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Secretarys Foreword
This Student Information Booklet is designed to give you essential information about the College you
are attending in 2013.
If youre continuing from Year 11 into Year 12, you probably know much of the information in this
booklet already. However, some things change from year to year so I encourage you to read through
this booklet and make sure youre up-to-date with whats happening in and around your school.
If youre entering Year 11 in 2013, welcome. No doubt you will have a range of questions about
College life, what services are available and how you navigate your way around the campus.
This booklet is designed to provide you with the answers to as many of those questions as possible
and Im sure youll find it full of useful information.
The Student Information Book has deliberately been designed to complement and build on the
information provided in the Your Guide to Education and Training in Years 11 and 12.
Your Guide provides general information about College including how to plan and prepare for College,
the differences between vocational and tertiary education pathways, levies and enrolment processes
and delivery options. It also provides detailed information about courses, pre-requisites and learning
As you prepare for College, I recommend that you become familiar with both Your Guide and the
Student Information Booklet.
College is an exciting step in your education. During Years 11 and 12 you will have an opportunity to
choose the subjects you wish you study. Some students already have a career in mind and know what
subjects they need to achieve that outcome. However, most students havent yet decided on a career
path and choose to study a diverse range of subjects. Either option is valid. Whats most important
is that you complete your studies and obtain a qualification, be that a school-based apprenticeship, a
Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE) or a vocational education qualification.
Once youve got a qualification the world opens up so many opportunities and life is always better
when you have choices.
I wish you well in your studies for 2013 and beyond.

Colin Pettit

As a young adult, you will no doubt be thinking about your future plans and aspirations.
Years 11 and 12 are a very important part of your preparation for tertiary education
and/or entering the workforce as well as becoming a valued member of the community.
At Newstead College we pride ourselves on supporting you, by providing you with a
personalised program which caters for your learning style so you can achieve your goals on
either an academic or vocational pathway. When you read this guide you will see that we
provide you with many opportunities to excel and challenge yourself as well as offering you
a wide range of support programs to provide additional study assistance and counselling.
At Newstead College we very much value culture and community and offer a range
of additional opportunities to enable you to contribute to the College and the wider
community. You can build your resume through involvement in leadership opportunities,
volunteering, work placements and our Global Community Project. We enourage you
to work collaboratively with your teachers and fellow students, in a modern, supportive
environment, to achieve your very best.
Janet Sims


Newstead College Department of Education

Welcome to all potential Newstead College students,
With the end of your high school years in sight, it is time to survey the options on offer for your
future, and at Newstead College your future can be bright! Throughout your high school years, you
would have had access to the Personal Pathway program and spent time with your schools personal
pathway staff. Hopefully, this has helped you focus on possible careers and the way to achieve these
goals. Of course, you would most likely have changed your mind throughout the course of high
school and there may still be doubt in your mind. There is no need to stress as there is plenty of
time to discuss, watch, listen and participate in a variety of programs to help with your transition to
year 11.
By now you would have had visits from Newstead transition staff and students to introduce
Newstead College to you. Of course, you will, hopefully, recognise that Newstead College is at the
forefront of secondary Education with its contemporary physical and open, colourful learning areas.
All this, combined with its expansive common room and cafeteria, makes it an exciting step in the
next stage of your life.
Throughout the rest of the year there will be further visits by staff and students as well as our
dedicated transition team who can provide a multitude of options and career advice for whatever
pathway you wish to pursue. There will be transition days in July where you will experience life
at the college and find out more about the courses being offered, meet the staff and some of the
year 11s and participate in snapshots of some of the experiences you may have during your years
at Newstead. Then, it will be your chance to enrol. The enrolment teams will come to your high
school or if youre a student from outside the Tasmanian Education Department, evening sessions are
available. At these sessions we will aim to create a two year plan for you, but this is flexible and can
be changed right up to commencing your year 11 studies.
You have the power to make your own choice of college in Tasmania. Take some time to read
and reflect on how Newstead College works and the fun, exciting activities that take place here to
make your years 11 and 12 more memorable. High school will hold special memories for you, but
it is now time to forget about the school uniform and the PA, and instead enjoy the Caff and a
cappuccino (except when you are supposed to be in class!) and choose subjects that interest and
challenge you, all in one of the most unique and rewarding places to studyNewstead College!!

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What do you need to know


You and your friends will probably have a host of questions that have little to do
with study but more about how the college works, so here is your chance to get
a feel for the place so that you can make an educated choice


Getting Here


Newstead College is located at 30 Cypress Street in

Newstead, surprisingly enough! The first thing you
will notice after entering the college is how easy
it is to find what you are looking for! The
map presents the layout of the college.
Starting with the gymnasium,
music rooms and gallery which
are numbered between 1 and 19,
you keep moving down the college
past the college office, along what we
refer to as The Street. You will pass
by Photography, Languages, Media,
Electronics and English classrooms
which are rooms in the 20s and 30s.









