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Natural home remedy using carrot juice, beetroot juice and cucumber juice:

1. Take 250 ml carrot juice

2. Add 100 ml beetroot juice
3. Add 100 ml cucumber juice
4. Mix well
5. Have once everyday
6. This helps reduce allergic reaction and soothes existing allergies

Natural home remedy using lemon and honey:

Lemon helps flush toxins from the body. It is an antibiotic and has anti-allergi
c properties

1. Take 1 glass lukewarm water

2. Squeeze lemon in it
3. Add 1 tsp honey
4. Mix well
5. Drink on an empty stomach
Sneezing is an automated act of the body s defense system to through out unwanted
element in the respiratory path. During sneezing automatically mouth gets closed
so that air can be directed through the nose cleaning the respiratory path. If
some one is sneezing occasionally it can t be treated as disease.

In fact some kind of irritation in the mucous membrane of the nose results in sn
eezing. When sneezing becomes repetitive it becomes a concern.
Certain kind of food like curd, banana, ice cream, cold water aggravate this con
dition. Allergy is often the reason behind repetitive sneezing.
Ayurvedic Treatment for Sneezing:
Haridrakhanda is one of the more prescribed medicine by Ayurvedic doctors world
wide. One tea spoonful of this powder is given to the patient 4 times a day with
a cup of hot milk or warm water. Deep inhalation of Shadabindu taila or anu tai

la is found helpful in treating sneezing.

It is observed that patients suffer from sneezing are also affected by constipat
ion. Agastya Rasayana is a drug of choice to keep the bowl clean in this conditi
on. This can be given 2-3 teaspoonful at bed time with a cup of warm milk or wat
er.This medicine can be continued even after the sneezing stops to prevent re-oc
currence of sneezing.
Diet: All kind of cold things like iced tea, iced water, ice cream, cold drinks
are completely prohibited. Curd, Banana, fried things should be avoided.Turmeric
, garlic, black pepper, are helpful herbs to get rid of sneezing. 10 cloves of g
arlic is extremely helpful to treat this disease quickly. If you don t like the sm
ell of garlic, fry with ghee or butter and have it daily. Take leafy and fibrous
vegetables in sufficient quantity to keep constipation away.
Try to avoid head bath especially in cold water. This will have negative impact
on the treatment. Don t expose the patient to cold air, weather, rain etc.Dust and
smoke are harmful for the patient.
Nasya Oil
Nasya is an ayurvedic practice that is used to treat stress-related problems, h
eadaches, neck pain, anxiety and mental fogginess. It is also a year-round treat
ment to prevent and treat seasonal allergies. Nasya helps to remove toxins that
accumulate from the upper part of your body by opening up the lymphatic channels
and allowing the toxins to be removed through your nasal passages.
Typically, cured sesame oil is used for nasya. To cure any oil, you simply place
it in a pot over medium heat and add a drop of water. When the drop of water p
ops, the oil is cured. The sesame oil can be used alone or herbs can be added to
the oil to help treat specific conditions. Nasya is an all-natural cure for sin
us inflammation, which is the main cause of chronic sinus congestion and allergi
Nasya oil is typically applied in each nostril through a small dropper. I sugges
t using about 3 drops in one nostril and then inhaling while pinching the other
nostril closed with your index finger. Inhale strongly and allow the oil to go u
p into your sinuses. If any of the oil spills down your throat, spit it out. Rep
eat the process on the other nostril. It may feel as though you need to blow you
r nose at first, but resist the urge because the effectiveness of the treatment
is based on the oil s ability to permeate the sinuses. Typically, nasya is done ev
ery morning, but in the beginning you may need to do it a couple of times a day
until the inflammation lessens.
Most people suffering from allergy symptoms don t realize that the foods they are
eating may be contributing to their symptoms. In ayurveda, allergies are direct
ly linked to digestion and changing the way you eat is an important part of cont
rolling your allergies. People with allergies should avoid the following foods i
n particular:
Oily foods, especially deep fried
Cold beverages
Cold foods, especially ice cream
Canned foods
Product Name:Amrut Bindu
Medicated oil in the form of nasal drops for proper functioning of sense organs

