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Bob Beck Magnetic Pulser/Thumper For Sale USA

Please contact me personally if you are interested in this machine.

My Bob Beck Mag Pulser features an inductor coil who's cable can be unplugged from
the device and an internal Auto-Off switch. The fact that one can remove the coil from
the chassis, allows the user to unplug the coil from the machine for storage and
transportation. One can also place the coil into a freezer for fast cooling. The Auto Off
function is a safety precaution to prevent accidental overheating of the inductor coil.
Unfortunately I have no way to measure the gauss, but the coil will shoot a 1.5 inch
fender washer across the room, or nearly from the floor to the ceiling. Sufficient
capacitor charge for a minimum 6000 Gauss magnetic pulse (330V-340V) occurs in
about 7 seconds. A 363V capacitor charge and maximum pulse capability is achieved
in 12 seconds. I can say with relative certainty, that this is one of the more powerful
mag pulsers of this type available for sale anywhere!
Input Voltage: 110V/120V
Output voltage to coil: 330V - 360V
Power Consumption: 50 Watt
Inductor Coil: 16AWG 2.5mH
Capacitor: 660V 1000 uF
Capacitor Charge Time: 7 seconds to 330V+.
Capacitor Life: Minimum 100,000 discharges. Capacitors are replaceable.*
Weight: 6 lbs. 15oz.
Auto Off *
Pulse Frequency Range: From 1 pulse every 12 seconds to 1.5 pulses per second.
Runtime: MAX Run Time 30 minutes using supplied 18 gauge inductor coil at a
discharge rate of 1 pulse every 7 seconds.
* To prevent the possibility of critical components overheating, the mag pulser will shut
itself off after approximately 5-6 minutes of runtime. To start a new time cycle, simply
push and release the metal toggle switch. After a total of 30 minutes of operation, or if
the coil gets too hot to comfortably hold in one's hand, the operator must turn the
machine off and allow it to cool down for a period of 30 minutes. Operating the device
at a faster rate than 1 pulse every 4 seconds, will lessen the effectiveness of the
magnetic pulse and cause the coil to heat up more quickly. The inductor coil can be

placed into a freezer for faster cooling.

I have thoroughly tested this machine and am not only impressed with its design, but
also have confidence in its ability to perform. One positive result I can already report, is
that this pulser has cleared up a fungal infection I had on my right thumb for over a
year now. I'm now using it on the heals of my feet also with good results. I will be able
to wear flip-flops this summer... yeah!
NEVER remove cover. Lethal High Voltages Inside! There are no user serviceable
parts inside this device. If the holographic security seal is broken, warranty will
be void.
Never operate machine if their is obvious damage to any of the electrical wires
including the cord for the induction coil.
If operation from a 12V power supply is desired, one can accomplish this by using a
minimum 100W, 12V - 110V/120V power inverter.
Warranty: My Bob Beck Mag Pulser is guaranteed to be free of defects and to operate
properly for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Please refer all servicing
back to Steffan.
As always, I strive to make the best and safest machines possible. Consequently from
time to time unannounced improvements in the machine's design may occur.
The electrical devices we sell are meant for experimental research only & not meant to
diagnose, treat or cure any disease or condition. Please see a medical professional if
your are ill or in poor health. Some of the devices we sell are vintage medical devices
with old components that can fail at any time. Even though the vintage violet ray
machines we sell have been tested and in some cases rewired and may contain
replaced components, there is a risk of electric shock. Should one come into contact
with ground (any conductive object or surface that is connected to earth) and be
holding or touching the metal electrode with any part of the body while a violet ray
machine is operating, a serious and potentially lethal electric shock can be received. If
one intends to operate these antique violet ray devices, proper safety precautions
must always be observed. We assume that any operator of such a device will take the
necessary steps to do his or her own research as to how to operate such a device in a
safe manner. Violet ray machines produce high frequency, high voltage that will
interfere with with cardiac pace makers. Any person that has a heart rhythm
regulatory device (pace maker) must not operate a violet ray machine!!! Such

individuals must also maintain a substantial distance from these devices, otherwise a
pacemaker can malfunction! The radio frequencies that emanate from violet ray
machines may interfere with television reception in your house and the television
reception of your neighbors. These devices can also interfere with wireless internet
connections and interfere with internet routers and therefore you may be braking the
law by using such devices. We assume no responsibility for any loss of property,
electric shock, physical or psychological harm, or death as a result of operating a violet
ray machine or other electrical device that was purchased from this web site or other
online services.