49 Room Numbers






Common Room













& Computing










Bus Stop









Performing Arts





Satellite Dish




Newstead is one of the

easiest places to get around.
The college is set out so
well - all the classrooms
are easy to find. If in
doubt askeveryone, from
students to teachers to
administration staff, are so
Jack, 16



Sport Science

Further down The Street you will
discover the Library, Learning Support,
Computing and Technology rooms - the
40s, 50s and 60s. Next up, The Caff,
Common Room, Staffroom, Art and
Hospitality, finishing with Maths,
Learning Support
Science, Business, Computing and
Flexible Learning - now youll be Woodwork
hitting the 100s!

See - it is an easy and

leisurely walk from the
Flexible Learning
top to the bottom.




Newstead College Department of Education

Key Contacts

Janet Sims
Office: 63323232

Support Services

Counsellors, Social Workers, Guidance Officers

Brendon Hextall, Neil Macpherson,
Phil Doyle, Helen Mason: 63323224

International Students
Peter Bird: 63323273

Flexible Learning
Linda Powell: 63323235

Assistant Principals
Peter Bird: 63323273
Sharon Woodberry: 63323280
Paul Hudson: 63323245

AST - Senior Staff

Simone Rigby, Helen Mason, Helen Walker, Scott Cunningham,Tom Viney, Linda Powell,
Russell Cooper, Helen Brown, Chris Sheedy, Michael Flanagan.
You will be assigned to a member of senior staff (AST or AP) who will keep an eye on things
like your attendance and generally look after your best interests. This will be a friendly face
you can contact if you need assistance or information.

One of the quickest and most efficient ways to find out information about
the college is through our website. The website is updated regularly and
can provide you with a great insight into the people to contact and some
of the major events happening in the college

Newstead is an alive and exciting place to study and the website

illustrates these features through great photos and articles.


Travel Arrangements
At the start of the day

Buses travel to Newstead College from all major areas in and around Launceston.
Metro buses service the inner suburbs such as Kings Meadows, Prospect, Newnham,
Rocherlea, Mayfield, Riverside, Ravenswood, Waverley and St. Leonards.
Further afield, if you live along the West Tamar (Legana, Exeter, Rosevears, Deviot
through to Beauty Point), the East Tamar (Dilston, Hillwood. Mt. Direction through to
George Town and Low Head), Hadspen, Evandale, Devon Hills, Perth and Longford to
mention a few, there are buses available. Some students even make the journey from
Scottsdale, Cressy, Campbell Town and Ross.
In some instances you may need to change buses in the city centre, but you will be
dropped at the front of the college in good time for the start of the first class of
the day.

During the day

Buses regularly travel along Elphin Road to and from the city centre. However, it is
only a 15 minute stroll to town.

At the end of the day

Buses leave from the front of the college.

Up to date timetables for most of these bus services will be
available at the Course Confirmation days in February.

Free parking

Of course, once you get your Drivers License, you will

probably want to use our carpark free to all Newstead
College students.



Newstead College Department of Education

Studying at College
The First Day

Yes, you will probably feel a wave

of apprehension about starting at a
new school, meeting new people and
getting to know a new set of teachers.
However, rest assured everything will
be geared to making your transition
as easy as possible, if you follow these
There will be numerous noticeboards
around the college with lists of all
students who have enrolled in the
college. Year 11s and new year 12
students will be there on the first day,
so everyone will be in the same boat!
Find your name and a room number
then head to that class to meet your
Support Group teacher. You will
receive your timetable and hear some
news about the day. You will then be
taken to a Year 11 Assembly to meet
the Principal, hear some great music
and information about college life.

Then, your introduction to your

teachers will begin! Staff will have
name tags, but remember that you
can call staff by their first name to
signify that you have moved to an
adult learning environment and to
encourage you to engage in mature
teacher/student relationships. This
may feel somewhat weird at first, but
youll quickly get used to it.
The college has no sirens and one of
your responsibilities is to manage your
own time and ensure that you are
on time to class. You will, hopefully,
have had your ID card photograph
taken on Course Confirmation day,
and these can be collected from the
Library during your first week. ID
cards are important as they identify
you as a Newstead student and allow
you to borrow from the Library.

Understanding the timetable is an important way to understand the college.






