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What is Pitra Dosha? Pitra refers to ancestors or forefathers and any wrong done by
ancestors themselves or to ancestors either by others or their own progenies creates
Paitrik or Pitra Dosh. There is a mention of 14 kinds of Pitra-Dosh based on
placement and aspect of malefic planets. Rahu is considered the major cause of
Pitra Dosh in Vedic astrology. Some astrologers believe that Pitra Dosh is an
indication that ancestors of people, who have Pitra Dosh in their horoscope, could
not be relieved of their sufferings either due to the results of their own wrong doings
or because of unnatural/premature death. It is believed that Pitra Dosh may occur if
any ancestors up to the 7th generation (fathers side)/4th generation (mothers side)
had met an unnatural death. Others are of the opinion that Pitra Dosh is the curse of
ancestors. It simply means that forefathers of the person having Pitra Dosh in the
horoscope are not happy with the native. As a result, native having Pitra Dosh suffers
from diseases, failures, disruptions in education and debts etc. State of being
childless is also considered the result of this Dosha. Premature or early death due to
diseases or accidents is observed in worse cases. Some believe that Pitra Dosh is
caused due to lack of fulfilment of any parental desire. Whatever the reasons for Pitra
Dosh in ones horoscope, the native has to clear the debt of forefathers or fulfil the
parental desire. Debt formed by misdeeds of the forefathers has either to be paid,
cleared or reduced by good deeds of the progenies. If this is not possible by any
means, there are several remedies available to reduce the bad effects of the Pitra
Dosh. One should get suspicious of being under the impact of Pitra Dosh if he/she is
observing the following incidences in his/her family life. After finding the indications of
Pitra Dosh, it is wise to consult an astrologer to confirm if there is an affliction in the
9th house by any malefic planet. Following signs indicate
probability of presence of Pitra Dosh:

Abortion, repeated miscarriages, premature baby birth and

innumerable death of children

Problems in conceiving or getting pregnant

Disruption in education and career growth

Delayed marriage, problems in marriage and married life

Spirit (ghost) shadow on the family

Remedy for Pitra/Paitrik/Pitru dosh. When Pitra Dosh is due to abnormal or

unnatural early death of any ancestor (Garud Purana 40:4-12) in the manner given in
following sentence, a rite called Narayan Bali is performed at Trimbkeshwar,
Haridwar, Badrinath and Gaya by learned Pundits/Brahmins/Sadhaks. Unnatural type
of death involves death by robbers, murder, arson, curse, animals, snake bite,
lightening, fall from mountain, falling of a tree, by a disease, suicide, fasting etc.
Performing shraaddha ceremony and pind-daan following specific rituals at
the Gaya or any other specified place.
Performing ancestors puja during pitra paksha removes Pitra Dosha.
Performing puja of the Pipal tree on any Somwati Amavasya reduces the bad effects
of Pitra Dosha. First thing to be done is to offer one Yagyopavit
(offer a Janeu) to the tree and second Yagyopavit to Lord Vishnu. Thereafter move
around the tree (parikrama) 108 times. While moving, chant the mantra "Om Namo
Bhagvate Vaasudevaay Namah" and offer a sweet to the tree during each round.
One more remedy is to feed crows and fish with small balls of cooked rice and
sesame seeds mixed with gee on every Saturday. Crows, street dogs & sweepers
should be offered food during the Pitra pakchha.
Charities like gold and cow to a Brahmin
Perform Rudrabhishek (Rudra Abhishek) in the name of ancestors and Kanya Daan.
Pitra Dosh is not a curse of the Ancestors for sure as the horoscope of a person is
drawn and decided right at the time of his birth and accordingly any kind of defects
are decided at the time of his birth which would include defects like Pitra Dosh, Kaal
Sarp Dosh and Manglik Dosh among other defects. Coming to the defect called Pitra
Dosh, if this defect is decided at the birth of a person, then what has this person
done in this birth to get cursed by the ancestors. I mean if a person grows older and
does some bad Karmas or Bad deeds which may bring disgrace to the good and fair
name of Ancestors, then it may be considered that the Ancestors are cursing that
person. But why curse a person before his birth.
And before we move any further, let me tell you that in most of the cases a person
born in a family line is none other than one of his own Ancestors. For example a
person born in a family line is usually one of the forefathers of that family who has
reborn in that family again. According to the theory of Karmic astrology, most of the
people are born in the same family lines with same friends and same enemies in so
many of their lives until their Karmic debts, duties and rewards are all cleared from
that particular group of people or we can call them particular group of Souls. Coming
back to the point, what actually is this Pitra Dosh if it is not a curse of the Ancestors?
Let's look into the matter and find out what is Pitra Dosh.
Pitra Dosh is not the curse of the ancestors as defined by some astrologers, but it is
a debt formed as a result of bad deeds done by the ancestors and this debt has to be

paid by the present generation either by taking the punishment decided according to
that debt or by doing some specific good Karmic deeds which would help paying this
debt so that the degree of punishment may be decreased. And after knowing so
much about the definition of Pitra Dosh, let's find out how this dosh is seen present in
a horoscope. Lets discuss about its remedies. Like all other defects presents in a
horoscope, Pitra Dosh is a very technical defect and general remedies are not
sufficient for it. It is very important first to identify the planet or planets causing Pitra
Dosh and then do the remedies which usually involve Pooja, Mantras, Gemstones
and Charities. And for the people who are told that Pitra Dosh is a curse of the
ancestors and it can be modified by doing Poojas and charities to pacify and please
their ancestors, let me tell you that this remedy is not going to do much good for you
because your Ancestors are not cursing you but they are themselves cursed and so
you don't need to pray to them, but you need to pray for them. So in order to relieve
yourself and your ancestors of the Pitra Dosh present in your horoscope, identify the
planet or planets causing Pitra Dosh in the horoscope and then do specific Remedies
to pay the debts of those planets and pacify those planets so that they may reduce
the quantum of punishment they are imposing on you.