Main Ingredients :- Jeevanti, Deodar, Vala, Vidang, Kamal, Salvan, Pithavan, Nag
keshar and other herbal drugs, milk and sesame oil as Base.
Indications :-It is useful in conditions like frequent headache, migrain, Rhini
tis, sinusitis and other Urdhwangarogas (diseases of head).
Useful for proper functioning of eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin.
Directions for Use :- 2 drops to be added in each nostril in the morning .
For External Use Only
Product Name: Chyavanprash
Chyavanprash is perhaps the most famous of all the Ayurvedic herbal preparation
s, and with good reason. It is one of the many "rasayanas" found in Ayurveda. Ra
sayanas, which literally means "to circulate life's essence" are used to strengt
hen and increase one's youthful vigor and endurance. Chyavanprash, in particular
, has been used for centuries to nourish the blood, muscles, lymph, nerves, brai
n, heart, and lungs. It consists of amalaki fruit, forty-one herbs and spices, g
hee, raw honey, and Candy sugar. It has recently been shown to possess significa
nt antioxidant activity as well as an up-regulating effect on liver detoxificati
on. It is delicious and can be safely taken throughout one's lifetime, by indivi
duals of all constitutions.
Recommended use: 1- 2 tsp. of 'Chavanprash Avaleha' in the morning and evening f
ollowed by milk ( Don't mix it with milk, because natural sour taste of Amalaki
spoils it ).
Taking milk is not mandetory you can take it without it.
Product Name: Shatavari Kalpa
Main Ingredients - Shatavari, Velchi ( Cardamom ), Sugar.
Shatavari Kalpa
is a well known Ayurvedic invigorating health drink
Properties for all . Shatavari roots have been recognised in Ayurveda as a drug acting on
all tissues as a powerful anabolic. It is good for eyes, muscles, reproductive o
rgans, increases milk secretion and helps to regain vigour and vitality. Velchi
is added as aromatic, stimulant, carminative and flavouring agent. Useful in Hyp
eracidity and can be used regularly as a food supplement.
Indication- This unique formulation is very useful as
galactagogue for mothers a
fter delivery. It is very useful for weak, debilitated, anaemic and convalescent
persons to regain strength. Shatavari Kalpa
has been presented as flavoured gra
nules readily soluble in milk . It is an Ayurvedic health drink recommended for
regular use for entire family.
Dosage and Administration - 2 tablespoon full to be taken twice a day with milk
Product Name: Brahmi Kalpa( Granules)
Main Ingredients - Brahmi,Shankhapushpi, Ashwagandha,Shatavari, Sugar.
Indications - ' Brahmi Kalpa ' improves memory and concentration levels. It reli
ves the problems associated with excessive stress among professionals,intellectu
als,students and elderly.It is also an excellent tonic and improves immunity.
Dosage and Administration - 1 - 2 teaspoon full to be taken twice a day with war
m milk .
Product Name: Gulkand (Rose Petal Jam)
Gulkand is undoubtedly the most delicious Ayurvedic preparation known to mankin
d. It is made primarily of rose petal which are collected at their peak conditio
n. It also contains other rejuvenating herbs blended in just the right proportio
n. Gulkand has been traditionally used as a cooling tonic to combat fatigue, let
hargy, muscular aches, biliousness, itching, and heat-related conditions. It is
also naturally rich in calcium and has antioxidant activity. It can be used year
-round by persons of all constitutions, especially Vata and Pitta.
Read more about 'Gulkand' >>>>

Recommended use: 1 tsp. in the morning,afternoon and evening .

Product Name: Brahmi Ghruta/ Brahmi ghrita
Ingredients: Brahmi, trikatu, Vacha, Sankhapushpi ,Ghrita etc.
Indications: Used as as memory tonic , Alterative, brian sedative, also useful
in mania, epilepsy, insanity and mental disease etc.
Recommended use: 1-2 tsp. in the morning and evening with milk.
Product Name: Triphala Ghrita
Ingredients: Triphla, Trikatu,Yashtimadhu, Sariva,Chandan, Haridra etc. process
ed in ghrita
Indications: Triphala Ghrit is indicated in all diseases of eyes. Triphala ghri
ta is an ancient ayurvedic formula which contains triphala as its main ingredian
t for the nourishment of eyes. It is an all in one formula for retinal disorders
Recommended use: 1-2 tsp. in the morning and evening with milk.
Product Name: Mahatikta Ghrita
Ingredients: Amalaki, Haridra, Kadunimb, Kutaki, Daruharidra, Triphala, Anantmo
ol, Chandan, Kaduindravan, Lucoric, Bahava etc.
Indications: Skin diseases, Hyperacidity, Anaemia, Raktapitta, Kushtha,etc.
Recommended use: 1-2 tsp. in the morning and evening .
Product Name: Phala Ghrita/ Phala sarpis
Ingredients: Manjishtha,kushtha, haridra,tagar, Kutaki, Daruharidra, Triphala,
Shatavari,ghruta, etc.
Indications: Yoni roga, vandhyatwa(sterility), Polycystic overies etc.
Recommended use: 1-2 tsp. in the morning and evening with milk.
Product Name: Cold Soothe Tea (Herbal Tea)
Ingredients: Ginger, Marich, Cinnamon, Tulsi leaves, Large Cardamom, Nirgundi e
Indications: Useful in Cough, Cold, Soothes sore throats, Helps combat inflamma
tion of respiratory tract.
Recommended use: for Adults 1-2 tea spoons 3-4 times a day. .
Product Name: Drakshavaleha (Grape -Saffron Jam)
Ingredients:This contains Grapes as a base and other digestive herbs like cinna
mon, nutmeg, mace, cloves and saffron.
Indications: It's a soothing tropical tonic for Pitta disorders. It has a usefu
l combination of herbs for strength to digestive system. Useful in Hyperacidity,
Burning sensation,Loss of appetite, constipation etc.
Recommended use: 1-2 tsp. in the morning and evening along with milk.
Product Name: Agastiprash
Ingredients:Haritaki,Pippali,Bala, Dashmool,vanshlochan,chitrakmool,kavachbeej,
chaturjat etc.
Indications: Useful as Rasayana(Tonic) in Chro. bronchitis, Asthma, Allergic rh
initis etc.
Recommended use: 1-2 tsp. in the morning and evening.