8:50 -10:30

8:50 -10:30

8:50 -10:30

8:50 -10:30

8:50 -10:30






10:55 -12:05

10:55 - 12:35

10:55 - 12:05

12:10 -1:20

Support Group 7

12:40 -1:20

12:10 -1:20

12:35 -1:20
Extension 9

12:10 -1:20






2:05 - 3:40

2:05 - 3:40

2:05 - 3:40

2:05 - 3:40

2:05 - 3:40

10:55 - 12:30 10:55 - 12:05



Enrolment and Course Selection

How Many Subjects?

Although the timetable allows you to take 6 subjects, full-time students usually do 4 or 5 each
year. As each subject is 150 hours, this means 600 750 hours of study. Each subject has 3
classes of about 1 hours each, during the week. On the timetable, this is shown by blocks
with the same colour.

Study Lines

When you dont have a formal class, you are free to use your time in whatever way you need.
Sure wed like you to use much of this time to complete assignments, get help from staff and
do research on computers/in the Library. Thats why we have dedicated study support rooms
with staff available throughout the day to help you.

Extension Time

(Line 9)
During this block of time you will not have any classes. Neither will your teachers. This
means you can easily find a teacher for help, to hand in some work, or just to discuss

VET Certificate Courses

Extension time is an ideal time for me

to get help from my teachers as all
staff and students are free then. My
teachers encourage me to come for
extra assistance, but any teacher in the
college will happily help you.
Chantel, 16

Support Group

(Line 7)
Your Support Group teacher is generally one of
the teachers who teaches you. A major focus
of Support Group is helping you achieve your
post-Year 12 goals. This may involve things like
preparation for exams, improving your study skills
or helping you write an effective resume. We will
also make sure that you have all of the information
you need about University entry, scholarships and
life after college.

Support Group is a way to keep in

touch, get yourself work ready and
keep up to date with college news and
events. Use it or lose it!
Kate, 17

VET courses that run on campus at Newstead are generally the equivalent of 1 or 2
subjects. This means that you can easily combine them with 2 or 3 other subjects.
VET courses delivered by the Polytechnic are generally 300 hours long. They are run
over two full days Tuesday and Thursday. To be full-time you need to add at least 2
other subjects. It is possible to do 3 subjects in addition to these courses, but you
may need to be flexible with your choices.


Newstead College Department of Education

You have enrolled, chosen your first day clothes, met your Support Group teacher,
got your timetable, ID card and worked out a time to catch up with your friends in
The Caff and you are now officially a Newstead College student. OK, so what
happens next?
It is important for you to lead a balanced life so the college offers many extracurricular
activities to make your life at school so much more interesting! A little time socialising
in The Caff, or playing a game of table tennis is a good thing. And if you need to
leave the college during this time, thats OK too as long as you sign out in the Office.

There are plenty of lockers around

the college - just pay at the office
and bring your own lock. You can
share with a friend if you want.
Glenn, 17


Confused by the large number of options?
Our enrolment counsellors will help you
make appropriate selections, whatever
pathway you wish to pursue.

Qualifying for
University Entrance
TE Scores & ATARs

All of the level 3 (pre-tertiary) subjects

that you complete successfully will give
you a score, generally between 1 and
20. Your best 5 scores over two years
are counted to give you a TE score. You
must have at least three of those scores
from a year other than Year 11. Your
total TE score is then converted to an
ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions
Rank), which is used to gain entrance
to universities across Australia. TQA
oversees the external examination
process and determines the scaled scores
for each subject, as well as calculating your
TE score and ATAR.

What is TQA?

TQA (Tasmanian Qualifications Authority)

is the organisation that accredits the pretertiary subjects you will be studying. No
matter where you study a pre-tertiary subject
in Tasmania, it is the same subject and all
students sit the same exam.

Tasmanian Certificate
of Education (TCE)

This is a qualification that tells employers

and the community that you have completed
two years of full-time study after Year 10 and
have achieved certain minimum standards
in literacy, numeracy and ICT. You will
automatically gain the TCE if your course
contains subjects that allow you to gain the
necessary credit points and to demonstrate
the literacy, numeracy and ICT standards. You
must also complete the Personal Pathways
Program. For more information on how you
can qualify for the TCE, check out the TQA

The TCE does NOT qualify you for

University Entrance.


