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30 AUGUST - 30 OCTOBER 2010 per i Beni Archeologici Insegnamento e Laboratorio
Comune di Manciano
Assessorato alla Cultura
della Toscana di Etruscologia e Antichità Italiche
The 2010 Research Campaign provides the following activities:
in collaboration with: with patronage of :
1. Continuation of the excavation in the Necropolis of Macchiabuia, a site of about 40 trench
tombs enclosed by stone circles (end of the 8th - 7th century B.C.).
2. Continuation of the excavation in the “Casa delle Anfore”, a peripheral residence with central
atrium (6th - 5th century B.C.). This building has an area of 400 mq and is divided into at least six
rooms, of which only three have been explored until now.
3. Continuation of the survey within Corsini’s Estate: clean-up and identification of some graves Associazione no profit Tenuta Marsiliana
Provincia di Grosseto
ETRURIA NOVA Principi Corsini
not yet explored, discovery of new sites for a more precise sites definition of the living and fune-
rary fabric of the Etruscan Age. Participation fees:
1 week* - 160 Euro
2 weeks* - 300 Euro
3 weeks* - 450 Euro
* Applications will be accepted until 31 luglio. To censure a place on the
research campaign 2010 you are advised to book early.

Etruria Nova card (annual membership is obligatory):

25 Euro (ordinary membership)

Price includes:
• Accommodation courtesy of “La Speranza” holiday farm house in
Marsiliana d’Albegna (www.agriturismolasperanza.it), in apartments with
4 or 5 beds, kitchen and bathroom with shower, also bed linen and
Excavation in the “Casa delle Anfore”. Excavation of “Tomb 2” in the Necropolis of Macchiabuia. towels. Single occupancy may be possible, on payment of a surcharge,
dependent on availability. Swimming pool for use of participants.
• Provision for breakfasts, packed lunches and dinners to be made in their
apartments by participants, comprising fresh and tinned foods, furnished
by the organization.
• Transfer by car/minibus between the accommodation and Albinia
(Orbetello) railway station during fixed hours; transport to the
excavation sites and on excursions.
• Insurance cover for the duration of the campaign, included in
subscription to the Etruria Nova Association.
• Certificate on successful completion.

NOT included:
• Tickets for entrance to museums and archaeological sites on excursions.
Holiday farm “La Speranza” at Marsiliana d’Albegna. Excursion to National Archaeological Museum of Vulci. • Extra services in the holidays farm (tennis, table football, sauna, laundry
Contacts for info and registration: Association ETRURIA NOVA not-for-profit - via A. Meucci, 63 - 50055 Lastra a Signa (FI) and air conditioning in the apartments).
tel. +39 (0) 577 600917 - mobile +39 349 3613406 e-mail: etrurianova@gmail.com • Any further services not specifically included above.

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