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i oN Institute of ey Cost and Management es es) Accountants of Pakistan (Constituted under the Cost and Management Accountants Act, 1966) Ref, No, A&F/A-S/2036-17 July 01, 2016 innual Subscription Dear Member, The slab for annual subscription/fee for the year 2016-17 is mentioned here under: Rupees Fellow Member Associate Member ‘Admission Fee as Fellow ‘Admission Fee as Associate Certificate of Practice (New Issue) Cortificate of Practice (Renewal) Retired Member 3F 1000/= for life membership [Optional] You may kindly use following options to make the payment: 1) Through Cheque/Pay Order/Demand Draft in favour of “ICMA Pakistan” covering your dues; 2) Payment can also be made through your credit card via ICMA Pakistan Website; 3) You may also transfer payment to following bank account of ICMA Pakistan, under intimation to us ‘Bank Account detail of OMA Pakistan at Askari Bank Limited: ‘Account Number (0821650500726 IBN Number 'PK27ASCM0000321650500726 ‘Swift Code ‘ASCMPKKA Title of Account Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Pakistan Bank Name ‘Askari Bank Limited Branch Gulistan-e-Jauhar branch code 9032 ‘Address Asia Pacific Trade Centre, Main Rashid Minhas Road, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi We shall be thankful if you favour us with your payment, covering your 2016-17 subscription and outstanding dues, if any, by 31” August, 2016 * ‘Many thanks for your prompt action on our request and assuring you of our best services, With regards, GGhazala Yunus Director Members’ affairs Department \Note:- This circular may be ignored: 1) If you're a Retired (Life) Member of ICMA Pakistan or 2) Ifthe annual subscription for the year 2016-17 has already been paid according to above schedule. This date is applicable on those Members who now have dues of 3 years upto 2016-17. Head Ofce: CA Pekan Baling, STB, Blsk6, CHAP Avenue, Gushan- al Karacts7530, Palstn. Phones: 22-21) 924350 Fax: 2-2) 9524542. ema itgienap com pa Website: wwwonap cork Nationwide Campuses: Fasatad Hydoraba,larabed arch Gusanelcbal Sota Baza and Noch Nada), Lore Mul Peshoar, Cuca ard Ranging ‘Overess Branches Ausal Caras, Oran, Sau rab, URE and Une Krom