Newstead College Department of Education


VET courses are offered at Newstead

College and you can access a number of
VET courses through the Polytechnic. All
students aged 15 19 need to enrol for
these courses through the College. You can
combine your VET course with some TQA
level 2 or 3 subjects to create a full course
and to help you achieve your intended
pathway. For instance, if you are interested

Going on work placements is really good

because it builds up your confidence and
gives you experience in a business and allows
you to see what they do there. It helps show
you that the work you do in your certificate
classes is relevant to the real world of
work. Work placements can lead to great
opportunities for a future career.
Lucy, 18

I enjoy the practical learning that is

involved in the Certificate II in Community
Services Childrens Services, such as
running our own playgroup. I like the
visits we make to Childcare Centres as we
can see how they all operate differently. I
certainly learn a lot. The course enables
me to find out if this is what I want to do
in the future for a career.
Tegan, 17

VET courses focus on providing you with

skills for the workplace. VET qualifications
can assist you to enter the workforce or
serve as a pathway to further education.
If you are keen on finding employment and
enjoy engaging in learning that is practical
and hands-on, you may wish to study one
(or more) of the nationally recognised VET
certificates we offer such as Certificate II
in Hospitality or Certificate II in Furniture

in Child Care, you can undertake your

Certificate II course at Newstead and
combine it with some TQA subjects
such as Maths Applied 2 and Visual Art
2. Alternatively, you may study your TCE
subjects at Newstead and your Certificate
course may be offered by the Polytechnic
at Alanvale for two days of the week. A
free bus is provided on Tuesdays and
Thursdays from Newstead College which
transports you to and from Alanvale in
the morning and afternoon.

Vocational Education
and Training (VET)



Yes, college life will give you more freedom than high school as you can call teachers
by their first names, wear casual clothes, drive your car to school and leave the college
during the day, but with these privileges come your responsibilities


Newstead College prides itself on the

behaviour of its students at the College
and in public. It is important that no
offensive clothing is worn, that you mind
your language and show respect for all
who you encounter. In particular, you
must respect the rights of others to learn.


It is your responsibility to attend all your

classes. SMS text messages will be sent
to your parents following an unexplained
absence. Parents can contact the office
to explain your attendance. Attendance
data will be sent to parents frequently
and your Support Group teacher, AST or
Assistant Principal will make contact with
you or your parents to discuss continued
unexplained absences.


Being on time to class is important at

Newstead College. Lateness is not
tolerated and this will be reflected in
your report.


You will have homework! Assignments

are one way that you can display your
understanding of class work. Each subject
will have different expectations and
requirements with regard to homework.
Of course, homework doesnt have to
be all done at home make good use of
your study lines and the help available
from staff.

At times it may seem like

teachers are on your case about
attendance and doing your best,
but one of the strongest features
of Newstead is that the teachers
really do care about your future.

Tom, 18


Newstead College Department of Education


Newstead College prides itself on being a vibrant, dynamic and multicultural community as we
draw students from across the state and around the world.

International Students

Students from France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Korea, Japan, China, Sweden to name a
few have all been part of the Newstead community.
If you are an International Student, you will love the program we offer at Newstead College.
We provide high quality learning experiences in a welcoming, safe, supportive, warm and
friendly environment. You can improve your English language skills whilst you focus on your
academic pathway.You will also be able to enjoy the social and cultural life offered here at
Newstead College and in Tasmania.

EAL (English as an Additional Language) Students

This program provides additional support to improve the educational opportunities and
outcomes for students who are newly arrived in Australia. The EAL Program provides
teacher support according to the needs of the students and offers support in a range of
classes for students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Students on the
Program in 2012 are from Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Papua New Guinea.

I am happy to have come here because the teachers are lovely and I like having the opportunity to be able
to study. I think the subjects are good and I like playing table tennis at lunch time in the Gym or the Caff.

Kadiatu, 18

We like the friendly atmosphere of the College,

particularly The Caff .
We appreciate the extra activities organised
for us such as the Christmas in July dinner and
Aussie Mate, and being able to learn English
in a smaller class. Its great that we are able
to get help from teachers if we have problems
with understanding class work.

Jay and Seo, Korea




And Theres More

You are able to participate in a variety of courses and activities which will help you
improve your learning and prepare you for study at university.
The UCANDO Program aims to improve your study habits and exam techniques.
By enrolling in a UTAS College Program, you can gain credit in university units.
A timetable of staff available in each study room is published on the daily information
sheet and is displayed on the door of each of the rooms. Additional study help is
available for examination revision.
Lions Youth of the Year.
FUSE- journalistic writing with The Examiner.
National-based competitions such as science, maths,
music and drama competitions.
NIDA @ Newstead - Acting workshops are held on
campus during term holidays.


Newstead College Department of Education


Celebrating 15 years as a college on the
Newstead site in 2011, the college boasts one
of the most impressive layouts and facilities
of any college in the state. As Newstead was
custom built as a college its design is conducive
to ease of access, warm inviting learning spaces
and a myriad of modern facilities.

