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Instructional Plan: Phase IV

Nichole Thilges
CUR/ 516

Identification of

Instruments to Be

Case studies documents with samples of inappropriate

behavior in a variety of environments
FACTS interview form (teacher and student) Functional
Assessment for Teachers and Staff an interview checklist to
be completed prior to the student observation
ABC recording form a documentation form to record the
Antecedent, Behavior, and Consequences observed during the
Summary of Behavior Table used to begin the formatting the
hypothesis statement used for the Behavior Support Plan
Behavior Support Plan form a form to ensure that all
elements from the FACTS interview, ABC model observation
and the hypothesis statement from the Summary of Behavior
are being included in the Behavior Support Plan

Overview: Morrison,
Ross, and Kemp
(2007) Evaluation

Purpose: To give the Child Family Services team a tool to use

when dealing with difficult or inappropriate behavior
Audience: The Child Family Services team
Issue: How can the Child Family Services team effectively deal
with children with difficult or inappropriate behavior without
using restraints or holds?
Resources: Each participant will be given the agenda,
Participant Workbook, handouts and blank handouts for future
Evidence: large and small group discussions, role-playing,
completed handouts, and a completed Behavior Support Plan
using all elements
Data/ Gathering Techniques: Feedback forms, one on one
interviews, small group interview and field trial observations
with interviews at four and six weeks after training completion
Analysis: Instructor will review all handouts to check for
understanding and provide feedback to the participant.
Reporting: Reporting will be completed face to face at the
time of collection of handouts.

Evaluation for

The interviews (one on one and group) will allow for future
revisions to the instructional material or the to the training

Group discussions both small and whole group

Role-playing/ simulations
Completed handouts
Completed homework
Completed Behavior Support Plan

and/ or Revisions

Field trial observations will allow for the determination of

future implementation to include other personnel at the
Interviews will also assist in the decision to implement this
training company wide.

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