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Title plant indexing: Is a process of creation of index of all documents affecting

real estate property i.e. Deeds, Mortgages, Judgments, Liens, Affidavits, based on
the grantors (persons conveying interest) and the grantees (Persons receiving

Purpose of this indexing is to aid title searchers in locating all required documents
for preparing their reports.
Role: Quality Analyst

Downloading documents from FTP server for processing.

Indexing all title Documents using the Application Provided by Client.
Categorizing and arranging E-documents in predefined formats.
Resolving queries of clients & staff.
Mentoring and training up junior and new staff
Performing QC of Indexed documents and Checking 25 different fields
using provided checklist by client.
Accurate and timely reporting of QC report daily to respective Indexer along
with production count.
Preparing team report, development strategies and other documents of team
Contributing to Internal Audit.