Catering Kitchen

Weights Gym

Music Recording Studio

The Residence

Living in the Newstead Student Residence

is great for rural or isolated students who
wish to stay close to the collegevery
close in fact!
Information about The Residence is
available from Assistant Principal, Paul
Hudson, or from the college office.

The Newstead Student Residence is a good place

to live because it is a safe and healthy environment
with friendly people and clean surroundings. The
best thing is that you dont have to travel for many
hours a week to and from school. Living in your
own flat with free power and internet as well as
friends, if they also choose to live there, is a good
opportunity to be self-reliant, as you are able to
cater for yourself.

Shelby, 17




You can get food from The

Caff throughout the day, from
early in the morning not just
at recess and lunchtime. From
salad rolls and toasted sandwiches,
through to hot chips and burgers.
There are different specials each
day lovingly prepared by chef
Danette and her friendly staff.

At high school we didnt have a student common area

we had to sit outside in Launcestons ever changing
weather, so I really appreciate the warmth, open spaces,
the couches for relaxing and mixing with friends, music,
SRC activities and the fact that you can get hot food
anytime of the day! The Caff , as we call it, is the hub of
student life at Newstead and we are very lucky to have a
space to call our own at the college.
Nick, 17

The Caff

Coffee Shop - Caf Cypress

Where else can you buy fabulous coffee and cake for $3.50? At Caf Cypress you can! Run
by the Hospitality students, scrumptious cakes and coffee are available at recess. Sit back
with your friends and enjoy a hot chocolate and carrot cake during your day at college.

Caf Cypress is a fantastic avenue for students to learn practical hospitality skills working in a caf
environment. It is a real life experience. We show off our barista skills and offer friendly service to staff
and students who frequent the caf. These skills will assist me when I pursue a career in the hospitality
industry or any customer service based industries.
James, 17

Caf Cypress also creates gourmet lunches at a budget price from Hospitality students.
Restaurant evenings also occur throughout the year where you can book in with
family and friends to enjoy three course meals.

Bring your own

A microwave is available for you to

heat up some noodles, or that yummy
curry from last night! Situated in the
The Caff it is for use all day.


Newstead College Department of Education



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College Communication
We welcome input and feedback from your parents and guardians and there are many
ways they can be involved in college life. They may be interested in simply reading about
Newstead through the newsletter or website or may even like to take a more active
role and become a member of the College Association.

Celebrating Achievement

Parents are always welcome at Award Evenings and other social gatherings such as
performances and fundraising activities.


Written reports, showing your progress in each subject, are sent to parents twice a year.

Parent Teacher Evenings

At least twice a year, your parents will be able to make formal meeting times with your
teachers to discuss your progress. Of course, staff are always available to discuss any
issues with your parents at a time convenient to both.


Your parents will be alerted to any unexplained absences via text message. Attendance
printouts are mailed home on a regular basis.

College Association

If your parents wish to have a voice in school life, then a role on the College Association
could be for them. The Association works in close conjunction with the Principal, Janet
Sims, and staff to look at developing the colleges environment and reflect on education
issues. Members of the Association fulfil an important role in promoting the college in
our wider community.


Produced by students and staff in the

Publications Team at Newstead, the
College Newsletter is mailed home at
least three times a year. It celebrates
student and college achievements, and
highlights upcoming events. It can also
be viewed on our college website.



Assessment and Reporting
Assessing your work

If the words test, exam and

assessment send shivers down your spine
you are not alone! However, assessment is
an important part of the learning process.
It provides you with feedback about what
things you are good at, where you need to
improve, and importantly, gives you ideas
about how to improve. In each of your
subjects you will be assessed regularly
throughout the year. This may take the
form of a short multiple-choice test, or
being observed while you perform a task
like beating eggs. It may be an assessment
of your music performance, or an in-class
essay that you were given time to prepare
beforehand. You may be assessed on
assignments and research you complete
in your own time, or a practical exercise
you complete in class. The point is
assessment will take many forms not
just tests. And assessment will occur
continuously throughout the year, meaning
there will be lots of opportunities for you
to improve. If you muck up the first time
round, there is sure to be another chance!
The assessments you gain throughout the
year are called internal assessments. For
Level 1 and 2 TCE subjects, these combine
to give you an award for the subject.

