, Mercedes, Wind, Blackberry, Sara Assicurazioni.
Editing Video for events (wind, bmw and more). Motion Graphics for Poste Italiane.


Dates: from 09/2008 to 10/2008

Employer: Clonwerk - Company Production of Audiovisual Contents and Graphics Videos, Targeted at the
world of Events, Entertainment and Broadcasting - Rome - Italy - www.clonwerk.it
Occupation: Motionographer
Main activities and responsibilities: creation contents of motion graphics (spots and animation for screen backgrounds of the trasmissions TV), title effects, editing for the spots, vfx effects.
All of them for famous italian TV programs.


Dates: from 06/2004 to 07/2004

Employer: Blumedia Art Ref. Giuseppe Picone - Italy - www.blumedia.it
Type of buisness: Graphic and Communication
Occupation: Graphic Design Internship
Main activities and responsibilities: creation of logos, vector images reconstruction, printing.

References: available on request. // Video Show Reel: available on request.

I hereby give permission to use my personal data in accordance with law.