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In a previous discussion Professor Strange had presented several possible reasons

of he fact that Barhama the First Person of Hindu Trinity and First Of Three Supreme
Personalities on Hindu Godhead is not worshipped by majority of Hindus. Only a
small minority of Hindus Worship this Supreme Person in Hindu Trinity.
My research is still continuing and I have find an other powerful possible reason.
This is linked with Ravana or Ravan who was defeated by Ram a man believed to be
an incarnated Hypostasis of Godhead of Hindu Trinity.
It may be noted that even Ravan/Ravana is worshipped in some Hindu sects.
The temples of Rvana are even more than the Temple of Barhama.
Ravana performed an intense penance (or tapasya) to the First Hypostasis of Hindu Terinity namely Brahma,
for several long several years. During his penance, Ravana chopped off his head ten times as a sacrifice to
appease Brahama/Barhama. Ravana chopprd his head off his body a new head arose, in place of it as a
substitute for the previous one ,
At last, Brahma, pleased with his austerity, appeared after his tenth decapitation and offered him a boon.
Ravana asked for immortality, which Brahma refused to give; in place of this, he asked for absolute
invulnerability from and supremacy over gods, heavenly spirits, other rakshasas, serpents, and wild beasts.
Contemptuous of mortal men, he did not ask for protection from these. Brahma granted him these boons along
with his chopped heads .
Majority of Hindus consider Ravana a depiction of Evil in one part of Hindu Mythology and an ultimate

villain among Hindu Masses. In Rin-spuns-pa Tibetan Ramayana, it is prophesised that "Ramana" will return
as the Buddha incarnation of Vishnu in the Kali Yuga.

Although a number of Hindu Scholars do believe that this Villain was transformed into a Hero after his
death and His death became an atonement of his errors and transgressions, but majority of Hindus hate
So their enmity of Rava is so great that they BRAHMA/BARHAMA became a target of their rage .
This may be explained as follow:=
Rama is believed to be an incarnation of Vishnu the Third Hypostasis of Hindu Triune God. As a Barahma
or Barhama was worshipped by Ravana , he became unworshipable as a consequence of hatred of
So they stopped worshipping Barhama and he was no longer worshipable and became a fallen God.

How ever it is a question why the Worshipping of Sheu/Shiva as not stopped.

Since Vanava was a worshipper of Sheu as well. But it may be seen that male genital organ
[lingam,linga,ling] of Shiva is worshipped instead of the Shiva/Sheu . This shews that this is most
probably a mockery.
There are some stories to explain the practice but such stories might be invented to justify the act or were
misinterpreted to justify the act , if they were originated before the Period of Rama.
Any how both of the two Personalities in Hindu Godhead somehow suffer from Ravana and hatred of
Majority of Hindus towards the Divine Persons worshipped by Ravana took different forms.
1] In the case of Barhama , he did not remain worshipable.
2] In the case of Shiva/Sheu the Genital organ was worshipped by the majority of Hindus.
How ever due to centuries and millenniums of practice the mockery behind this has been forgotten and
now it is not considered as any Mockery by the majority.
One may also see that minority always existed.
1] Some temples of Barhama still exist in India.
2] Some temples of Shiva still exist where Ravana is still worshipped.
3] Some Hindus reject two Ramayans and consider them as distorted versions and corrupted history of

There has been a debate on whether the Ramayana actually happened or not, one must keep
in mind that these different mythological stories are also based on different perceptions.

But to the majority oh Hindus Ravana is unfortunately remembered only for

his misdemeanours and is the ultimate evil . Some who have sympathies
with Ravana in the majority portray as a fallen hero.
So this is what a possible explanation.
[If some more reasons are found they shall be presented].