Mid-Year Exam Period

For Level 3 (pre-tertiary) subjects, your

final award is decided by a combination
of internal assessments and an external
assessment usually in the form of an
exam that takes place at the end of the
year. Because we know that many of you

have not experienced formal exams, we

provide a full dress rehearsal in the
middle of the year. You will have a different
timetable during that time, enabling you to
study for and undertake exams for all your
level 3 subjects, as well as those foundation
or preparatory level 2 subjects that lead
onto level 3 study. If you are studying a
Certificate course, this time provides an
ideal opportunity for you to undertake a
workplacement without interfering with
your other subjects. We will reschedule
any exams to make this possible.

Assessment in
Certificate Courses

In VET Certificate courses you are

assessed on competencies. These are
generally skills that you have gained like
working safely or operating a cash
register. Once you have demonstrated
one of these skills and been assessed
as competent you do not need to be
assessed on that skill again. To obtain a
Certificate 1 or 2 qualification you need
to be deemed competent on a particular
range of skills.


We provide two written reports during

the year. Each report will show your
progress on the various criteria that
make up each TCE subject, or on the
competencies found in VET courses.
Written comments will highlight your
strengths and identify areas you need to
work on.


Newstead College Department of Education


Student Support
As well as providing state of the art facilities and an extensive array of extracurricular activities,
the college will also challenge and inspire you in a range of academic pursuits by providing
support and extension in academic arenas.

Study Support really helped me through the UMAT

process by equipping me with the materials to
practise and hone my skills, and knowledge to sit
the exam with confidence.
Emily, 18

UMAT (Undergraduate

Medical Admissions Test)

If you need to sit the UMAT to qualify for

entrance to a tertiary course, experienced
teachers will provide support and resources
to help you prepare.

Careers Room Support,

Information, Guidance.

The Careers Room is open each lunch

time with counsellors available every day to
provide assistance and information.

During my final year at college, I came to the realisation that I had to choose what I was going to do in the
future. After a lot of research, I stumbled upon Speech Pathology which I found to be a career that seemed
very interesting. I decided to visit the Careers Room for some advice. After having just one short discussion
with Helen, the next day she had already made a list of possible universities for me to study at and had also
made phone calls to local Speech Pathologists in order to organise work experience.With the help of the
Career Advisors, I was able to undertake work experience in two different fields of Speech Pathology.

Bronte, 18



Study Support

At Newstead College, we give you the extra

support that you may need to make the most
of your learning opportunities and fulfil your
academic goals. As well as offering a varied
curriculum, you can take advantage of the
Study Support Program and work in private
study rooms where you will find a quiet,
relaxed atmosphere with access to resources
such as the Internet.

Literacy Support

Lexia Online Learning assists with building

skills in spelling, writing and reading at all levels
of academic study. This program can offer you
a broad range of interactive activities (basic to
advanced) which enables readers of all
levels to improve their skills.

The study support rooms are a fantastic

place to study as there are always people
to help and answer your questions. I spend
99% of my free time in the study room,
where teachers are rostered on to assist
whenever that Maths problem or English
essay arises. It is a great place for inspiration!
Ashlee, 17

The Study Support Program provides help

with assignments, class work or revision on
a regular basis or for an extended period of

Computer Access

All computer labs are available for you

to use in your study periods and breaks.
During these times the machines can be
used for leisure or school related studies.
In some classes, you will be issued with
Netbooks for an extended period for your
use at home and college.
Many new projects are underway which will
enhance our computing hardware and bring
the college up to a 1:1 ratio of computers
to students. On top of this, the entire
network is being revamped to provide the
most reliable infrastructure.


Newstead College Department of Education


If you cannot come to college for a
variety of reasons, such as living in an
isolated area, then Flexible Learning could
be for you. You study at home under
the guidance of staff and work at your
own pace. Students have successfully
completed pre-tertiary subjects through
Flexible Learning and have also completed
their TCE.

Flexible Learning has been enormously

beneficial to me, as I live quite a distance
from the city and travelling to college was
impractical. At first I was concerned that I
would not have as much contact with my
teachers as students on-campus, but the level
of support has been great. My experience
has been rewarding as I have learnt new skills
and built upon others. Overall the challenge
has been very worthwhile.
Ellyn, 17

Flexible Learning

Learning Support and Programs

for Students with Disabilities

Newstead College has a strong commitment to equity and the provision of inclusive
education for all students. Students with disabilities have the opportunity to study any subject
suited to their interests, goals and abilities. We also provide the following subjects designed to
support students with disabilities or additional needs; Personal Wellbeing, Preparing for Work
and Everyday Maths and English. These subjects are not compulsory but they are available
if students and their families believe they will be of benefit. The College also provides a
supported work placement program to assist transition to employment and adult life.

