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The Workers Basic Rights

Equal Work Opportunities for all

-Regardless of gender, race, or
Security of Tenure
-No employee can be dismissed
from work except for a
Work Days and Work Hours
-normal hours is 8 hours
Weekly rest day
Wage and Wage-related benefits
Employment of Women
-industrial (10pm to 6am)
-commercial/non industrial (12mn
to 6am)
Employment of Children
-no person below 18 yrs of age can
be employed in a hazardous or
deleterious under taking.
Safe Working Conditions
Right to Self-organization and
Collective Bargaining
Employees Compensation benefits
for Work-related Contingencies
-Medical, Disability, Rehabilitation,
Death and funeral benefits and
pension benefits


1. Right to security of tenure
2. Right to self-organization, collective
bargaining and negotiations and
peaceful concerted activities,
including the right to strike in
accordance with law
3. Right to decent living and
4. Right to due process of law
5. Right to enjoy leave benefits
6. Right to avail of the 5 day forced
leave before the year end

7. Right to participate in policyformulation and decision of ideas

among officers and employees
throughout the administrative
hierarchy through assemblies,
congresses, dialogue and other
allied forms of discussion
8. Right to separation pay in case
where separation from the service
is not for cause or where it is due
to reorganization
9. Right to Back-wages in case of
illegal dismissal
10. Right to claim optional or
compulsory retirement benefits
11. Right to receive terminal leave
12. Right to be represented in the
Personnel Selection and promotion
Board, Grievances Committee and
Personnel Development Committee
13. Right to occupation health and
safety from work hazards
14. Right to avail of the medical and
dental services for employees
health protection and maintenance
15. Right to human condition of Work
16. Right to appeal in cases where
employees are dissatisfied with the
decision of the management
17. Right to be involved in worthwhile
activities such as athletics, social,
recreational, food production and
livelihood which are conducive to
the employees well being an
inconsistent with the interest of
public service
18. right to enjoy the two day weekend
and rest period per week
19. Right to observe legal
holidays/special holidays
20. Right to receive overtime pay for
authorized services in excess of 8
hours a day

21. Right to receive 13th month pay or

year end bonus
22. Right of female employees not to
be discriminated against with
respect to terms and conditions of
23. Right to be secured in their person
or property against direct assault
or invasion
24. Right to free exercise and
enjoyment if religious worship
25. Right to freedom and speech /
26. Right to have free access to courts
and quasi-judicial and quasi judicial
bodies and adequate legal
27. Right to be presumed innocent
until the contrary is given

Regular Holiday

There are 12 regular holidays,

New Years Day (1 January)
Maundy Thursday (movable
Good Friday (movable date)
Eidul Fitr (movable date)
Eidul Adha (movable date)
Araw ng Kagitingan (Monday
nearest 9 April)
Labor Day (Monday nearest 1
May )
Independence Day (Monday
nearest 12 June),
National Heroes Day (Last
Monday of August)
Bonifacio Day (Monday nearest
30 November)
Christmas Day (25 December)

Rizal Day (Monday nearest 30


Special Day

There are three special day holidays,

Benigno S. Aquino Jr. Day
(Monday nearest 21 August)

All Saints Day (1 November )

Last day of the year (31

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