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Baker Oil Tools

Applied Well Test Analysis

Inhouse Course
First Day:

1. Introduction Course Outline

2. Objectives and Reasons of Well Testing
- Reservoir evaluation
- Reservoir description
- Reservoir management
- Productivity well testing
- Descriptive well testing
3. Hardware Options

Downhole Equipment
- Open hole testing
- Cased hole testing
- Specialised equipment
- Downhole data acquisition
- Pressure measurement: memory gauges and SRO
- Downhole rate measurement


Surface Equipment
- Separation of flow and rate measurement
- Sampling

Baker Oil Tools

Second Day:

4. Well Test Concepts

- Basics of reservoir models
- Dimensionless variables

Inner Boundary Conditions

- Wellbore storage
- The skin effect
- Fractured wells
- Partially penetrating wells
- Slanted wells
- Horizontal wells


Reservoir Models
- Homogeneous reservoir
- Composite reservoir
- Dual porosity behaviour
- Dual permeability or layered reservoirs


Reservoir Boundary Responses

- Fault boundaries
- Closed boundaries
- Pressure support boundaries

Third Day:

5. Types of Well Tests


Single well testing

- Constant rate drawdown
- Constant pressure drawdown
- Build-up tests
- Drillstem Tests
- Pulse Tests
- Specialised test methods
Gas threshold pressure testing
Minifrac testing
Vertical interference testing
Layered reservoir testing
Horizontal wells

Baker Oil Tools

Fourth Day:


Multiple well testing

- Interference testing
- Pulse testing


Gas Well Testing


Multiphase Well Testing


Interpretation Methodology
- Data validation, preparation and handling
- Diagnostic plot evaluation
- Matching and non-linear regression
- Desuperposition

Course Instructor:

Dr.-Ing. Lukas Ostrowski, Baker Oil Tools

Visiting Professor at TU Clausthal,
more than 15 years experience in well testing analysis
in sedimentary rocks as well as in barrier rocks.
Course language can be German or English

Course Software:

Interpret/2, Interpret 2000, Network installation as well as

single unit installations with the use of dongles is possible

Course Hardware:

PCs with printing facilities and Internet connection must

be provided by the client

Course Handouts:

Course instruction manual will be distributed at the course


Course Time Plan:

8.30 10.00 a m
10.30 12.00
Lunch Break
01.00 02.30 p m
03.00 05.00

The course content provides a reasonable combination of well testing and analysis
principles with practical applications. The analysis software is of premium quality in
the hierarchy of acknowledged software, however the learning results with this
software can be finally practiced with any analysis programme used in the industry.