Ive been in the Learning Support area for two years

and have met new people and made many good
friends. Ive had fantastic teachers and aides and
been on exciting excursions and camps.
Eliza 17



College Specific Programs
Global Community Project - Cambodia

Get involved in the trip of a lifetime by taking part in the Colleges Global Community
Project in Cambodia. For several years now, Newstead College students have actively
improved the lives of impoverished Cambodians by building houses and making donations.

The Cambodia trip was amazing. It was

great to form relationships with those involved
in the Project as we raised funds during the
year. A ride in a Tuk-Tuk was so much fun
and exhilarating. Seeing the poor lifestyle of
many of the Cambodians really opened my
eyes. It was good to see our fundraising made
such a difference to the villagers who received
new houses and the children in the Savong
orphanage and school were a delight to meet
and help. The people were all so friendly and
kind. The trip made me realise how lucky and
fortunate we are.
Emily, 18

To date, we have built over thirty houses for

poor, rural Cambodian families and contributed
much needed items (including a chook yard!) to
the Savong School and Orphanage. You will get
to visit awe inspiring sights such as Angkor Wat,
the Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda. Through
fundraising, you will be able to better the lives
of our global neighbours and through travelling
to Cambodia, you will learn so much about the
warm, friendly, resilient Cambodians, many of
whom have survived great hardships such as war.
If you want to experience another culture, enjoy
fundraising and love adventure, then this is an
amazing opportunity for you a life changing
experience you will never forget!


Newstead College Department of Education


Apart from your academic pursuits, Newstead College will add to your understanding and
appreciation of the world by providing many cultural experiences that may lead you to the
Princess Theatre, to Melbourne, Cambodia or even Greece!

Looking Glass Productions

As a member of this theatre company
you can be an actor, singer, band
member, audio technician, costume
designer or stage manager. Production
takes up one of your lines and by
enrolling in the UTAS College Program
you may receive credit for some
University units.
By the time the production hits the
stage, you will have completed well
in excess of the normal 150 hours
of work involved in a college subject.
Therefore, when the production is over
you have the option to get involved in
some other performing arts projects or
you can devote the time to your other
subjects - especially important if you
are studying pre-tertiary courses.




By participating in two college productions in 2010 and 2011, I was able

to develop my performance skills and experience different aspects of the
Newstead community.We started as strangers but left as friends due to
the inclusive and encouraging environment. Sharing the stage buzz with
others is a unique feeling that binds everyone together.The enthusiasm
of the entire production team ultimately enables Newstead to present its
productions with high energy and commitment that is second to none.

Ava, 18


Newstead College Department of Education


Interested in a sporting life?
Missing high school PE? Dont
despair, as Newstead College
offers a wide variety of sporting
endeavours that will help to
keep you fit and entertained.
You could spend time outside
the classroom and be involved in
kayaking, day walks and overnight
trips in the bush, climbing walls
and cliffs, speeding downhill on
mountain bikes, finding hidden
treasure, cooking gourmet meals
and running down cliffs on a
rope.You could get out there
and get amongst it!


Keep in mind the Gym and weight area are available

for you to use during lunchtime. Periodically, team
competitions are run in the Gym for example
basketball, futsal, badminton and table tennis.
Furthermore, you can join the College basketball teams,
which compete in statewide competitions.

You could join the futsal team and play games at the College
Championships in Hobart and you can test your skills in the annual
table tennis competition. So go ahead, take a group and be a leader.
Wade, 18

Outdoor Facilities

There are tennis courts for use during the day and plenty
of space on the oval if you want to kick a footy around.
Outdoor Gym equipment will also help you get fit.

Outdoor Ed will push you out of your

comfort zone but its a lot of fun.
Camping, walking, rock climbing and
adventure are all part of the game.
Steph, 17



Breakfast Club

In a rush to get to College? Forget to eat

breakfast? Each morning in The Caff there
is toast, milo and various breakfast foods free
to all students. So get your day off to a great
start with a hearty breakfast.

Getting Active

Want to keep fit? No worries - the Gym is

open during lunchtime. Sports such as Futsal,
table tennis, weight lifting and basketball are
some of the activities available for you to play
with friends.

Gaming at Lunchtime

In the computer labs, get a group together to

compete in games of the computer kind. An
assortment of games and social networking
sites are made available for you to use during
recess and lunch times and provide a great way
for you to relax and break up the day, possibly
meeting others with similar interests.

Our Neighbourhood

Newstead College is situated in a

residential area, so if you need to leave
the college during the day, when you
do not have a timetabled class, you
can organise to be picked up outside
the college. However, loitering of
any nature on Cypress Street is not
permitted. You need to be aware of
your noise level and avoid trespass
when walking to and from the college.
And yes, you can take advantage of all
these extracurricular activities, or you
can just hang out with your friends in
the common room, the outside tables,
quadrangle or listen to the many solo
performers that play in The Caff.


Some students ask if you can smoke once you

get to collegethat may be your choice but
there is absolutely no smoking on Education
Department property for all staff and students.


If you like music but dont have room in your

timetable to take it as a subject, consider
joining one of the lunchtime groups. Jazz
ensemble, soul band, production band and rock
bands are all available to help you unleash your
inner Jimmy Hendrix or Bernard Fanning!


Newstead College Department of Education


Mainland Trips

Some of the subjects you study may

include the opportunity to travel to the
mainland. A trip that includes a visit to
NIDA provides invaluable insight for those
aspiring for a career in performing arts.
Checking out the latest travelling exhibits
for example Mesoptamia Exhibition,
Terracotta Warriors, Salvador Dalis
paintings will provide you with cultural
experiences that will enhance your

The Religion and Philosophy class, along with the

Ancient Civilizations classes went to Melbourne.
They spent four days, and three nights there, and
got the opportunity to experience a whole host of
activities. Among these were a trip to a Buddhist
temple, a Mosque, St Pauls cathedral and the Church
of Scientology, as well as the Tutankhamen exhibition.
But it wasnt all cerebral, they also got to see the
cabaret show Draculas, and to see the filming of a
television show. All in all it was a very positive and
enjoyable experience.
Nicholas, 17


International Trips

In 2012 a trip to Cambodia is currently

underway and in 2013 a proposed
overseas trip to Europe will enable
students to develop an appreciation of the
world. These trips are conducted on a
regular basis, and are generally open to all

Goethe Institut

At Newstead you have the opportunity to

study the German language. The college
has a strong relationship with the Goethe
Institut, and to date three of our students
have been awarded scholarships to study
in Germany.

And Theres More

Rock Series, Rock Challenge,
Battle of the Bands
Rock Music Summer School
Jazz Group
Soul Band
Photography and Media Exhibitions
Art exhibitions in the Gallery
World Vision Conference



Student Allowances
Levies, Textbooks
and Stationery
As a full-time student, your annual levy
is around $300. Part-time students pay
according to the number of hours they
are enrolled. Textbooks, stationery and
other fees for specific subject costs
are in addition to this and will vary
according to the subjects you select.
You will be sent a draft copy of your
booklist, itemising these costs, prior to
the Course Confirmation days in early
February. You can organise flexible
payment options for these costs by
contacting the college office.

Student Assistance
Scheme (STAS)

This provides assistance towards

the cost of levies to low income
families with full-time students from
kindergarten to Year 12.

Youth Allowance

If you are over 16 and studying fulltime, you may be eligible for a Youth
Allowance. The allowance is based on
a family means-test, and is usually paid
to your parent/guardian until you turn
18. A special Away from Home rate
is paid to students who are obliged to
live away from home to attend college.

If you must live away from home in

order to attend college, there are a
number of additional allowances you
may be eligible for. Many of these
are not income-tested. They include
Assistance for Isolated Children
(AIC) and Student Accommodation
Allowance (SAA).

Attendance Rules for


You are only eligible to continue

receiving these allowances if your
attendance is full-time. Unexplained
absences beyond a certain threshold
will incur penalties and if the absences
continue, loss of entitlement and
demands for repayment occur.
For more information on allowances:
phone: 1800 816 057



Newstead College Department of Education



At Newstead College, students have

their say!! You can be an integral part
of student government by participating
in the Colleges SRC (Student
Representative Council). Each Support
Group has one or two representatives
and there is also an Executive which
are elected from the general SRC.
The SRC is active in representing
your interests and gets involved in
organising activities and fundraisers
for charity and the college Ball!! Yes,
we have a Ball which is your chance to
dress up and celebrate the year with
your friends and teachers.

Beyond The College

Why participate?

College leadership will help you to build

friendships, self-esteem, confidence and
high level communication skills. It will
also provide you with a great sense of
achievement and all round personal

Being a part of the Student Representative

Council is a great leadership opportunity. It
has allowed me to gain and build upon my
skills and work with staff and students from
all areas of the college. As a member of
the SRC I am involved in events, fundraisers
and assemblies which add to the college
community, a community where everyone can
get involved and make a contribution.
Olivia, 17

College Leadership

Our students have represented the

college at state and interstate
forums, including:
Rotary Youth Adventure Program
Constitutional Schools Convention
Rostrum Voice of Youth
Parliamentary Shield

Whether you are planning a pathway to further tertiary

education or see yourself entering the workforce in a year or two,

Newstead College is a great choice.




Newstead College Department of Education